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Q: Exercise — I've had three kids and I'm trying to flatten and tighten my belly. Nothing seems to work. In your experience, what works for this? Since you've had three kids, I thought you might know!

A: I definitely have some experience here. Having twins first and then my last, I really didn't think my stomach would ever come back. My skin has definitely taken on a different look but that's just me. Your body's collagen will dictate how your skin comes back. What you can do to strengthen the muscles is to focus on the core.

Doing the plank, reverse crunches and bicycle abs are just a few of the best abdominal exercises to train this area. Doing cardio and eating a balanced meal plan is also going to help you get back to the best you can be. The other thing is time. I'm still seeing changes in my abs and my kids are 11, 11 and 7. Being consistent is also going to speed up the results.

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