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Andrea Syrtash

Andrea Syrtash, relationship expert

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Andrea Syrtash is a relationship expert, lecturer and author of How to Survive the Real World and How to Survive Your In-Laws, published by Hundreds of Heads Books.

A graduate of The Coaches Training Institute, Andrea has been working with clients as a dating coach since 2002.

She has contributed to over a dozen relationship books, including You Can Keep the Damn China and 824 Other Great Tips on Dealing With Divorce and has offered her advice in the national media including on NPR, The Today Show and in USA Today.

Andrea currently hosts produced by NBC Digital Studios, and works as a dating columnist for Yahoo.

My Blogs:
The Do's and Don'ts of Post-Divorce Dating
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Andrea Syrtash

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5 Online Dating Tips for Divorced Moms

Thursday, 05 March 2009 15:50
I recently got a call from a friend who married right out of college, divorced 10 years after that, and now shares custody of her child with her ex.The call went something like this: "Can you remind me what a dating site is? You've told me about it, …

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