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Q: Exercise — First Wives World blogger Faith Eggers asks: What can I do to tone-up my lower half while leaving my upper half alone? I've toned up enough on top from carrying Adrian (my 15-month-old son) around all day, but my lower half needs serious toning.

A: There are some really fun and effective lower body exercises that you can do with your baby for that extra resistance. Holding Adrian in both arms in a bear hug position, take your legs and feet out wide into a plie position. Hold your knees in a slightly bent position. Keeping your abs pullled in lower down until your thighs are just above your knees and then come back up again. Do two or three sets of 10.

This is great for the thighs. Another fun exercise is taking playing cards and placing a handful to start on the floor in front of you. Squat down and pick up one card at a time. Keep your back straight and your chest forward as you go down to get the card. As you get stronger add more cards to the pile. Always remember that walking is a great way to tone your legs. Add some hills and put Adrian in the stroller and get out there!


Not all exercises are suitable for everyone and use of this or any other exercise program may result in injury. Before starting this or any exercise program, please consult with your physician. Should you experience any irregular physical conditions such as dizziness, severe muscle or joint pain, pain in your chest, or should any other symptoms appear, consult with your physician immediately. First Wives World LLC and the producers assume no responsibility for improper use of this exercise program or any injury that may result.


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