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Q: Exercise — How can I weight train without bulking up? I just want to get more toned.

A: You won't bulk up. We as women don't have enough testosterone in our bodies to get big. What you will get is toned. Muscle also takes up less space. So lift away and you will love the way your body takes on a new shape. The other bonus to weight training is that you only have to train two to three times per week.


Not all exercises are suitable for everyone and use of this or any other exercise program may result in injury. Before starting this or any exercise program, please consult with your physician. Should you experience any irregular physical conditions such as dizziness, severe muscle or joint pain, pain in your chest, or should any other symptoms appear, consult with your physician immediately. First Wives World LLC and the producers assume no responsibility for improper use of this exercise program or any injury that may result.

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