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Jonna Spilbor

Jonna M. Spilbor,  Family Law Attorney

Mr. Spilbor is an attorney, columnist and legal analyst who appears regularly on MSNBC, CNN Headline News, Fox News Channel and Court-TV, as well as Court TV Radio. She is also the resident legal expert on the "Coop & Tobin Show" which airs Thursdays on WPDH, 101.5 FM from New York's Hudson Valley.

In addition to her frequent television and radio appearances, Spilbor is a columnist for the Poughkeepsie Journal, a Gannett-owned daily newspaper. Her column, "Reasonable Doubts," is published on alternating Sundays.

She is also a regular contributing columnist for "Findlaw's Writ" (found at Her in-depth legal analysis of celebrity criminal cases has been featured nationally in Variety Magazine, the San Francisco Recorder, the Los Angeles Daily Journal and on, among other outlets, in which Spilbor offers unique and often entertaining commentary on the nation's high-profile legal happenings.

In the courtroom, she has handled hundreds of cases as a criminal defense attorney, and prior to that, also served in the San Diego City Attorney's Office, Criminal Division, and the Office of the United States Attorney in the Drug Task Force and Appellate units. A California death penalty scholar, her work has been published in the San Diego Justice Journal.

In 1998, Spilbor earned certification as a Court Appointed Special Advocate with the San Diego Juvenile Court, and in 1999, received special recognition by the San Diego bench for her work in the area of three strikes defense.

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Jonna Spilbor

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