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Q: Food — First Wives World blogger Michelle Rosenthal asks: How much does drinking (wine, beer, mixed drinks) affect weight loss? Also, what are some quick home exercises for days when getting to the gym is impossible?

A: Drinking alcohol does add in extra calories. You can even imagine how many calories are in some mixed drinks. To minimize that extra intake, keep your alcohol at a minimum for your weight loss but also for your health in general.

For mixed drinks always choose a mixer that doesn't have any calories like soda water. For beer look for your favorite "light" or "low carb" brand. For white wine you can add a sparkling water for a blend that will be lower in calories. If you drink red wine, stick with just one glass, minimum, and you'll still reap the health benefits and keep your calorie intake in check.

On days when you can't get to the gym or if you have no access to a gym, I recommend the exercises that are right here on First Wives World. All my favorite routines are on the site and you can pick and choose which body part you want to target or work them all!

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    Weight: Weight loss surgery is not without risk and should be performed only after the patient has tried different methods of loosing weight like exercise and diets and were unsuccessful. From what I've read, it recommends no surgeries unless the patient has successfully lost a few pounds on his own , to see if he has the mind power to stay thin after a surgery