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Q: Exercise — Which machine will help me lose weight faster: The elliptical or the treadmill?

A: Both machines will get your heart rate up to help you lose weight. Because these are cardiovascular machines, you're using large muscles in a rhythmic fashion. This allows you to keep your heart rate up for a long period of time which allows you to burn more calories. In order to lose weight faster, I would also add one or two days of strength training to really see results.


Not all exercises are suitable for everyone and use of this or any other exercise program may result in injury. Before starting this or any exercise program, please consult with your physician. Should you experience any irregular physical conditions such as dizziness, severe muscle or joint pain, pain in your chest, or should any other symptoms appear, consult with your physician immediately. First Wives World LLC and the producers assume no responsibility for improper use of this exercise program or any injury that may result.


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