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Recently a member on our site asked, "If I take the kids on vacation is my ex allowed to contact them via email, phone or text?" The only time she got peace, she said, was when they were on a boat and out of cell phone range.

Every state has different laws, but they all look out for the best interest of the child.

Lynne Strober, an attorney at Mandelbaum, Salsburg, Gold, Lazris & Discenza in New Jersey, says, "Your ex has every right to speak with his children daily and have what is called reasonable contact."

But Ms. Strober has seen a parent abuse this rule.

"There was a case where the mother was much closer to the child than the father and she would constantly call the child, poisoning the child's mind against the father, and would blatantly try to interfere with the father's allotted time."

Jacalyn Barnett Esq., who practices in New York, remembers a case where the father tried to speak with his child on a daily basis, but the mother would stand in the way. She would give flimsy excuses: the child was "in the tub," or just "not available." That was also determined to prevent the father from having reasonable contact.

Situations like this can usually be resolved through an agreement between the parents that the children are allowed, say, 30 minutes a day to speak with the other parent.

In most situations, Barnett and Strober say that such an issue can be sewn up by the parents through open communication, or in worse cases with the help of lawyers or an arbitrator. It is rarely an issue that makes it all the way to the courtroom.

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  • Comment Link gloria Thursday, 04 February 2016 03:42 posted by gloria

    is the father allowed to follow his kids tp philippines while themother take the vacation with my kids we are separated for almost 6months.

  • Comment Link lislav Monday, 18 January 2016 18:12 posted by lislav

    How simple is that, that God gave two parents, mother and father to raise the children in love and what ever happens that parents are divorced there should be no limitation on how much other parent is allowed to call or contact the children on vacation, except some extremes. For God's sake why some mothers does not understand that dads have equal portion of love in their hearts for children which they want to express towards them so why all this hatred and denied access. Mothers and layers make a change towards better future for our little ones!

  • Comment Link Frank Cayer Wednesday, 14 January 2015 07:05 posted by Frank Cayer

    Who are we kidding in that courts havr gender issue's and they allow the lawyer for the wife to bash the father. If a mother wants to keep the childten from talking with the father nothing can be done. Its her word against the word of the husband. The wife can get a seperate phone for the children and disconnect the line and the children know no difference except Dad never called. All sorts of tricks they play! Ex got a 235 reading on breath allizerand went to jail for several hours. Ended up destroying the car in front of her and now the Professor of a University is now disabled. They went out and found a counselor that I made her drink because I wanted access to the 3 boys. Well after years of not making her get help for alcohol she died of alcohol poisoning. So don't tell me its always the fathers fault. It's the mother lawyer who is at fault to keep the case moving in court and does not have the best interest of the children as a priority. The system is broken as long as society lets this happen because its business and money for the courts. God help us and tjat is one of the reason there are problems years later.