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Over the more than 25 years that I've been practicing law, I've often been asked what a court will look at when determining a custody award.

While I can tell you that no two cases are alike, I can safely say that while state laws vary across the country, a court will generally consider the following:

1. The parents' ability to agree, communicate and cooperate in matters relating to the child.

2. The parents' willingness to accept custody and any history of unwillingness to allow visitation that is not based upon substantiated abuse.

3. The interactions and relationship of the child with its parents and siblings.

4. Any history of domestic violence.

5. The safety of the child and the safety of either parent from physical abuse by the other parent.

6. The preference of the child if the child is of sufficient age and capacity to reason so as to make an intelligent decision.

7. The needs of the child.

8. The stability of the home environment offered.

9. The quality and continuity of the child's education.

10. The fitness of the parents.

11. The geographical proximity of the parents' homes.

12. The extent and quality of the time spent with child prior to or subsequent to the separation.

13. The parents' employment responsibilities.

14. The age and number of children.

Whatever the criteria used, a court will also examine the criteria in light of "the best interests of the child". I also recommend the use of a mental health professional to appear as an expert and lend his or her professional opinion into the considerations.

There are also different types of custody. Once the above factors are considered, a court may order one of three types of custody: (1) sole custody, (2) joint legal custody, or (3) joint physical custody.

"Sole custody" awards both the legal and physical custody to one spouse. "Joint legal custody" provides that both spouses have joint responsibility for all major decisions regarding the child's health, welfare and education. However, in a joint custody case, the court will usually designate one parent's house as the child's principal residence and determine a time-sharing plan for the other parent.


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  • Comment Link mara Sunday, 25 February 2018 03:32 posted by mara

    I was a stay-at-home mom he told me he didn't want to be with me anymore he wanted me to leave the house so I had to find a job and leave which I did within 3 or 4 months moved away we basically shared her but this was a thing I had her 4 days out of the week which was mandatory as long as I had her the majority of the time and he could have her 2 or 3 days out of the week because he's a mechanic he ended up maybe having her on the weekends I went three years without receiving any money from him he wouldn't fix my car even though we were together for 11 years and my name is attached to the business that he owns he refused to fix my car he sabotaged me in ways that would hurt me and not help me and he left me on the side of the road one night so I can get my daughter from school so he could and I just got served with custody papers last night this is all out of retaliation let my car blow up and he made my car leak oil and I now I'm stuck at the house and he won't fix it what do I do

  • Comment Link Ray C Sorenson Saturday, 27 January 2018 09:28 posted by Ray C Sorenson

    Help need angels

    we went to the ones you trust for the truth to be heard and was not allowed to be heard 05/12/2017 the court took my grandson away from us without any regards for his happiness or his wellbeing. We are the only family he has ever known. After raising my grandson for seven and a half years the non biological father and his ex filled out online papers saying my grandson has lived with them (Jose all his life and was taken(kidnapped) my grandson Jose swore under oath that him and Tonya raised him that judge was in a hurry to get to park city and did not care about my grandson or me and his blood family that day I took medical records tax records school records and more showing that I alone had been raising my grandson and I wasn't a party to the case and thay kidnaped him with the help of the court me or my grandson mother where never served. I listen to my grandsons cry on the court audio that day in front of judge Pettet it is abuse at the highest level. 12/12/2017and hes still with these people that have no blood relation we went to court so we could be heard and when I was in the court room the judge informed me that I am not a party to the case you are only hear as a witness, how can a public official (judge Pettet) make a decision so sudden and not care this is such an unlawful act let me ask how would you feel taking your kid to court to talk to the judge and didn’t give him or me the time of day I asked her if she could hold off so I could get me and my grandson legal help she said no and the only thing my grandson and Jose have in common is thay share last names so know he sets against  his wishes at my daughters ex boyfriend (Jose) ex wife's house the one that blames my daughter for destroying their marriage  know has her 8 yr old boy keeping in mind that neither  the too have any blood relation. what an unlawful  act of power force a boy out of his only home this has caused  me a huge emotional scare   let alone the trauma my grandson was and still is being put through on 05\12\2017 right in pettet court of physical emotional mental abuse of power at a level unimaginable worse than anything I pray to god and ask for help and answers we need some angels to come down and help us get him away from those who lied to god that swore under oath thay raised him. The next day I hired an attorney the commissioner ordered me to pay for my grandson attorney as well and between the 2 lawyers and bills we are about to be without a home my grandson is the most important person he plays an important role in my life and means the world to me.


  • Comment Link Karyn Saturday, 16 December 2017 22:19 posted by Karyn

    I have been mentally, emotional, and physically abused for years. My husband threw me out into the cold. Took the boys to his parents . They tried to push me out of their lives. Then my husband who was never there to raise any of our 6 children filed for custody. I with help of my daughter found out he is a narcissist sociopath. I need help

  • Comment Link carmellitta Davis Tuesday, 12 December 2017 02:52 posted by carmellitta Davis

    I really need your help my son is trying to get custody of his kids only because hes tired of paying child support Ive made several complaints on him for child abuse the kids hate going there he bribes them with gifts the mother is a single parent trying her best shes had them since birth so the oldest is 9 my son gotten married with someonelse now he wants the kids

  • Comment Link Robun Sunday, 03 December 2017 03:43 posted by Robun

    I am ask for advice please? I am mother of 3 ages 19-17 &12 Me and my ex husband has had the same order for going on 5years. We were married for 11 he was temperamental and abuse. That was years ago I have tried so hard to communicat and no matter what I am always talked to hateful and he is like controlling even tho he has remarried and moved to Texas from Oklahoma. He says you can't move no where and now he is falsely accusing me of being on drugs. It breaks my heart for my 12 year old because he loves his dad and going to visit but does not want to live with him. I am custodian parent I have the kids during school year he get vacation and holidays. I take care of dr.appointments dental care and school conferences. Any advice would be appreciated

  • Comment Link James Schonefeld Thursday, 30 November 2017 07:50 posted by James Schonefeld

    My ex-wife has been with a guy since June 2012. Her boyfriend's smokes marijuana non-stop like it's going out of style. She allows the marijuana to be in her home and around my kids which are 13 and 16. The boyfriend was arrested with possession of marijuana no driver's license no tag and no insurance. Now I'm being told that he has a child endangerment charge put on him because he had marijuana in the truck with my son. With my ex-wife allowing the marijuana to be in her home around my kids text DHR came in and pull the kids out my son tested positive for marijuana so they have Ben allowing him to smoke marijuana the mom and the boyfriend. My son tested positive for marijuana when DHR done the drug test. Can my ex-wife be charged with child endangerment for allowing marijuana to be in the home around my 13 year old daughter and 16 year old son and my son was allowed by her and her boyfriend to smoke marijuana. Can the mom be charged with child endangerment as well?

  • Comment Link Mark coleman Friday, 27 October 2017 06:06 posted by Mark coleman

    Im on probation and my brother is currently in a custody battle with his wife. She wont let him see his daughters and makes up lies all the time about him. She told my brother she was going to use me against him in court. I live next door to him. And she also said she was going to use our cousin against him because he came out to my house and got a domestic for beating up his ex wife. Can she use any of those things against my brother

  • Comment Link David Friday, 13 October 2017 20:07 posted by David

    I have a wife that is pergent with my child but on drugs not sure what to do

  • Comment Link sherry plante Tuesday, 19 September 2017 10:33 posted by sherry plante

    my son is 21 years old and lives with dad my son the other day said he wants to live with mom me or he will hurt himself and run away he get social security and works but dad and grandma take his money away from him
    dad is a drug and alcoholic my son has no friends lives in the country where theres nothing to do dad wont even let his son get a library card
    im working at 2 businesses cleaning which is new since i last went to court 5 cleaning jobs going to getting to more. i need some advise please.

  • Comment Link Cissy Duhon Wednesday, 06 September 2017 17:29 posted by Cissy Duhon

    If I am representing myself in the motion to change domicillary custody from my ex husband to me because the circumstances have changed, how do I find out what they are saying is the reason I can't have my son back. I've amended and held myself accountable to change the circumstances that the current judgement was awarded under.
    I've asked peacefully on multiple occasions why my ex would not give my son back like we agreed but he won't tell me. I want to be prepared. The hearing is Sept 25

  • Comment Link Lisa pahl Sunday, 02 July 2017 04:17 posted by Lisa pahl

    In need of help no physcial abuse but verbal and emotional abuse to my grandchildren is bad by both divorce parents. Cops involved but no signs of physical abuse. How can I protect my grandchildren. They are safe with me for last seven months butparents threaten me to take them away from me if I do anything to make them look bad. I can not bare the fact I may not be able to keep them safe if I can't figure out something I have no custody of them either. Help

  • Comment Link Collette Saturday, 24 June 2017 09:32 posted by Collette

    Please could you advise. There is a history of domestic violence with my ex who has never met my daughter she is eight years old. I left when I was 11 weeks pregnant through fear for my unborn child. When I tried to get CSA I was not able to find out if this individual could get excess to my daughter. The organisation made it clear that it wasn't their department so I closed down the case due to fear of the individual getting excess. I could not afford a solicitor but don't think that due to the fact that it takes 2 people to conceive a child she should go without what she is intitled too.

  • Comment Link Terrance Lamon Coger 2nd Tuesday, 20 June 2017 21:58 posted by Terrance Lamon Coger 2nd

    I had a one night stand with this woman, to make a long story short the woman got pregnant but she told me it was another man child she even named the child after the other man. she got her self in some legal trouble and had to leave the baby in a cousin custody they are only cousins by marriage.the baby was about 6 or 9 months when she left the child with the cousin. the cousin filed for a DNA test from the man they claimed was the father came back that the man was not the father. I found that out a year later from another family member. so immediately I had a DNA test done myself and it turned out that the child is mine and I got me a lawyer to try and get my child and the girl that she left my son with is refusing to give my child to me and she trying to get me for child support. for what I want my what can I do I live in Bowling Green Ky. another thing the way a person choose to live is their business but I rather my child be with me not two lesbian and having my child calling them mom and dad. and they not trying to correct him to tell him better and its just ripping my heart out not being able to get my son. they only give him to me from 9-5 every Saturday.

  • Comment Link Deborah Saturday, 10 June 2017 19:46 posted by Deborah

    My granddaughter was raped by boy friend they were 16
    His mother was fined by mediator for the rape she was suppose to watch her. The not sent away for 4 years. She died a year plus ago. Leaving no will. My son had him letting the fAthers sister keep him for school. Now the sister said her brother said they could keep him. So he only gets to see him 1 weekend and one day. A month. The child very up set wanting his grandpa and now failing 1st grade. He is trying to fix things had a court date in 5 months. Is it possible for him to get custody or more visitation for our family who he was use to being with.

  • Comment Link Rita graham Thursday, 01 June 2017 11:55 posted by Rita graham

    My partner has given me the children through mediation and only wants visitation can I get sole custody.

  • Comment Link Michele smith Sunday, 21 May 2017 23:50 posted by Michele smith

    My step son had not been with his father in 3 years since he got arrested on child abuse on his older son with another woman and my son does not want to have anything to do with his father. Does not want to go spend time with him or even see him at his functions at school. He has asked for him to sign his rights but he don't want to listen what can he Do? He is 14 years old now.

  • Comment Link Diannah Fitzgerald Wednesday, 17 May 2017 15:00 posted by Diannah Fitzgerald

    I had a case with DCF back in 1990. I never had any involvement with DCF. I was awarded custody of my child. Fast-forward to the present, I gained temporary custody of my 2 grandchildren age 4 and 5. They have lived with me since day 1 along with my daughter, their mother. She went into court and under oath entered a false criminal history including guns, opium, heroin, etc. The allegations are false. We have a status hearing Friday in Bristol County Probate Court in Fall River. Can they dismiss me as a possible placement for the children as I have been threatened by the Ombusmans Office that "Massachusetts Law" says once a child is taken from you, you can never have your grandchildren" None of this has happened

  • Comment Link Jacqui Wednesday, 17 May 2017 07:07 posted by Jacqui

    I saw my son at school he tells my my ex was the theating my 18 year son if he see me mum he might be kick out of the house

  • Comment Link Kasey Tuttle Tuesday, 16 May 2017 23:00 posted by Kasey Tuttle

    I went ahead and signed over custody of my two children to my mother and father while I have been unstable but I have always supported them and helped and now I am starting to get on my feet my son's biological father has not seen him since he was two-years-old is now going to try to fight me for custody he doesn't pay child support he has an outstanding case $12,000 in back support and has never been a part of his life what is the chances of him getting custody?

  • Comment Link idah Monday, 08 May 2017 20:57 posted by idah

    My ex and I broke up in 2010. We have two beautiful kids age 9 and 10.i lost my job in 2013, since then my ex has been taking care of all our expenses. Last year december, he moved us to a new place and a new school for our kids. Now he says, he wants to live with the kids full time because they kids can't live with a person who is mentally not OK and that they can't look up to me because I'm not working. He says the kids are more happier with the little time they spend with him on holidays than the full time that they spent with. He claims that by taking the kids he'll be doing me a favour, so I can move on with my life. I'm really worried about this, I love my kids, I have been taking care of them since the day they were born, I have never neglected them. They are happy kids, even their teachers at school say so. Because I'm not working someone feels that I don't fit to be a parent. I don't have agent in my bank account, I'm worried that if these has to go to court I will loose my kids, since I'm not financially stable. What do I do in these situation?

  • Comment Link Ms.sloan Thursday, 27 April 2017 10:18 posted by Ms.sloan

    Iam a concern mother of three. Who is reaching out for help. For i have been hilmilulated, slandered, set up, sabotage, and completed embrassed as a loving a caring mother that i know i was and still can be. Yes i will admit i have used drugs but never did i let it take me away from my motherly duties as the sole provider from my kids. I truely love my kids with all my heart, but it is just so much one can take. Exspeacilly when your the main provider of your household. Now i had my first child when i was 26 so the streets did not owe me any attention that i would take away from my family. We had a nonseparable kind of bond. We you seen be you seen me and my three. Just as loving caring and repectable kids that they where. But in the last 7 yrs.of my life me and my children had to suffer and be saparated by my on family thru pure jealous and decit because they felt that since i had kids i neglect my love for them. But what they fell to realize iam a mother now. The mother that the doctor saod that i eould never be the Lord he changes things and answered prayers because he made it all possible and not only that he made me the one to have the first male into our be continued. ....

  • Comment Link Miah brethour (jade miah macduff) Monday, 24 April 2017 00:19 posted by Miah brethour (jade miah macduff)

    I am only sixteen. I just found out my mother is pregnant with baby number 8. I know she cannot take care of a child. (she already has had five taken from her) and i am trying my hardest to take custody for this little girl. But i know the judge will have an issue with me being 16. Have i got a fighting chance in this?

  • Comment Link Hannah Tuesday, 11 April 2017 01:12 posted by Hannah

    I was taken to court and lost residential rights to my children I have been sole career since birth. My children where 11 and 8 yrs of age. They didn't get a say in court both children are very unhappy about the living arrangements and want to live with me. I went for legal aid and got it but it doesn't cover a solicitor anymore what can I do?

  • Comment Link Friend Monday, 03 April 2017 15:28 posted by Friend

    I knew if my friend asked for help for her mental ptsd, severe anxiety that. It would countvagainst her at cout also hef hom is old but safe, shes unable to work fighting for disabilty because she CANT WORK, she can barly get he r 8 year old off to school, she lives for her son, she and her son live ed at sons fathers mothers house upstairs but the mother-inlaw was alway very invasive, comming up making sure dishes were done, they rrn because shd focused on her son and sanitizing bathroom any where everywhere that he could get to, she would die for her son, she has SEVERE ANXYETY SEVERE P.T.S.D., ALSO ADHD, thats just mental stuff she also has fibromyalgia, and very sensitive to meds so it BBM essed her up so she wouldnt take it any of it, no t made her feel high, she decided to not try any more and to deal and copr with what her feelings of anguish was, she went to counsling, reminding you she cried for 2 hours in parking lot before she could get into doors, thats ho severe and scared she is, but she did it and she is still fighting the good fight all for her son she would have checked out a long time ago because of her agonizing pain from her severe daily migraines to her neck back shoulder hips knees legs and arms feet face eyes Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes I mean this poor woman for her son only and her ex-mother-in-law which they were never really they were never married but her ex-mother-in-law has always given her crap for no reason the Mother-in-law had 3 kids and she did not raise them her mother raise them but then her own kid had three kids the daughter left ran off and got wasted all the time and she had to raise so long story short my friend found out that when her son was going downstairs to visit her grandmother she was popping him in the mouth when he wasn't eating and then she would spank him when he wasn't listening and in the bathtub he would pull his foreskin back she would force it back to clean it with a Q-tip now there was never no problem with this child ever to emotionally physically never actually never lost my friend supposed to pull his foreskin back as far as she could and clean it with a Q-tip and she threatens DHS that she was doing this my friend to the doctor and ask what am I doing wrong and the doctor replied you are not doing nothing you are not supposed to pull his foreskin back that is normal in the bathtub back and forth in the foreskin is because you will force it to Wheatley from its penis it does it by itself she forced it to separate from the penis so now we have she has problems I am very upset about this marriage thing about the Mother-in-law or not to because this woman loves her child what do you think and her son is a very lovable lovable boys that it the first day of school preschool was okay he was real school for first grade he cried everyday separation anxiety and my friend worked with him to school because he didn't feel comfortable, went to lunches, worked with counsler I mean this woman wont not do somthing to help her kid, im sick of this crap, all the father cares about is the child support, hes md it comes outno Fb his check, so whats he do, thret threatens her for a loan, which gets paid back a bit so he can play her again, reminding you she cant breath when hes yelling at her threatening her that his mohrer will call dhs because shes unable to take care of him,!! ♡I FORGOT TO TELL YOU, WHN MY FRIND foun when my friend found out she was hitting him she got her nerve enough to go down and said if you ever touch my child again I will call the police I will call DHHS and you will see him again and that started the whole thing then the mother did actually call the cops and that's when the cop advised her to bring him to the emergency room for the first time to look at the penis and Wednesday dr. And mind you my friend did not have to just the police said maybe you should just in case you go through a DHS case so my friend brought me to the ER and said we do have many cases like this that come with a child it is a if I can't remember what it was called it was called controlling mother-in-law thing or something like that so they said that you were keeping her or your penis hurt her whatever in the boy with the doctor and he said no it feels great and I just I just couldn't believe it I know this is this is great I feel so good I thought you know something was wrong something wasn't being done right and I feel horrible we left out of there and everything was fine and then I started getting very upset I said who is this person like you doing it and it's because she didn't get to raise her own kids she put her kids on to her mother and then she had a kid she had 3 kids mother didn't take care 3 kids so she had to they pretty much lived upstairs by themselves so she would spank them when she wanted to know the oldest well I don't believe that I don't believe in spanking that I'm leaving I'm leaving I believe in talking things out I believe if you had a child a child will know that it's okay to hit it's okay to yell things out instead of talking things out I'm sorry this is so long I wanted your opinion on this is maybe we should call DHS and just look at me what's going on before she starts County police again and what how does this affect a mother that is disabled but she is actually her and her son is living with her mother and her mother does a lot of help like my friend my friend and okay my friend and my friend always make sure it was clean he said she tries hard but doesn't understand that sell her mother's day and helps out her mother helps him get ready for school in the morning that she cant get out of bed because you had she said she can't get out of bed okay so they have a team that they work together , my friends mother can do it , my friend she does force herself even if she has to get sick cause of pain,her child has the team that loves him more then life,so what's your opinion on this matter??

  • Comment Link amber Monday, 03 April 2017 07:47 posted by amber

    I have asked my mother to take care of my daughter a year in a half ago for me when me and my ex had split up and i lost my job . she agreed she would keep her until i was able to find another joba nd be able to take care of her financially . It was a very hard year . in the begining of the year i took a trip to kentucky to go meet my dad for the first time . I ended up getting stuck there for 5 months . My family wouldnt even help me get home i had to get a guy i just met out there money to bring me home . when i get back i have a place to stay , but she has a worker that comes in to check her home very week . I end up leaving due to not wanting to get my friend in trouble with her worker. i rent another room . things go bad with her drug addict boyfriend. she plits with him then wants him back . tells me i need to find another place to stay . i am then kicked out on the streets for a month . finally meet some people that let me rent a garage . They are very young room mates 18 yrs old i am 27 , well he qants his friend to move in so i have to find another place . again i am on the streets .. well long story short i finally got a stable place i have income coming in threw selling things online . i told my mother i want my daughter to come stay with me know that i have a house for her and i am able to take care of her. she does not agree who i am with and says that its not happeneing that she is going to stay with her . says shes going to take me to court for not being with her for a year and a half . i did see my daughter i got her on the weekends due to her going ot school.

    is this legal can she keep my daughter ? even thow we had agreed upon her helpjing me by taking care of her until i was able to get back on my feet so my daughter didnt have to go threw the struggle with me . If so what do i do ? any one been threw somethig like this before?

  • Comment Link Friend Monday, 03 April 2017 00:00 posted by Friend

    I knew if my friend asked for help for her mental ptsd, severe anxiety that. It would countvagainst her at cout also hef hom is old but safe, shes unable to work fighting for disabilty because she CANT WORK, she can barly get he r 8 year old off to school, she lives for her son, she and her son live ed at sons fathers mothers house upstairs but the mother-inlaw was alway very invasive, comming up making sure dishes were done, they rrn because shd focused on her son and sanitizing bathroom any where everywhere that he could get to, she would die for her son, she has SEVERE ANXYETY SEVERE P.T.S.D., ALSO ADHD, thats just mental stuff she also has fibromyalgia, and very sensitive to meds so it BBM essed her up so she wouldnt take it any of it, no t made her feel high, she decided to not try any more and to deal and copr with what her feelings of anguish was, she went to counsling, reminding you she cried for 2 hours in parking lot before she could get into doors, thats ho severe and scared she is, but she did it and she is still fighting the good fight all for her son she would have checked out a long time ago because of her agonizing pain from her severe daily migraines to her neck back shoulder hips knees legs and arms feet face eyes Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes I mean this poor woman for her son only and her ex-mother-in-law which they were never really they were never married but her ex-mother-in-law has always given her crap for no reason the Mother-in-law had 3 kids and she did not raise them her mother raise them but then her own kid had three kids the daughter left ran off and got wasted all the time and she had to raise so long story short my friend found out that when her son was going downstairs to visit her grandmother she was popping him in the mouth when he wasn't eating and then she would spank him when he wasn't listening and in the bathtub he would pull his foreskin back she would force it back to clean it with a Q-tip now there was never no problem with this child ever to emotionally physically never actually never lost my friend supposed to pull his foreskin back as far as she could and clean it with a Q-tip and she threatens DHS that she was doing this my friend to the doctor and ask what am I doing wrong and the doctor replied you are not doing nothing you are not supposed to pull his foreskin back that is normal in the bathtub back and forth in the foreskin is because you will force it to Wheatley from its penis it does it by itself she forced it to separate from the penis so now we have she has problems I am very upset about this marriage thing about the Mother-in-law or not to because this woman loves her child what do you think and her son is a very lovable lovable boys that it the first day of school preschool was okay he was real school for first grade he cried everyday separation anxiety and my friend worked with him to school because he didn't feel comfortable, went to lunches, worked with counsler I mean this woman wont not do somthing to help her kid, im sick of this crap, all the father cares about is the child support, hes md it comes outno Fb his check, so whats he do, thret threatens her for a loan, which gets paid back a bit so he can play her again, reminding you she cant breath when hes yelling at her threatening her that his mohrer will call dhs because shes unable to take care of him,!! ♡I FORGOT TO TELL YOU, WHN MY FRIND foun when my friend found out she was hitting him she got her nerve enough to go down and said if you ever touch my child again I will call the police I will call DHHS and you will see him again and that started the whole thing then the mother did actually call the cops and that's when the cop advised her to bring him to the emergency room for the first time to look at the penis and Wednesday dr. And mind you my friend did not have to just the police said maybe you should just in case you go through a DHS case so my friend brought me to the ER and said we do have many cases like this that come with a child it is a if I can't remember what it was called it was called controlling mother-in-law thing or something like that so they said that you were keeping her or your penis hurt her whatever in the boy with the doctor and he said no it feels great and I just I just couldn't believe it I know this is this is great I feel so good I thought you know something was wrong something wasn't being done right and I feel horrible we left out of there and everything was fine and then I started getting very upset I said who is this person like you doing it and it's because she didn't get to raise her own kids she put her kids on to her mother and then she had a kid she had 3 kids mother didn't take care 3 kids so she had to they pretty much lived upstairs by themselves so she would spank them when she wanted to know the oldest well I don't believe that I don't believe in spanking that I'm leaving I'm leaving I believe in talking things out I believe if you had a child a child will know that it's okay to hit it's okay to yell things out instead of talking things out I'm sorry this is so long I wanted your opinion on this is maybe we should call DHS and just look at me what's going on before she starts County police again and what how does this affect a mother that is disabled but she is actually her and her son is living with her mother and her mother does a lot of help like my friend my friend and okay my friend and my friend always make sure it was clean he said she tries hard but doesn't understand that sell her mother's day and helps out her mother helps him get ready for school in the morning that she cant get out of bed because you had she said she can't get out of bed okay so they have a team that they work together , my friends mother can do it , my friend she does force herself even if she has to get sick cause of pain,her child has the team that loves him more then life,so what's your opinion on this matter??

  • Comment Link Casey Wednesday, 29 March 2017 20:51 posted by Casey

    My sister was arrested back in october 2016 due to probation violation her baby daddy took her to court for emergency temporary custody while she was incarcerated until she just got released on March 22 2017 and now since she out does she get full custody back and the emergency temporary custody is dropped

  • Comment Link racheal Saturday, 25 March 2017 03:34 posted by racheal

    hi i have recenly lost custody of my kids n they gave my cusion adoption but i was wondering if i wrote a letter to the judge and it was never looked at n he still granted her adotion what can i do since everytime i go to court i loose and also since the kids has been adopted can i have the case heard where i am at if the kids live in garland county the reason i lost my son is my soon to be ex husband hit my baby and we were in a motel but we r getting divorced

  • Comment Link Charolette Saturday, 18 March 2017 09:44 posted by Charolette

    Okay I am scared of my ex husband if I don't do what he says he gets upset , now this is my storie my ex husband has had my kids Oct threw now and because I broke the smoking order plus have a boyfriend he tells me my place is unsafe and he will not hand cuff the kids to my door unless I make the changes he wants, now we our divorced and have joint custody, now he wants full custody of the kids because I am disabled plus I won't stop smoking have a boyfriend, but their is more my oldest daughter got mad because of the smoking and one day I got mad at het because she said she doesn't have to listen to me cause she has her rights over me and we fought then I got mad told her to live with her dad plus I must not be her parent then she says to my youngest I will do whatever to keep naomi from me, then c p s was called and I had to deal with them but I don't understand because we hardly talked and I went to counciling case was closed but she knew the kids were staying at her dad's and told me to do nothing then, on my birthday my ex husband followed me to the bowling alley their he yelled and screamed at me with my youngest in car I was scared but I didn't call the police cause my ex scares me and we got divorced because of domestic violence, now he tells me I don't love my kids and I need to prove my love by doing what they ask, but I was alone for 2 weeks and no kids came and stayed with me, my oldest says I have to put disabled on hold and stop playing the parent card plus says I can't call them or text them cause they won't answer so they block me, I tried talking with them but it leads to know where a nd they our right and I am wrong, my ex husband says I gave my daughter rsv but that's not true I didn't smoke when I had here plus I didn't start smoking until 2012 when going through my divorce, now this is just a start what can I do or will the judge grant him full custody because it's been 5 months and he has had them and I told him to bring them but he won't because he saysbits unsafe I don't know what to do help plus I have taken care of his kids plus our kids up until now so how can this man think he is okay to do this

  • Comment Link Kathryn Kalb Wednesday, 15 March 2017 19:47 posted by Kathryn Kalb

    My son's children which he has custody were taken by state of Kansas. They allege the grand parent is abusing the kids, which is not true! My son lives at his dad but had other arrangements set up to have the kids out of the home! They took the kids even when he is not accused! He is a good dad, and is really upset he misses his children. What can we do? This is in Kansas!

  • Comment Link traci Wednesday, 15 March 2017 13:50 posted by traci

    what happens when a mother has 3 kids from 3 different dads, and only one father pays maintenance. his money is going to all of her kids, as she is fnancially unstable and depends on his weekly contribution.
    can the father go to court and file for custody on the grounds of the mother being financially unstable?

  • Comment Link Julie Askin Friday, 10 March 2017 09:43 posted by Julie Askin

    What if the mom has dropped the baby, threw thing at the baby's face, yells and curses at the baby. Leaves baby u attended, that baby was suffercating in pac n play. Mother beat boyfriends mom up , with her son in bf moms ares , and was sent to jail for 3 days for her criminal actions . And stated she didn't care she'll come back and do it again.shes glad she walked out on his sister at 10 months because she can't do this, she isn't cut out got being a parent.. She hates her life having kids ruined her life she has no life because of these kids. Then went back to yelling at 8 month baby to shut the f up , I don't want to hear you. Just shut up. Then perseede to throw baby's clothes really hard in his face ,'and left mark on his face made him scream bloody murder , then raised her voice louder shit the f up ! I'm tired of hearing you . Now you are going in your pin , and that's where you'll stay the rest of the time! Until I took him out. She gave him a bath that was so so hot! He was trying to climb out but she forced him back in. I checked the water , and yelled at her dumped it out made it cooler. She was maf because she wanted it hotter! Not a chance!!!
    She has dropped the baby 3 times, hit his on the wall. Overheats his bottles. Feeds him old bottles. How do I file against her and not my son . My son is awesome with his Don . She is pure evil. I don't want him involved at all . Because it's not his doing its her. He's always trying to correct her, but she don't care that's her answer ! Please help this Nana, I go to court on the 14 against her only! How can I get it against her to stay away from baby too. Until parenting classes can be taken . And no over nights no unsupervised . For the safety of my grandson . He needs an advocate and I'm trying my best . I already my 5 adopted 2 fostered several and still in contact will every one of them .want nothing but the best

  • Comment Link Don Roddy Tuesday, 28 February 2017 19:34 posted by Don Roddy

    I'm at the end of a long and terrible relationship. My soon to be ex girlfriend and I have a 2 yr old. My concern is her temper or lack of control when it comes to our child. She has hit him multiple times right on front of me. Areas include the back, his side near his ribs, and legs and arms. At this time he will sleep either with her or myself. Many times with her if he should wake up she will yell at him and at least twice told him to shut the fuck up. When he was 1 while we were playing, he thought I was mad and raised his hands to protect his face/head. I've never seen her hit him in the head but I did question her on what I observed. A few nights ago when he couldn't sleep she placed him in the bathroom with the light off and closed the door. What I'm looking for is do I have a legit case and can I force her to seek help. I don't wish to keep my son from her but I have concerns. Thank you for your time. Don

  • Comment Link RaeNell Mock Tuesday, 28 February 2017 10:33 posted by RaeNell Mock

    I was appointed posesory but have only seen my children 3 times only twice as the court order dictates.ofter the second time I'm un able to contact my aunt. The court order says failing mutual agreement visitation will occur on the second weekend of every month. For a year after I calling my other aunt trying to get contact information. Then I start contacting police. They tell me because every other visit I'm supposed to go down to a different city to get them there's now way for me to prove I just hadn't gone down there.after a year and a half and 4 calls they finally pick up the case. It takes 2 years to get to the point the almost issue an arrest warrant when my aunt final gives the officer my other aunts ( the other gardian )number under threat of arrest. I see my kids for 30 minutes then they start yelling , acting crazy and leave. It's been 2 months sence then and I haven't seen my kids I've mad 2 reports.I haven't seen my kids for any good amount of time in 6 years. She's using my children ages 9,8 and 6 being special needs and not knowing me as an excuse to denie my visitation rights. When she changed her phone number , moved and didn't allow anyone to give me,my mom ,or my sister the new information untell under threat of arrest.I live on a fixed income with my younger 2 children and do have a history of domestic abuse against myself by my husband twice in 7 years. Once nonintentional the other was the first time he'd ever done anything like well as by the father of the older 2 boys father whom I was only with for a year. I can't afford an attorney and have been denied service by legal aid. What can I do I don't think my kids ar getting help for their developmental delays. I know they are being emotionally abused. I feel like I'm banging my head against a wall and don't know what to do.

  • Comment Link Jessica Friday, 17 February 2017 08:34 posted by Jessica

    My ex (we have been seperarated for 3 years) has primary residency in our joint custody order over our son but he is facing possible 5 year jail sentence on an assault charge to his most recent ex's ( not me) now present boyfriend. I have already opened a motion to change order as our child will be turning 12 just as school starts in fall of 2017. He has been abusive to me from the past and has grabbed me on two occassions when picking and dropping off said child and has even abused our child which was reported by school to ccas. Will I be able to get the primary custody of my child?

  • Comment Link Jodie Hicks Monday, 06 February 2017 03:08 posted by Jodie Hicks

    If i have sole custody of my children from Year 2005 does that mean my ex partner needs permission from me to take daughter with him across state? He hasnt been in her life for nearly 11 years because of Abuse and Drug history. Do i need to get current orders now or does the application from 2005 still can use? Unsure

  • Comment Link Tanya Stalling Saturday, 28 January 2017 13:06 posted by Tanya Stalling

    My ex husband has a history of domestic violence and I had 2 previous protective orders against him. I have sole custody of my daughter and he has visitation rights. Does he have the right to know where I live because of our child or do I have a right to keep that private?

  • Comment Link Marie Friday, 27 January 2017 22:05 posted by Marie

    What if your ex has only met the kid 3 times and hes 7 years old. And than all of a sudden wants to see the child..Will they grant me sole custody? and If the father goes to court what will he get out of it?

  • Comment Link Melinda Friday, 27 January 2017 03:45 posted by Melinda

    My ex has temporary sole physical custody of our daughter past year and half I been taking her to all appointments Drs dentist eye care anytime she is sick I take her in to be checked. I fill out all important paperwork for School attend all School functions Dad does not! Make sur she has a stable home life when she is with me at her Dads she does not have this! He never does homework with her or cares to know where she stands in academics. Recently has been evaluated by the teacher for ADHD and the Drs seen her recommendations medication but Dad is against it and I'm for her to be treated! I'm seeing a Lawyer next week to try for sole custody of my daughter so she gets the proper care! All is doucumented have all Dr papers what has been going on! I'm worried that they won't get me sole custody because I have a appointed Lawyer and he has money

  • Comment Link Melinda Friday, 27 January 2017 03:40 posted by Melinda

    My ex has temporary sole physical custody of our daughter past year and half I been taking her to all appointments Drs dentist eye care anytime she is sick I take her in to be checked. I fill out all important paperwork for School attend all School functions Dad does not! Make sur she has a stable home life when she is with me at her Dads she does not have this! He never does homework with her or cares to know where she stands in academics. Recently has been evaluated by the teacher for ADHD and the Deja's seen her recommendations medication but Dad is against it and I'm for her to be treated! I'm seeing a Lawyer next week to try for sole custody of my daughter so she gets the proper care! All is doucumented have all Dr papers what has been going on! I'm worried that they won't get me sole custody because I have a appointed Lawyer and he has money

  • Comment Link Fernando Wednesday, 25 January 2017 18:33 posted by Fernando

    We have a 5 month old baby... we have past history with cps but this baby my girlfriend has custody of him but cps is involved... my question is if I give up my parent rights would cps close the case on my girlfriend... cause in cps eyes I'm the bad person I just don't want them to remove him.....

  • Comment Link Melanie Monday, 23 January 2017 05:21 posted by Melanie

    Okay so march 2014 I had my youngest daughter ,I also have a now four year old daughter and seven year old son my son is from a previous relationship, and please don't judge me I made a mistake. So when I was pregnant with Niomi she's now almost three btw. I smoke pot, and yes I understand it's illegal and all that I just didn't think it was a big deal anyway after I had her they came in and told me that I failed for thc and they had to inform DHR or CPS what ever u wanna say.. and to add to that horrible thing I started bleeding out lost tons of blood so it was hard to keep focus the doctor wanted to do a transfusion but I lied and said I felt fine so I could go home and deal with the DHR thing .. well for the first two says I convinced my boyfriend not to say anything to his family because I didn't trust them, but it was just to much and my family just wouldn't come through like I really needed so he talked me into telling them. So at first i thought well they are gonna help us. Wrong! The case worker told me that it was just weed her exact words were it's not like it was meth so I felt a little Better she said it would be fine as long as they didn't find any thc in her poop, they said that her poop would have it in it if I was smoking a lot or what have u. So then they come off saying that they called tons of lawyers and the lawyers said that the case worker was full of it and only wanted to screw us over and this whole time barely able to comprehend what's happening they say that they will take all my kids and place them in foster because I'm still legally married to my sons father so all we had to do what sign over custody til the results came back and then they would sign it back and at first I was like hell no but they kept on tell me they were gonna take my kids and all kinds of crazy crap they scared the piss out of me so I did it to " protect " my kids.. results came back NEGITIVE but then it was a different game they had all these rules and crap that didn't make sense now it's been nine months since I saw my baby girls cause they got mad at me not cause they were in danger but just cause they got mad.. they have had custody three years in march and I feel like I'm dying can anyone help me give me advice something please..I'm not a bad person I made a big mistake but I've learned from and I just want my kids back. Please help me

  • Comment Link Felicia Saturday, 21 January 2017 23:57 posted by Felicia

    If my sister lost perntal rights and I have children in cps can i fight for custody of her child wile I'm fighting for mine to please help me keep our family members together thank you ........

  • Comment Link April Saturday, 21 January 2017 04:17 posted by April

    My husband we have been separated for over a year and he has only seen the kids six times and taken them twice and hasn't been paying child support has quite his job and supposedly moved to Arizona can I get him for abandedment because we did not tell us or even me. I think his mom is hiding him out or knows where he is at but won't tell me or foc I am from Michigan can I get her in trouble?

  • Comment Link Gisela martinnez Saturday, 21 January 2017 03:02 posted by Gisela martinnez

    Me and my ex have a child together and now we're having issues about who picks her up and drop her off I have I have custody of her I am the custodial parent he tells me that I have to drop her off or pick her up but we both live in the same county and the papers say that he picks up and drops off

  • Comment Link Melissa. Hamilton Saturday, 21 January 2017 02:37 posted by Melissa. Hamilton

    My ex doesnt help with our child now he has a new girlfriend. And he want to hav visitation. I dont know his full name he told me like 3 different names he has a sex offerender record. So he has to register. I didnt keeo him away from our baby intell i foind out more thing he has lied about. Would he be able to get share custody

  • Comment Link Missy Saturday, 21 January 2017 02:03 posted by Missy

    I need some advice, I went to court last week, and my ex or send me eggs hired a half priced attorney, I have been with my five-year-old since he was born and he worked so I was my son's primary caregiver never was in daycare was always with me their argument was that I drink sometimes, he has COPD bronchitis asthma and emphysema, I'm in perfect health I have some nerve damage in my leg but that doesn't keep me from doing anything so what do you think ?

  • Comment Link Brandon Friday, 20 January 2017 15:45 posted by Brandon

    My stepson just turned two and is afraid of many things, especially things that he isn't familiar with outside of his home. The court for some reason ordered joint custody for the biological father even though he has been absent since birth. How is this okay and what did the court fail on here? My guess is the age and fragility of the child.

  • Comment Link Joanie Rose Thursday, 19 January 2017 23:31 posted by Joanie Rose

    My ex-husband and I separated in 2003 over domestic violence. It was Court ordered that our son stayed in my custody. Nothing else was brought before court. When our son turned 12, which was 10years after he had been in my custody, he decided that he wanted to live with his dad. So, I allowed that. 2years later he wanted to come back to live with me. His dad didn't want him to. His Dad told me in a phone conversation that HE had gotten full custody of our son behind my back. How can I find out who has custody of our son?

  • Comment Link Patricia salas Thursday, 19 January 2017 22:59 posted by Patricia salas

    My baby father lied and said he serve me court papers and now has been granted temporary custody of my kids and I've never received any court papers what am I supposed to do how did he even get granted custody if I was never served what should I do now

  • Comment Link Deyky Sunday, 15 January 2017 20:58 posted by Deyky

    Okay I have a question , someone has my daughter in her care and she is saying she has custody but I haven't revived any court papers saying that she has custody . More likely I don't have any proof .

    What can I do ?

  • Comment Link Tanya Meltabarger Sunday, 15 January 2017 05:34 posted by Tanya Meltabarger

    My brother was sent to prison by the woman he hit with car that wants to adopt his baby the girl pregnant has gave one baby up for adoption years ago and she is trying to give up this baby to same women as well their lawyer sent my brother papers asking him to give up his rights I want the baby I'm married I have a mild record from the past but able to take care of this baby and have alot of family support behind me please help me that baby is my blood and my mom and dad are dead so every member counts

  • Comment Link anna Thursday, 12 January 2017 11:15 posted by anna

    i was in a relationship with a guy for five years. When i got pregnant we broke up. I suggested to him to work something amicable for the child the insisted that the child was not his and that the doesn't want any involvement since he claims he didn't plan for the child and according to him he doesn't want to ruin his now relationship.I told him that I will respect his decision.
    But i want sole custody over my child how do i go abut it? I extracted all texts and mails were he states clearly about his decision,will this help?

  • Comment Link Kim Porter Tuesday, 10 January 2017 03:13 posted by Kim Porter

    My son has been telling me that his dad and his dad's gf are having sex in the living room with door open on the couch knowing he's around he's only 13 yrs old he said he gets fussed at if he says stop doing that in the living room and act like they don't care can I do any thing he has primary custody what do I do

  • Comment Link Tomoxie robinson Sunday, 08 January 2017 19:29 posted by Tomoxie robinson

    Hello question my husband has been paying chils surpport for about 6 yrs now for a child that may or may not be his he did show up for court about 30 plus yrs and they dismissed it do to non respons to the mother no show. And now 29 yrs passed and hes paying 400 plus a month for a 35 yr old child that he inly has seen when he was a toddler and never heard from them at all. Pls help what do we need to do

  • Comment Link Latoya Sylvester Sunday, 08 January 2017 15:24 posted by Latoya Sylvester

    I daughter father take her away from me and don't let me or her brothers see her and I have,3beds room and my sons have a room and my daughter have her own room and I have my own room and income my daughter father ask for 50/50 custody and my daughter was test high for lead because his mother house and lead and her house my daughter father staying with his mother and I have proof my one year old daughter is on lead medicines and proof by the medicine records tell you the lead is not safe for her I when to the court house my daughter father don't have a job or income and get receipts from his uncle to try to prove that he buys clothes and shoes

  • Comment Link maryanne Sunday, 08 January 2017 10:33 posted by maryanne

    my ex has taken our child out of my house on my parenting time. but he told child protection i did not wake up so he just took him and left. when i woke up my child was gone the first thing i did was call my ex and he said didnt u see the note i looked for it. but he did not wake me up. what do i do i this situation

  • Comment Link Andrew Duncan Saturday, 07 January 2017 12:23 posted by Andrew Duncan

    So my baby mama is 16 years old. About to be 17 im 20 years old. Is it possible for me to gain custody of my son, when hes born here in a few months? Or would something else need to be done for me to get full custody? What step do i need to take to make this happen? Cause finically she can't support herself nor the kid alone.

  • Comment Link Lexie Francis Thursday, 05 January 2017 15:42 posted by Lexie Francis

    I have been on my own for 8 years raising 3 kids on my own. I had some help from family members. I could not do it alone. My son has reached the age of 12 and my sons father wants full custody after I raised him most of his life. I love my kids so much. I do not want to give him to my ex to live in a bad toxic enviorment. He used to abuse me and do drugs in a small town. I could not rely on his family to help me with or kids needs. I was taking a chance when they did. They were all hooked on drugs. He left me for a 18 year old college girl. Then has a new family. I am happy he had moved on. My kids and I have gotten use to this life style because he never comes to visit,or sends cards on there birthday. My son recently giving me a hard time due to puberty and I had to remove him from a toxic enviorment because I could no longer Mentour them by myself anymore. I'm going to fight for my kids because I love them. It's not that I do not want my kids to spend time with there father. I am a domestic survivor that did not press charges. I'm almost out of the mud. He is still sending me threats on the phone. I filed a police report. He still tries to get me upset. I do not want to unleash all the bad things he has done to me when I lived with him. I am still married and trying to file for divorce. He says he is coming to pick up my son on Sunday. I have heard this before he is coming to visit and he never shows. My number has not changed in a decade and he can't remember it. My sons father causes my son to get upset on the phone. It's like I'm a villain to my son. I think he called d c f on me because he was sending threats on my phone. I don't have the funds to get out of this. I am keeping my head up and praying for a good outcome. I love my kids to the moon and back. I just want everyone to be happy.

  • Comment Link Maya Tuesday, 03 January 2017 03:48 posted by Maya

    Ok so my nephews father brought my nephew out to ny from California to visit he left my nephew with me and left to go to Virginia to see his other kids only thing that concerns me is he bought a one way ticket here and can't give me a set day they are retuning home. I'm concerned he is going to stay in Virginia and not come back I'm fine with keeping my nephew but if this happens what is the time frame I have to wait before going to court and taking action on my part? The woman who has his other children does not like the fact he has custody of my nephew and I'm concerned if he does stay out this way and wants my nephew back that this woman might neglect my nephew or be mean to him what do you suggest I do?

  • Comment Link Robert Monday, 02 January 2017 18:41 posted by Robert

    My ex and i have joint custody. Just recently my son age 13 and my daughter age 20 mentioned that their mom has been selling drugs and she is also consuming. My son took a large sum of money from his mom that was in a safe in her bedroom probably drug money and is now in probation. My question is can i go and take my son away from her without getting into any lawful actions against me? I live in Texas if this helps.

  • Comment Link Latoya Friday, 30 December 2016 20:42 posted by Latoya

    I live in the state of Tennessee I have two children that are 9 and 10 I have custody of them when me and their dad broke up due to domestic violence I tried to get child support but he never showed up in court and this has happened several times I have no dealings with him at all his mother is the mediator between us she picks our children up and allows him to pick them up from her house just recently my daughter said he told her that when she gets 13 he's going to get custody of them I have never been in trouble or locked up for any reason and I provide my children with a safe and normal environment plus they go to school everyday is it possible for him to just take them?

  • Comment Link LIBY Friday, 30 December 2016 19:59 posted by LIBY

    My best friend is divorced after 12 years of marriage and his daughter's custody is with his wife who has married another man my friend misses his daughter terribly how can he get custody of his daughter whom he adore and consider top priority

  • Comment Link Natelie Thursday, 29 December 2016 12:20 posted by Natelie

    I have an 11 yr old daughter her father had been in prision since she was 2. So i have always involvef his sister and mother in some of the decision making on how she should be raised. Here in the ladt 7 mths het aunt and grandma insisted she went to a specific school which is jo where near where i live they insisted they would help oick her up and get her to school and back then i oick her up in the evenings. So i bought a house a little ovet an hour away. And have been fixing it up.for me and my child to live in. So that she could finish out het school year i agreed to leave her in their care until the school year was over. But now they act like she is theirs and want me to sign my rights over because they have way more money than me and think she will have a better life with them because of money. Can i go get my child and. Can i go get her and Move her to the school. Where our new home is or ate they able to keep her. We had an agreed arrangement. Abd now they are trying to take her. Please help the plan was never for them to raise her but to only allow her to stay a whole year in that school of thete choice till the following year. But since they have money im agraid they will fight me for custody and claim i abandon her

  • Comment Link Dan Collins Tuesday, 27 December 2016 19:40 posted by Dan Collins

    I have a question. My nieces and nephew were placed in cps custody one went to her biological father and the other two went to their paternal grandmother. The oldest who was placed with her father who just 2 days ago was arrested on drug possession and is out on parole. What can be done about this? She is still there and does have grandparents there but they have been allowing him to live there and do drugs. It is not any better situation than she was in to begin with why is this allowed and can anything be done?

  • Comment Link leslie Monday, 26 December 2016 10:57 posted by leslie

    Can you please help my daughter friend has been staying with us for 3 month and dhr took her away from her mom and gave her to her grandma and sje does not want to live with her she wants to live with us she is 13 will dhr grant us custody

  • Comment Link yzuniga1986 Monday, 26 December 2016 05:51 posted by yzuniga1986

    Hi I have a question my dsughter is 7years old. She has only lived with me her whole life. Her father probably seen her about 6 timesx this year. He has threatened to take my daughter to Mexico Andi will never see her again. He served me with papers today to get custody. My daughter is crying and scared because she doesn' want to go with him. He has been violent in the pass. Will they give him any types of rights?

  • Comment Link Susanna smith Saturday, 24 December 2016 18:18 posted by Susanna smith

    I have so many questions about what my ex is doing and no way to pay for legal help. What do I do? My kids are my everything.

  • Comment Link T. Diki Wednesday, 21 December 2016 22:48 posted by T. Diki

    My wife have two kids born before marriage, they are not mine so they are staying with their grandmother so they are being denied access to child support grant. They say that I am working while their mother is not. Is it legal or not.

  • Comment Link felicitas mendez Monday, 19 December 2016 22:05 posted by felicitas mendez

    I have custody of my granddaughter and the mother haven't see her in 2 years. The mother have move of address and she never let me know that she was moving or give me the new address. And just now wants to come and pick her up. What can I due

  • Comment Link melissa m orrick Tuesday, 13 December 2016 21:50 posted by melissa m orrick

    I am a 30 ysr old woman who lives in el paso tx I was going threw a hard time with a past history I had I droped me kids off at there dad cuz I losts my hose my job I asked if he could watchthem for me he agreed I was going to see them and talk to them every day I left them more than enough money and they had ther own food ii left them there card clothes everything well I wasn't abel to get back o my feet or find a place Iv been going threw this for abut a yr know I went for the m and he told me I could not take them cuz I didi have a car or money or a place to stay so I called the cops they made this big dramatic seen and never once showed me any documents like I asked telling where he had papers saying I couldn't take the first off I fighting for my two boys that are not biologicly his they do have his last name but hes not the one that sighned for them how can I get a paternatiy test and how can I file charges if his family keeps getting involved as soon as I start to bring my self up and try to there they are all In my business she gave me a paper to sign witch I didn't read like an idiot she told me it was for the medicate iv never ben to court for any of this my mail was to there address my daughter told me that I had not got anything there they gave some unpaid bills a couple of times but papers well n e ways I have not seen my 3 boys in almost a yr he dosent answer when I call I don't even know who his girlfriend I know her first name that's melina and she has two kids that s thy don't talk to me if I ask a question they don't say nothing to me at all they change the subject I really miss them soooo much I cant even look at kids cuz I start to cry I try to avoid loking at them I stay awy from the world now I don't go out I basicly don't even care about my self any more I don't have any friend my point is I need them souds like more then they need me but I just want to go back to being a mom they dont call me that aymore I need help I don't know what to do I pused everything and everybody awy from me that no body wants to deal with me cuz they say I don't fight for my self any more I cant get this system right to dumb to live in the real worl no brains they didn't even invite me to there birthday partys I missed my daughter 15 niera that girl was my replacement I don't have money don't have a place to stay but I know that I cant live with out my babbys the oldest ones they realy hate me I herd a lot from that ther imbarressed of me get supervised visits im tired of begging him to let me see them and always says well see I have and would never in my life hurt them and every body knows that

  • Comment Link laquita mitchell Monday, 12 December 2016 04:42 posted by laquita mitchell

    I'm a nana missing her baby of 9 almost 10 yrs of raising my grand daughter when her dad step up amd decide he wants to be a parent to my baby he omly done this to hurt me and soloy my baby she is terrified of him crys and shakes something awfull what little time she has been there she is threaton and told to watch her 2 yr old sister if she gets hurt she will get her butt wiped my baby kmows if her moma had her she would still be living with her nana I begged my dauhjyer to give me custoy of her but she never did when her sister was born they up and moved to jerrferson county and left brook behind and never look bk until august of 2018 and I have spoke to several lawyers but no help can spmeone help use pleases hurting

  • Comment Link Charley Gourlay Wednesday, 07 December 2016 10:48 posted by Charley Gourlay

    I have a question, I have a little girl who is 2years old, I fell out with her dad 2months after she was born due to domestic violence, he seen his daughter a few times a week for a few hours after this but the first time he asked to keep her over night he refused to give her back to me, I forgave him and the same thing happened again this was about March 2015, after that I refused to let him see her, he hasn't been in contact since to ask how she is or to show he cares, now he is taking me to court so he can see her,do you think he will get custody?

  • Comment Link Amber Tuesday, 06 December 2016 21:31 posted by Amber

    ! My children lived with me since I left my ex 7 years ago. Until last year, my ex never bothered with my boys very much. He would take them on an individual basis (favoring my youngest- seeing him way more often.. seen as he is his biological son) for a weekend every 3 months.
    I became homeless after my roof of the apartment I was renting collapsed, and my potential new landlord ripped me off for all of my rent money. Doing what any decent parent would do, I asked my ex to take the boys while I found more suitable housing. This took 2 months. In this time, my ex held an emergency care conference. He told the courts (he LIED) that he had no clue where I was or how to reach me. He had my mother's phone number, and my mother knew where I was. The courts went in favor of my ex seen as I wasn't there to defend myself. My mother told me of this aftery children told her. I got a lawyer, and my ex and I had week on week off custody during the summer vacation. Then when we returned to court for custody matters during school months, the judge returned us to the order madeay the case conference! It has been 4 months. I haven't seen my children AT ALL. My ex is denying me access. He won't tell me anything about my children. I haven't received a report card, an update, anything about medical appointments.. NOTHING! I'm a developmental support worker. My son has behaviour issues due to bipolar and ADHD. Im trained to deal with this. My ex has nothing to do with my boys. He lives with his parents who watch my children whole my ex is never home! Every time I beg my ex to see my boys, he accuses me of something new (usually drug use) and Denys me anything more than an hour at McDonald's under HIS supervision. I refuse. I miss my boys so badly.. buy I know after what he has done to my life and family.. I won't be okay anywhere near him. It's Christmas in a few weeks. This is destroying me so badly that I fear I won't survive Xmas without my kids. It's sittings for lawyers here, and no one will touch a family issue. I'm so lost.. I now see why parents give up. My ex signed father unknown on papers for his real son at birth. My son isn't his biologically. Yet he was able to take them and cut me out. It's so wrong and absolutely insane to me.. how can this even be legal?

  • Comment Link Tracey Dillingham Tuesday, 06 December 2016 16:56 posted by Tracey Dillingham

    My son has been financially taking care of his children all their lives he even take care of one that he didn't father. The mother put him on child support because she got married had some children and need medical support for the new children. Because her husband can't afford it. What can he do?

  • Comment Link Precious Friday, 02 December 2016 08:48 posted by Precious

    My baby daddy said that I can have my daughter. Can I take him to court to get full custody of my daughter by him saying that and I have proof?

  • Comment Link mackenzie Thursday, 01 December 2016 15:25 posted by mackenzie

    im 19 years old and still live at home with my parents, however, my mom is extremely abusive to me and my dad. Her and my father stay together who knows why, but I don't want her to have any legal custody over me. How do i go about signing over all legal rights to my dad? As my primary and only legal guardian?

  • Comment Link Lillie Monday, 28 November 2016 11:27 posted by Lillie

    If a woman has had a past drug issue and has bipolar will she be able to adopt a newborn baby?

  • Comment Link Melanie Gibbs Sunday, 27 November 2016 02:40 posted by Melanie Gibbs

    My devices doctor said I PDs amount other things do to the fact of abuse from my ex and separation from my children. My ex which I was involved in aex activities with since are separation now I realize it's causing more mental pain and he knows it what are. My legal rights here him knowing causing confusion and more mental pain i think he's trying drive me mad in ever way what are my rights what can I do

  • Comment Link Thomas Saturday, 26 November 2016 08:18 posted by Thomas

    I have a question. .. Me and my ex wife had a divorce a year ago and she has custody of my two children and i have visitation and pay child saport and adore my kids and will do anything. She has had a druge prob. And is now in prison for 3 years but drop them off at her mothers and this is in mo. And i live in wi. Can i go pick them up and have them then flight for custody? Dont i get them next and fight hr because of the substance abuce?? Pleas help i love my kids and need to act fast but am pickeld...

  • Comment Link maverick Thursday, 24 November 2016 01:30 posted by maverick

    My dad hits me all the time because he's a drug addict. When everhe doesn't have the drugs he gets mad aND he takes it out on me. My grand parents want to take custody please help

  • Comment Link Hayme Tuesday, 22 November 2016 17:16 posted by Hayme

    I have a situation where the bby stays with me n i have more rights regarding her i believe. Dad cant claim my kid for anything without my permission. We have 5050 but. His been giving me a hard time. For all the whole year .its been a yeah. He left oct 2 15 and. I choosed to date someone nothing serious. But baby daddy dint accept that ..the whole year i was dating he pretty much looked for my new biyfriend n spoke to him. Constantly he kept telling him how i slept with him and making rumors n stuff he showed him a sex video. And thats what he did. To make the guy live me..know he has a girl n he continuesly brings the girl around my kid .but when he visits her its only for two hours 6 to 8 he comes late to pick her up n late to drop her off.he calls me names. He wants to argue n have things his way and. Idk what to do if im 5 minutes late he gets mad at kid lives the house happy. N come backs scared of me. As soon as dad lives she acts super better. Happier n forgets why she was scared. I feel uncomftrable my kid is 4 and know she says her daddy says im crazy ..i can talk to him about it because he will say im making things up. What can i do can i get full costody my kid is gonna start head starts. A school n he already told me im not taking her wedsdays cause i work n have school. I can communicate n mentally brings me down ..know he has a girl n i was expecting for him to be a bit more chill but nothing changes instead he vrings the car with her. In side n acts like im crazy or im gonna do something to her or him .help plz his always asking me to take him to court but why?i dont wanna cause more damage for my kid.

  • Comment Link Shauwnelle White Tuesday, 22 November 2016 14:38 posted by Shauwnelle White

    I have a 12 year old daughter. I've been divorced from her father for 6years now. He recently had a lawyer and a social worker approach me for visitations. For the entire time 12year he has been and still is a drug addict. He has never worked for his child and he has physically abused her before. I allowed his parents visitations providing they support her financially. They did so for about a year or 2 then stopped everything. I decided to no longer send her ther and they did not worry with her at all. A few months ago they started depositing money again and now all of a sudden the great interest. I do not wish to allow any visitations until she starts high school. What can I do .... Please help

  • Comment Link Troy Potuszynski Monday, 21 November 2016 13:36 posted by Troy Potuszynski

    can i get a restraining order against my ex's best friend (who is a heroin user) to stay away from my children when they are with my ex?? She's a horrible person that keeps bad company and her current boyfriend is a heroin user also and comes from a family of heroin addicts. She only just recently overdosed on heroin with her kids in the house at the time. The police and ambulance were there so it would've been put on file. My ex and her have been friends since high school and for some reason she won't cut her out of her life and even worse that recently she's been having her over the house a lot. I don't want this woman anywhere near my children. Do I have leg to stand on with this one?? Anything that will help me gain clarification on this matter would not only help but be greatly appreciated. Thankyou

  • Comment Link Teena Sunday, 20 November 2016 16:51 posted by Teena

    My child's father left me for another woman the house that we live in we made a life here for 11 years me and him with a little girl and my little boy she's ten and he's 16 now but my ex doesn't live with us he's been living with this other woman having an affair they're always texting me threatening me to get out of their house they're going to kick me out and She and Him unknown and felonies spent time in jail for drugs each of them and they're trying to say that I'm going to take my daughter from me I've raised her for 10 years by myself because he's never been around he knows absolutely nothing about his daughter at all she doesn't want to go with her father call me and ask me if he can come spend the weekend over here at the house to visit his daughter but the only way he'll come is if he brings his girlfriend with him I don't know if I should just cut all ties with him and move out of his house because he pays the bills he pays the rent for his daughter to have a place to live but he keeps threatening me and holding the house and look all over my head what should I do I don't work I'm trying to collect disability because I have chronic seizures and I don't know what to do

  • Comment Link Teena Sunday, 20 November 2016 16:42 posted by Teena

    My child's father left me for another woman I'm in The Other Woman are getting married the house we stay in his his my little girl is only 10 he's only been with her for 6 months and he's getting married already he wants to introduce my little girl to this woman she just got out of jail a year-and-a-half ago for drugs she's a known drug addict what should I do

  • Comment Link Angie C Sunday, 20 November 2016 03:07 posted by Angie C

    I have a 14 year old son that has lived with me always but goes to his dads on the weekend. I have joint custody with me as the primary parent and child support was put on reserve during the divorce because I stated I didn't want it, however he has been giving me $50 a month and putting money on his school account and things. Over the years I had decided I need a little more help since he is getting older and his expenses are larger. Long story short...He came to child support court with an attorney and today I was served with court papers that he is taking me to court to get custody changed to joint custody with his as the primary, child support to be paid to him (although he has only paid me $50 a month), me to pay his attorney fees, and this is crazy but restraining order against me...what?? we hardly ever talk and when we do we never argue.... What is going on. Am I going to lose my child after 14 years because I asked for child support that the courts told me I could go back and ask for :-( I cant afford an attorney...If I could I wouldn't be asking for the child support. My son told me he wants things how they are. When I ask him what do we do...sweet boy said "you don't have a choice momma you have to fight him" cant believe he would do this:-(

  • Comment Link Adrienne.Ramirez.23 Saturday, 19 November 2016 19:09 posted by Adrienne.Ramirez.23

    Cole- are you still living with the mother of your child? If you want to gain full custody you need to prove that you are a better parent. When you do this it is starting a war and things are going to get ugly. Usually involving lies to make the other parent look bad. I have seen people lose their kids because of Facebook party pics or recreational drug use on social media, not watching your kids while theyre playing naked in traffic, unexplained bruises on children.You are going to have to have evidence that proves she is an unfit mother. Is the mother of your child abusive? If she is you need to collect evidence. You must have a decent job, able to provide for a child financially,(diapers, formula, food, clothing, water, and have shelter preferably on your own) To get full custody of your child the mother would have to be considered neglectful(drug user, leaving kids alone to party, not buying food or feeding kids, being uncontrollably dirty, sexual assault, a criminal, mental/physical abuse), mentally I'll, physically and/or mentally abusive to you and possibly her children that are not yours. If you are worried about the daughter being abusive to your new born you can contact cps and have them check the safety of the home. The daughter may have counciling and the mother could as well to help her daughter positively work towards a healthier lifestyle. you may have to as well if your in the house hold. If you are not in the house hold then you can make a case based off of things you've seen, but she would have to be the neglectful parent. She may need to go to parenting classes offered by cps. If drugs are involved that's a big no no. I wouldn't suggest calling cps unless these kids are being abused by their mother and their needs aren't being met. It opens up a very time consuming sometimes devastating events like getting her children taken away and possibly yours. However, if you are not in the house hold and cps is involved you are in fact the biological father then you have a good chance to gain full custody since you can bring up the open case to a judge.It doesn't hurt to call cps and ask them advice about your concerns without relaying who is calling.Now needs are food, water, shelter, and clothes. Everything else is a priveledge. To get your daughter you need to provide for yourself and your daughter, even better than her. She is 35 and has children already that she has taken care of before you were in the picture, so she has experience. I would suggest moving out if you feel uncomfortable being there or suggesting a family meeting. If the kids are not listening/ acting proper/ helping out around the house then you will take away a priveledge. Explain that every time they are disrespectful to their mother or to you that something will be taken away. If you need to take away a TV, gaming system, cell phone or anything else for a week or two or three they should start changing their attitude. If you are doing what your supposed to in the house hold you will get rewarded, if not you will have consequences. Make a chore list with items they are capable of doing. You can make the rewards small (ice cream after dinner, going to their favorite restaurant, making their favorite meal, extra TV time).Your baby mamas girls should be able to sweep, mop, do dishes, wash/dry/fold/hang laundry, complete homework, wipe down tables, clean toilets, etc; If you are uncomfortable with just the daughter you need to discuss this with your baby's mother. She needs to know that childish behavior and rude comments are unacceptable and she needs to set boundaries. Possibly trying the bubble idea. I have a bubble around my body that nobody can enter. This is my personal space. You may only enter if I give you permission. Kids need discipline. They need consistency and structure or it will be total chaos. Being a good communicator is extremely important and you have to be strict when it comes to kids, because they like to test new people in their lives and see what they can get away with. If you are firm and consistent she will get the picture that she can't get away with things when your around. You have an opportunity to open baby mamas eyes that things need to change and you will not live this way. Maybe she needs help to change and you can be a motivator for the family. If you don't want anything to do with them then you need evidence or you will most likely get joint custody which may be every other weekend. Basically if she is proven unfit is the only way you have a chance to gain full custody.

  • Comment Link Adrienne.Ramirez.23 Saturday, 19 November 2016 18:06 posted by Adrienne.Ramirez.23

    Laurane if cps is involved and they allowed the grandmother to be a foster care provider then she cannot have the child back. The child's well being is the most important thing. If she tries to take her child there will be consequences of kidnapping. Usually if they receive a call they are going to question you, inspect your home, and offer parenting classes. If you refuse parenting classes and someone else makes a report against you while your case is still open then they are going to place the child into a home that is safer. If they get a call that your using illegal drugs then they will test you. If you are positive they will go through steps with you. She must've had 2-3 calls placed on her to get her child taken away. Cps tries to reunite parents with their children with in a year. It is a tedious process of supervised visits, parenting classes, and possiblly rehab, certainly counciling. If you have not followed cps directions, skip visits, and classes then most likely a judge will allow the foster parent or a family member to take custody. They look at what would be the most comfortable place for a child, if the foster parent wants to adopt, their safety. If there are multiple kids and a parent has lost custody they will try their hardest to keep siblings together. Sometimes that does t happen. Usually in boy- girl siblings if the house is small they may have some bunk beds in one room and place only girls or only boys.

  • Comment Link Natasha Saturday, 19 November 2016 15:41 posted by Natasha

    My boyfriend has two children (14 & 6) living with us. The bio mother was on drugs when she gave birth to her fifth child. (Not my boyfriends) and all of her children were taken away.(one child from her current boyfriend, one child from my boyfriends cousin, and the two older children that are my boyfriends.) The 14 year old was already living at his grandmas on the moms side when this happened. The six year old was put into foster care. My boyfriend has spent over a year to do all he can to get his children back. They have been with us living full time for 3 months and the mother has supervised pact visits. Usually 2.5 hours.The mother has come to our old place (we moved) and has caused a scene in front of her daughter, saying crazy things (I'm using my boyfriend for drugs, I just want a sugar daddy, I ain't got shit on her) I expressed how inappropriate her behavior is especially around her daughter. Her daughter said, "wow she is jealous of you." We reported to cps. She would come by when she felt like it to ask my boyfriend for money when she doesn't even have the kids, and he would do it. I've expressed several times that this is enabling behavior and she just uses it to get more drugs.(methamphetamine) its extremely irritating. If I asked her bf for money she would flip out and I would never be so desprate. It is so disrespectful to me. If she needs money for hygeine products then he should go to the store and grab toilet trees for her if he feels so bad for her. Thankfully, as far as I'm aware (which he doesn't tell me when he speaks to his ex, due to me getting pissed off) he says he has stopped. In December the cps case will be closed and my boyfriend will gain custody. The judge in October was very serious with her about not doing drugs and this is her last chance. She has missed several visits and comes out dirty on her UA's. She also tells the testers that that is impossible, she's not a drug user. My concern is when the cps case is closed in December her visits will end and it is all up to my boyfriend how they will see their mother. We have discussed that the mothers parents would be most appropriate because if she puts the children in danger while they're with her then that will open a cps case and my boyfriend will get the children taken away for putting them in danger with their mother and her boyfriend. I'm worried that she will show up to our home and try to walk in like it's nothing causing a scene. My boyfriend and I are both on the lease agreement. What can I do if she trespasses when she is not allowed around her children? Can I call the police? Do I also call our local cps? (who we know well because of her bad judgments) if I have to get a restraining order because of her behavior (she's been an addict for 22 years, she is 38 years old) then I will to protect myself and the kids. Does anyone have advice or been in a similar situation? The mother is also jealous of me because I am 24 and her kids love me. My boyfriend is 39. Before we were dating she made up to everyone that she is getting back with my boyfriend, which he hasn't wanted to be with her for a very long time, but he does feel sorry for her. He always supported her while she was lazy not doing house hold chores, not taking care of the kids. He would have druggies clean for them. He also has a bad past for being a drug lord. He spent four years in prison (supposed to be 10) but he has changed his life and when he came back to his hometown all of this horrible stuff was happening. He has been through so much and he is such a strong amazing man. Someone with his background could've easily just given up his children, but he has fought for them. He is a great dad and has a need to make it up to the kids. Part of him feels guilty that he couldn't help the ex when he was away in jail and that is why he would give money. Even though she promised she would wait for him, had children with other men, including his own family, and let other druggies take away all of his personal items. (He had a lot) I'm worried about the future with her when she doesn't feel like she has to abide by rules because cps will not be involved. Not to mention she is losing all of her kids.

  • Comment Link Lauraine Saturday, 12 November 2016 17:47 posted by Lauraine

    My friend has her 13 year old liveing with her . The child was taken from her by social services and the courts and was placed with The grandmother . Can the mother just have the child back just like that or will she have to go back to court?
    And where does the child stay till the court has come to a decision ?

  • Comment Link Cole Monday, 07 November 2016 15:39 posted by Cole

    Hello. I'm a 23 year old man who is going to have a child with a 35 year old woman. She already has two kids, 12 and 13. The 12 and 13 year old are not mine. The 12 year old has an undiagnosed LD (in my opinion, she's just a spoiled rotten brat who hasn't had consistency, discipline, or any form of structure whatsoever). The 12 year old is extremely aggressive with her mom, constantly yelling and screaming at her, saying things like she is the worst mother in the world and she would rather live her dad who has abused all three of them. She even hits walls/throws things out if anger when she doesn't get she wants. Is this enough to get full custody of my daughter once she's born? I am so extremely worried that the 12 year old will cause some kind of harm to my little girl, especially when the 12 year old tries to jump on her mom's stomach, pretend to punch her stomach, and hang on her like she's a jungle gym. Basically, I don't want me or my daughter to be involved with their lives at all because they don't live a mentally, emotionally, or physically healthy lifestyle. Which is what I am about.

  • Comment Link Hina misra Sunday, 06 November 2016 06:57 posted by Hina misra

    I want my daughter custody though my husband earning is more than me .my daughter is only five year old and she says she want to stay with papa as she is taught with my husband that your mother is demon.please help me how can I get my daughter custody.i m in India bihar

  • Comment Link Jamie Saturday, 05 November 2016 04:35 posted by Jamie

    My sons father has repeatedly broke up with his girlfriend of 11/2 years. 7 times now my son's father has told my 11 year old son that he will never get back with his gf. He has told my son and I horrible things about this girl. He will not keep his word to my son. He is teaching my son that this is how a relationship works and mentally I feel like it is hurting my son. I have tried to talk to my ex about this bUT he always goes back. I have tried to talk to her about it because she has son's of her own. Neither one of them care how it affects the children. I am tired of covering for them and having to explain things to my son when he is sad about this. This is a very toxic relationship that these two have and I just don't want my son envolved in this anymore. DO you have any advice?

  • Comment Link Rosendo Estrada Saturday, 29 October 2016 15:50 posted by Rosendo Estrada

    I have a 7 year old son, he is currently staying with his grandma (mother of my son's mom), his mom has custody of him but hasn't been around him for at least 2 years. She is staying in Texas, I stay in Georgia, so does my son's grandma. i pick him up during the weekends. Every time he comes with me, he has the same clothes, he hasn't seen the doctor for at least 3 years, comes to my house with lice on his after i cut his hair every weekend, probably because he does shower as much. He doesn't eat normal, doesn't ask for food, his weight is not normal. He crys to me saying he doesn't want to go home every sunday. i am paying child support, all the grandma and mother is worried about is the money and not his health or his welling being. they always threaten me, that i will wont see my son anymore, when ever i complain to them about his health, the way he is dressed, the way he don't eat as much, about his weight. the clothes they put on is the same clothes they had for at 3 years. i feed him well when he is with me, he enjoys being with me, he gets taken care. i really need help, i want to get custody of him, i have plenty pictures and evidence the way he comes to my house. i want him to get his normal checks up as a normal kid should, because he has visited the doctors at all

  • Comment Link Frank Hebert Tuesday, 25 October 2016 22:56 posted by Frank Hebert

    I have three children the mother and I keep going back and forth back together and than not together the mother won't let me see my girls but my son lives with me and has been since may 2016 I'm wanting to take her back to court but I fear since she has the girls and I have my son all kids are from the same mother my son doesn't want to go back he goes to school here and is doing very well straight a's I fear if I take her back to court will the judge tell me I have to give our. Son back to live with her remember he's been with me for 5 months now I want my girl too

  • Comment Link Bryan Johnson Friday, 21 October 2016 14:18 posted by Bryan Johnson

    my daughter is going to be 12 in December her mom and i are not together and haven't been in a long time i have since got married and had 2 other children. My wife and I have been married for 7 years and have lived in the same residence for the last 5 years. My ex has bounced around and has lived in 3-4 different places in the last year. She currently i staying in a 1 bed hotel room with her boyfriend and her other 3 kids along with my oldest daughter. I have joint Legal custody and my oldest daughter has stated to her mother that she wants to live with us is there anything that I can do all help is greatly appreciated thanks in advance.

  • Comment Link Debbie Thursday, 20 October 2016 23:44 posted by Debbie

    I'm a 46 yr. old who is seperated and divorced from my Ex Husband for 4 yrs. now. I have since "moved on"and have been reunited with someone I fell in love with many yrs. ago and we are getting married tomorrow. How do I tell my 11 yr. old son that I want him to live with me and my new Husband? His real
    Dad isn't a bad guy (just doesn't put his priorities in check some times) and the new "step dad" is great. I just don't know how to "break the ice" to my son that he will no longer be able to spend as much time with his Dad as he does now??? Any advise is greatly appreciated.

  • Comment Link Oswald Thursday, 20 October 2016 20:14 posted by Oswald

    I have a 6months old son. Have not seen him in 2 months plus. I filed for custody and his mom filed the day after. She has a tro against me. It states I'll kll myself , she and her 3 children, including my son.. , all lies ( guessed I should have been dead by now) . What are my options of any form of custody ?

  • Comment Link Jack Wednesday, 12 October 2016 23:30 posted by Jack

    Hello, I'm 30 years old and live with my parents but i want join custody of my two sons. with that be a problem. I separated from my sons mother 6 months ago but she gives me to much problems and buts to see my kids. I work full time and trying to get back on track to get my own place.

  • Comment Link Real parent Thursday, 06 October 2016 03:26 posted by Real parent

    Well if any dude was hitting my kid i would put a mask and gloves on sweater and haldle business. Or you could have my child tell his teacher or principal at school ;)

  • Comment Link Lisa higgins Wednesday, 05 October 2016 14:40 posted by Lisa higgins

    My ex his in prison dose he have any right to my 16 yr. Old he lIves in a different house other then me though he his doing better in school every thing can I let them adopt my son we are on the page it's what's better for him .I will have a part in his liveli

  • Comment Link Romeo santos Tuesday, 04 October 2016 21:35 posted by Romeo santos

    I want my 9 year old son to reside at my residence. But his mother won't let him.his mother has a boyfriend and he keeps hitting my son because he don't like him. What I do???

  • Comment Link William Sybesma Tuesday, 04 October 2016 03:40 posted by William Sybesma

    I am a stay at home father of 5 children, the two oldest are my wife's from a previous marriage that I have raised as my own for the last 6 years. My wife has been having an affair and I think about to leave me for the guys she's been seeing. I am concerned I will lose all 5 kids because I have no legal rights to the oldest two and that the courts won't separate the kids. I have concerns about the man that she is seeing and how he might negatively effect my children he has quite the colorful legal history and just was arrested and released this week. He has a history of drugs, violence, theft and the it's goes on. I am curious what my chances are of getting custodial custody of my children and if I can keep them away for the man my wife is seeing? My main concern with this is the well being of my children and trying to keep them in a loving caring environment and not sending them to a place of mental and potentially physical abuse. Any help would be appreciated. Children's ages are 10,9,5,3,2 and I live in Kansas

  • Comment Link Roy parker Monday, 03 October 2016 00:07 posted by Roy parker

    My sister lost custody of her 1 year old child a year ago. My dad was awarded sole custody. Then they violated court order now my neice is in foster care for the past 10 months..she still isnt working. Has no car insurance or registration or a house. Tell me she isnt gonna get her kid back right.

  • Comment Link Jorge pozo Thursday, 29 September 2016 22:24 posted by Jorge pozo

    So I'm a father who just one joint custody of my son but the mother of my son never has him on her days either my 60 yr old parent have him or I ha e to Come get him an be a parent even on her days I do t mind but she fought me so hard on split custody but she never has him or wants him pains the child on any one who will take him so she can leave with her boyfriend I need to kno what I need to do to get full. Custody

  • Comment Link William Sybesma Thursday, 29 September 2016 20:30 posted by William Sybesma

    I am a stay at home father of 5 children, the two oldest are my wife's from a previous marriage that I have raised as my own for the last 6 years. My wife has been having an affair and I think about to leave me for the guys she's been seeing. I am concerned I will lose all 5 kids because I have no legal rights to the oldest two and that the courts won't separate the kids. I have concerns about the man that she is seeing and how he might negatively effect my children he has quite the colorful legal history and just was arrested and released this week. He has a history of drugs, violence, theft and the it's goes on. I am curious what my chances are of getting custodial custody of my children and if I can keep them away for the man my wife is seeing? My main concern with this is the well being of my children and trying to keep them in a loving caring environment and not sending them to a place of mental and potentially physical abuse. Any help would be appreciated. Children's ages are 10,9,5,3,2 and I live in Kansas

  • Comment Link Izzy Monday, 26 September 2016 21:17 posted by Izzy

    I am from Kansas and have a five year old boy. My sons father kicked me out when I was pregnant so I moved to my home state Kansas from Colorado while pregnant. It has been 5 1/2 years and my sons father only sees him 5 days a year total, and that includes when my husband and I take my son out to visit his family in colorado. He has been around my son for a total of 24 days in 5 1/2 years. He now has a lawyer and has given us his proposal which is: extended weekends from school, every holiday, and 5 weeks in the summer and he wants him all that time there in colorado. My concern is can he actually get all of this? My son barely knows him and if I don't put the visit together, they never seem to happen. My son just started kindergarten and I'm about to have a baby, there is enough going on right now in his life! If his biological father has only been in his life this much prior to getting a lawyer, will a court give him all this time away from us?

  • Comment Link Ebony Thursday, 22 September 2016 04:24 posted by Ebony

    Been out my kids life for 20 years one us 14 and I want them o know I'll never leave them
    I want my daughter back 14 I lost two one is grown don't know what to do now that I'm moving back where they are and my husband don't want to go

  • Comment Link Sandra deane Saturday, 17 September 2016 20:58 posted by Sandra deane

    What are granma rights if I once had sole custody of my grandchild aged2 to 6 yrs then his dad took me to court and he gained joint custody with his mum my grandson is now aged 13 B I 17.4 could I fight him in court and poss win my grandson who wants to live with me signed extremely worried

  • Comment Link Domenica Fusco Thursday, 15 September 2016 20:12 posted by Domenica Fusco

    I don't know where else to turn for help. I live in Bossier City and am in desperate need for someone to help save my son, possibly his life. 8 years ago I escaped an extremely abusive relationship with my ex husband. When I went to my custody hearing, I expected to gain full custody of my son due to the heavily documented medical records showing he had mental health problems and had abused me. However, I was shocked and horrified by the judge’s decision to allow my ex not only to gain domiciliary custody, but to move out of state to Wichita Falls, Texas with my son, taking him away from two siblings and a stay-home-mom! Reasoning was that the crime rate was lower and schools were better. Since then, I have been fighting to get him back with no success. I have been through four lawyers and thousands of dollars, yet no one can find a logical reason why my son was allowed to be with his father in the first case. My son has since continuously stated his father is very abusive, and two years ago my son attempted to take his own life after an incident in which he was able to tell the judge about a recent abuse incident that involved his father, step-mother, and himself, and the judge sent him straight back to his father. His reasoning then was that my son, 10 at the time, could not recall if his father’s fist was open or closed, nor what time it was when the incident occurred. About one month ago, we had yet another court date in which my son had a face to face talk with the judge and explained how desperate he is to live with me, and how scared he is of his father. He was about to turn 13 at this time. Shortly after, the judge ordered my son stay with my ex and even allowed them to move even further, this time to Tennessee! My son was devastated! He spent the next few days begging his father not to make him go, stating that if he moved with him, he would kill himself. My son was taken to a counselor and stated the same to her. She wrote a document to the judge stating what my son had told her, and still, nothing was done. My son, out of desperation, made a YouTube video begging “anyone” to help him as he explained the entire situation. The video was somehow forwarded to the judge, and the judge called an emergency meeting and demanded the video be taken down (my son called the judge out by name), yet still did nothing to help my son. In the short three weeks after he moved to Tennessee, my son’s school had already made a report to CPS and my son ran away from home. He even refused to bring my son for his court ordered visitation, forcing my son to miss my wedding. My ex did not allow me to speak with my son prior our next court date, so I was not aware of the CPS report, nor that fact that he ran away from home. We had another court date last week, in which the judge stated he was “not going to let the tail wag the dog”, saying he was not going to allow my son to manipulate him into making a decision. My ex lied and told the judge that my son was doing great in Tennessee, and the judge allowed him to stay. My son is in a desperate situation and I fear for his life. He is scared and desperately wants to get away from his father and no one is taking him serious, and I fear what he will do if he gives up hope.

  • Comment Link Christine Peiffer Wednesday, 14 September 2016 18:18 posted by Christine Peiffer

    Ok I don't know what to do my sister has had my kids for a year and a half she first got them when I was in a rough patch I never did drugs or anything, I was just a single mom that was in a bad relationship. But ever since she got my kids to help me get back on my feet she has cut all contact with me and my kids she don't let me speak to them or have her a dress or number. And now she is trying to get me for abandonment of my children when I have been trying for over a year to get her information from my family who is the only ones that have it. I don't know what to do about it all I just don't want to loose my kids to my sister when I have been trying like crazy to talk to her to get my kids back.

  • Comment Link brianna Saturday, 10 September 2016 21:39 posted by brianna

    So at 19 my mom had me sign a custody paper signing custody over to her because the father and i where on drugs , she never filled the paper but has had my son for over a year now. With that being said shortly after i lost my son i left his father and focused on important things , i now have a good stable job , my own place and a new partner. However because my partner has a background my mother thinks its okay to just keep my son from me even though i did everything she told me needed to be done in order to get him back. Also she never filled the custody papers i signed so really i have never lost custody she has just had my child. How do i go about getting my son back ?

  • Comment Link Billy Coffey Saturday, 10 September 2016 18:05 posted by Billy Coffey

    My step-children's father has been given a court ordered visitation time to pick the children up which he has yet to follow, he will show up at my home at whatever time he feels like and drop them off whenever as well. We have asked him numerous times to give us an Idea of what time so we can be home, for security reasons we do not allow the children to have a key to the house and he has dropped them off and left them sitting outside without knowing they can get in, my question is, is it a form of trespassing when he shows up unannounced and most definitely uninvited.

  • Comment Link Anna ezeldin Friday, 09 September 2016 01:58 posted by Anna ezeldin

    Hi I am a grandparent I have cousody of my granddaughter for 6 years and also gotten cousody of grandson 3yrs ago I live in newyork state mother has been inconsistent with visits drops by when she feels like it stay 1 hour then leave snow she meets this man and she feels she can take care of them and wants joint cousody but the courts say I cannot be appointed to a attorney because I am grandma but I can't afford one so what can I do

  • Comment Link Steve Wednesday, 31 August 2016 14:48 posted by Steve

    Hi Ashley,

    Unfortunately these are not the 80's and 90's, the mother doesn't always win anymore. In most states the courts are looking at both parents as equals. So to answer your question. Yes, your ex has a really good chance of 50/50.

  • Comment Link Ashley Tuesday, 30 August 2016 15:39 posted by Ashley

    I asked my daughters father for an increase in child support and he threatened me with getting visitation/custody modified to 50/50 in retaliation. What are the chances the court will grant this. I have had primary custody for 3.5 years and and she just started school. He does NOT live in our district. Thanks!

  • Comment Link Nick Monday, 29 August 2016 21:03 posted by Nick

    Hi were going through a bad break up my son who is 16 says he wants to live with me can the ex apply for full custody she has said so many lies about me

  • Comment Link Janice Wednesday, 24 August 2016 15:07 posted by Janice

    Does eviction of a parent with 50/50 custody grant emergency custody?

  • Comment Link David hepburn Wednesday, 24 August 2016 14:34 posted by David hepburn

    Hi the mother of my daughter has a new partner and is sleeping in the same bed as my daughter do I have a right to take my daughter out of that situation and have her live with myself?

  • Comment Link Laszlo Kerezsi Monday, 22 August 2016 19:19 posted by Laszlo Kerezsi

    I need help, my misses ( we not married) drinking while I'm at work, and she is looking after our 2,5 year daughter. It's been going on for a while but I was believing her promises. Now we get to the point that we have no future together, and I want to stay with my daughter. She never gonna get as much care and love from her mom as she would from me. So again I'd love my daughter stay with me, what are my chances?

  • Comment Link Lisa grant Monday, 22 August 2016 18:48 posted by Lisa grant

    I have a 19 month old baby, father is/was a drug addict , wrecked my car running from police and spent time in jail and rehab for crack cocaine. Now he keeps threatening me to take my baby and keeps calling me and my current boyfriend drug addicts which we are not. What can I do about this situation

  • Comment Link jeni Sunday, 21 August 2016 17:30 posted by jeni

    Hi Good day. I have a sister and she has daughter which is 5 yrs old. One day i have discovered that my sister have another man. Her husband is working on another city.. my sister always misttrated her child and i am planning to take custody of her child since my sister has another man and she always mistreated her child. Is it possible that i or my parents can have the custody of my niece. Please give me advise. Thank you.

  • Comment Link Danny Saturday, 20 August 2016 17:39 posted by Danny

    My son is 16 and lives with his mother her live in boyfriend is 35 he told me he had a fist fight with him I went to court and filed an emergency custody.his mother showed him the court papers and she is making him feel guilty for telling me this I also have a 9 year old daughter that goes there now my son is mad at me for mentioning him in my court papers.....what do I do

  • Comment Link Rachel Thursday, 18 August 2016 13:58 posted by Rachel

    I am a single mother of a almost 10 year old son. His dad left before he was born. He just started paying child support a few years ago. He only sees him twice a year when his mom makes him. He only calls a couple times a year. He's in his forties and still lives with his parents. He has never gone for visitation, he has o my taken me to court to lower child support. Now that I'm getting married he has been calling g him and asking him to go over their. I tell my son to let him know we can meet halfway. He won't talk to me only his mom. Is it OK I tell them that he needs to make arrangements with me not him. He is also suppose to take parenting,alcoholand drug and anger classes and hasn't. Does he have any right we did sign an ROP that's it. He's not even on the birth certificate. Am I doing anything wrong

  • Comment Link Lisan De Gazon Wednesday, 17 August 2016 17:37 posted by Lisan De Gazon

    Hello my name is Lisan an i just want to ask if a child is being abused by her father verbally an well beating her but the child's mother isn't in the states but the mother has no access to the child meaning no kind of communication dont know whats actually going on with her the father tells her not to tell the mother anything also could the child or step mother report the incidents to the police, will the be sent to her mother who does not live in the U.S. or will she be sent to a foster home?

  • Comment Link Scott a moore Monday, 15 August 2016 15:09 posted by Scott a moore

    My X baby mom is running around picking up drugs with her dad if I have text to sow this activity can I get my son from her or theirs nothing I can do about it

  • Comment Link Deshae Saturday, 13 August 2016 20:30 posted by Deshae

    My brother has a 3 month old daughter. He moved from Florida with his girlfriend to Indiana where her family is. Now she's treating to take his daughter away from him and leave him. He has no family there. Now both of them where on drugs in the past both are clean but she was in a court ordered drug rehabilitation center the whole time she was pregnant and got out 1 month after his daughter was born. My question is if he filed for full custody would he win or what should he do? He's had a job the whole time supporting her and his daughter she just got a job 2 weeks ago for pretty much the first time and she's 27.

  • Comment Link Rhea sen Saturday, 13 August 2016 07:39 posted by Rhea sen

    Hi , my husband has decided to to file for divorce and he is threatening me that he will file for child custody and will make sure that he takes them away from me. I love my kids but he keeps insulting me and demeaning me in front of tgem making me look like bad mother. Now kids also started to feel the same i think as they don't listen to me when i ask them to do anything. I am scared that it will happen to me and i will loose them. I don't earn enough to take care of all their needs . I don't know what I should do...i am helpless. I dont even have money to pay for is heartbreaking. Help me and guide me

  • Comment Link Sheryl Friday, 12 August 2016 17:36 posted by Sheryl

    My son has just been separated from his wife for quite some time. five days ago, she gave birth to a beautiful little girl. She is claiming that the baby is his and as they are married, has named him on her birth certificate. Now the ugly part. Over the last 5 days, CPS stepped in and determined that the mother is not mentally able to care for the child. My son lives in one state and the child is in anther. Although he is in the process of proving that he is completely mentally, physically and financially able to care for the child, they have placed the baby in foster care until they go to court on Tuesday. After learning many secrets about the mother over the past couple of days, my son is questioning if he is in fact the biological father. Having dealt with paternity issues in the past, he is terrified to question anything. CPS is telling him that he can't have the baby tested until after court. Does anyone know if he can request that the testing be done immediately without making it look like he doesn't want the child?

  • Comment Link Satvir Thursday, 11 August 2016 04:08 posted by Satvir

    my brother is teen 15 years old . now he is custody in police last 27 hours. he did not do anything then how can help this now

  • Comment Link kamias Monday, 08 August 2016 17:28 posted by kamias

    my son is 15 an does not want to continue living with his father , the father who has legal custody of him in florida, i currently live in Ga and my son wants to return home to be with his siblings what can we do

  • Comment Link maryna Sunday, 07 August 2016 12:54 posted by maryna

    Im 15 my boyfriend is 19 im having a baby who has the biggest chance of getting the baby after his birth.?

  • Comment Link Anthony Rush Friday, 05 August 2016 20:11 posted by Anthony Rush

    I have a daughter who is in the hands of my possession at this moment. I am on child support for the said child but never been to court for a custody hearing. The grandmother flew down with her and brought her to me. The mothers in rehab for not the first but 4th time for a heroin addiction. Plus has a child endangerment charge as I was told by the grandmother, but I'm not quite sure.I've been nice played my part paying child support when I can . Never threatening to take my child , but now I would like legal advice on what or how to handlethis situation to obtain custody and give my daughter a forever good home.

  • Comment Link Victoria Bond Thursday, 04 August 2016 18:10 posted by Victoria Bond

    My 8 year old son's father was recently arrested for drug possion and has custody of my son. Our son was at his father's Moms house i have visitations but the grandmother is refusing to let me see my son! Shouldn't my son come to me brings his father is incarcerated?

  • Comment Link ami Thursday, 04 August 2016 17:49 posted by ami

    I have 2 kids 4 and 8. they live with me, go to school from my address and the sitter is in my area, they have been with the sitter for 3 years. I work full time and have been with my company 8 yrs. I do not drink, do drugs or abuse my kids. my ex has decided he is going to threaten me with taking the kids and getting full custody. he doesn't even pay child support. he pays day care only. I take them to all dr and dentist apts. all school functions. they are also in soccer and girl scouts. he does not go to any dr or dentist apts. does not attend parent teacher conferences. he said I am unfit due to being depressed and on medication. he told me I was a bad role model. I am terrified he can take them. I am a good mother, he has no reason too!

  • Comment Link Lynn Wednesday, 03 August 2016 12:17 posted by Lynn

    My child is going on 13 his father an I split up when I was 5 months pregnant. I got married when my daughter turned 3 months. Her father didn't have much to do with her until she was about 2. He's never been on cold support due to i choose that for my daughter so she would grow up seeing that we could get along with out being in court. I have moved many times in the past but always has a roof, food, clothes and a good school for her. The father very seldom calls and gets mad at my daughter because she doesn't call him. It's been months since I have received child support and know he's trying to say things as in taking custody ect. The last pune call I got was at the end of March and he just started caking again a few days ago. I do have other children one who was a bit out of control bit ice always done what I thought was beat for My kids, do I have anything to worry about.

  • Comment Link Luis Garcia Wednesday, 03 August 2016 00:31 posted by Luis Garcia

    Hey I'm a guy and I got this one girl pregnant we use to get along well but as soon as she turned out to be pregnant she pushed me oway she left my place she use to live with me for like 6 months but she says she don't like guy she says she's a lesbian and she don't let me see my daughter anymore we'll the baby's 6 months old she let me come around the baby the second week after she was born and when the baby turned 4 months one day she just decided not to let me see the baby anymore I called child support services to put childsupport on myself I want to be around the baby and to be honest I feel like she shouldn't keep our baby all her lies she told me for us to have a baby cause me a lot of mental problems she says she's feels bad for liying to me she says she feels bad but that does not cures me I have done a lot of dumb choices in my life for being angry at myself for being so stupid and falling for her lies but know that the baby is born I have been getting my life back on track not fully yet like I said I made lots of dumb choices in life while she was pregnant I see know I shouldn't have committed all the dumb choices I took because I felt bad I suffer from depression ever since she has made me lost trust on people but I'm working on myself a lot lately and I am willing to do anything for the baby's custody but I know its gonna be real hard in the end it's her word against mine and I know she's probably gonna lie some more for things to work out for her I don't know what to do anymore I don't know if I'm trying to do the right thing I don't want to take her oway from her mom neither because that be selfish of me I don't want her to feel the way I feel at the moment for not been able to be around my daughter in the end its not the baby's fault can someone give me good advice please and thank you

  • Comment Link racheal Friday, 29 July 2016 22:49 posted by racheal

    Hi I need advice. I fount of I was pregnant last year. My ex partner (father of the baby) tried forcing me to have an abortion. I soon refused. Moths went on and I saw him 4 times through my pregnancy. He knew about scans midwife appointments and never showed. Him and his mother than forced me to take his mother (grand parent) to second scan. When my baby was born they made me walk to third after spending five days in labour. The had controlled me made me feel bad about how I was being a mum had a go at me if I couldn't come. I got my baby registered and was advised not to put him on the birth certicate my health visitor advised me to not put him on the birth certicate as he had threatened to take my child. When they asked in question about it I lied and said he was not on it as I was scared they will attack me with their foul mouth. I stopes going round their as I had enough of them being horrible about my parenting skills and their verbal abuse. We arranged for them to come to come to my parents to see him and then I got a phone call from social services saying vile acusations. Months went by and he didn't bother coming to see him nor pay for him. He had then after 3 months decided to turn my parents against me which then made me feel I had no choice on to again let him see the baby. It was going smoothly until a week we're I told him I had only one message left so I will text you of unable to drop him of otherwise I will drop him of as usual for an 1hr and a half I waited an no show. Know he's got people to threaten me harras me stalk me in spite. I don't want my child being messed around and in danger as he has also told me he wanted to put him in a car sport at the age of five. Which involves smashing and crashing each other. Know he want to take me to court. I would like to know we're I stand considering as he had not payed for the child he was Intentionly wanting to put my son in harm when he turns five and the abuse and control he has had upon me. I don't want him to have custody. However I want my child to have a choice when he reaches an age when my baby can want to k ow his father. I feel unsafe for my child scared of what can happen and if anything happens in the presence of my son whilst in his care due to past conflict with the wrong people. Please get to me as soon as possible as I need to know we're I stand on court if he claims for custody.

  • Comment Link robert lang Friday, 29 July 2016 17:22 posted by robert lang

    My girlfriends ex boyfriends grandparents took her to court and the whole time the case was going throught social services the social worker was behind the grandparents the whole time my girlfriend made several attempts to contact the social worker with no response but the second the grandparents tried they were able to get straight through to the social worker eventually the judge ruled in the grandparents favour because her child s gaurdian eventually went over to the social workers side they were complaining of bruises that kept coming up from when he kept falling over because he used to run and walk on his tiptoes and since the child has been living with the grandparents after he was taken off her he has come up in two bruises that look more consitant ith being slapped the bruises he kept getting with my gurlfriend were always small but the other thing that went against her was the fact that her 3year old son who could easily be influenced turned around and said that his mum slapped him well his mum has never done such a thing but the girlfriend got statements from the neighburs around us to state that his bruises were consitent from falling over outside whilst playing with the other kids other than when he has fallen over in the house well I do not believe that the judge looked over the new evidence and just made his decision based on the information he already had from the social worker and out of hours team which was forever slandering my girlfriend and I believe she did not like my girlfriend what can she do or can someone provide to help us with getting the correct information to help and possibly get it taken back to court on an appeal

  • Comment Link robin Thursday, 28 July 2016 01:27 posted by robin

    I have joint custody of my son. My ex is taking our son to a knew drug users house. And hanging out with him. Is there anything i can do as the father to get sole custody of my son. I do not feel that it is safe or in his best interest to hang around a crowd like that. Please help want to keep my son away from that world and life style.

  • Comment Link Nasteha Ali Thursday, 28 July 2016 01:24 posted by Nasteha Ali

    I am almost 4 months pregnant and I have been doing it on my own. Our first ultrasound he knew about, he shacked up with a woman in a hotel and ignored my calls. He recently lost his job doing drugs and he surly is doing it. He's not mentally right because he's gotten criminal trespassing tickets and got banned from a mall and arrested for harassing a female security guard. He suddenly says he wants a part of the baby's life and wants to go to doctor appointments. He still is doing drugs and I am scared to be around him. A lot of our friends have seen he is not safe to be around. He says he will take me to court.. He has hit me before and he has anger problems. I want full custody. I have proof of the drug use and everything. Do I stand a chance?

  • Comment Link Samuel white Wednesday, 27 July 2016 18:24 posted by Samuel white

    I have been raising my three kids for the last 13 years with no help from there mother. But now that she is trying to get her life together I was letting them go visit her but this past week she took my 2 youngest and won't bring them back and has filed for custody what can I do

  • Comment Link Linda Dorsey Wednesday, 27 July 2016 08:49 posted by Linda Dorsey

    Need advice or help. I currently have sole legal and physical custody because of domestic violence restraining order. I am concern for the safety of my 5 month old. The father has serious issues not provided a safe environment for his other 3 children that he has by 2 other women. His children have been molested my his 15 year old brother who he has custody of. All though there is a child protective order of no contact he continues to put his children in direct contact with his brothers, Recently his 9 year old daughter started refusing to visit her father she stated she was afraid later she had nightmares stating daddy don't touch me, Im going to kill you, wheres my mommy. She cries out of no where and says she wants to die. Their is much more I am trying to prevent my daughter from being exposed to his abuse. Please help what can I do to protect my baby.

  • Comment Link Monique Amado Wednesday, 27 July 2016 04:34 posted by Monique Amado

    My fiance is in jail and left me a letter stating I have temporary custody untill he comes home now his sister is trying to fight me for him I am on all his school recoreds as his legal gaurdian and he will soon be 10 I think well over the age to decide for himself...I seriously need help I don't know what to do..

  • Comment Link Denise Reynolds Wednesday, 27 July 2016 04:13 posted by Denise Reynolds

    A few years ago my son found out that he was a father. He had been told that there was a possibility and that being said went to the hospital at the time she delivered. He wanted to get the DNA test then, but the mother of the child said not now and they would do it later. I wasn't informed of anything because didn't want to upset me in the case that he wasn't the father. However, I did hear of the speculation on a Wednesday and told them that the test better be done by that following Friday, and volunteered to pay the remaining balance my son didn't have. DNA results proved 99.9% that he was the father. Now prior to his birth, the mother had been charged with child neglect concerning her firstborn who was in foster care with ( mothers) family friend. Based on this DSS recommended that my grandson be alternatively placed, therefore allowing the foster parents of her 1st child to take home my grandson at 3 days old from the hospital. So after all this we had made tentative arrangements to meet, see and visit my grandson on Christmas Eve 2013( he wa a little more than a month old 11/13/13). Well needless to say, on that day the caretaker changed her mind because of disagreements, lies, etc with the mother , so I was told. However, the mother said it was due to the fact that I had a past record. The mother of the child was staying with us temporarily as my son and her were trying to reestablish their relationship. Then I found out that it was up to the mother as to whom she chose to alternatively place the child, so she informed DSS that she wanted the child placed with its natural father. DSS came to our home , maybe inspection, and we passed . Next they had to complete background checks. However , my son and the child's mother parted ways and we were no longer fit( even though we were fit enough while she chose to stay there). Anyway, we never heard a word back from DSS via phone , mail, or visit until we hired a lawyer and was informed that my son could not have the child because of my background. We paid our attorney $2000, and I don't know exactly what happened except down the road my son called the lawyer who at the time was on maternity leave, never heard back except received a letter in the mail in September 2015, dated in August that because his case had not been presented in court in a years time it was dismissed. My grandson will be 3 yes old in Nov 2016. He was born 10 days after my mother died( first great grand)(my first grand) We have tried on several iccassions, my son has practically begged to see his son and has been denied. If DSSrequires alternative placement they should also require visitation. But instead they are allowing our priveledge as a parent and grandparent to be denied. The opportunity to establish a father/ son, and grandparents relationship . All I have is pictures from Facebook, t the mother has a record, has not complied with DSS requirements, has since been imprisoned for 10 months and she sees and visits. My son wants to be his father and I want to be his grandmother. Why is this being taken from us just because I made mistakes in the past. If anyone can help, it would be so appreciated.

  • Comment Link April Tuesday, 26 July 2016 16:24 posted by April

    I am the non custodial parent of a 12 year old boy who wants to live with me now. I am about $5,000 behind on my support but I get my son every other weekend and for a month in the summer. I am not employed but I am married to a wonderful man who is. Is my unemployed status or the fact that I owe child support something that will stop a court from granting me custody if I try to get custody?

  • Comment Link Teri espinosa Tuesday, 26 July 2016 15:59 posted by Teri espinosa

    I need to know what to due as far as I'm concerned. My husband soon to be x husband has recently falsely accused me of abuse and neglect to his two chi he falsely took them saying they would be back after the weekend. That was almost 6 months ago, and I have a older son that is not his and now cps want to come visit what should I do I go back to court on the 8 th of next month. Very concerned. Teri

  • Comment Link cynthis nock Monday, 25 July 2016 11:32 posted by cynthis nock

    I need some help. I have a friend who I think really got the shaft. They were taken to court by her father and step mother. The court gave them custody of there daughter. Now the step mother is separated .may be devorsed. The stepmother has the child. She is brain washing this child. Does not go by the court orders. This child may be in danger. The mother of the child has been rape abused. The people who did this to her. The stepmother sends this child to the same place where the mom was a used. For punidhñment. The stepmo. Is telling the child that her mom is not her mom. On an on. Why and how is it that a stepmother has the child. WhT can we do. Someone please help my number 626 488 9752. Something is very wrong here

  • Comment Link Juliet corpuz Saturday, 23 July 2016 00:04 posted by Juliet corpuz

    Can my son claim custody to his son., they're not married., the mother works in dubai while dad in usa., my son send all the financial need of the child while mom does not, child live with grandmother whoncannot give a full time care cause she's working 5 days a week, child cared by nanny, my son asked several times to the mother if my son can alsomcome to usa for a visit but she refuse, they both live only for abt a month before my son left for usa due to petition and plans for a better living but things did not work out due to the womans relationship w/ another man.

  • Comment Link Kayla williams Tuesday, 12 July 2016 15:41 posted by Kayla williams

    8 months ago i got a phone call from my husbands parents asking to visit my daughter for the weekend. I was with their son for almost 10 years and we had out daughter but drugs caused him to start hitting on me so after leaving with our daughter many times I was able to get a place for us away from him it had been months since his family called so I decided to let her visit cause it was the right thing to do. When I tried to go back to get her they told me no that they had filed for a temporary guardianship and it was granted. I've got a place for us to live and a job and I'm also pregnant with my wonderful fiance but the court's our still not granting me my child custody back. She is only 5 and she needs me just as much as I need her. I'm losing my mind in this unjust court system. What can I do? I've never denied her visitation with her father ever and never neglected my child. Please help us. We go back to court the 19th of this month

  • Comment Link Mattie estes Monday, 11 July 2016 17:11 posted by Mattie estes

    My daughter's father just was released from prison about a year-and-a-half ago he has been in prison 14 years of her 16 years of being on the earth he recently went and filed for full custody only getting $176 from welfare and he's living with a sister and a nephew I have provided full care for my daughter since birth I want to know can he go in and take custody of my daughter and not to mention he has over 20 arrests on his record and while he was incarcerated this last time for 8 years for assault with a firearm and cocaine base for sale he received an additional 4 years while he was in prison for selling drugs within the facility

  • Comment Link kerry lewis Monday, 11 July 2016 14:24 posted by kerry lewis

    I smoke cannabis I'm pregnant kids on child protection everything else is good jus at night one spliff I cant eat or drink unless I have a spliff of cannabis om being drug tested wil thy tak them ut a plant it no harmful than tabbacco google said its not harmful

  • Comment Link Carolyn Stanley Monday, 11 July 2016 01:41 posted by Carolyn Stanley

    I have sole custody of our three year old daughter. She has visitation every second weekend with her Father. He recently started getting visitation. The first visit she wanted out of there and couldn't get out of the door fast enough. She cried all the way home and it was an hour and a half drive. I live in the city and he lives in the country. She was saying "I will never leave you Mommy" and crying and crying she wa S inconsolable. She even said "I hate you" and "I love you" she has NEVER been so upset. This was his first unsupervised visit. Previously he had never been alone with her since she was born. We separated because of issues with our 11 year old daughter who is now 13. He was investigated for sexual interference but never charged. My 13 year old daughter wants nothing to do with him. So what my concern is that he is saying things to the 3 year old to get her wanting to live with him. But it is back firing on him. My baby is getting concerned that she will be taken away from me. She keeps asking him "to come to her house" he just blows her off and says on the phone. "Your coming to daddy's this weekend" and "I got you a princess bed" she thinks she is going that minute and gets confused. She says are we going to daddy's am I going and asks until she goes to bed. I try to explain she will go soon but she is THREE she doesn't get it. He really wants to pay me back for having to be supervised and that I got sole custody. He is angry and it really shows. The thing is I can take it but my 3 year old baby has never been away from me for over 3 years. She sleeps with me and I still breast feed her at night and sometimes during the day when she wants it. This is going to be really hard on her. I am worried. He is trying to say "this is your house" and she will say "I live with Mommy". He is so pushy about everything and I keep trying to keep her calm and make everything easy for her to understand. He is really confusing her and she is an amazing little girl. So content and barely ever cries or gets upset. This is really have a huge effect on her. He doesn't care. I think he is trying to make her want to live with him. Probably telling her "you live with daddy" and she is trying to say " where is mommy" I live at my house or something like that? What can I do? I am going to a child psychologist with my older daughter and taking the 3 year old his week too. Is what he is saying and doing wrong? I have sole custody and she visits him. She lives with Mommy. Can I get him to stop saying this to her? How do I deal with this? He is very selfish, has a huge ego and is VERY angry that he has to pay full child support for 2 children as well. He is lieing to people and saying I am abusing our daughter. She is not fully toilet trained and still breast feeding. He is telling people I am abusing her. Help please!! I have a full time baby living in. I work full time and have support the kids on my own since separation. He had supervised access for 1 year that he agreed to. Now he gets visitation and I have sole custody. He is being really vengeful and not thinking of our baby girl at all.

  • Comment Link Alma Pineda Saturday, 09 July 2016 09:35 posted by Alma Pineda

    I have a 10 year old daughter that wants to spend more time with her dad and her dad says he doesn't have the time and has another family, he has her 4 days a month and only summer vacation weekends. Can i modify the order and force him to spend more time with him. She cries when he wont take her more time. I want him to take her all Summer/Winter vacation with him. not only weekends.

  • Comment Link Dayana Wednesday, 06 July 2016 05:42 posted by Dayana

    I don't know what to do or what can I do! Please help... I have a 9 year old boy and a 7 year old girl who spent every other weekend at their fathers who has a gf .... the thing is they all share a bedroom and my kids said they can hear and have heard them having sex.... I'm furious!!!! But don't know what I can do legally!

  • Comment Link devi Tuesday, 05 July 2016 10:31 posted by devi

    My daughter wants to see the father, but my husband dont want. What can i do for see the father.

  • Comment Link Amanda Monday, 04 July 2016 15:48 posted by Amanda

    I need questions answered

  • Comment Link Tess Monday, 04 July 2016 08:24 posted by Tess

    My Boyfriend have a kids but under his parents custody and we have our own apartment. His parents wants me to look after the kids ..but I say no because they are under their custody.. is that right to say no to them or I need to look after them??

  • Comment Link jon tompkins Sunday, 03 July 2016 00:17 posted by jon tompkins

    My wife wants a divorce and I don't, but that is not the issue I swear my wife is by-polar and I was wondering is the judge can order her to get checkrd out and see what is going on in

  • Comment Link Therese Saturday, 02 July 2016 22:39 posted by Therese

    Have a son paying a very large amount in maintainence mum has never worked new partner is a known ice user and the child is 11and over 100 kgs and on antidepressants when child in our care which in the past quiet a lot as grandparents she looses weight happier in mood what can we do to help this child to give her a reasonabl life can our son ask and be given recipes ect to where his money is being spen definely not on the child at the moment

  • Comment Link Claire Thursday, 30 June 2016 18:51 posted by Claire

    Av feel am being robbed of my mother hood and forced into agreeing on my dad and partner to have intirm residents order and a have not seen my child after this was in place a thought if it was in place they would have no choice to make contact with my girl an myself am in bit please help a was back into a corner if a didn't agree a would not see my daughter for over a year my own dad girl friend was jealous of me and always wanted my daughter, a took it hard after my daughter dad after 19 years told me that he was seeing someone after that a was vulnerable and a trusted my dads girl friend only to find out the hard way the lies she told av even gave hair samples been to a contact centre they did see why I had to see my daughter at a contact centre a feel alone on this a just want my daughter home no matter if my dad parpartner does not like me it's not about them help please Claire

  • Comment Link Beverly Friday, 24 June 2016 11:06 posted by Beverly

    I had the baby since the hospital the parents sighed him to me and went to prison. Now the dad it taking me to court and wanting him back. I have full soul legall coustdy.

  • Comment Link Tiffany rose Greenfield Thursday, 23 June 2016 22:19 posted by Tiffany rose Greenfield

    i was never married to my sons father who is 6:) we separated jan 1 2014. I have lived in ottawa since then. we have done one week on one week off for the past 3 yrs. I got laid off last sept 2015. I am in school now and want to return home to the support of my family. Plus the cost of living here in ottawa is too expensive for me, Me and me son will never get ahead. How and what should I do?? Can I just move? for a job and support of my family?

  • Comment Link Rashida Wednesday, 22 June 2016 23:48 posted by Rashida

    I've been trying to get my 4 kids back but since cyf put my kids with my mother and she keeps telling the courts lies about me and my friend and he has nothing to do with the case at all. I'm so tired of the bs I just want my kids back. Since my kids have been with her my youngest almost went blind she beat my oldest like she was nothing she had whelps all over her body and my mother never went to jail and got to keep my kids. She has also had my kids around people that sell drugs and do drugs. I also found out a lot more but I just want to know how to get my kids back without the bs.

  • Comment Link prenea Saturday, 18 June 2016 20:58 posted by prenea

    i was taken from my mom by cps and now live with my grandma but the court is about to allow me and my siblings to live with my mom again. my siblings want to but i don't... do i have to live with her or can i stay with my grandma?

  • Comment Link  derrick lindz Friday, 17 June 2016 22:54 posted by derrick lindz

    I have one son I been paying my ex money through email transfers and I got bank receipts to prove I paid and she was keeping me from seeing him I try to call her place and I ask to speak to my son he's almost 3 yrs old and she told me no he doesn't talk much ..but i know he can hear good and he says a few words so I had to find out my son was living with his grandma and his oldest sister who is 21 and she was tellin Me thought. Text msgs she was tired of babysitting all the time I belive my son was neglected by his mother and abandoned I got her daughter to drop him off to me I had him for over a month social services said don't give him back until u get a lawyer a few weeks later I got papers serve to go to court so I went to legal aid and they told me to go adjourned it cause I didn't have a lawyer yet so I went to court with no lawyer and the judge order for me to give him back to his mother ..And other thing is she never showed up in court she had her lawyer There and I didn't have one o try to explain why I had my son he wouldn't listen to me

  • Comment Link Susan Stevenson Tuesday, 14 June 2016 22:21 posted by Susan Stevenson

    My grandson in in A Child Protection Plan and it has been proved he has been emotionally abused and witnessed quite a lot of domestic violence between his mother and her partner. She has lied to the Authorities and it has been proved. My son and myself fear for my grandson's safety, he has been advised by my grandson's Social Worker to seek legal advice and has also been told that long term my grandson will be coming to live with my son. He is going to court hopefully in the next weeks or less, what are his chances of getting full custody, there is an extensive report from the authorities and the investigation is still ongoing.

  • Comment Link Miranda Tuesday, 14 June 2016 09:22 posted by Miranda

    I am very lucky to have found this site.
    My question is me and my child's father are going through a custody battle and we both currently have a temporary order of protection against each other . But about 8 months ago he alleged child neglect which was absolutely not true ! Anyway so little by little I was awarded joint custody of our child . But now cyfd got involved because of an alleged act of child neglect again from a local storehouse , allegations that were absolutely not one bit of truth . The reason I think they called and lied to get them there is because they thought I was homeless because I was asking for a ride to our local rescue mission because I didn't want my son to have to walk since I didn't have a stroller that day but no I wanted a ride there because I had been working for them and volunteering for them for the past year !! And I was just going to visit a couple of friends so my son was actually outside laying in the shade on top of his big fluffy jacket cuz he was tired , he was fully clothed with his shoes on as we'll , and I was sitting right next to him the whole time , but my things were over on the sidewalk so they asked me if I wanted to go get them which in turn I said "no ill let my son sleep some more and I'll stay right here next to him till he wakes up we'll a woman suggests well of you would like go ahead get your stuff and I'll take the baby (almost 3 ) inside for you so she did walk in right behind me with my son in her arms she then pointed me in one direction stating a woman wanted to ask me some questions and she said it's ok don't worry I'll lay him down right over here " he will be fine ok " so I agreed . Without my knowledge all of a sudden the cops and cyfd show up , the paramedics assess my son and tell everyone that everything is just fine with him but cyfd still decides it's safer for him to go with dad and I believe this is because the woman at the store house lied and stated I had my son outside unclothed on a bench across the street unattended and that is absolutely the most hurtful and distrustful encounter I have had with people who I thought were there to help not to lie just because they may assume I am homeless !! I need help ,, we just had a second court date on June 10th since the first one got reset since cyfd couldn't be there to testify we'll guess what the second one scheduled for June 10 the also got rescheduled for July 22nd for the same reason .. We'll here is the part I am absolutely torn up about is that the court ordered paperwork that states our reset and new date does not say I still have a temporary order of protection again myself and my son it sais go back to the parenting plan we had on place since September 2015 !!!!until our next hearing on July 22nd But the father refuses to believe this is actually true but it's written and signed off by a judge to do exactly that !!!!! Isn't it ultimately up to the judge and not to cyfd to decide the outcome of the decision regarding our son to make and they chose to allow me to see my son and to go straight back to our parenting plan ... We'll now cyfd wants to finally have a meeting after all of this and I'm wondering can she have the option to change what the judge has already signed off on especially when she sees that I am in perfectly good health , great living environment , going to school on a regular basis , and I have been attending counseling classes with myself and my kids and that it's not only me this is hurting but it can be doing long term emotional trauma on my son because of these mistakes help please !!!! I got to see her at 9 am I know last minute but if anyone anyone is willing to give some advice I mean it would literally really mean the world to me since I do not have funds to get my self a attorny ,, I have never been to jail I got a clean record but dad has a major long history of violent criminal history and is at this very moment on probation for a 5 felony charge from one incident !!!

  • Comment Link steve harris Tuesday, 14 June 2016 03:05 posted by steve harris

    I have a 17 month old child. I'm a stay at home dad. I own the house. Been the sole financial person since he been born. Been paying for his mothers. Bills car payment food old hospital bills. She's a full time student. Becides paying for her school. cloths 100 dollars a week spending so she has money in her pocket. Pay car insurance she has not mad a dime since the child was born. I'm going to evict her. Can i keep my child until we go to family court. Thanks steve

  • Comment Link Candi gilstrap Wednesday, 08 June 2016 23:08 posted by Candi gilstrap

    Me and my two children 3 yrs old and 6 yrs old one being in school have been staying at my grandmother's with her and my mother so my son could go to school until I find a place I can afford seeing how I am not currently working. Now out of no where my mother has locked me out completely and will not give me my children nor has she taken my son to school knowing he needs to go. She will not even let me see them.... What should I do

  • Comment Link Kim Wednesday, 08 June 2016 02:28 posted by Kim

    How does a mother get full custody of her baby when she does not who the father is when it was a one night stand.

  • Comment Link Laxmi Kotamraju Sunday, 05 June 2016 22:46 posted by Laxmi Kotamraju

    My husband had deceitfully taken Divorce and custody of my two minor Babies one 3 year old then. And the other 3 months old and ha d thrown me out keeping my infant two Babies. And, he has not shown me my Babies for 3 long years. And, he had sold our old House where we use to live together. And, I don't know right now where He is with My Babies in the United States. So, what should I do to get their custody back. I am missing them very very badly. Can you please help me.

  • Comment Link Sabryn Saturday, 04 June 2016 21:11 posted by Sabryn

    I was wondering if there was a way I can get sole custody of my baby before he is born? I just found out I'm 6 months pregnant, my ex and I had a toxic relationship of abuse, our break up was horrible, he held a gun to me. As of right now, since I just found out I'm expecting, I haven't yet told him I'm pregnant, but I also don't know if I want too because of our insane negative past. Since the break up he barely ever shows up too school & I've been told he has been either drunk or on drugs about every single day, even shows up to work intoxicated. I don't want my boy to grow up around a crazy person like him that can lash out whenever he wants too. That's not a healthy environment for a new born nor safe.
    So I was wondering if you could give me some advice on this situation.

  • Comment Link Connie Tuesday, 31 May 2016 03:20 posted by Connie

    7.5 year's grandchildren living in our custody. Now parents want them back. What are the odds. I fear for their safety. Abuse neglect and drugs is why the came to live with me. Now 12, 10 and 8. They have blocked the abuse from their minds. I'm in a panic.

  • Comment Link Sally ann Sunday, 29 May 2016 15:14 posted by Sally ann

    I have a son that lives in a different state .i fly to the airport to pick him up on holidays and fly back to airport where his father picks him him. If his father is not there to pick him up can I fly back with him and what steps do I take to keep him

  • Comment Link Annie Saturday, 28 May 2016 04:02 posted by Annie

    I have 7 years living with the brother of my boyfriend and 7 years together. I have a quick question can my boyfriend have full custody of my kids if he has a recording of me screaming to the kids and looking mad? I have anger problems and depression my past history has always been violence my dad beated on us and screamed at us.. But i have never hitten my kids i love them with all my heart i would give my life for them. I also recently had start going to college to get better pay so someday i can get my own place with my kids.

  • Comment Link crystie Wednesday, 25 May 2016 15:57 posted by crystie

    I have a 14 year old son, whos biological father wanted nothing to do with, we was never married, i never bothered him for anything, me and my fiance of 11 years have been raising him, hes considered a very polite respectful clean young man noted by his teachers, all of a sudden one day the "father" shows up and want to take my son away from me cause i do all sorts of bad things and dont take care of my son.. so we went to court only thing he got was visitation rights twice a month.. mind you my son wants nothing to do with him, as well as a language barrier..also ordered to pay childsupport finally... BUT I've since learned he is a abusive husband and father to his family.. and he has to report for deportation next year for his domestic charges..very graphic in nature... he is only trying to use my son to be except from deportation.. my son does not feel safe on his visits or welcomed.. the "father" also has another son he choose to have nothing to do with.. he choose me and my son because i have a couple things on my criminal record.. nothing major... so my question is.. what do i do if my son starts refusing his court order visitation... ????... and how can i let immigration know what hes trying to do... i know karma will get him one day.. but ide like a little justice in this matter....

  • Comment Link Cristy Monday, 23 May 2016 21:00 posted by Cristy

    I just found out my ex dating younger girl that just turn 19 he just turn 32 they been together 2007 me and him have a 9 year old kid together he have custody of her I like change my parents plans I need help I like get custody my kid what I need to do please help

  • Comment Link Victoria allbritton Sunday, 22 May 2016 22:27 posted by Victoria allbritton

    I have full custody of my autistic son I was never married he was never involved now he wants to see him after five years of abandenment no Christmas or birthday cards Jake is in a good place I don't want to up set him Hus dad is a fell on and remarried what are my rights

  • Comment Link MICHAEL S. CARLSON Sunday, 22 May 2016 21:24 posted by MICHAEL S. CARLSON


  • Comment Link Aquilla Keels Sunday, 22 May 2016 12:18 posted by Aquilla Keels

    Hello,good morning. I allowed my daughter to stay with her grandmother in Miami-Dade county to finish her 6th grade year of school. Not knowing that her dad and his wife and other children were moving there. I didn't write a letter or anything stating that my daughter would live down there forever. School is ending June 9th and I messaged her dad telling him I was coming to pick her up to move back to Broward County with me. He is saying he's not giving her to me. As I mother do I have the right to pick her up as I please. Or would I have to get the law enforcement involved.

  • Comment Link Nomakhaya Ntantiso Sunday, 22 May 2016 11:08 posted by Nomakhaya Ntantiso

    Due to cheating, alcohol abuse and not given rights as wife(he was not giving me money at all) , no intimacy it is been a year and a half, he is not making love to me.. I decided to leave him. I left my kids behind, one is 11 years and the other is 9 years. I left them because I was looking for a place to rent. When I was ready and requested him to allow me to take them, he threatened to kill himself. What must I do?

  • Comment Link antonio Friday, 13 May 2016 02:42 posted by antonio

    my husband and i have been trying to get joint physical custody of his three kids 10 year old 8 year old and 3 yearold. In oct their mother stopped letting us see the kids So we decided to take it to court because she would tell us we had no right until the court hearing and also because she supposedly had a restraining order on my husband but when our court date came she didnt appear so he went to look for his kids because he didnt think he should keep waiting since she was showing lack of interest in showing up . police officers showed up that night due to arguments with the kids mothers family stated there were court orders that said he couldn't see his kids but was all a lie . after three show ups to her house with the police they finally convinced her to be a grown up and let him see his kids and so she did . their first court hearing was March 30 and she let him start seeing his kids on April only problem is she won't agree to joint physical custody even though she's been letting the kids stay with us every Fri through Sun. And even sometimes during the week days because she work. We had another court date may 3rd no show again but the only thing the judge did was grant my husband every other weekend until their assigned judge comes back because I guess she waa out . now the kids state that mom doesnt even pay attention to them that she pays more attention to her boyfriend and his two year old had always been sick since I've known him . we've already asked mother if she's giving him medication she says yes but kids say its not true kids say they dont even go to school how they should they say that moms sister in law is mean to them but when we asked her she denied it all and said we shouldn't believe everything the kid say . we told her that if she would please make it her priority to take the kids to the mediator because she also failed to do so several of times the mediator asked for the kids but she never showed up what else can we do my husband just thinks that his kids deserve a normal stable life and if mom is failing to do so why cant he get custody we need advice the kids dont like going back home to their mother even the 2 year old crys because we take him back to his moms what else can we do

  • Comment Link R l m s Friday, 06 May 2016 04:03 posted by R l m s

    If my spouse says in front of my kids "you're mom is a the town whore, she spreads her legs for money to all the men" and " he will lie cheat and steal to crush me
    And as soon see me in a pool of blood then pay me any money or loose custody. He hits me pulls my hair
    Steps on me kicks me so on.....calls police then scratches himself and punches his face (kids witness this) so I will get arrested to take away my credibility he also says.. I will lie to commit u, lock u up, or u will disappear to be rid of you

  • Comment Link Dennis Mendenall Wednesday, 04 May 2016 22:55 posted by Dennis Mendenall

    My ex-wife passed away last October. In order to keep from uprooting my daughter in the middle of a school year, I gave guardianship to a family that was very close to my me and my wife. This was agreed upon by both of us, way before the divorce. Now it seems my daughter has over-stayed her welcome and the family mentioned above, wants to relinquish guardianship and give custody back to me. However, there is now an aunt involved that is trying to give guardianship to a family that I don't even know, just to keep my daughter in a certain school district. I need advice, please.

  • Comment Link Kristen Maloney Wednesday, 27 April 2016 14:25 posted by Kristen Maloney

    My ex husband took our 5 children from school and has ah history of domestic violence and got interim orders how and what can I do I'm there mother

  • Comment Link Jarol zelaya Saturday, 23 April 2016 20:49 posted by Jarol zelaya

    Hello,my name is Alvin and i have a 2yr old daughter I wasn't there when she was born and for a whole yr .i started communicating with her mom again last summer so from there till now I've been doing everything to be there and make sure she have what she needs ,but her mom been giving me hard time to see her or take her to others relatives birthday party ,she had also told me she will take our daughter to Miami so I can't see her anymore ,I don't want that I know I did my mistakes in the past which caused me not me being there for my daughter but since I started talking to her I fell in love with her and it hurts that I can't see her ,now I want to file for custody but I'm afraid that a judge won't give custody since I haven't been there all that time ,what do you guys recommend ? Please I need help ,.

  • Comment Link kevin Wednesday, 20 April 2016 01:32 posted by kevin

    for the past 2 1/2 years my ex girlfriend and i have had an arrangement for her to work and for me to raise the children . i say children because i stepped up and and took the role of their father / we only have one child together and that is the youngest . my daughter . there is no custody case or order pertaining to her or us . but i was the one who was father / mother teacher and nurse for those years . there is a lot of things that her son did that is more or less he said she said and when i asked if she told his therapist she said yes . what a fool was i . she just calls me crazy it never happened there will be a custody case in the near future is there a way that i could have a child psychologist have him examined b4 the case so the things i am being called crazy can be brought to light . be cause he is a master of manipulation and show no remorse for his actions

  • Comment Link Crystal Dodaro Wednesday, 20 April 2016 01:10 posted by Crystal Dodaro

    I need help or advice on my situation I am currently in. I've left my son's father the day after Christmas of this year 2016, because I finally caught him doing drugs in our bathroom the night before. I didn't want to wake up my son because it was late in the night or else i would of left right then and there. Although are relationship was toxic for the 3 years we've been together, I tried to make it work for my son. With his angry issues, constantly accusing me of ridiculous allegations of cheating while i was at work. The verbal abuse and a few times physical abuse. Now knowing why he was that way was because he was a closet heroin addict. I knew something was up but I just didn't know since I've never touched drugs nor associated myself with people that did. I just am afraid to leave my 2 year old son with him for the possibility of him endangering my son in any way. I've had enough of his abuse, negative comments, the lies, the broken promises and his lack of caring for his son and his other child. I just want to be able to live my life and teach my son all the right things, such as, how to appreciate life and the good things. I don't want him to grow up seeing/becoming his father that is a lazy, abusive, drug addicted, piece of you know what. Please help me! I'm currently living back at home in a stable living situation with my father in a four bedroom single home with a big backyard where my son and I are comfortable and my son is full of joy. I work full time as a unit clerk and a consultant part time job from home selling the Thirty-One Gifts.

  • Comment Link jessica Monday, 18 April 2016 04:50 posted by jessica

    My husband's ex is trying to get custody ..he's now the CP because she took them out of country without consent and she left to follow boyfriend after he was deported for domestic violence (on her). Always getting sick w asthma and not taking them to school ....leaving them alone with strangers and hitting them and scaring them to go to sleep just so she can go to club.........6 months later 3/2012 now we have custody ...she hasn't gone before judge till this day....she left to Mexico for months and didn't worry bout children..even lied about her whereabouts... children prayed mom will come home every night....2016 the children health no more a lil struggle do to the fact that they're a year behind....there's no abuse to them in this household EVER! visits were due to her not listening to step mom.......and dental my 2 girls have o cavities. ..both 0...boys up to 11 cavities at once and gingivitis ..eyes...and llego 3 somewhat need a lil prescription but my 2 girls 20/20...the youngest she would make him take them off..I repeatedly told him not to do what she said ..she's not the doctor. .when doctor tells you to remove them then yes...we'll he's the youngest mama's boy...needless to say I told you so ...he needed a stronger prescription. ........I watch my family's intake on states 1 boy is borderline for his age of obese. . 1 has too much insulin in neck... he's bigger in weight younger in age...but yet I my husband gets calls constantly that I don't feed them n they don't like what I made feed them this n thay.....#1 my house my rules STAY OUT OF IT!.. we'll when the boys are hungry don't get after them or tell them anything if they hungry let them eat..ok so my kids get 3 servings per day and 2-3 snacks thru out the day... I limit the milk to avoid asthma... geez 5 years later not one child has asthma symptoms .... are
    my girls are fine boys 2 over their weight due to size age and height....... education my daughter straight As 0 absences... when they visit her I have issues... when she wasn't around I had 0 absences ... now they have up to 8 days due to headache. red eye.... just cuz they were late.. all 3 didn't go to school....I follow school regulations ... fever nausea diarrhea yeah stay home... you're eye is red when u wake up no school.....oh within 30 min or so no red that's basically Feb I got arrested but no criminal charges were filed (drugs) and another charge for tickets and theft ... she had filed in November 2015 stating about my conduct ......and it's hurting the children.....ok my case was Feb 2016.... so she's now treating my husband to take kids away because of my actions... we'll I made a dumb choice but learned from my mistakes.....she's telling children I cheated on their father and oldest son said she always trying to turn them against us and talks bad.... but yet she's the one that's always lied to them.....when they want to go she says no.....and left them for servant periods of time... no child support paid... threaten them to hit them just because they don't want to go... the youngest cried and begged her... it was no...and d promised him cross my heart. and didn't pick him up...these boys have been thru a lot yes...when she has kids she left out of town to help boyfriend (still with him) help him work.....she let's me know to pick boys up n she'll see them frid. .. when she's at destination. ..this is money thru Monday agreement. ..she left them Monday. ..we're it her for 2days.....long story short even time we try to have date night she treatens us to drop kids off..if we don't get them she's calling cops....etc know how she my question is does she have a chance of taking them away my opinion the judge should see my other girls are perfectly fine thanks to God ...there's no abuse no neglect actions and dumb choices aren't gonna hurt the children....she said im a danger to them emotinally. ......we'll if that's the case them why aren't my daughter's emotionally harmed......I mean your boyfriend still beats you to where son pulled a knife on him.....and your son had marks and choked him...heard you threaten them several times....and d abandoning them not once not 2 but 3x......always lying .. (kids even call her liar)...I have tons of love letters to where they love me and thank me for being the best mom they ever had because their real mom wasnt.......Oldest son knows the truth....he's the one that doesn't go ..there's a lot more I'd love to's like jerry springer.i hace structure in my kids are going to have chores and responsibilities. .. I'm their mother not their servant.... if you want your child to keep their feet on the ground you have to put some responsibility on their shoulders.....and you need to plant the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence ...but I just need some advise or opinions. At her house they don't do anything but eat all they want to come do the same here....sorry baby you have chores and your daily responsibilites....oh the boys are 9.11.13 all have phones ...11 y old looking up porn...the 13 yr old..stays up till 3 on school nights..several calls n complaints from teacher..the youngest is falling behind now ..because the kids have been going with her to avoid chores n responsibilites... ....please thanks

  • Comment Link Bill Friday, 15 April 2016 22:07 posted by Bill

    My wife filed for divorce and 2 days after I was served she attempted suicide. Does this allow me a good chance of having full custody of our daughter

  • Comment Link Sarah paige Friday, 15 April 2016 00:07 posted by Sarah paige

    My friend just broke up with herdaughters father. And she is 4 months old. Now she has anther boyfriend and she doesn't know him well. He spends the night. Does that make her look bad. She wants to get full custody.

  • Comment Link xpn Thursday, 14 April 2016 15:29 posted by xpn

    My boyfriend have been remined for second time . He didn't go school and program whenever there's . The PO told me that he may go Honstel/Boy' Home for a year . But he only never go school and program also not remake a new case . Can I know what way can I help him ? to let them give him the very very very last chance

  • Comment Link Stephaine Thursday, 14 April 2016 01:34 posted by Stephaine

    My exhusband and I are divorced. We went to court and ended with my ex getting primary custody and I get them every other sometimes every weekend. I get them more than I have. He barely has them now. It's like we've switched rolls. He recently went to jail a few days ago and he's a drug user. What do I do? I need help.

  • Comment Link orlando Tuesday, 12 April 2016 11:53 posted by orlando

    my son is 1 month old last month I spend more than R1800 before her mom gave birth to him this month i gave her R700 but her mom still want to take me to court for maintenance and she broke up with me while she was still pregnant what should i do

  • Comment Link robbie bob Sunday, 10 April 2016 15:08 posted by robbie bob

    If I had interim custody of my 4 children and let mom have joint custody of the girls, and girls been flashed by a guy and nothing being done or said about it plus mom abuses her t-3 drug perscription with no stable home! Would I be able to get my girls back?

  • Comment Link rebecca Saturday, 19 March 2016 00:21 posted by rebecca

    my child was abused by his father and he even admitt it to dcbs and brought in front of the judge and he gave my ex temp costody of that child and gave me temp of the other. plus he gave him temp custody of my child that is dna proven not his.

  • Comment Link Larry loving Wednesday, 16 March 2016 01:52 posted by Larry loving

    Child protection wants me to file for full custody of my son because my ex is mentally abusing my six year old. will the judge listen to child protection

  • Comment Link Pamela LeBlanc Sunday, 13 March 2016 09:03 posted by Pamela LeBlanc

    if am going out of town for child custody and get fired and I have paper to prove am going to court can I sue

  • Comment Link Gina Friday, 11 March 2016 10:26 posted by Gina

    My ex has been saving bad text message I sent him to prove me unfit. It was a thought out set up. And he and new girlfriend has sent bad text messages to me as well only I didn't save all my messages. What can I do to either get text thrown out of Court or how should I go about proving I'm fit to have full custody?

  • Comment Link CAM Thursday, 10 March 2016 17:06 posted by CAM

    My fiancé and I are not on the same page as of lately, and I'm considering a break up. We have a 10month old baby whom I take care of everyday since he's been born. My case is a bit different because I'm on workers comp so I'm basically being taken care of for being at home recovering from my injury. I'm still physically able to take complete care of my son and have been doing so since the day he was born. My fiancé works and chooses to work more than 50 hours a week, which I understand. But I've setup a financial plan for her and I to follow which doesn't require her to work so much. She's literally chosen her job over her motherly duties and is only able to see her son 1 hour before work and maybe 1 hour after work. She only has 1 day off and even then they always ask her to come into work and she accepts without a care in the world. Our relationship has gon to shambles, and I've tried absolutely everything to try and save it for my sons sake. I grew up in a very big,loving, close family and when my parents split up, it literally ruined my life. To the point where I considered suicide, the reason I forgave her for all her mistakes is because I never wanted my son to go through that same problem. She's a horrible example as a parent and I can't let my son be around all this negative energy, as much as it hurts me both physically and mentally. I have to do what's right for both my son and myself. If anyone has any suggestions, please write to me and let me know because I'm going through the same struggle and would appreciate all the help I can get. As a parent we have to put our kids first and be there for them every step of the way, to guide them through life. It's so sad when I see these immature parents neglect their responsibilities, you ruin the child's life for your own selfish and disgusting needs.

  • Comment Link Lamont Sunday, 06 March 2016 12:55 posted by Lamont

    How do I even start about getting a case start. My daughters mom is very mentally abusive to my daughter. And I want to do any and everything I can to get her away from there. She tells me that she is ready to come stay with me. I feel bad because I haven't taken any actions yet because it's been happening for a while. But I want to and I'm going to start now. Please help me

  • Comment Link Jess Tuesday, 23 February 2016 20:21 posted by Jess

    My boyfriend son mother lost his son to CP's his mother has custody of him right now but I lost my kids 11 years ago I signed them to my aunt so they wouldn't be in foster care but now we have been together for 8 years and can they keep him from getting his son if we are together or can he get his son and we still be together if I work the program to

  • Comment Link Catarina Garcia Friday, 19 February 2016 17:09 posted by Catarina Garcia

    I want to know how my husband could gain custody of my daughter. We were married and had a separation where I got pregnant. We got back together during the middle of the pregnancy and she is the only father he has ever known. The assumed father is in prison and has been. He has never held her, hugged her, nothing and she just turned 3. I also know however that he will not sign rights away and he did get 20 years but probably will not serve even half of that. But he is now a 4th time felon. He has no other children and one of the times he went to prison it was for felon in possession of gun, the other 3 were burglary of habitation. He shot himself in the leg with a gun and has stabbed himself in the knee with his knife. He has went to hospital for each time so I am sure there is documentation. We would like for my husband to be on the birth certificate along with have legal rights to her as he does our other 3 and adores all four exactly the same.

  • Comment Link Scottie Friday, 12 February 2016 08:12 posted by Scottie

    I got a question perhaps someone out there may help me I got two daughter's of a previous marriage my oldest was adopted through the courts by me when she was just 5 years old so by law she is my daughter and I wouldn't give her up for no one however we've been divorce since my oldest was 11 and my oldest is now 14 youngest was 2 she's now 7 soon to be 8 I have a custody arrangement court ordered since 2011 we had joint custody of the girl's and it was fine and going just well until just over a year and I half she decided to tell my oldest daughter I am not her real father and since then my ex has been remarried and I have not been able to see my oldest since. I have not had excised my right huge mistake on my part however I have attempted to tell her mother I want to see her and she would respond with a laugh and saying good luck getting her to go with you and when this first happen would tell babysitters not to allow my older daughter to see me at all...Now she's trying to take my parental rights away so her husband she's married to now can adopted her i actually am going to have a court hearing coming up mind you I have been paying child support for both my children up till this past February or March of last year 2015 I only pay for my youngest daughter now what can I do in regards towards this and wanting to see my older daughter and stop her from allowing this to happen. I feel this is not right on many levels for her to be married again and trying to take rights away once again.

  • Comment Link cyd Thursday, 11 February 2016 00:58 posted by cyd


  • Comment Link Deandra GomezWilson Wednesday, 10 February 2016 08:19 posted by Deandra GomezWilson

    How can i get custody of my three oldest kids back from my mother.. The only thing is my mother does not like my fiance and i know they are going to try to keep them away from me

  • Comment Link Shelly Updike Saturday, 06 February 2016 05:19 posted by Shelly Updike

    Shelly Updike,
    How can I get my Grandson away from my daughter heroun junkie I have Durable Power of ' attorney when she goes back forth to jail for probation violation. Hoping ANY OF U IN MICHIGAN CAN HELP ME CPS. I live in michigan Grandson only 5 yr old. She isnt gonna stop what can I do PLEASE LET ME KNOW ANYONE IN MICHIGAN PLEASE G

  • Comment Link Tony montano Friday, 05 February 2016 11:07 posted by Tony montano

    How about if I have proof that she tried to black mail me to give up my rights? And this woman is so scary and willing to do anything just to have control over me..that she even said I punched my 2 month old...mind you when she tried for the restraining order the first time my possible child wasn't on it so I didn't go..and it says she didn't show up either...but I know she went and when she didn't see me she left..because the second time my daughter was on it I went and at first she couldn't find me so she stayed heading back out but then her mother pointed me out. Any suggestions?

  • Comment Link Onawa Corry Thursday, 04 February 2016 01:58 posted by Onawa Corry

    My ex husband is seeking to gain custody of our daughter who I already have custody of. She is ten years old. In his motion he refers to a domestic violence incident that took place between me and an ex almost three years ago and my child did NOT witness the altercation. Police came but no charges were filed. Could this really affect my custody?

  • Comment Link Jennifer Malcolm Wednesday, 03 February 2016 17:00 posted by Jennifer Malcolm

    I have a five year old son, he lives with his father in North Carolina for the past two years. Before that he lived with me from the day he was born till November of 2013. I was in a relationship and my now ex had choked me with the kids in the house. I called and got my ex arrested I also called my sons father to get him to get our son away from all of the commotion and in that time is whenever he went to court for a protection order against me because of a domestic violence with my ex. Since than I have had a job, I've gotten into a serious relationship and I am getting married this coming up May. I stay at home with my other two children and go to college while my fiancé works because we just moved out of state for his promotion. My sons father is now saying hes going to keep my five year old away from me because he wont give me any information I need in order to help pay my sons school lunch or anything he wants me to give it to him but I don't trust him. Can he take full custody of my child if ive been contacting every day asking bout him and trying to talk to him but most days he wont let our son talk to me?

  • Comment Link Alexa sanchez Monday, 01 February 2016 22:52 posted by Alexa sanchez

    I am currently in a custody battle with my mother for my daughter, my mother has lied to the court and has said numerous things that aren't true about me to keep my daughter away from me. I want to type something up as to why I should have my daughter back. But I am not sure where to start because their is so much to say. But I was looking for advice as what would be the best thing to say?

  • Comment Link Clay Fritts Monday, 01 February 2016 19:23 posted by Clay Fritts

    I have a question I have a 2 year old daughter with a girl that has 2 other kids and she lost her other 2 because she was consider unfit by the courts then we had our daughter but she never has told DHR I don't no if she was suppose to or not but she dosent let me see her at all she has kept her from me for months I seen her once in last 4 months she hardly ever answer me I text her or call every day to find out how she is she leaves her with her boyfriend that is on disitbly that takes really bad medication and he takes her off every time they get into a fight he just grad her and take her off to his mom and dad and she dosent do anything about she had to one call the cops over there because he just went off on her my ex girl I just want to no my right I can't even give her money because the guy dose all kinds of things to her phone where I can't get her but now she get my message but never even looks at them I can't sleep at night and she is a bad drinker to can someone just tell what my rights are and what can I do this is the most horrible thing to go through she is leaving to go out town and with her there is no telling how long she will be gone 2 weeks she even told she dosent even no when she coming back and she just leaving her with this guy please tell I have rights

  • Comment Link tina torres Friday, 29 January 2016 19:18 posted by tina torres

    I am the grandma and i have guardianship of my grandson and now his mom and dad want him back they dont live together he is married with a new baby and she lives 3 hours away
    what can i do we have court on the 9th

  • Comment Link Isabel Thursday, 28 January 2016 18:18 posted by Isabel

    I really need advice i recently was kn a domestic violence with my current boyfriend we have 2 children together. My oldest son who is 15 seen the whole thing hes the one who called 911. My concern is his father just filed for custody because he found out, will the judge grant him it because of the domestic violence that accured?

  • Comment Link Aida Monday, 25 January 2016 03:07 posted by Aida

    Hi im a mom of 2 my oldest is 4 my daughter is 4 months I haven't got along with my daughter father and to much problem i think its not safe my children to be around so i want to leave him but he threats me if i do he will take my daughter away what can i do ? i stay in central texas.

  • Comment Link Kisha Thursday, 21 January 2016 11:30 posted by Kisha

    This has painfully been the second time going through this. The first time my son was two and I was 8mos pregnant on bed rest. When became close to me giving birth his father asked to keep for a few weeks because he was hyper and I was gonna be in a lot of pain after my C-section. Well a few day's before I gave birth I wanted to spend a little QT with my son, but he was no where to be found. The police were called unfortunately they said there was nothing I could do because I let him go voluntarily! the entire family played dumb.... 4 month's later my bestfriend's mom called and told me to come get myself before CPS took him. When I arrived police were everywhere and my best friend had been brutally beaten, they were an item and he wanted her to be my child's mom. Here it is 8yrs later and history has repeated it's self! He's his father's only child so my son has grown accostomed to very expensive thing's and if he didn't want to go with his dad for a weekend. ... his dad blew a gasket! Always telling to pack every materialist item that he payed for. Once my son came in crying wearing nothing but his underwear. But when he's with me I give him the best of both worlds (Mom & Dad) why is he so spiteful and WHAT CAN I DO *Tears*

  • Comment Link Jessica Wednesday, 20 January 2016 19:22 posted by Jessica

    If I was moving from different places being unstable for 3 months but still got my kids and now have a stable home do I have a good chance of getting my boys back ?

  • Comment Link lee williams Sunday, 17 January 2016 17:41 posted by lee williams

    me and my ex split up in September we was talking and getting on for our sons sake and our son is now 24 month old and she now trying to blackmail me if i dont give up my right to him she will go to police and tell them i have raped her but ive been to police to tell them about the blackmail but i was told by police not to tell her ive been to see them and she as made my contact to a text message a day now i cant have photos unless i go over to see our son but i cant do that as the police have got social services involved with this i don't know if that is a good or bad thing my ex is mentally depressed and she cut everyone that loves and cares for her i don't want our son to go into care would he be able to live with me can anyone tell me i don't want to loose our son to care

  • Comment Link Kayla Sunday, 17 January 2016 03:22 posted by Kayla

    My sister has been in and out of my nephews life since birth and has been arrested for drugs and prostitution and the poor guy is getting torn apart because she sees him for a few hours then he doesn't see her again for months at a time... My dad had to bear hug him tonight while he was kicking and screaming "I can't have my mommy! My mommy don't want me" and he's only 4. I want to file for curiosity but I'm not sure how it would go...

  • Comment Link sam Friday, 15 January 2016 07:25 posted by sam

    I have an 8 month old child and her father and I are not married. When i was 6 months pregnant he assulted me and was arrested and pled guilty to 2 felony charges, one against me and one against our unborn child. He also has a severe drinking problem, ptsd and now known mental issues and sex addiction also now known. He wanted nothing to do with us until the day she was born and has not paid for anything for her. Court ordered him to get multiple treatments which he has been but he didn't not get contact back with us until she was almost 4 months old. He and I tried to work things out but he is still verbally abusive and can not properly care for our child alone. I want to leave him but a afraid he will get some form of custody or visitation which I don't feel is safe. What do I do if I want to leave him and protect her and myself from him. He goes from being very kind and caring to angry and verbally and mentally abusive at the drop of a hat. I'm scared he will with hold my child or take off with her.

  • Comment Link jhemars Sunday, 10 January 2016 09:20 posted by jhemars

    My child mother have already family "3 children" with his japanese husband and they lived in japan. Also she have a live in partner in philippines.
    My concern are:
    1. Can i file a costudy of my child?
    2. It is possible to make a condition to her like my child not go somewhere with his live in partner.
    3. Can i take care of my child in my own house because they left to grandmother of my mother.

  • Comment Link Melissa DelaCruz Thursday, 07 January 2016 14:55 posted by Melissa DelaCruz

    What if the father is married has a stable home his wife the childs step mother takes care of him he even calls her mom.. And they are willing to go to theropy and do whatever ... His natural mother is doing things not in his best interest he is only 7 ? What are our options? Please help amd tell us what we need to do .. He need a stable home and no fighting he has none of that here !?

  • Comment Link michelle banks Thursday, 10 December 2015 17:52 posted by michelle banks

    All her other kids are in care she hasn't seen her youngest for about 2 years. She is pregnamt agin with the father of her first baby who assaulted her while pregnant and he has now broken a court resttaininh order. I would be willing to temp take baby. But i dont rhink i will b alowed as i jad a drug problem in the past bit i would b willing to take rdt everydau ro prove i was clean i have 2 kids of ny own a daughter who is doing child cate at college and a 16 yeat old son is anything i would do so the kid staying with the family.

  • Comment Link michelle banks Thursday, 10 December 2015 01:21 posted by michelle banks

    All her otjer kids r in care she hsnt seen her youngest for about 2 years. she is pregnamt agin with the father of her first baby who assaulted her while pregnant and he has now broken a court resttaininh order. i would be willing to temp take baby. Bit i dont rhink i will b alowed as i jad a drug problem in tje past bit i would b willing to take rdt everydau ro prove i was clean i have 2kids of ny own a daugjtrr who is doing child cate at college and a 16 yeat old son is anythinh i vould do so the kid stays with family

  • Comment Link Jamie Monday, 07 December 2015 06:13 posted by Jamie

    I was in a very physically mentally n emotionally relationship for many many years! It was hell like I lost complete control of myself as strong confident woman!! I filed a restraining order with parts of what he has done to me... I still have the complaint form. After I filed I never went back to move forward with the order because I found I was pregnant after being told I could carry a child some of wich is due the physical abuse!!! He is me threatening to get full custody because financially he is a a much better financial spot then I am. But garunteed that don't make me no less of a mother to my child!!! I been with her just her n I 6 years!!! And now he is threatening to take her.... Can he possibly win, I would be devistated n she would to.

  • Comment Link Nick Thursday, 03 December 2015 00:16 posted by Nick

    me and my girlfriend of 7 years broke up because she decided she wanted to find herself we have a two year old she has no job no car lives with her grandparents has one child who was 6 years old who lives with her mom and she's already got a boyfriend within two weeks of leaving me and now she's already planning to move in with him she constantly calls and ask me for money even though I already give her money once a week constantly asking me to buy her groceries even though I give her money am I able to get full custody of my son

  • Comment Link Rhonda Tuesday, 01 December 2015 00:23 posted by Rhonda

    I have custody of my friends 3 year old daughter and she has lived with me and my family since she was 10 months old. The child's father physically and mentally abused her mother. He was never around, he was out getting high on heroin and wanted to give her up for adoption. The child's father was first sent to a court ordered rehab program for a ten+ year heroin addiction on the charges 'possession of a controlled substance, forgery, and possession of forgery instruments' ; and he was only 22. He was kicked out of the rehab program and then sent to jail in November of 2013. He was released on parole in June of 2014, for good behavior which is when I was told he was working, and going to straighten his life out this time. Well... By August 2014 he submitted 2 failed drug tests to his parole officer. He was sent back to another court ordered rehab program. He was again kicked out of rehab for literally jumping out of a window to buy cigarettes and failing a drug test while IN rehab. He was again arrested and I felt like a fool for believing in him.. He was again released from jail March 2015 and waited 3 days to even contact me about his daughter. Him and the child's mother used heroin in April 2015 which was his last known use. He has filed for custody and was given supervised visits for 2 hours a week. The child's biological mother passed away in September. She had signed an open adoption paper prior to her death. The father does not want to do the adoption, and wants 50/50 custody but he has lied to us about his sobriety multiple times, wasn't around her entire infancy, has paid NO support for her, and was physically abusive towards her mother. I would like to keep full custody of her as we are the only stable family she has ever known, and she lived 6 different places before being place in my home at just 10 months old. She had only received her 1 week old shots and not kept on her doctors appointments. We would very much like to adopt this child and terminate his parental rights as he is a danger to her physical and mental health. We have a trial coming up very shortly for her and I would really like to be prepared. I have a paid attorney and we are going to attempt the adoption, I guess I just wonder if anyone else has been through something similar to this, and what was your outcome? Is there any advice anyone can give me?

  • Comment Link Kim Monday, 30 November 2015 11:55 posted by Kim

    My ex says he taking me to court I stopped contact six months ago now because he punched my oldest son in the leg I called soical services they assessed the children and that was it case closed we've been to mediation and offered him reasonable days which he refused what would a judge say to this ?

  • Comment Link Lester Tuesday, 24 November 2015 10:33 posted by Lester

    i have a son with a girl.. she was married with this guy she was in jail so she come back with him .. they have 2 kids but my son live with them all was ok well i never complain about that but they have violence domestic they are not together any more they are in court fight etc. shes geting programs bc she exposing their children to domestic but now i really need my son she want to get a relation with me i dont want that any more i just see my kid go to park be a father spend a day with my son hes 5 years old he love me he call me and i come to see him when she wants.. i never complain.. tomorrow hes birdhay 6 and i ask permission if he can go with me to eat cake buy something be with him no school tomorrow.. she said yes and tonight she told me u can come tomorrow at 7 am and see him for 20 min i am sad angry i dont know what to do i live in los angeles california i never want to go to court to get visits i dont want fight or get her more troubles but is imposible to see my kid i am desperate bc i want to be a good father to my son she never put my last name on my son and court know hes husban its no the father and they know i am around of my son she said that in court well if can i get any info i gona be grateful.. sorry for my bad english thanks.

  • Comment Link Raymond M Hoskins Tuesday, 17 November 2015 11:34 posted by Raymond M Hoskins

    I am 60 separated and going through alienation, Lies about restraining order which judge as almost made moot due to changes in visitation orders
    Wife said tonight after my daughter told me on the phone she as awards ceremony tomorrow=she's 8 the wife didn't tell me and when asked by my daughter if I could go she said I will call dad later she never did? She as not listened to the judge thumbed her nose at his order for me to go back on property and see Jane anytime she wanted, accused me of molestation twice unfounded but put my daughter through hell, and never keeps visitation
    We went back to court Judge as on numerous occasions told me this filing goes both ways and admitted he made mistake on first Tro.
    I asked for a Eval mediation had recommended and Jane gets seen February
    The boyfriend moved his 15 year old in my daughters room and he's had issues with CPS my wife went to court with him to get his daughter
    My wife will not say nice things try's to interfere with my daughters time with me Jane's been told if she talks to me without mom being there she will get no computer. I want 50/50 but if things get weirder can I file exported just lost attorney due to mom stealing from my bank account I want equity out of my home I added my wife on
    I just believe god would not allow me not to be in Jane's life
    I was accused of verbal abuse, Stalking ,accusing her of infidelity
    She was cheating She as done this to her last boyfriend and I raised the step boys for 9 years and one is Autistic,not a word of thanks she told her mom I will never get Jane and Jane's very upset

  • Comment Link Dorothy Hicks Sunday, 15 November 2015 17:13 posted by Dorothy Hicks

    If I lost custody of 3 other children will this hurt my custody case now

  • Comment Link Esther Sunday, 08 November 2015 21:14 posted by Esther

    Moved to wa to be with my bf and things are not working out. Want to mI've back to fl where all my family is. What are the chances if thus being able to happen. I know mt bf would have a battle over our son. And he's a great father but I don't have any family here.

  • Comment Link Jessica Friday, 30 October 2015 14:37 posted by Jessica

    Hi I need to ask a question. I have full guardianship of my niece for the past 5 years. Neither one of her parent's have had anything to do with her. They both moved out of the state without notification. Once in a while I was receiving child support for her from her father. Now all of a sudden he wants to play daddy. She has not been talking about either of her parents. What do I do??

  • Comment Link Kayla Kitchenmaster Tuesday, 20 October 2015 19:29 posted by Kayla Kitchenmaster

    My son was sexually abused by his older brother that lives at his dad's house. My son lives with and goes to his dad's every other weekend. His dad is trying to get it to where my son sees his older brother again. My son does not want to see him and that is his right. His brother was 9 and my son was 6 when this was happening. It been almost two years since they have seen one another. Now I know that kids have sexual cureosity and things happen in innocent cureosity. However this was not the case. My sons older brother threatened my son if he told on him. My sons older brother is also violent and attakes anyone when he is mad and attempts to jump out of moving vehicles. I could go on and on with my sons older brothers behaviors but I want to keep this to the point. Can I put a no contact order on my sons older brother so my son father and his family can stop trying to force him to see him. Right now my son goes to his dad's when his older brother goes to his moms. My sons father is threatening to take me to court to make my son start counseling with his older brother. My son is terrified and still to this day when he fears he has to see his older brother he wets the bed, he can't sleep, and has nightmares. Again this was not just let me see your and you can see mine. He made my son suck on his penis and he sucked on my sons. He also attempted anal penetration with his penis. I'm at a loss here and I have to be my sons voice. He is still behind in school and the school and I have been working hard to catch him. He has enough battles in his life do I really have to make him face another one?

  • Comment Link Des Tuesday, 13 October 2015 07:37 posted by Des

    I am 23, got married at 19, lived in AZ husband was either in and out of jail or he didn't want to be a father/husband. we lived with MY EX's parents because I didn't want my son to grow up without his dad. I stayed at home with my boy for the first 2 and a half years of his life. I went to school got a MA certificate and moved to WA state (this is where my parents live, my son and I had lived here previously as well because I found out my ex was having an affair, but I returned after 6 months because I wanted to make our family work) anyway I didn't have to worry about anything because my ex was in prison when I moved to WA (he has an extensive criminal record- assault, theft, sexual assault, kidnapping, 5 DUI's) my Ex is an idiot, but he's not a terrible father and I know he wouldn't hurt our son he loves him, and I trusted his family because of all they have done for me and my baby. So in April of this year they asked if my son could visit them in AZ, we agreed on 3 weeks. They did not keep their word, I decided to file for divorce. We both did, so now we have 2 states and have not had a UCCJEA hearing (I haven't been able to get one due to judges being out for fall conference) I have custody in the state of WA, but AZ court prohibits me from taking my son out of the state due to the preliminary injunction. My son has to stay with his father and his family until our divorce is over, I understand the law, but my son barely knows his dad and this is all the grandparents idea, we had a trial today 10/12/15 because I requested emergency physical custody and I got denied, I'm a great mom and a good person I don't have a lawyer I can't afford one. But I have been trying to do everything right and have been trying to educate myself as much as possible but when I went to court today the judge didn't care about what I had to say, he was kind of a jerk and he said that My son was to stay here in AZ with his father (who lives with his mother) and his family. I find it hard to understand if the judge is aware that my ex is facing further jail time why did he make this decision, I have been my sons primary caretaker since birth why can't I take him home? I am stabilized I have my own place for us and he has family and friends he is also due to start school soon, why did the judge make this decision? I got to spend 3 hours with him and when I told him he had to go back to daddy's house he started crying like I've never seen him before. My baby did not want to let me go, he kept saying he didn't wanna go with daddy "I wanna go home with you mommy" and all I could say was "Im sorry" I felt like I was the one who was doing the jail time I felt like I was the criminal the one that wasn't involved in My baby's life when I'm not, I'm fighting for him.. But no matter what I do it seems like nobody is listening. Someone help me.

  • Comment Link Britany Hunter Monday, 05 October 2015 16:10 posted by Britany Hunter

    I just left a demestic Vilence and verbal abusive relationship. I had no where to go,so I signed a temporary paper(I guess). It was hand written and notarized at a funeral home. The woman agreed to take care of him until I could get a place for my child and I to live. Because I wasn't living at the best. Couldn't support my own self. Well I really don't know what got into the woman,after about four days she called my ex (which we are not married). And he has my son! He's a felon,just recently got busted with some type of medicine(I believe it was hydrocoden). He's fighting a gun charge right now. Smokes crack. And when we all use to sleep in the bed at night,my son would screen bloody murder,and I would have to put him on the other side of me. I don't know what I can and can not do. Please help me!!

  • Comment Link kristina townsend Monday, 05 October 2015 15:11 posted by kristina townsend

    ive filed for custody twice now over my 4 year old daughter. the first time it was dismissed because we filled out the joint custody papers wrong. this time ive filed and want full custody because of the fathers lies. does the judge take into consideration that ive tried numerous times for custody over this child???

  • Comment Link bala Saturday, 26 September 2015 17:47 posted by bala

    My son is 11 months old. My wife is not even allowed to see once. I don't know how he was. Can I get my child custody

  • Comment Link kandy Thursday, 17 September 2015 08:19 posted by kandy

    I am married I love my husband he's mean to me heHe does not have a legal documentation to be here he threaten say he's not take my daughter Mexico my daughter is not even two years old I'm at my house I have a vehicle I have for their children they all love her can he really take her from me

  • Comment Link lol Saturday, 12 September 2015 06:20 posted by lol

    Ive had my sisters 2 children , girl is 4 and boy is 14 months for just over 6 months ive taken her to court and i have temporary custody of them . My sister has had a drug addiction for quiet some time now and and has heen in a domestuc relationship for 8-9 years . She has threatened to kill me and as physically abused me . Im thinking of going for full custody of the kids and want to know how long will it take to go through that . I live in nsw australia . Thanks .

  • Comment Link tieria Friday, 11 September 2015 00:41 posted by tieria

    my kids father took them out of school i had a op but they overturn it in the state he live in but i been in another state for 8 months with my kids no one told me about court and we was never married please help

  • Comment Link Tina Dingwerth Tuesday, 08 September 2015 16:09 posted by Tina Dingwerth

    My son just turned a year old. His father has not been apart of his life, then child support contacted him and now he wants full custody. He thinks if he has full custody, he won't have to pay child support. My son has some medical issues, and his father doesn't want to acknowledge them, because nothing looks wrong. So that tell me, he wouldn't get the proper medical care in his presents. He lives in Texas and I live in NY. I petioned for full custody first. But he is extremely manipulating. Let me just tell you, he was very verbally and physically abusive in our relationship. He didn't want any kids and tried doing whatever he had to cause me to miss carry so I left. Now we're going through a custody battle, and he has been getting supervised visitation for two hours at a time. The point of the visit is so he can get to know my son and know how to attend to him. But he spends time Skype with his girlfriend and after a hour and half my son is done. And never once has there not been a unfamiliar face, because if there wasn't my son wouldn't be happy. I want to make sure I have full custody, and his father only has supervised visitation in NY. I want to make sure he cannot take him to Texas

  • Comment Link sebrina landeck Monday, 07 September 2015 07:54 posted by sebrina landeck

    I have to Boys, ages 5 and 9 ,the father and I share custody but he doesn't return my calls or answers phone nor will he for the school, he has multiple girlfriends, drinks and is violent, leaving them with whoever he can find, my youngest is always eating up in the middle of the night thinking I left, I'm afraid of the damage he's doing to them.

  • Comment Link sam Thursday, 03 September 2015 09:04 posted by sam

    WI'll it hurt my child custody case if my daughter and I live with my parents

  • Comment Link Dillon Friday, 28 August 2015 16:20 posted by Dillon

    Ok so if I'm going through a divorce and fighting for sole custody and her new man that she is staying with has told someone that he is going to Rob me is it going to look bad if I move in to my friends house for the time being. Will the judge look down on me for doing that?

  • Comment Link Nathan Saturday, 22 August 2015 21:43 posted by Nathan

    What if i had not seen the aledeged baby but want dna to prove mine can i get custdy cause of ex girl friend failed to tell me of birth

  • Comment Link Wednesday, 12 August 2015 22:09 posted by

    My son will be one years old next week, and my son father has only recently met him. And that's only because the state wants money, my son and I live in NY and my son father lives in Texas. We only just established paternity, prior to this, he gave them a hard time because he didn't want to pay child support. Now he thinks if he has full custody he won't have to pay, so he petition for full custody. I petioned first. So we're going to trial. He bad mouthing me and making up lies. He has no relationship at all with my son, he will try for a week or so and then stop calling. My son has some medical issues, that he hasn't never inquired about. I feel his motive is towards me, not because he has my son at best interest. I left him due to him being verbally and physically abusive. My whole pregnancy, all he told me is he'll sign his right over. My son is my world. I just want to make sure there is no chance of him getting custody of my son. I fear it, because he would not properly be taken care of, he needs would not be met. That's my fear

  • Comment Link JoAnne Nowlan Wednesday, 12 August 2015 20:14 posted by JoAnne Nowlan

    Please help me. My sons grandmother who is not mentally stable after loseing her son also my sons gather who has the same name as her. son is trying to provee meantally unstable to take care of my children which she is and I just have back problems bit van take care ofy children.I have appealed a decision I. SSI appointng my sons fathers sister representative payee of my son which the grandmother is trying for her to turn over to the grandmother. I need help on what legally I can do so the court listens to me that I am about best interest of my son and should be representative payee of my son and especially he should stay away from his mentally unstable grandma who has already went and behind my back told him I did not let him. see her. or his father his father I did not let see but through supervised visits because he used drugs. This has caused my son to have resentment as his grana wanted him to against me but she failed. to realize how this would hurt and confuse my son too so she does not see about the best interest of my son pr her grandson but has just caused her grandson and my son just to feel more hurt from his fathers passing away and feeling more confused.I want to see as his mother my son is protected especially from his grandmother who is mentally unstable.

  • Comment Link ILisa Thursday, 06 August 2015 21:37 posted by ILisa

    I have a huge problem, my ex husband recently started to see someone who lost her children due to something with her ex husband or boyfriend, if he was the one who did something why did she lose custody I am very disturbed by this. And of course he defends her oh shes good etc.. I am deeply concered with my children in her care when he is at work. Please help

  • Comment Link tara Thursday, 30 July 2015 06:43 posted by tara

    What if the stepmother is mentally abusing my daughter. I really have a question if anyone reads this and can give me any advice. Please is this any kind of punishment she has to go to her room her tv took and if she falls asleep she gets woke up, and her stepmother tells her i treat you how i was treated and from what I understand they didn't treat her very good her son never has to go to his room or his tv took they are only a year apart if someone would just talk to my little girl they would see for there self if anyone out there can help me. there is more. her dad works all day. I live in the same town. and the court just gave him full everything. becouse he owns his home. there is so much more. I really need to talk to someone that can help me.

  • Comment Link father Tuesday, 28 July 2015 23:36 posted by father


    I have a court order effective January 14th 2015 to let me have my son with me from Wednesday 10a.m. until Sunday 6 pm. every second week following by stat holidays that appear on Following Mondays.

    Most of the time My son is either with me or when I with my parents waiting for me to come back from work ( I work 7 on7 off fly in fly out)
    Up to 31 of July I will have my son 108 days of 198 instead of as going by court order which would give 75 days out of 198 days. Based on those number my sons mom doesnt have time for him that is why she gives me extra time with him or leaves him with my parents.

    My son is 4 years old. He has a half sister - 8 years old, and two brothers (twins ) on the way that will be born in August. When those kids are born my sons mother will have no time for 8 year old daughter, 4 year old son and 2 new born.. She will have to rely on her family. Her new boyfriend ( father of twins) is 8 years younger than her (22yo) they are together on and off...

    She lives in low income housing, her income is monthly maintenance from me ($403 CAD) and low employment insurance.

    We have a share custody, share decision making, but primary residence of my son is at her place which is 2 hours away from my city. She lives in Lac la Biche, Alberta I live in Edmonton, Alberta.

    Before she got pregnant, she was partying a lot, got in trouble with social services by taking cocaine... that is why when I went to court with affidavits with all the bs she agreed to give me more time without going to trial.

    We both have court order saying telephone acces bewteen 730-830pm daily. Most of the times she ignores me when I call or txt asking how is my son doing.

    Father of her 1st child is Native, drug user, drinker... Father of her soon to be born twins is drug user, and likes to party as well.. They both have a criminal records for drugs or assaults.

    Both of them and my ex are native. I am Immigrant from Europe.
    I am the only one paying child support. ($403/month)

    Whit all that that being said, can I have any chances in court to go for Primary residence so my son can live with me go to shcool and daycare few blocks away, me changing my job and working in the city to be able be home every night, having my parents live with me...

    Do I have any chance of getting primary residence, me not asking for child support or sole custody but just primary residence. ??

  • Comment Link Sherryl Lindsey Wednesday, 22 July 2015 22:05 posted by Sherryl Lindsey

    My sister has a 5 year old beautiful little girl. She has always lived with my parents due to my sister having mental illness. My sister is now wanting to move in with a guy whom she dated in the past and he shot her with a bee bee gun. My sister does not watch out for her now as it is, my parents do or if she is at my house, I do. Is there anything we can do to keep her from taking her daughter with her? She has told us a few times that she does not want to go with her mother, but she will not listen. If you can help me I would greatly appreciate it.

  • Comment Link Christian Monday, 22 June 2015 12:30 posted by Christian

    My girlfriend and I live together and I'm a convicted felon for corruption of minors. She has two children and going to court for custody for one. Are we allowed to be living together. My felony is over thirteen year old.

  • Comment Link Marisol Rios Sunday, 21 June 2015 08:38 posted by Marisol Rios

    Hi. I have a 6 month old that i share with my ex boyfriend. He picked her up yesterday morning accused me of "sleeping around" witch is bs. I just want to know what my chances of taking sole custody of my daughter
    if i am a minor but am more fit than he is.

  • Comment Link Tom Monday, 15 June 2015 00:58 posted by Tom

    Hey there world, I have a 3 year old and I have joint custody of my son, I want to have sole custody, his mother lives at my parents house because she can't support herself nor my son yet the court still won't give me physical custody and it baffles me, when my son is with his mother my mother takes care of him and his mother goes out and does whatever she wants, she pays no rent or anything yet they still take child support even tho my parents buy the food and clothes he needs when he's there, me and my wife have had apartments with a room for him and yet they won't give him to us,we now have a trailer with 3 bedrooms and plenty of room for him and still nothing because she is still at my parents, my mother won't throw her out because she has nowhere to go and she promised my ex a place to stay long as she is in school, she has 3 degrees and still going and I'm at wits end about how to get custody of him and let her deal with the visitation side of it, please somebody help

  • Comment Link June Saturday, 13 June 2015 20:19 posted by June

    My name is Judy. I got I a arrguement with my babies dad about two weeks ago. Ended real bad. I am devastated. I have not seen my babies since because I went to jail for battery for defending myself from him. The police said they would arrest him too if I wanted, but that the state will pick up my babies. So I said NO. Hell no. My babies will stay home. I can't be there then at least they'll have their daddy, and remain in our home. So it went on and now I'm staying at my moms house for the time being. I have a cps case now. I have been trying to contact the worker. I went to his office. I called him numorous times. Sent him text messages, and he does not bother to contact me. Someone please help me. It's not fair. I have never been away from my babies. They have never had a baby sitter in their lives. Not even my daughter was away from me too Long when I was having my son. The second the hospital allowed visits my daughter went in welcoming her new baby brother. Itd been me and my babies everyday since. Day and night, and their dad would only be there when he wanted. We all lived under the same roof, but he was never even there. Sometimes he would leave for a week, or sometime for a few days. But he was hardly ever there. I'm going crazy because I need my babies I miss them so much. I can't contact the dad because the cps worker put a restraining order so I can't be near him or our home. I recently found out that supposibly the cps worker tricked my kids dad into filling for custody of my kids. I'm thinking to take them from me? They also told me that the cps worker advises them to move away far and not tell me where they're at. Please help. Please. This is all new to me. And don't know what to do. All I know is that I need my babies back

  • Comment Link Valletta Grabel Saturday, 06 June 2015 03:08 posted by Valletta Grabel

    Hello there I have an unfit mom, who I have complained about to my therapist who was also part of the reason I tried to commit suicide but I still want my dad to watch me how do I get rid of her custody and have only my dad's?

  • Comment Link conrado Thursday, 04 June 2015 08:18 posted by conrado

    Okay i have a 3 yr old me and his mother have joint custody. But she has not picked my son up in 2 1/2 months and i recently. Found out she got arrested for solicitation and prostitution in Nevada .she says shewants to take him with her but i do not think it is a safe place for him to be what should i do ?

  • Comment Link Charlie Harisn Wednesday, 03 June 2015 02:25 posted by Charlie Harisn

    Good evening ,
    I have a 7 year old son who currently lives in Colombia S.A the mother has alienated me and also has had him out of school for 6 months , he his behind for his age and has no interaction with other kids aside form when he was in school , I live in the U.S. My son has spent summers with me and also is a U.S. Citizen by me , what can you tell me about the Hauge convention in relation to fighting for custody while he is here , and if the mother won't let him leave Colombia what can I do...?

  • Comment Link russ rudolph Monday, 01 June 2015 17:46 posted by russ rudolph

    my son ex girlfriend left him and my grandson behind when he was 16 months old,now she wants full custody,will my son loose his son to this person who left my grandson when he was just a baby still.

  • Comment Link dollies allen Monday, 25 May 2015 18:59 posted by dollies allen

    I have joint custody with my ex and my son which is 12 is wanting to live with me and visit his father on weekends and holidays as he would say it a normal divorce. The father will not allow nor listen to our son . What can I do? How old does a child have to be before he/she can say whom they want to live with ?

  • Comment Link Aiesha Myers Sunday, 24 May 2015 05:13 posted by Aiesha Myers

    Hello, my name is Aiesha, I'm a 33 year old mother of 4, and about 7 months ago, my 17 year old son went to live with his father in Atlanta. He was only given six months of temporary custody which has passed. Now, my son wants to return home because he says that he is not happy and I know for a fact that he's not because he had been calling since he went crying and saying he is having problems with his dad. He even called me da that he had turned bisexual, which I k ow couldn't be true because I know my child and something had to be going on that made him feel that way. He was only there in the beginning because of some false alligations that were made against me because I moved from our previous home to a new one due to infestation and other problems with the home,but my sister lied to dhs and cause alot of confusion causing me to end up in court where everything was proven to be not true, but the decision for him to do that particular school term was decided and he was informed by the judge that he only had 6 months of temporary custody and after it was up, we could decide on things on our on and if he wanted to return home, he could, and now he's trying to scare him saying that he can't come back home to me and his siblngs knowing thats where he really wants to be. He hasn't been in his life for 16 years and he only took him then because he knew that child support would stop as long as he was with him. Is there anything that I need to do in order to keep my son home where he wants to be and should be?

  • Comment Link abby webb Monday, 18 May 2015 22:55 posted by abby webb

    My dad is looking to get custody of my four year old brother. My mom drinks beer a lot and takes ny brother in a bar and around her boyfriends every week. She lives with my aunt who is loosing her home soon. She does not have custody of me and my sister as of a while ago. My dad has a stable job, home and is otherwise healthy. He has heart diease. What im wondering is who is. Most likely to get custody of him?. Our adlitem is not very good at listining and she has only visted once. She came another time to my dads just to talk to me and my sister about what weve seen my mom drink.

  • Comment Link Grant willier Friday, 15 May 2015 01:23 posted by Grant willier

    Is there something I can do my ex wife I sould say wife because she won't sign the papers, well she broke up with her boyfriend 6 times in a year and I'm tired of her involving my 5 year old girl in this everytime they break up I hear daddy they broke up and then I hear daddy he was there today, it's not fair in my book to subject her to this am I right?

  • Comment Link Nadia Jimenez Thursday, 14 May 2015 19:57 posted by Nadia Jimenez

    Hi ,
    I have a question...I pay child support for the past 6years my ex husband wants full custody of my kids but has a part time job can he win that case because I am not trying to give him full custody?

  • Comment Link tasha Sunday, 10 May 2015 19:57 posted by tasha

    Hi i am tasha i am 30 yrs old wit 2 childrean i have had some sad news and thts my sister passed away just over a week ago and worried for her childreans safety as they have of course now live there father but he drinks everyday and has been 2 prison before for beatin my sister and has also hurt the childrean be4 and wanted to no wot chance i would get of gettin custody of them?

  • Comment Link candice rineholt Wednesday, 06 May 2015 03:41 posted by candice rineholt

    my boyfriend has 4 younger siblings allunder 12 years of age, social services took them away i am 18 years old i will be 19 in a couple weekswill i beable to get custody of them if their grandparents cant

  • Comment Link jenny chiasson Monday, 04 May 2015 23:05 posted by jenny chiasson

    Hey my ex husband called child welfare told them lies about me I was not gonna siign them over to him for 6 months but I did just so I can have child services out of my life Oct 14 will they come back to me or will I still have to fight him for them???and it was domestic violence between both of us and the social worker said he had more of a support system then me so he got them... Will I get them back after 6 months I have supervised visits and have to do a parenting assesment

  • Comment Link Angela Frye Monday, 27 April 2015 15:57 posted by Angela Frye

    My boyfriend and I sent our son to stay with his grandmother while we get a job now that I have one what can I do to get him back home no papers where signed by myself that where notarized

  • Comment Link valentine Saturday, 25 April 2015 01:51 posted by valentine

    I'm 21 years old and I have a five year old son who has resides with his father since he was 6 months old. His father has kept him from me for two years no visitation or anything. Recently his father has become very sick and I wanted to gain custody because he is not taking care of him his grandmother does all the care for him what is the chance of me regaining custody?

  • Comment Link Lisa Murray Wednesday, 22 April 2015 04:20 posted by Lisa Murray

    How can I gain custody back after I was discriminated by his fatherhe made lies concerning my son safety and will be they were not true but I'm having one hell of a hard time trying to prove me any advice he is also withhCodyholding my son from visitation its been 9 months since I have seen my child

  • Comment Link Kez Wednesday, 15 April 2015 22:14 posted by Kez


    I am going through final stages of divorce, Nisi gone through, and awaiting financial settlement before Absolute sought. We have 2 children, a 16yr old daughter & a 13yr old son. Ex moved out in separation and is resistant to us breaking up. Reason for marriage dissolve-Emotional Abuse/Verbal Abuse. Our daughter would love for us to reunite, but is able to see her father's downfall insofar as his verbal abuse and low opinion of women. Our son, at 13, is very bright, but very sensitive, has shown hostility to his sister and I, and has said he wishes to leave me, (although he says he loves me a lot), to live with is father. I know at 13 his wishes will be listened to, but I fear for his well being if he is housed permanently with his father. His father tells him, "they are more than father and son, and have a special bond." I know that our son's best interests are with his sister and I, having unrestricted access to seeing his father. My son needs me, although he is bright, he will benefit from me being his sole carer. He is also depicting traits of his father's hostile character and it is saddening. My Ex tells our children I am a "money grabbing whore", when all I am trying to do is work my backside off to pay all utilities, and plan financially for my childrens' future and my own. Our daughter rejects her Dad's attempts at ridiculing me, but our son is siding with him. My ex has told our son that if he lives with him, I will receive less money and he will be able to house his son with a good life. I am fearful that if this happens, and I have to settle for a reduced divorce settlement, I will ill afford a 3 bed property, so that if my son wants to return to his sister and I, I only have 2 rooms. A mess. I love my son, I feel his pain and his anguish, but I am flummoxed as to what to do for the best. Any advice, albeit legal or experience would be appreciated. I am self employed, not on a high wage, but I have prided myself on working harder and paying bills. My ex, albeit an intellect and a high earner, keeps getting made redundant.

  • Comment Link Mary Marquez Wednesday, 15 April 2015 04:16 posted by Mary Marquez

    My son just turned four, his father and i were never married, we never lived together, and we have not ever really had much of a relationship. I recently modified our child support order and now my sons father is requesting to increase his time with our son. He has historically given up time with our son and has never requested additional time with our son. Our first child custody order had him picking our son up mondays, wednesdays from 9-5 and Fridays over night. We followed that order for about a year with a lot of no shows, he eventually requested to remove the midweek visitation and kept the Firday overnights. Now he only sees him every other weekend from Friday evening to Sunday evening but since the child support order was modified he is requesting to have our son one over night in the middle of the week on top of the every other weekend visits. He also wants to have him for the whole summer and for spring break, thanksgiving week, and one week during christmas break. This seems like a huge transition for our son. Our son has never spent so much time away from me. I am his primary caregiver and have been so since he was born. Our son has been attending the same daycare since he was 14 months and I do not want that to change but I am concerned that with all of the changes his father wants to make, his preschool attendance will suffer. He will not have the same consistency in his weekly schedule. I want to know how likely it is for the court to grant my sons father all of this time.

  • Comment Link kayla Wednesday, 15 April 2015 00:51 posted by kayla

    I'm 20 years old and have a son thats about to be 2 and Pregnant with the secound . And cps took custody because of my baby's father domestic violence with me and I'm doing whatever I'm supposed to do but the court didn't say we couldn't communicate can cps still use that against me in court and get file of my phone records

  • Comment Link lohi Wednesday, 15 April 2015 00:51 posted by lohi

    I am married but seperated from my husband, and we are planning a divorce, but i got pregnant by another man who wants the costody of the child can i get the costody of my child not him.

  • Comment Link Adora Cabrido Thursday, 09 April 2015 09:32 posted by Adora Cabrido

    i have 3 kids, first is boy his 13 yrs yrs of age now, and 2 girls one is 11 and the youngest is 10 yrs old. i am a OFW means a (overseas filipino workers) they are all with his father custody by the support of my mother in law who is migrant in U.S America, but my husband he didnt have any work at all. My husband he have already mistress since 2010 and i leave philippines yr. 2009, my husband already have baby with his mistress, and that 2012 when i go vacation, my husband bit me and i report that one in police and he has record their,. i cut already the support to my kids recently only,. and i heared from the neighbors from them that my husband and auntie of my husband who taking care of my kids is taking drugs,.. can u please advice me what i can do moves in legal ways to take and with my parents custody cos i work here in UAE. Reply me in my email pls.

  • Comment Link Phoebe Wednesday, 08 April 2015 23:37 posted by Phoebe

    My daughters father has never once met nor supported my daughter. Now that the state forced me to take a paternity test and open a child support case, he's contacted me and says he is going to fight for joint custody. Again the only reason he is now doing this 18 months later is because of child support. What are the odds of him being granted joint custody? (I live in the state of Utah if that matters).

  • Comment Link jackie Wednesday, 08 April 2015 22:41 posted by jackie

    I've been with my hubby for almost two years. He has a 13 year old daughter that she ran away to her father's cousin house. My husband went to go get her back but she refused and his family didn't want to let her go back with him. Well the main reason why she left was because all his family don't like me I'm his second marriage and they did the same to her too. Know the cousin is always threatened my husband with child support. We give her 200.00 a month but she wants more. What can we do?

  • Comment Link Leoni Wednesday, 08 April 2015 13:54 posted by Leoni

    My husband used the welfare to take my son away from me. My baby is 9 months old. I am currently undergoing a case where I'm fighting for my son. Our divorce is coming up the 15th of April and I'm still busy getting everything ready to apply for a court date. We want to make an appointment with welfare on the 17th of April to discuss further matters. I am only allowed to see my son on a Tuesdays from 18h00 - 19h00, Thursdays 18h00 - when he goes to bed and on Sundays from 15h00 - 17h00 and it is under supervision of his dad, at his house and we are undergoing a divorce which is on the 15th of April. We now want to make an offer for me to see my son on Tuesdays for 4 hours, Thursdays for 4 hours and on Saturdays the whole day, which I think he will not like. We will discuss this matter with my husband and in the presence of the welfare as they only have a few days left to write a full report. I went for a psychology test and the results came back that I am fit to take care for and look after my son. My legal team wants to move my divorce date on with 30 days until a decision is made with regards to my son. The bond between my son and myself is not there anymore and I am lost without him. Please help, so that I can know what needs to be done next. I feel that I am wasting money on people that takes their time and leaving everything in the vague because I don't know where things are standing with my legal team. They seem to know what they are doing but they are taking their time and I miss my son and he needs me more that ever. I want him back before he turns one year old. I am missing out on all the things that he's doing such as crawling, teething, walking etc. Please help, it's urgent

  • Comment Link david Wednesday, 08 April 2015 01:47 posted by david

    My little is in a unsafe home. She is placed with her parents but there drinking and fighting and abuseing her and locking her up like a prisoner, we live in indiana. What can i do. Can i get custody or emanicapated her?

  • Comment Link Katie Cupp Tuesday, 07 April 2015 14:23 posted by Katie Cupp

    I live with my grandparents now and I want to move back in with my mom. I'm only 13 but I'll turn 14 in May. The reason I had to move in with my grandparents is because my mom was found unfit. But me and my mom have been talking and she wants to make a case to get me back. I need to know the age I have to be for me to move back in with my mom. I think she is fit now to get me back. She is engaged and pregnant and I really wanna be there when she gets married and has the baby. PLZ HELP!!!

  • Comment Link mike Sunday, 29 March 2015 00:19 posted by mike

    Ok my wife is 29 she with a nuthed man who is 20 they live in a motel. We r not yet devors and dss has custody. Can she vet the kids if she is no devorsed and with a nuther man they do no know.

  • Comment Link ghie Friday, 27 March 2015 15:38 posted by ghie

    hi im from phillipines currently im here at uk for a tourist visa , my partner is british and we have a son boy almost 2 years old and registered by his dad name , but now me and my partner are not in good terms and i this month my visa end and im going back to phillipines with my son, but his father treat me that i cant bring my son with me and he want me to go back in phillipines alone not with my son, do i have a right to bring back my son in my place as a mother please help...

  • Comment Link kasia Sunday, 22 March 2015 21:54 posted by kasia

    I want sole custody of my son. My son deadbeat dad petition to court for joint custody but he does not does anything for my son. he told the judge i just stopped him from him seeing him for nothing when thats a lie . I told the judge I stopped letting him go over there cause him and his family members made a false report to dcf and they basically caught on to it and did not open a case. I submitted my pics of his dad with a blunt in his mouth and throwing up gang signs after court was over with. I hope you look over the evidence I presented even though its after the final court hearing. She said give her about aweek or @ for her final decision. I hope she sends a new court hearing since evidence has been submitted and some is showing that the dad and his family are lieng about alot of stuff.

  • Comment Link Tray Sunday, 22 March 2015 04:28 posted by Tray

    I need your help

  • Comment Link jacob habash Saturday, 21 March 2015 10:07 posted by jacob habash

    I live in sydney and on 28th march I have a mentionening to discuss about my time with my son. At the moment I am currently seeing him 2 hrs a week mondays and Thursday's through supervised visitations and I will be seeing him 4 hrs a week just 2 weeks ago. Ialso have a report for the 8 visits I had with my son. I want you to help me to get more visitations through unsupervised they can become expensive. And also I want to get 50/50 custody.

  • Comment Link jacky Friday, 20 March 2015 07:37 posted by jacky

    my son partner falsely accused him of rape and he has a 3month the old daughter and won't let him see her what can he do

  • Comment Link tammy Friday, 20 March 2015 04:25 posted by tammy

    My daughter is 11 and dont want to go to her dads cause her step mom calls her all kinds of names when her dad isnt around we talked to him about it he said it wont happen again but then as soon as he took her he droped her off at his house and left she called crying she wanted to come home cause her stomach hurt. I dont want to put her through that again. he was abusive with me and his 2 older daughters

  • Comment Link Jessica Thursday, 12 March 2015 06:52 posted by Jessica

    hello my name is Jessica, I have custody of my baby cousin I have had him 5 mounts as of now he was born addicted to drug's his mother has supervised visits she does not call to see how the baby is doing only when she comes to see the baby and the mother and her family has made threats to me because of next Munth is the baby birthday I whont the baby to have his birthday at the park and the mother whonts to have one at her families house i told her i don't no if I could make it because my husband works and i can't drive then the mother And her family started the threats what can I do

  • Comment Link Nick Tuesday, 10 March 2015 21:05 posted by Nick

    Hello my name is Nick.I have a 3 month old baby girl. My girlfriend and I have been fighting lately she stays in my apartment. She throws tantrums and speaks ill of me and when I won't take it she always says. "If I go I'll just all your money". What should I Do?

  • Comment Link chelsey Sunday, 08 March 2015 17:46 posted by chelsey

    Hi my name is chelsey and I'm 15 and I was wondering if your mother boyfriend is allowed to speak in a court hearing/ any court and in front of a judge

  • Comment Link Tatum Sunday, 08 March 2015 10:21 posted by Tatum

    Hi, I have 7 children and my youngest who is 8 to another man.. He has kept my little girl for 3 years hadn't allowed any contact what so ever.. I send 2 or 3 messages a day. He has moved house and won't give me the address . We have shared care and this is killing me . Can you please help me and my little girl . Tatum

  • Comment Link colin Sunday, 08 March 2015 08:28 posted by colin

    Can I get full custody of my 3 kids even if I adopted one thru marriage as my ex wife is quite a violent person? Sge was even sleeping about and got pregnant whilst wih me.

  • Comment Link Aj2510 Sunday, 08 March 2015 06:40 posted by Aj2510

    Does anyone get an actual reply off here? I'm in a situation where I need to know what options I have? But right now can't afford help? :(

  • Comment Link marc Friday, 06 March 2015 06:11 posted by marc

    Hi I have been contacted by a girl I slept and she has my child of 4 years. I've asked to see the child but she says I must wait untill he is older. Do I have any rights or should leave the situation as it is.

  • Comment Link wes Tuesday, 24 February 2015 19:45 posted by wes

    I have three sons with my ex wife, how is it that she is allowed to refuse me visitation over and over again and have three child abuse investigations against her, one filed by my middle son's school, one by a ER physician and one filed by me, but nothing EVER happens! !!
    Is Texas law really that against dads!???

  • Comment Link steven Thursday, 19 February 2015 21:44 posted by steven

    I have been served mediation appointment court ordered. I have Physical custody of my 3 kids and the mom is very unstable and in and out of jail and drugs. I fear for the kids and want supervised visits and drug tests at my descression before she take the kids. I pay for 100% of finances and reopened the child support case..she now wants joint custody with 20% of the kids time and 80% me. Do I need to bring my own paper work ( decleration, facts, request for order, child custody visitation.. ect) please help

  • Comment Link Trav Wednesday, 18 February 2015 03:56 posted by Trav

    I had a child with a girl I thought I knew! Our daughter is now 13 months old! She has moved out taking our daughter, the mother refuses to let myself or her 2 brothers 9&12 see her! She states you need to take me to court and get it in writing! Recently I noticed she was taking a lot of Xanax along with topamax and maxwell and lorazepam. I have anxiety now and then and have recently been diagnosed bipolar! ( now that the mother is gone I feel like the old me and feel alive again) her attitude was out of control! She would burn a bottle of those pills up in 2 weeks! I month supplies. She often text me at work can you leave early the baby is awake I need some rest she is screaming! The mother was a stay at home mom!
    Heard from her 1 ex''a yesterday they told me a lot of things I wish I knew before! She had a pill problem! Been in a mental hospital two times! Left her child from one of the 2 other fathers with a stranger to go party for a week, and admired it! The guy ended up being able to finally track the father down. She has the other son she has no contact with physically, if and when she can she don't and it has to be supervised! But they told me of past mental issues and pill addictions along with not showing up to get the kids on her time even! There is so so much more! I miss my girl, I miss her meeting me at the door, I always knock a certain way and I can hear her scream then pitter patter to the door- da da da da arms wide open and I sweep he up! It's a lovely feeling... I miss the noise the daddy I'm tired lets cuddle and those tiny little arms and hands giving me a I love u daddy hug! Then I say kisses!! Mouth wide open and a pause for me to meet her half way! I can't afford an attorney but I need to get this issue handled soon I have a court date mar 13 I set up. Also she is living with a former meth addict her brother married! She claimed tho she was living with her mom! And her mom is living with for 15 yes a convicted felon for the distribution of marijuana and a large sum of cash! Oh help me lord!

  • Comment Link sharon barnes  james mcdonald 0478209079 Tuesday, 17 February 2015 07:15 posted by sharon barnes james mcdonald 0478209079

    Hello our names are Sharon and James and 3months ago docs took our children shilo 7 & river 5 as they believe they weren't safe at home. Now they are seeking a 2 year order to have them placed in foster care ? We love our kids and we as well as the kids want to be home together ?we are a loving couple and have no domestic violence issues ever they have love ,they love school etc but because of two incidents of drug usage outside the home and away from kids we are somehow now the worst parents in the world it is unbelievable they are suffering including physical abuse by one of the 3 foster homes they have been placed in by the department we are helpless and don know where to turn to this unfair and unjust could you help ?

  • Comment Link tony paolella Tuesday, 17 February 2015 00:14 posted by tony paolella

    I have sole custody of my child for years now my daughter wanted to lice with her mom a couple yrs and now she wants to come back her mom will not let her what do i need to do to go get my child??

  • Comment Link Joseph monroe Monday, 16 February 2015 22:21 posted by Joseph monroe

    My sons mom is constantly being hit and pushed around by her boy friend and he just put her in the hospital and keeps letting him back around my son and her other kids they are afraid to be around this guy but she won't listen when they tell her they don't want him there is there anything I can do as the father of one of her kids

  • Comment Link Jaems Renninger Friday, 13 February 2015 01:19 posted by Jaems Renninger

    My niece does not really know who the father of her baby is. She is getting a divorce from her husband. Her boyfried (ex) gets out of jail in June. She wants to know how she can keep the boyfriend from taking her child if he decided he wanted to. She lives in NC but baby was born in VA. I suggested she go to social services to arrange an court appointed attornery. Her sister just lost custody of her child to the ex-boyfriend who I am sure was even the father.

  • Comment Link Carmen tinoco Thursday, 12 February 2015 21:39 posted by Carmen tinoco

    i went through domestic violence with the father of my only child. Now I am living back with him and my social worker called me that he had to talk to me and informed me that his county supervisor had called him to tell him that he has put in the order to court to take my son away! Can he just take him away without any notice? I think he is just trying to scare me because he said that the order was in already in court n he just told me he hade the paper wprk but never showed it to me. But what I don't understand that if he had the court order already why didnt he take my son? and why haven't I recievd any type of paper saying that they will remove my child?

  • Comment Link Christine Trenter Tuesday, 10 February 2015 16:29 posted by Christine Trenter

    my daughter is going through court at the moment to fight for custody of her daughter who was taken into care 18 month ago. The main factor of this case was that my daughter was accused of giving her daughter medication prescribed by the hospital under false pretences. However although the hospital confirmed in writing to the court that nobody confirmed seeing her daughter in an epilepsy fit, my daughter has 3 official letters signed by the hospital confirming that they confirmed seeing her daughter in a seizure, and started her on the medication.
    What I need to know is my daughter has been offered support housing with a support worker present if help required, would this jeopardise her chance of getting her daughter back if she accepted this property

  • Comment Link Ella Tuesday, 10 February 2015 13:56 posted by Ella

    My nephews aged 2 and 6 weeks have been taken into temp careuntil iI get an assessment done to see if I can have them. I already have my 5 year old daughter. Me and my partner don't live together but I've told the ss we do so it highers the chances of getting the boys out of care. My partner works nights. My sister is going to work with the workers yo get them back but she's wanting joint custody with me. Will it go against me for lying about partner living with me when he doesnt ???

  • Comment Link Steven Monday, 09 February 2015 13:35 posted by Steven

    My son. Has been living with me for almost 9 months. He gets good grads in school is extremely happy living with me. His mother has custody of his she has moved 3 times in the past year woth 3 different men. This whole time he has lived with me she has blackmailed me to keep paying her child support. She barely sees him anymore and tells me if i bringthe ccourt in this she will move my son back with her in a town that is mote than an hour away and her will have to change schools for the third time in teo years

  • Comment Link ROBERTO Monday, 09 February 2015 12:54 posted by ROBERTO


  • Comment Link Nelson Monday, 09 February 2015 08:03 posted by Nelson

    I am a dad and I got the custody of my son in December (few months ago) because my ex decided to moved out of state so I had notery done and she agreed and sign and judges signs too. But now she's moving back this summer, which would be after 6 months and she wants to get him back. My wife and I have 2 boys together 3 total with my son from ex wife. We lived in my hometown all my life and lived in same house over 3 years and my ex wife is always moving houses to house schools to schools and it hurts my sons behaviors. I was wondering what would be my chances to get to keep my son or would I lose him back to his mother? He is 6 years old boy.

  • Comment Link Jacki Sunday, 08 February 2015 04:47 posted by Jacki

    I am 22 years old, i own my own home, i work, my daughter is 6 this year and she goes to school, and gets wonderful grades. Her real father just got out of jail, hes threatened me, used to beat me, and put our daughter in danger that's on record, and did armed robbery, he lives with his dad with other people and he is on a tether, hes trying to take me to court for custody of our daughter. Hes seen her maybe 4 times her whole life, and doesn't know him. Whats going to happen?

  • Comment Link doug Sunday, 08 February 2015 03:05 posted by doug

    If I did not know I had a child for 10 years am I responsible for back child support

  • Comment Link jay Thursday, 05 February 2015 15:15 posted by jay

    ive been set up by my ex girlfriend of 8 years my son was just a baby when i got us a house to start a family a fresh start my son got hurt on his arm we went to court where i got my son i got told to move witch i did got my self and my son a place to live nothing was done or found out about his arm things where great for a wile then a house became free but it was in the same street as my ex we spoke about this befor i made the move so to make sure she was ok with it so i moved it ment she could see more of her son witch sometimes was all i could do to get her to have him at times after moveing about 6 months into living there my son got hurt again and the social took my son now in court it looks like there going to take him away from me ? my ex is 25 never worked a day has another child who is 8 and who sees me as dad she has said so many bad thing about me and plays the victim all the time . i had a chat to my exs mum and asked what more dose ur daughter want from me the mum said all she want is the hoouse this was the first time my son got hurt i think she done this as a plan to get me out and keep my son 1 bit worked as i had to leave the house but the courts gave me my son . so now again in court again i fear i will get the blame for hurting my son and lose him for good its so wrong and looks like she will get away with it , what if anything can i do as i know for sure if she gets my son he will in time get hurt again and i fear it may be to late or worse but ive been made out to be the monster ..

  • Comment Link jay Thursday, 05 February 2015 11:23 posted by jay

    ive been set up by my ex girlfriend of 8 years my son was just a baby when i got us a house to start a family a fresh start my son got hurt on his arm we went to court where i got my son i got told to move witch i did got my self and my son a place to live nothing was done or found out about his arm things where great for a wile then a house became free but it was in the same street as my ex we spoke about this befor i made the move so to make sure she was ok with it so i moved it ment she could see more of her son witch sometimes was all i could do to get her to have him at times after moveing about 6 months into living there my son got hurt again and the social took my son now in court it looks like there going to take him away from me ? my ex is 25 never worked a day has another child who is 8 and who sees me as dad she has said so many bad thing about me and plays the victim all the time . i had a chat to my exs mum and asked what more dose ur daughter want from me the mum said all she want is the hoouse this was the first time my son got hurt i think she done this as a plan to get me out and keep my son 1 bit worked as i had to leave the house but the courts gave me my son . so now again in court again i fear i will get the blame for hurting my son and lose him for good its so wrong and looks like she will get away with it , what if anything can i do as i know for sure if she gets my son he will in time get hurt again and i fear it may be to late or worse but ive been made out to be the monster ..

  • Comment Link Julia Mabe Tuesday, 03 February 2015 21:17 posted by Julia Mabe

    Just have a question for my friend who is pregnant not married what rights does she have as far as custody, putting his name on the birth certificate and having him in the delivery room. He is verbally abusing her and messing with her head

  • Comment Link Ash Sunday, 01 February 2015 22:12 posted by Ash

    I am 15, I live with my mom, I want to move provinces to live with my sister, can I do this?

  • Comment Link nicola Saturday, 31 January 2015 07:46 posted by nicola

    Hi I'm living with my boyfriend, but I think he's only here coz of our 4yr old son. He keeps saying he is leaving and taking our son that he says he's not staying with me. He keeps saying I'm unfit mother as when he was younger our son pulled a cup of tea over him, by accident. But he was ok. Then last summer he said our son nearly went under the water in the pool. My boyfriend doesn't work. He said his mum said they can stay there. But her boyfriend smokes weed. They say it's for medical reasons but I don't think so my boyfriend has got anger issues where he does punch doors and everything else when he gets into the mood. I no he would never hurt his son. I just want to know what my rights are or what i can do pls.. He doesn't even take his son out. Nor never taken him to school nor picked him up. He never even taken him out when he was a baby. I did everything. He is on the birth certificate but never been married.

  • Comment Link Michael Friday, 30 January 2015 16:44 posted by Michael

    I currently have physical custody of my son who is 15 yrs old. He has been under my roof since he was 10 yrs old. Our home has excellent struture and his grades are As accross the board. He is currently in wrestling and does very well in all school activities. We are considering a move out of state from Mi to Fl. My son is adamant about going with us. His mother is against it. She currently does not pay child support and sees him only on her weekend. What influence does the childs wants affect the judges decision for relacation?

  • Comment Link Chasity Wednesday, 28 January 2015 20:24 posted by Chasity

    When i got pregnant with my son the father who was living with me said it wasn't his. Now 13yrs later he is trying to take full custody of my son, my husbands name is on the birth certificate. I got in some trouble a year ago and my mom has custody of my kids right now. We are in the process of getting them they live with me and everything. Can he take custody of my son? He says he just found out about him and thats a lie. Please help me with an answer.

  • Comment Link Mathew Jones Wednesday, 28 January 2015 14:44 posted by Mathew Jones

    My wife took my son and went to her brothers they wouldn't let me talk to her or see my son they said she is getting a divorce but they wouldn't let me talk to her to see what's going on or see my child. They took her phone away do I couldn't contact her she was crying and because they threatened that if she let me see him or talked to me that she couldn't stay their and they wouldn't have anything to do with her my sister and brothers went to try and talk to her to see why I couldn't see my son talk to my wife and was witnessed my wife being pushed away from the door and wouldn't let her see them no legal process has been taken or no court order stating I can't see my child what can I DO

  • Comment Link cory singleton Sunday, 25 January 2015 12:11 posted by cory singleton

    My baby's my have 7 cases with Cps and she had the 8 child with me because we are fighting if I give up would she ever have a chance to get cusdy and she also missed all court dates already can someone tell me what will happen with that child if I give up and step down out of the child's life not trying to go to jail fight with her.....

  • Comment Link Maranda Wednesday, 21 January 2015 15:43 posted by Maranda

    Hi my name maranda in I have a pantner I was wondering how can she get rights the father was somebody I had sex with when I was on vacation I was drunk in don't have a idea who he is but I want to give her half rights to. My four month old son

  • Comment Link Darcy Monday, 19 January 2015 02:28 posted by Darcy

    I want to go for custody of my child,because my ex wife and her new boyfriend are mentally abusing her .Do I grounds to do this.I also had her at my principal residence for four years,and she is enrolled in a morning and after school program.

  • Comment Link chrissie locke Thursday, 15 January 2015 02:47 posted by chrissie locke

    My Daughter ex has now after 4 years wants to go for full custody of his son .they both do not have custody and he has been with her all his life and the father is in navy, and can afford a lawyer were she is a single mum .Where do we start ,he is emotionally and mentally abusing her .She has never stopped him from seeing him whenever. But now said he hates her and wants to get her back .

  • Comment Link brooke Monday, 12 January 2015 20:41 posted by brooke

    im going to criminal court for traffiking and im turning my life around my babies r my world its first and last offence and i dont have much support i have 3 boys 1 bby girl and the court is telling me they want to put them into care i dont want my babies in the system ive learnt my lesson they r my world i will do stupid stuff if i loose them what should i do?

  • Comment Link joe Saturday, 10 January 2015 14:19 posted by joe

    Me an my girlfriend broke up we have a 1 year old together i signed the birth certificate but we have not went to court for joint custody anyway i live in michigan she is trying to move to florida she was told even if i get my joint custody she can still leave without permission is this true an what can i do to keep my son in my life

  • Comment Link Ryan Domke Friday, 09 January 2015 18:40 posted by Ryan Domke

    my brothers kids were taken from them in court i have til tomorrow to get them from going in to the system what do i do

  • Comment Link Pete Wednesday, 07 January 2015 23:22 posted by Pete

    I'm going through court at the moment and it's got to the stage I'm just about to give up I've been to court 4 times and nothings changing it's her way or not at all, first of all I was getting to see my son everyday untill I told my ex our relationship was over and we had to establish a relationship as friends for the sake of our son, I havent saw him since, her reasons at court were first hearing, violence and she got cought out lying, then my criminal record got dragged up, she convicted the court it wasn't all my record, so behold next time at court SAME criminal record ( driving offences & cannabis ) once the judge got 3x copies of the same record she's now moved onto I'm a drug user, I'm breaking my hart I've not seen my wee guy for a year now........ What am I to do. Ps I'm in scotland

  • Comment Link Ethan mathhew bennett Tuesday, 06 January 2015 05:04 posted by Ethan mathhew bennett

    Im 16 years old and i love my mom but i want to go live with my dad to see how life can be living with him.

  • Comment Link Jeff DIenst Saturday, 03 January 2015 22:45 posted by Jeff DIenst

    So I have had custody of my son since me and my spouse got divorced when my son was 2 years old. He is now 14 years old and in September my ex went to his school and picked him up and won't bring him back. He decided that he doesn't want to be disciplined for things he does wrong. She didn't have custody of her 21 year old and 18 year old until the 18 year old was 15 and didn't want to be disciplined by his father either and now he fathers an almost 3 year old and the 21 year old wasn't even fathered by the father that took care of her until she was legal. She went back to live with her Mom and hooked on heroin. This mother is only around when its convienient for her. She has many police reports for harassment and has a mental illness that is not under control. She now wants to take me to court to take over custody of him and wants child support. I didn't start getting child support on my son until he was 10 or 11. I didn't get child support from her for 8 to 9 years can I now go after her for that support she didn't pay in the past? How is it right she takes my kid and all she wants is support

  • Comment Link leroy parnell Saturday, 03 January 2015 21:43 posted by leroy parnell

    My cousin and her husband lost 2 kids to the state of GA 2 yrs ago. One yr ago she has the third baby that the state took straight from the hospital. They have a real bad drug problem. They have o.d mutiple times and was rushed to the e.r. Also both have been arrested numerous times. Dfcs stepped in and set certain criteria they had to meet. They did the exact opposite and failed drug tests. So it went in front of a judge, apparently that didnt sway them to stop the drugs because her husband passed out in front of the judge. Then they were allowed supervised visitation BUT STILL NO CHANGE. They would show up very messed and also passed out at visitation. So can someone please tell me how she was able to bring the 4th baby home from the hospital today. They are also feeding oxys to my 80 yr old grandma. Oh yea they just burned there house down 1 week agothat a aunt left to them in a will. Neither work or have any way to support there selfs. PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP EXPLAIN AND WHAT CAN I DO

  • Comment Link Thomas Wednesday, 31 December 2014 22:50 posted by Thomas

    Me and my girlfriend had to break up because of her ex husband, we went on a trip, he had a private investigator follow us and said we were drinking when we weren't, the only bad thing that was shown on the tape was me keeping her from getting inside our room, and her kids were percent. We are trying to find a loop whole or any way possible to get around what he is doing.

  • Comment Link David Reece Tuesday, 30 December 2014 06:13 posted by David Reece

    I am friends with my x we get on well she got pregnant young and the father of child no where to be seen I've been helping her bring the baby up I have him 2 or 3 nights I've had him since he was two mths old and hes 7 mths now and has bonded to me she wants me to adopt him so he will be under my name and will have a dad so to speak what are the pros and cons can this be done?

  • Comment Link jennyfer Tuesday, 30 December 2014 03:21 posted by jennyfer

    Brief history:
    My ex and I have joint legal custody of our daughter (8, soon to be 9). He has a history of several cos calls made against him and his girlfriend has lost custody of her oldest child for unknown reasons. I have been remarried for 4 years now. My husband has had one issue with threats made to me and we separated. My husband voluntarily joined counseling and we have been back together over a year.
    Now, here is my dilemma.....
    My ex has been refusing me visitation and even has our daughter telling me she doesn't want to come visit (I hear him in the background telling her what to say).
    He refuses to put me down on her medical and school records even though there is a court order.
    He allows his girlfriend to physically discipline our daughter even though there is a no corporeal punishment order.
    My biggest issues.....
    He is being evicted for the 3rd time in 5 years and wants to move our daughter in with a convicted drug felon who I am pretty sure is still using. He refuses to let our daughter come live with me until he is stable.
    Tonight I called our daughter and she informs me that she and my ex were involved in a car accident and she sustained head, back, and neck injuries. HE never called me to inform me of this, she just happened to tell me. Now here is the biggest issue....he was driving the car with 1. A cast on his driving foot and 2. Under the influence of prescription pain medicine. Do you feel I have grounds for getting her under the circumstances of child endangerment and instability? Or am I going to have a difficult time because of my previous problems with my current husband? Thank you in advance

  • Comment Link wandy Sunday, 28 December 2014 10:48 posted by wandy

    I m relationship with the father of twins, and lately mother of twins contact the father to take them so he look after them. He told me all the situation of the boys . He go and fetch boys. When thy arrive on house we under weight nd sores on head and was no clothes for them . Nd later stage take them to hospital nd find out since thy hv 11 weeks no vacination. Nd I m worried maybe one day will take them to me.

  • Comment Link Charlie Saturday, 27 December 2014 16:56 posted by Charlie

    The father of my unborn child stopped seeing me before I found out I was pregnant coz he said he wanted to move country. When he found out I was pregnant he was not happy and still wanted to move country.

    He is now saying that if I stop him from seeing his child he will take me to court.

    I have had thoughts about moving to the uk where my other child's dad lives as he cannot move here because he also has a son over there. All his side of the family also live over there.

    What would be the chances I would win in court to move the the uk with my kids?

  • Comment Link Shawn Saturday, 27 December 2014 00:34 posted by Shawn

    Im a single father and child welfare took my children from thier mother and gave them to me,they are also fully supporting me for full custody,will i get it?

  • Comment Link Elizabeth Friday, 19 December 2014 01:17 posted by Elizabeth

    And that I stop them seen her. I have picked her up from school a couple off time early because I am scared they take her and want give her back as they so evil and like playin head games. It was a bad relaship were violent was involed but I never reported it to the police but keep some photo off my back after. All I want to now we're do I stand as I am living with my mam as wait on a counical house and he's share a house with this man .

  • Comment Link cinthia Thursday, 04 December 2014 03:34 posted by cinthia

    my husband has mental problems, he has been depressed for a long time, last may he serve me the divorce with out notice, when i was getting ready my stuff for response his petition he came back home because he said that he love me and my daugter. after that we take terapy togheter, after 2 sesion he said that he coudn't do it so he left and he was getting ready to leave the house but he didn't. his depression doesn't let him see anything he is irritated all the time and he sais that he wants to go and find his happiness, anyway like 3 weeks ago I notice his depresion was getting bad again and last week i went to the store with my daughter and when I came back he was gone he let a house and said that he wanted to find happiness togheter, since then any time that we talk he wants to do wherever he wants witout asking me he tells me when he is comming to visit our daughter and he wants to file for joint custody, i said that i feel is better for our 3 year old to stay with me and he can come and visit her any day. i have been mentlly abuse but I undersatd is for his depression, but i want that my baby can be safe and also i really want her to see her daddy. what possibility is that he can get the joint custody? i also have a journal with his ups and downs and 3 therapist have said that he needs to take madication but he doesn't want he always said that he is fine.

  • Comment Link April Crane Monday, 01 December 2014 10:08 posted by April Crane

    I have a 17 year old son and he has decided that he wants to live with me and go to school where I live. The only thing is he is afraid of the grandparents that he is living with now. And they are threatening me that if I don't send him back to the school where the parental grandmother was a teacher and has a lot of pull up there I could go to jail. I have tried to be nice about everything and just keep the peace but now that he's 17 and wants to be able to live with me in the state of Mississippi instead of Alabama what can I do. I can't afford to pay a lawyer and I have already been in jail for about 6 days for not paying for a car and filing bankruptcy for. Please help me find out what I can do legally not only for me and him but for my 16 year old daughter and 15 year old son as well if they want to leave to.

  • Comment Link Cristina Monday, 24 November 2014 00:26 posted by Cristina

    My ex husbands new girlfriend has lpst 2 kids to DOCS and i dont trust her around my kids can i take him to court

  • Comment Link kristi Saturday, 22 November 2014 02:32 posted by kristi

    My ex and I have had joint custody primary residence with me mother for 7 years now ..I recently filed for sole custody ..his response to my papers where degrading me with lies about me not being a good mother ..shouldI worrie about these awful accusations

  • Comment Link ernest ochoa Friday, 21 November 2014 17:34 posted by ernest ochoa

    my girlfriend has had her child taken away by the courts in the past and has had child social service investigate her twice in the past year. once because of her 16 yr old selling pot out of the house which he was busted for. another time was when my son was born 5 months ago she had weed in her and his system. her son smokes pot feet away from him all the time and wont stop or find a job. we bothhave had a past drug problem she has been threatening me about taking him away. i believe that her past stuff will hurt her but i too have a past with drugs 5 years ago. will the courts see how terrible she can be?

  • Comment Link Aida Gonzalez Friday, 21 November 2014 02:06 posted by Aida Gonzalez

    I have joint custody with my kids father but with primary recidence with me mother does that give him the right to take my kids when ever he feels like it

  • Comment Link Aida Gonzalez Friday, 21 November 2014 02:04 posted by Aida Gonzalez

    I have joint custody with my kids father but with primary recidence with me mother does that give him the right to take my kids when ever he feels like it

  • Comment Link Robert Green Jr. Thursday, 20 November 2014 19:52 posted by Robert Green Jr.

    I've divorced my wife in 2002. Our son was 6 months old. She got primary custody. I got weekends with him... I payed her child support till i lost my job and it got behind. She took me to court.. So ive been paying regular support plus back support. Seven yrs. ago my x wife had a horrible accident and became disabled...She now receives disability food stamps, medicare, for herself. She also gets clothes voulture once a year for our son. She buys alot of jewelry and she and her boyfriend goes on at least 5 trips a year without our son.. She brings him to me...And when hes out of school during the summer for 8 years now i have him...I know i have to pay child support. and back pay..but shouldn't the regular payment go down since all these changes has occurred?

  • Comment Link DARREN ULLGER Friday, 14 November 2014 15:51 posted by DARREN ULLGER


  • Comment Link Jameson carter Wednesday, 12 November 2014 23:22 posted by Jameson carter

    My parents split up, doses the mother keep custody of me if I stayed with her. Right now I with my dad and my mom is in Missouri with my grandma or her mom getting money to support me when she comes back. But my dad has a plan to go to Maryland. But I want to stay with my mother.

  • Comment Link cally Wednesday, 12 November 2014 14:42 posted by cally

    Need advice. Me and partner are seperating however i wish to give him sole custody of our daughter. As i have recently started work and my other two children are and will be in nursery. He has nowhere to stay so he would have to sort out an accomadation. What advice would u give and how would i go about this

  • Comment Link Christina aguilar Monday, 10 November 2014 03:46 posted by Christina aguilar

    My ex hus band says he Can have ny daughter bh he has his own house and a job. I've been their for almost 5 years. He took 2 years now he wanting ripper her away

  • Comment Link Lori Archuleta Thursday, 06 November 2014 11:59 posted by Lori Archuleta

    My ex filed for full custody and was denied its been a year now how do I get her back

  • Comment Link JOE Wednesday, 05 November 2014 15:20 posted by JOE

    My husband and I have been separated now for 6 months. We came to an agreement that we would share responsibility for the children and our current arrangement is that we each have them 50% of the time (i.e. they live in each of our houses on a equal number of nights during each week). This was agreed on the basis that we felt that it was important that they spent equal time with their parents, afterall it was not their fault that we split up. Recently though, my ex husband has decided that he wants to go for full custody of the children and has been sending threatening messages regarding evidence he has to say I am an unfit mother. Both of us work full-time and we have amde adequate provisions for childcare. We both earn reasonable salaries and each live in nice homes. I previously worked part-time and was the primary carer for the children, but have had to increase my hours to full time in order to afford living expenses etc. We split everything 50/50 financially and have managed so far to split the costs of the children without having to agree on any maintenance payments. Clearly it would not be in the best interests of the children if they were taken away from me when everything is running perfectly smoothly as it is where the children are spending equal time with us. There is no history of any domestic abuse, alcoholism or drug abuse on either side. We both enjoy a drink from time to time and this is what my ex husband plans to use against me (i.e. I had a few drunken nights when we were married and have been out enjoying myself too much on the nights that he has had the children). Surely this is not enough grounds for me being deemed as a bad mother and the kids taken away from me?

  • Comment Link CorieAnna Tuesday, 04 November 2014 16:46 posted by CorieAnna

    My little brother and sister live with my aunt and uncle and they will not allow me to see them. What can I do? Do I have any rights to them?

  • Comment Link sue jiminez Monday, 27 October 2014 19:15 posted by sue jiminez

    hello my 16 year daughter has a 3 month old son and this last friday her sons father was abusive with her. how do i go about filing for custody for my daughter and to get a restraining order on him? can you please direct me in the right area please?

  • Comment Link steve Monday, 20 October 2014 17:26 posted by steve

    l have residence of my son all legal my ex wife did'nt want him full time just see him every other weekend yea agree to that he loves he mum. But see contacting school behind my back is she aloud to do this.....?

  • Comment Link mcr Saturday, 18 October 2014 03:22 posted by mcr

    My ex filed with a court a doctors letter staying our 9yo daughter only weighed 52lbs and was malnourished when he got her for summer vacation, there is no date of exam. 6 days before she left I took her to the ER because she wasn't feeling well and she was weighed acc measured. Her weight was 64.5lbs only 6 days before. His mother in law works at this clinic so don't believe it's a real letter. What can I do?

  • Comment Link Missy Friday, 17 October 2014 00:38 posted by Missy

    I live in Az, and was wondering if i am appointed sole custody due to domestic violence, and he has been charged with it..and lied to the judge when asked about it.

  • Comment Link sitara Tuesday, 14 October 2014 20:57 posted by sitara

    plsss help husband divorced me on june 2011...i didnt met my kids since last 3 husb n parents doesnt allow me to meet my kids or talk to them..i m going to be hopeless day by day...plssss help me through n ngo or by any other name is sitara ch

  • Comment Link theresa quintero Monday, 13 October 2014 01:35 posted by theresa quintero

    my girlfriend has primary custody of our children, i have had them for six months and they are registered in school. she wants to come and take them out of school because she doesnt want to loose her child supporl. i dont care about the money but i am concered about relocating them in the middle of the year. they are doing very well and im afraid that moving them might affect them

  • Comment Link lakshmi Friday, 10 October 2014 19:41 posted by lakshmi


    My husband out of home from 3 months now he threatening me that he wants a divorce in mutual consent.
    i have an onsite opportunity and i need a no objection letter from him for taking my child.
    he is not ready to give that. and he is saying neither he will stay with us nor he will allow us to go abroad. if i give child he will take care

    what can i do in this situation

  • Comment Link Jose Thursday, 09 October 2014 19:35 posted by Jose

    I've been to prison for assault twice. I Have one child with the woman that I for into these legal problems with. I'm moving in from my past left the area, friends and her. She has not. She is drinking and driving just not caught yet. She allows the kids to ride in the car without seat belts, allows my 5 year old to ride in the front seat of the car she has told himhow to hide if she says the police officer Is coming. What can I do to get my son or of this situation?

  • Comment Link Celesté Thursday, 09 October 2014 12:00 posted by Celesté

    Good day, what can I do if I think that it is not in my 8 year old daughter's best interest to visit her father alone as he is not capable of looking after her as he is a drunk? He also doesn't stay in the same province as us.
    He is now suing for set visitation.

  • Comment Link savannah Wednesday, 08 October 2014 05:22 posted by savannah

    Pls I need help asap I have court n the am my x husband and I got a divorce n the divorce he gave up his rights later we found out he is the father but my middle child's dad has been the one providing for her since birth and is on her birth certificate but the court wants to give him his rights back how is that if he knows nun about her or seen her n 8 years pls help me he's also been with my mom and sister I don't want this man around my child she's also a disabled child

  • Comment Link kirsty Friday, 03 October 2014 11:05 posted by kirsty

    hi, social worker has advised that they think joint custody is appropriate for me and childs father, i want to be the main carer as he works full time and id rather and think it makes more sence that the kids are looked after by me rather then a childminder. he insisting he wants them to live with me but he really hasnt time for them, he leaves for work before 7am and dosent return for kids untill about 5.30pm. i dont work and have another baby due in 8 weeks as well, i have lots of support off new partner and i live within 5 mins walking distance from childrens school nursary. what are chances of him managing to keep kids living with him
    thank you

  • Comment Link Chris Beman Saturday, 27 September 2014 18:59 posted by Chris Beman

    I never made a police ,report about my husbands bad verbal abuse toward me because I was scared and the guardian ad litem didn't put in her report anything about the verbal abuse that I told her . Can I still use the fact that my husband verbally abused me when I go to court for a custody battle

  • Comment Link brittany Friday, 19 September 2014 21:48 posted by brittany

    My daughter's grandma has offered to help take care of while I moved back to my home town for a job now her grandmother is trying to keep her... they don't answer my calls on top that her dad has moved back their now he has no job or house. I've tried for the past 2 years to get her.. BT I can't keep losing jobs over this. Their trying to keep her. I'm a good mom i m not drugs I work at a collection frim. Her Father also was very abusive I have a police and retraing order. What should I do???

  • Comment Link Adena Ellen Thursday, 18 September 2014 16:03 posted by Adena Ellen

    As a physically and emotionally abused wife and mother of 13 years 10 years of the relationship I held a store manager position carried insurance for myself my husband and 2 children. Was head of the household as husband couldn't hold a job due to habitual marajuaina user. I want to add that I have nothing against the use of this plant by others I myself do not use it but my husband did daily which meant getting a job wasnt easy for him.... But smoking would make his physical and verbal abuse almost nonexistent... Husband is a good dad with 10 or more times of verbally and physically abusing our son from 2-8 and daughter 2-5 that I witnessed. The last 2 years of the marriage he offered to get a job and allow me to experience being a staying home mom.. When I worked the 2 children were 5 days a week 8 plus hours a day at a daycare that readied them for school and allowed interaction as well as independence withot out mommy or daddy I paid cash 800 monthly even when I couldn't afford to so I knew the kids were safe and so husband could have his "alone" time he had been literally punishing me for not giving him... Daycare rent utilities clothing food vehicle maintence ect. All covered by me... Anyways I was thrilled and terrified all together with this new change but trusted my husband to do the right things and not let us be without home food or needs... I actually used my degree in early childhood education and had a full lesson planned 5 days a week preschool to help my son be ready for school. ;-) still all the while enduring abuse and accepting blame as not filling my role as a wife should when he 13 times commites adultry.. Upon my finding out and trying to rationally approach the situation would be put through any where from 1 hour to weeks on end of verbally emotionally broken and very mythotical physical abuse. He would punch my knees hands feet as they don't bruise he would pull hair pour hot and cold water on me as I lay on the floor he would step on my face smashing it into the floor kick me down as I attempted to get up and tell me how he hated me and I was retarded stupid or stupid fucking bitch so much in fact our 3 year old at the time son not knowing the hurt or bad words being wrong asked me while I did dishes while off work more muggie (milk) stupid fucking bitch" :-O I was stunned as he had learnt that as my name due to being called this so many times :-( I was unemployed for 2 years living in a trailer tht husbands parents had purchased for us to live in and pay monthly till paid in full to have deed in our name still being abused and getting worse on me and the children I had gotten addicted to opiets and successfully gotten myself sober (still maintaining soberity 6 years now) he still using weed and for the 13th time was unfaithful... And again inflicted pain out as much as inner and for some reason I had enough and 24 days after his 13th woman outside our marriage and 3 other times of abuse I packed a bag and put my 2 children to bed kissing them crying so bad it hurts now even because I knew my unemployment and no home or family help that Leaving them with their dad was the best decision knowing without me the children would be 97% in the inlaws care who are devine with my kids and my not having income or home would only cause my children suffering and more confusion than they already would I want the best for them I knew the talk and rumors that would and did unfold but I think that my self image or public opinion would be horrible and say hurtful things but didn't care because I knew it was right to not make Ethan and Elaine suffer MORE from my and my husbands failed marriage... Now that being said I maintained seeing the kids during divorce and asked husband to not fight over them that I would never keep them from him and to please not from me. But he has since I left done all he could and then more by allowing his parents to add even more to what he was doing and keep my children away. Hours I would wait for him to come home when he knew I was waiting not allowing me to speak to them telling them I was a whore nd on drugs that I didn't love them and hated them... Lying to the school saying I was ordered to no contact with them both when court hadn't even happened and even continued into after court ordered visitation orders were in place... I have a job a home and insurance for me and my children! I am perfectly ok with taking them to their current school and do NOT wish to take custody away from their dad not even after what he has done to me. I want their dad in their life and his family! When and where ever he wants! I just want to gain my custody back that I willingly for the childrens best interest with no other option given but tht..... I now know I shouldnt of been scared of court alone and or his lawyer and himself but I also know it was right to not pull them through suffering as I rebooted and started over... Now 2 years passing I want to know if I have a chance at getting my custody back and will 2 years of him disobeying the visitation order and inventing his own rules to make seeing my kids allowed for example I was to have sex with him and then could have the scheduled weekend I was already suppose to have.... And myself scared of him yes but also he has family police that wouldn't enforce court order sayin exhusband was allowed to make his own rules and make me leave :-( with proof of all and this being whats happened will it help?

  • Comment Link richard Friday, 12 September 2014 03:03 posted by richard

    I wanna leave my wife she is bipolar only reaspn im putting up with her is because of my cjildren she complains to much about taking the children to school and cleaning she has had one children services case and i fear the worst can happen if i leave my children in her full time what can i do as a father to get them to my full custody

  • Comment Link David Wednesday, 10 September 2014 06:54 posted by David

    I am a loving father of a 2 month old girl and there is nothing I wouldn't do for my daughter but sadly my relationship with the mother is falling apart mainly because she will not agree to a routine for my daughter and the way we should bring her up the mother believes that that what she is doing is the right thing for our daughter but I have spent time reading and resurching methords and routines for my daughter and even showed her that they work but she still refuses to work as a family I am worried that she may take my daughter from me I have tried and tried to work things out so we can be a family I love them both to bits but my partner has threatend me that she will take my daughter from me and some times threatened to take her out of the country back to my partners birth home I am really worried about this and I don't know what rights I have to have custody of my daughter I am in full time work and I have a healthy family network in the country my partner doesn't have any family with in the uk can you please give me some advice

  • Comment Link Melanie De Sunday, 07 September 2014 15:31 posted by Melanie De

    My boyfriend and I have only been together for a few short weeks, our break ups with our husband and wife were very close to our get together. My boyfriends ex is telling everyone that we had an affair, which is very untrue, we were both separated before we started. We would like to move in together but his ex won't let the kids have anything to do with me, and now decides when and where he sees the kids. Can she do this? Together can we have the kids at our new home? What legally can we do? What are his rights? Is there no strong feature in his and her lives.

  • Comment Link nikkos acosta Thursday, 28 August 2014 23:37 posted by nikkos acosta

    my ex took my son from me and i couldn't find her for 3 years and now she says i abanonded him. i tried to contact her brother and mother through Facebook but still the social worker says i abandoned him. it seems like she has a all these people on her side but no one is hearing me what do i do

  • Comment Link pryscilla ponce Wednesday, 20 August 2014 08:20 posted by pryscilla ponce

    My realtionship with my boyfriend is great but he has a son and he's mother came back in their life threatening to take his son away if he doesn't let her try to be a happy family but he doesn't want her taking him away so he has to do. What do I do he says she gave him the paper work but she was a former drug user and the only way now is because she's clean how do I keep this realtionship without her threating to take away his son how do I help even as a friend if she is threatening to take his boy away just because I'm I the picture she won't leave him alone or let him be happy so why is she allowed to do this to him when she said she never wanted the kid in the first place?? Please help asap

  • Comment Link pryscilla ponce Wednesday, 20 August 2014 08:18 posted by pryscilla ponce

    My realtionship with my boyfriend is great but he has a son and he's mother came back in their life threatening to take his son away if he doesn't let her try to be a happy family but he doesn't want her taking him away so he has to do. What do I do he says she gave him the paper work but she was a former drug user and the only way now is because she's clean how do I keep this realtionship without her threating to take away his son

  • Comment Link Darnice Grady Tuesday, 19 August 2014 23:00 posted by Darnice Grady sister is having a baby n is on drugs and I want to obtain custody however from past experiences with my grandchildren I was told by DHS because of my past,,and a prostitution charge ..I am not qualified...However my charge was in n2004-2006

  • Comment Link stewart Kenneth Tuesday, 19 August 2014 07:54 posted by stewart Kenneth

    My daughter has a job her x boy friend don't try to keep a job also my daughter lives with us can my daughter get full coustdy

  • Comment Link Chris Stewart Sunday, 17 August 2014 21:07 posted by Chris Stewart

    I'm considering filing a motion for custody change; however, I'm not sure if what is happening justifies it. Hopefully someone can enlighten me. My ex and I have joint legal custody of our 9-year old boy--four years now. I provide most of the financial support and, more importantly, spend more time with him. His mother has pretty much been able to do what she pleases in terms of altering visitation schedules. I have been more than flexible in going with the flow, since it would mean more time with my son. As of late, the ex has a serious boyfriend; she stays over at his place--about 15-20 miles away from where my son goes to school--each and every night, taking my son with her when she has him. My son doesn't want to go there each night but is told he has no choice in the matter. On top of this, he revealed to me--I haven't asked him any guiding questions regarding this mind you--that he sometimes has to sleep on the couch and is often awakened in the middle of the night by his mom making moaning sounds from where she is sleeping with her boyfriend. He knocks on the door to see if she is all right, but is told to go back to bed. I have voiced my displeasure with her taking my son over there, but have been told it is none of my f*$%#ing business. Do I have any grounds to seek a change in the present custody situation? Thanks.

  • Comment Link sean Sunday, 10 August 2014 09:10 posted by sean

    The mother of my twin daughters suffers with depression and is on anti depressants would I be able to get sole custody easily with that factor?

  • Comment Link Nani Sunday, 10 August 2014 05:06 posted by Nani

    At the time my son was 16 yrs old and was going thru the lost of a relative that he was very close too. And during this time, my husband's best friend's wife (who's 13 yrs older) took advantage of my son by having sexual intercourse with him. When I found this out, this lady was pregnant and so I called our police department to report this, but instead the lead detective made me feel helpless, since she stated "I don't think the police can do anything since this is a sticky situation and that my 16 yr old son may feel their relationship was consensual, and that she and I would be going to court knowing it could be thrown out if my son denies my report". Anyways, my son is now 19 yrs old and finally realized that she was just using him for sexual favors just so he could see his child. This beautiful innocent baby girl is now unable to see her father sine last month due to my son letting her husband know what was going on?Although her husband is in great denial, and is siding with her? They have 3 kids prior to having the baby who turned one. My son now wants to legally get custody of this child, but 1) his name isn't on the birth certificate; and 2) although my son gave her money for the baby and tried watching the baby on a set schedule she always made it to where she had the upper hand and control in the situation by manipulating him? We're now looking into getting a lawyer to help pursue paternity and custody. What other advise can you give us while we're going thru this?

  • Comment Link connie Thursday, 07 August 2014 15:21 posted by connie

    my son was out with a friend son at his fathers work and a mother of a different friend picked my son and drove them to a spot that i did not ok what can i do about this

  • Comment Link Michelle Monday, 04 August 2014 14:46 posted by Michelle

    My fiancee is fighting for custody of his son and if he gets it we were told I would no longer be able to spend the night with his anymore until we're married! Is that true?

  • Comment Link david Tuesday, 29 July 2014 16:50 posted by david

    I live in Tennessee my ex has recently lied an took off to Michigan with my son an want come back my rights to my son is every other week I get him Wednesday through Sunday an I have not seen him in a month can she do that

  • Comment Link ashley Monday, 28 July 2014 18:48 posted by ashley

    I have a question, We are in a situation where my boyfriend has two other children. At this time one lives with us and the other lives with her. The one that lives with us would like to go live with his mother. My boyfriend is a stay at home dad to our two children and works about an hour or so each night making around $6 hour. How does the child support work since he is really not making much and he is a stay at home father.

  • Comment Link Charles Friday, 25 July 2014 21:14 posted by Charles

    Hi, my girlfriend live with me, and we have 2 kids together. After argue 2 days ago because she accused me for cheating on her and left the house with the kids. She turned off her cell phone so I can't talk to my kids. A week later I received a letter from sheriff department that she accuse me for family violence and said that I hit her 7 months ago or it's a lie. what should I do?

  • Comment Link Dan Seekins Wednesday, 23 July 2014 19:38 posted by Dan Seekins

    Hi, my name is Dan. Up until Friday I have been having contact with my daughter Every Tuesday and every other weekend for about 6 months, before this it was 1 night a weekend one week and then a full weekend the week after, never through the week. The reason this changed is because we went to mediation.

    Now, the mother of my daughter has decided that she wants to have joint custody and is dropping my daughter at my house Sunday evening to stay with me until Tuesday evening, then later in the week Friday PM through til Tuesday PM (but going back to hers on the Sunday night).

    She is also off work at the minute as she works at schools so is on holiday. She knows I work full time so she is asking me to send our daughter to a child minder/nursery to try and get to me financially.

    Where do I stand with this situation, do I just have to do as she says. I can do the dates she has decided but I need to arrange a child minder/nursery.

    My preference would be to have full custody. If she 'abandons' my daughter at my house on Sunday without my agreement what can I do??

  • Comment Link alicia escobar Wednesday, 23 July 2014 12:36 posted by alicia escobar

    Can my ex husband and his common or wife take away a 27 year old daughter

  • Comment Link Tony grande Tuesday, 15 July 2014 02:15 posted by Tony grande

    Hi names tony I'm going through a divorce and I actually have court on 8/25/2014 regarding visitations with my daughter she only a month old she was born on 6/8/14 .. My ex wife lives with her parents in a two bedroom apartment with seven people she does not have her own room or a crib for my daughter .. And on the otherside u live on my own I'm a two bedroom apartment I have made my second room into a nursing room and I'm taking parenting classes .. But my question is will my ex wife have problems for her living situation

  • Comment Link Lauren Murray Sunday, 13 July 2014 15:10 posted by Lauren Murray

    My ex husband and I are going down the court route as he won't stick to visitation we've been separated for a year next month, he has now started a new relationship with someone 10yrs his junior she has had a child removed from her by social services and naturally I'm worried as I have two children under the age of 5. I've told my ex husband that if I can't find out why she had her child removed I'm uncomfortable with her having anything to do with my children my kids safety is my number 1 priority and but my ex husband seems happy enough to put them at risk by involving her behind my back. His visitation has never has never been regular due to him not showing up to see the kids.
    Where would he stand in court with his irregular visitation and the fact that he is potentially putting our children at risk as he doesn't know either why his new partner has had a child removed?

  • Comment Link Dorbria Saturday, 12 July 2014 16:15 posted by Dorbria

    My childs father has taking my child because i ended it with him he has taken my child to his aunt house he isnt there can i go over with law enforcement and get my child.

  • Comment Link  Rohail Mughal Wednesday, 09 July 2014 09:59 posted by Rohail Mughal

    I need help
    I came to uk on spouse visa .my wife is British we were living before in Pakistan after 1years my wife brought me here I left my career everything back for my wife .when I moved here me and my wife live 1month together .and in this one month I face to many problems from her or with her family I decided to find a job finally I got the job in london but my wife was not happy to moved with me as she wanted to live with her parents we had argue with each other from that day we r seperated I moved to london ANC she lives in helifex .after few month I come to know from my relatives that she is pregnent I tried yo contact her but can't I phoned to her parents her sibling but no one is telling me that where she is .i been trying to find my wife and my baby since 2 years but can't my question is how do I found them .i m very worried if any one can help me .plz wait to hear your reasponce

  • Comment Link roman Wednesday, 09 July 2014 05:27 posted by roman

    I have a 3 yr old & a 16 mnth old baby their mother doesn't have any thing goin for her self not even a license to operate a vehicle.I payed for her way to come bak from nw mex and she let me and my 2 boys down she is an unstable mother w a violent past could I get full custody of my boys?

  • Comment Link firefly1 Saturday, 05 July 2014 07:04 posted by firefly1

    Ok, so she is supposed to do all of the doctors visits, cleaning, cooking, working, holidays and everything else. They have joint custody, so if he "barely gets to see her" because you guys live in separate states, why should he not be responsible in some way, for a life he helped create. This is a load of crap! His job is hectic...poor guy...not the child, nor the mothers fault! Maybe you should butt out and try to put yourself in this single moms shoes!! I'm sure if the shoe was on the other foot...this would be an entirely different post! She gets the better end of the deal having to raise this child alone, with a father who can only take the time twice a year. And a new wife who is outraged he has to pay support. Yahoo sounds like she has the better bargain...grow up! Do not be the supporter of a dead beat dad...what if this was your child?

  • Comment Link Kylee Roberts Friday, 04 July 2014 07:13 posted by Kylee Roberts

    Hi my husband and his ex went to court about a year ago and got awarded joint legal custody she wants to take him to court and get his rights removed because he doesn't call her every day (he calls her at the least once a week, since his work hours are very hectic) they live in different states us virginia her in Maine so visiting is about twice a year one because of his work and two because money issues. My husband love his daughter and since he can't call everyday is a means to being a bad parent to his child. Also his daughter is three and cannot focus on phone calls like older children yet. What she wants is to get his parental rights removed but him to still have to pay child support which for the time being he has full financial support I guess that's what the judge said because she hasn't work to support her daughter more then a month her daughters whole life. Say by some miracle the judge agrees with her which I believe won't happen because from what I read he has not abandoned her. Could he still have to pay support and if he does can he make it lower since he really won't have any rights to her? And if she doesn't I to court to try and do this how long can he still be full financial before she has to put her share of it in? It should be 50/50 right? Expesically since she gets the better end of the deal she gets the child all the time and he barely gets to see her?

  • Comment Link Amanda Tuesday, 01 July 2014 15:22 posted by Amanda

    If a father has been gone for 3 years (child was 7 mths old) and then decides to show up and want something to do with child, how do I get visitation rights taken away

  • Comment Link  shimaa Friday, 27 June 2014 20:13 posted by shimaa

    One day I was visiting my sick mom alone and I came back to my house to find out that he left the country with our son without letting me know and without my permission bascily he kidnapped our son. Please help me to see my son again I really miss him

  • Comment Link shimaa Friday, 27 June 2014 19:59 posted by shimaa

    My husband he take our son without letting me know and without my permission he kidnapped him one day when I was visiting my sick mom alone. I come back to my house to find out that he left the country with our son. He went to usa. Please help me to see my son again i miss him so much please help

  • Comment Link jodie Friday, 27 June 2014 14:30 posted by jodie

    I was married 11 years ago to a man who beat me on a daily basis and beat my kids almost killed our son 2 times when he found out I was moving he tried to kill my son saying u won't see a penny from me in support if he's I fled but b4 so he tried staggling my son with blanket and beat me and my 2 younger kids to a pulp .cops had to chase him down and was n jail 4 years for it..well I need to file for support what's ecery one thoughts on if he will get any rights to my child...

  • Comment Link Abigail Wednesday, 25 June 2014 14:17 posted by Abigail

    Alexis Tinker, if you aren't married depending on state, you already have custody. He has the right to fight for paternal rights but may have none to your child currently. I was in a similar but also abusive situation. I finally left with my 5 and 2 yr old. They have his last name and I have sole custody. He still gets to see them and we haven't needed mediation or visitation being that I am so cooperative and supportive of open contact. It all depends on the safety and well being of the child. Good luck!

  • Comment Link Robert Sunday, 15 June 2014 03:44 posted by Robert

    My ex girlfriend pushed me down to the floor, I got up and went into bathroom where I locked the door. She kicked in the door causing it to strike me in the face. I worry that she might take her anger out on our five month old baby. She has a history of stalking me, harassing me via text and phone calls. I never reported these acts of domestic violence in fear that she would with hold my daughter from me. Should I file for a emergency restraining order and try to get custody of daughter. This happened in October of 2013. I'm concerned of daughters well being. What if I can't get custody, I know she'll do every thing possible to keep her from me.

  • Comment Link Kenneth Perdue Monday, 02 June 2014 13:44 posted by Kenneth Perdue

    Id really appreciate any advice, this is my story. .
    Me and my 3yr old son's mother have lived together for almost 5yrs,,about 2 1/2 months ago she took a temporary job in Tennessee and we live in Georgia. .I have taken care of our son from day one since she went back to work when he was just 6 weeks old. .anyway she came home from Tennessee and told me she took a permanent position and that she had been spending all of her time with a man she worked with and that she was moving there and in with him with our son. ..She has joint custody of two other children with her ex-husband. .But by moving to Tennessee she gave up her 50% custody of her 2 she's refusing to let me see our son or even let me know he's ok..keep in mind I have raised our son up until this point. .his whole world as in everything he knows. .his whole family. .including his brother and sister and even her family reside here in Forsyth Georgia.'s morally wrong what she done not putting her kids and the rest of the family have the time..home..and the love to raise him in a good environment and she doesn't. .she put him in a daycare in a big city for up to 10hrs a day so she doesn't have the time to spend with him and raise or son...that isn't fair to him at all...why should she have custody of him considering all the above when she gave up her previous children? Please help me get my son back wherehe bbelongs. .thanks for your time.

  • Comment Link Carolina Thursday, 29 May 2014 23:08 posted by Carolina

    I live in Virginia and currently I am working on my child's custody schedule. My daughter is 2 years old. I am thinking to be very flexible with my husband but he insists in 50/50 schedule.
    The difference with my proposal is that my child will spend 2 more nights with me than with him. But he does not want to accept it. Could you help me about it! Do you have any response!

    I will really appreciate!!

  • Comment Link Alexis Tinker Sunday, 25 May 2014 04:33 posted by Alexis Tinker

    My son is 2 and a half months old born 9 weeks premature. Because of the prematurity there are many Doctor appointments weekly to track growth and development. the father and i are not married but my child has his last name and he is on the birth certificare. He works and i do not, he wanted me to be a stay at home mom since day one since i got into a car accident during pregancy. (awaiting a settlment to buy my baby a forever home!) I understand that working is very important to support our little bundle, but sometimes, i need the support going threw all my baby's appointments.! He never takes the time to ask how is appointment went nor makes the time to try to be present. He goes out on weekends to drink, spends needed money on time with work friends and un-needed things. He has changed his diaper a handful of times, doesnt know how to make a bottle and is a all over slob! I have told him sometimes i think id be better doing it all on my own so he threatens to run off with him or fallow me were ever i go. he loves his child, but not man enough for responsibilty just yet!
    Sorry for rambling, my main concern, how do i go about getting full custody? will i have a chance of not getting it where i cant work because of injury? i love my little Donte more than anything. i just want him to have a stress free life and having to take care of his father like im his mother is not stress free! PLEASE HELP!!!!

  • Comment Link angel Saturday, 17 May 2014 09:41 posted by angel

    i'm have a 11 month old daughter and unmarried. also because he going to bring hes gf and son her in US. i'm ready to move out and he told me if um going to file childsupport he will get the custody of my daughter. i'm unemployed right now and I dont any relatives here. Any suggestion or advice pls. Verbal abuse and there's a times he puts hand on me.

  • Comment Link lATASHA Thursday, 15 May 2014 15:58 posted by lATASHA


  • Comment Link clifford ridgway Sunday, 11 May 2014 05:02 posted by clifford ridgway

    I have a 3 year old son. his mother just now filed for dna. i havent been in his life because she didnt want me to be. is there any way i could get joint custody? I have a wife and 3 other kids.

  • Comment Link Susan reyes Thursday, 01 May 2014 19:53 posted by Susan reyes

    I'm a grandmother of the child and had her for five yrs and because I didn't have coustdy of her they gave her back to the mother and now mother has had her taken out of her care again by dhr and I'M. trying to get her back

  • Comment Link Melissa Gilmore Monday, 28 April 2014 12:01 posted by Melissa Gilmore

    I lost my license for drink driving, my ex took the children aged 5 and 3 . Took me to court, he got sole custody on the interim. I was ordered to do 3 month rehab, now I see the children 2 days with random urinal screens. The next 8 weeks I will have over night stay, until next hearing. I had been the primary carer, he was a gambler, family violence as well. As I have adhered to all orders, will the courts grant shared custody, with me( the mother) as primary residence.

  • Comment Link Jacqueline Monday, 28 April 2014 03:27 posted by Jacqueline

    Is there a way I can keep my daughters father from having a girlfriend spend the night on the weekends he has her? I do not care if they hang out with the girlfriend I just don't want my child subjected to a girlfriend spending the night on "her" time. He has every other weekend to do his own thing with whomever he wants. My daughter said he hardly talked to her this weekend. If it was me who had a boyfriend sleep over I would be the worst mother ever. We were never married and do not have a custody agreement, we've always worked it out very good on our own as it's not her fault we aren't together. Thank you

  • Comment Link tiffaney Friday, 25 April 2014 11:10 posted by tiffaney

    I left my ex in 2005 when my son was 2 almost 3. My ex and his mother has caused me such emotional drain that still today 2014 it haunts me. They still take me to court, threats, I have never ever lost any of the 12 court dates we had and that's why they are so angry. They promised me after they were done with me that I wouldn't have a pot to piss in. I'd never admit it, but wow, all that Money could have went straight to my sons college education. I've been made by him to see therapists, take mental testing $800, private investigator followed me for 9 mos, it's so bad that the gma thinks she is the mom of my child. She has brainwashed him ever since, enrolled him in preschool 45 mins away from me, followed him on my hometown for grade school because they lost for him to go to their town, The judge has said this is his longest case and their is no help for it. I have bent over backwards for them, because they make me feel I owe them for leaving, I buy them I dent a kid cards every year and give whatever they want. My son will be 12 and he dislikes his father because now he sees what he does to me. Small example of how it is, I had reconstructive knee ACL surgery on a Friday and he said if I didn't bring Braydon to a scout meeting 30 mins away, that on his weekend next weekend I can forget about our son playing his basketball championship game. I told him for 1 time he could come get and bring him back that o couldnt drive, and he text NO way! That my husband can bring him, even though I needed him for bathroom duties.. He will do anything to hurt me or our son to gain ahead.. I save all texts, but what's sad is my son recorded his own grandmother this week, which is mind blowing and awful, but when I heard it, I was upset how she bad mouthed me and filled his head with I feel so sorry for you. My son and I hold the biggest bond ever.I lLOVE him so much and same a him .. mommas boy, but I asked him why he recorded her and he said well dad always does you and on sick of them being mean about you.. He wants to know when he can live w me. I have joint custody, I'm primary, but they have put me through so much hell that after 10 years I cry more cause they won't stop! Help me and my son

  • Comment Link Dylan Dabbs Thursday, 24 April 2014 17:04 posted by Dylan Dabbs

    I left my finance and 3 year old daughter 6 Years ago then came bk the next day said I was sorry she took me bk then she left me and moved off somewhere I tried to find them couldnt afford lawer finnaly found out Thay moved to Tenn. Found her phone number called lots of times jst wanting to see my daughter she said don't ever call here again!! So I didn't except on her birthdays no answer!! Finnaly on her 9th birthday she answers and said yes u can see her we are moving bk down there to Al. So I seen her my daughter she came and spent the night w me and my wife and 3 year old son (her little step brother) she's been down here for a couple of weeks and stayed w us a few times now she wants to move in w me her mom said no because her mom dosnt like my wife! she kept her from me for so long!! What should I do?

  • Comment Link Elizabeth Wednesday, 23 April 2014 17:46 posted by Elizabeth

    If a parent has text stating he is never going to see a child again do I still need to wait on the day of the visits? It's a hit and miss with the visits..sometimes a no show or late with no call or at least text. In the text he says he is serious this time. He did not come this past Saturday.

  • Comment Link shiloh Wednesday, 16 April 2014 17:45 posted by shiloh

    I have a 3 yr old son his father lost custody of him to social services in ca. While i was out at sea for us navy. I'm out now Im about to go back in i have a stable job and my parents have agreed to keep him while i am out at sea. His father through the military has been charged with downloading of child pornography, the case is closed now and nothing happened. He still has all his rights and everything. My son and i are in Maryland and since he stopped speaking to his father he stopped having night terrors. What do you think the chances of him getting joint custody with me being primary care giver are?i am seeking able custody and for his rights as a father to be revoked.

  • Comment Link Priscilla Monday, 14 April 2014 16:01 posted by Priscilla

    I have a 3 month old baby , Im seperated from the father , fathers past 15 yrs in prison he is still associating him self with people from prison. What are my chances of me getting full custody of the baby?

  • Comment Link Juliet Saturday, 12 April 2014 16:25 posted by Juliet

    My soon to be mother in law feels that it's better for my fiancé of two yrs to move out of our home rent a room so he can get custody of his son. I was told by several attorneys that this actually could hurt the case because it show instability. I have five girls that live with us full time. Two I have 100% custody and three of them I have 93% custody. On top of ot the Juvenal courts just granted me gaurdinship of a 16 yr old. We have been in our home for 8 months and are capable of accommodating my fiancé son. Through the last court proceedings with his son social services, and the propane investigater found nothing wrong with me. I wasn't really brought up in the court hearings. So what do you honestly think is better. For my fiancé to move into a room and abandon this family or show the courts that he is capable of taking care of a family, being in a two year relationship and somewhat financially stable?

  • Comment Link Jacob johnstone Thursday, 10 April 2014 15:27 posted by Jacob johnstone

    I just moved in to my girlfriends house. I have two kids and she as two kids. We only have one room for them to stay in right now. Her little girl stays in her grandmas room but her boy stays in the same room as my boy and my girl. Is that okay to do. Her boy is 6 and my son is 3 and my daughter is 9. They don't share the same bed.

  • Comment Link John Robertson Monday, 07 April 2014 07:18 posted by John Robertson

    My one and only child has died in Oakland California and leaves behind a child who have legal right to custody the sister or grand father

  • Comment Link gabrielle Thursday, 27 March 2014 13:39 posted by gabrielle

    I have two kids...
    I caught my husband smoking Meth in the bathroom with our kids and my self in the house...
    I through him out!
    I worried that I would have to share custody with him....
    Is there anyway I can get full custody?

  • Comment Link cassandra Monday, 24 March 2014 02:19 posted by cassandra

    Hi , I have won sole custody twice and with one of my children we share joint and he has physical what can I do for my new hearing I am a single mother and can not afford a lawyer or get a court appointed one. Please help me ..... I trail of paper work , but he's got a good paid lawyer...

  • Comment Link MALVAREZ722 Friday, 21 March 2014 16:58 posted by MALVAREZ722

    I have sole custody of my daughter and she gets to see her dad every other weekend due to a restraining order thats been now almost 3 years for domestic abuse. Her spring break is coming up and his parents asked if they could take her for a week and a half cause she has 2 weeks off. Can I get in trouble for letting her go or is it ok?

  • Comment Link Anonymous Tuesday, 18 March 2014 04:18 posted by Anonymous

    What if one parent is drinking all the time to get drunk and smokes marijuana around the child and fights/argues with other custodial parent all the time.

  • Comment Link demetrius Wednesday, 05 March 2014 05:54 posted by demetrius

    My girlfriend and I live together she don't work parents put her and her 3yrs old son out. Every time she gets upset she put me out and one time with the baby. We live in a two bedroom apartment and she moved her brother, his girlfriend and their two kids in alone with another couple . I'm the only one who working .I'm thinking about leaving and want custody of my daughter. I don't make that much money but my parents is willing to help by allowing her and me if needed to move in. They willing to help with daycare and support while I'm able to save. I love my girlfriend but she don't uh understand that we need help. Do I have a chance for custody??

  • Comment Link Rahul Thursday, 27 February 2014 09:20 posted by Rahul

    my wife is suffering from paranoid schizophrenia(mentally unfit) 3rd stage. As the child is 5month old and the habbit of mother can be transfer to child at primary age my milk & other.

    Can i get sole custody as she cannot work?

  • Comment Link betty Wednesday, 26 February 2014 17:59 posted by betty

    If the child has informed his half siblings nursery that he wants to live with the father and the nursery write a letter will this help the final decision

  • Comment Link jon Thursday, 02 January 2014 10:10 posted by jon

    My fiance has anger issues there is no sexual side in our relationship she forces me to look after her kids when her ex needs a day and she is working it has gotten so bad she has started threatening me I am on a parental leave to look after my son she didn't have enough hours in for maternity our son was a micro preemie and needs constant care which she doesn't have the patience to give him she is constantly trying to pawn off her children on me and others says it is my responsibility I looked after her for the last three years roles are turned she is talking of cutting me off I want out with my son this is toxic and unstable how do i do it oh and btw she has a history of running away she has go e bankrupt twice and stole from a previous employer she constantly lies to her folks and friends about this

  • Comment Link marilyn rogers Wednesday, 01 January 2014 02:44 posted by marilyn rogers

    What can I do. I am a single mother of a 6 year old boy. He has been telling me that his grandpa has been abusive towards my boy. when i brought this up to the father he is in complete denial. i realize how bad it was when my son confess that they even starve my son. His underweight and he keeps having nightmare. My ex husband thinks its all in my mind. My son was interviewed by the Social service and the investigators are even saying his fine. I do not see this. I only see my kid on the weekends and now its becoming a battle. the father wants to take him completely away from me. I am scared and the social services are completely siding with him away from me. I believe its the environment his condition to set himself in.
    what actions can i take; he has been examine and also has been talking to his doctor. it was the doctor whom has called for investigation. can I get a lawyer without having to pay for this?

  • Comment Link jane Sunday, 15 December 2013 10:32 posted by jane

    I am married for 9yrs now. My husband abandoned my daughter & I since Jan this yr. Though in d same house but no emotional,physical or financial commitment. I want to quit the marriage with my daughter of 8yrs. Please what is the possibility

  • Comment Link melissa Friday, 01 November 2013 15:02 posted by melissa

    I was wondering I know someone who has custody of a little boy and she decided she did not want him anymore so she just gave him back to his mom. sad I know for no reason other than he got on her nerves well dhr is involved and I was wondering if I report them what will happen to the child and the person who had not followed through with legally getting it taken care of.

  • Comment Link Want my Daughter back Monday, 21 October 2013 17:02 posted by Want my Daughter back

    i am a mother of 3 children and my daughter who is 2 is in the ole custody of her fathers mother .... And i get 72 hours a week with her ...... I want to regain custody of her do to te fac that the babys father lives there and is on drugs and the fact that i dont believe she is safe .... And i was involved with children and youth do to the fact that when i lived with my parents the house was to small .. But other than that i have my own place and more then enough room and can provide the best for her... Andi believe the child deserves to be with me not to say i got her back but because i love her and want to take her to the doctors and kiss her goodnight every night and to watch her grow it hurts me to take her back there and here her scream when i leave any advice would help

  • Comment Link Joba Friday, 11 October 2013 21:29 posted by Joba

    i have a 3 year old daughter me and her father broke up a 1 yr ago. One day he took my daughter and didnt come back until the next day did not ans my calls and i did not know where he lived with his new girlfriend, i called the cops and they said that because i didnt have court order there was nothing that can be done. So ofcourse the next time he wanted to take my baby i said No unless is supervised and ofcours he did not agree after 3 months he took me to court and me being the adult one i agreed on everything he wanted but what i asked of him i never got. Come to find out that he lives with his girl n her 2 kids which 1 is a 12 yr girl and the other 5 yr old boy in a 1 room apartment. So every other weekend that he gets my daughter and his son from a previous relationship equals a total of 4 kids in 1 bedroom apartment. I am concern what can i do since my daughter with me has her own room. Is there anything i can do legaly? Is he permitted to do that. Please help me

  • Comment Link rebecca carter Monday, 07 October 2013 05:24 posted by rebecca carter

    i am wondering if my bofriend has custody of my child and after obtaining cusody of the child i move back into the home and am taking full care of her what happens to the custody and can i take my child without getting into trouble and how do i go about leaving him without leaving my child

  • Comment Link  Wesley D. Thursday, 03 October 2013 06:36 posted by Wesley D.

    My ex and I were never married but we have a 23 month old daughter who she has right now. she lives with her grandma and 9 other people in a 2 bedroom trailer. one of these people is her new boyfriend who is her 3rd cousin. Nobody in the house has a job and they live off of her grandma's social security check as well as food stamps abs money that me and her other baby's daddy send for child support. Is this reason to prove her unfit or the living situation non- acceptable? I don't want my daughter around people who believe in incest!! plz help me

  • Comment Link Amanda C. Tuesday, 24 September 2013 22:20 posted by Amanda C.

    I am a 22 year old female married my husband is 27. My sister in law recently got into trouble with children services and we are taking care of my niece. The circumstances that got ocy involved in the first place was a very unclean house (you could smell it outside a few feet away in your car) multiple pets including 3 dogs and 14 cats and various small pets in a single wide trailer. My niece always smelled bad and was dirty when she came over usually taking 2 baths to smell or look clean. This is also the second time they have been involved in a year. My niece recently started staying with us about 4 days ago. She is adjusting well. Ocy told my sister in law she was able to see my niece during the day and was able to stay with her at night at our house. However we had not received any phone calls from her or visits nor could we reach her consistently,until yesterday I was concernd my niece had a uti and she refused to give me her medical card or take her to the doctor. After many phone calls and threats to call her caseworker she finally agreed to make an appointment. My husband and I are very concerned about my nieces well being and have tried to get her to give us voluntary custody but she refuses. Upon arriving to our house this is the first bedroom she has ever had (she's 2) and was terrified of simple things like a bath or getting her hair brushed. My husband works full time and is facing a potential raise and promotion,I work part time as an LPN while going to school online for my RN license. We rent our home and although our credit is not great all of our bills are up to date. My sister in law was just busted for retail theft has a bench warrant for unpaid tickets no apartment and no job and has not held a full time job longer than a month. Although she did apply to be a stripper.... My husband and I want what is best for our niece but we are not sure if we will win custody in court. Is there anything we could do to make this more in our favor?

  • Comment Link Sally Tuesday, 24 September 2013 19:45 posted by Sally

    I have a question and would appreciate anyone's advice or input. I have a beautiful 3 year old son that is my whole world. When he was 3 weeks old, my husband informed me he wanted a divorce. Come to find out there had been a rather lengthy affair taking place. He then married the gal he'd had the affair with and they now have a daughter. I sought counseling to work through it all and am so thankful I have an awesome son. Even though I was completely blind sided and was going through such a horrible event - I had a healthy, gorgeous boy to focus on. He carried me through more than anything he'll ever know.

    I am 32 years old. After my divorce, I dated a guy for about 6 months, he was in my son's life but my son was not constant - just a night on the weekend or holidays or events. He was not a motivated individual - couldn't hold a job, would sleep until 1 in the afternoon, etc. I then dated a guy for just under a year. He held a great job, was wonderful to my son and came from an excellent family but was extremely immature - his mom would do his laundry, he would spend way more than he had and started about quitting his job so he could figure out what he wanted to be which was scary to me. We eventually broke up. Finally I met what I thought was a great guy. He was previously married and had been through a situation similar to mine. He had 2 children from that marriage. We got engaged and bought a house together. I had sold the house I purchased after going through my divorce. Fast forward to now, almost 2 years into our relationship, I have learned he has been lying a lot, has zero communication skills and has a lot of issues remaining from his previous marriage. I feel like our relationship is dwindling away. I never wanted this for my son or myself, I feel like a failure for selling my house and moving my son and then learning all of this. It's truly a mess. We are currently still trying to work through things but I feel like we are coming to the end.

    My reason for this whole explanation, is now my fear that my ex husband will try to get custody of my son if yet another relationship ends. I am done with men and trying. My son does not deserve to be drug through any of this and I am well aware of my faults in putting him in this situation. While we do live with my fiancé, he and my son do not have a close relationship. My son is the light of my life and I don't want to hurt him nor do I want to lose him. Is there any way my ex husband could get custody of my son based on me and my fiancé breaking up and having to move my son? We would be living in the same tons we always have and surrounded by the same family and friends. My son would be in the same preschool. It would only be the fact that I was moving him back to just my son and I and changing homes. Any help or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. I will add, that my son and I attbd church regularly, I don't drink or do drugs and have never put my son in a dangerous situation / just wanted to clarify that since you don't really know the types of people you are talking to.

  • Comment Link Lucy Monday, 12 August 2013 21:31 posted by Lucy

    Okay my hsuabnd has 2 daughters and they have lived with us for 6 yrs straight not the mother wants them back we have no papers anywhere saying we have custody of them but I am wanting to know how easy would this be for her to get them

  • Comment Link Concern Dad. Sunday, 11 August 2013 18:09 posted by Concern Dad.

    Im 44 and I just got a temporary restraining order against my wife. One week ago today she came home from work and was upset and stressed out. Our two year old got her upset and she got him by the arm and dragged him into the bedroom and shut the door. I heard my son yell and scream as he was throwing a tantrum and then it was quiet. About a few seconds later I herd him start to cry and my wife yelling at him. I herd the bedroom door open and then I herd a loud slap and then my son screamed like I never herd before and was crying in a way that he was out of breath. I ran to the bedroom as I was in the kitchen washing dishes and putting food away from making dinner. As I went to the bed room, I asked my wife where did you hit him at in a loud tone as our son was screaming and crying. She continue to walk out saying im tired of him fighting or biting me. I could not understand because our son was so loud. I asked again where did you hit him and she just left to the living room and ignored me. I picked my son up from the bedroom floor and tried to comfort him. He was pointing at his back crying ouch. I lifted up his shirt and saw a full left hand print on my son upper back towards the right side. I was pissed!!
    I got my cell and immediately took pictures of his back. I carried my son to the living room as mom was laying on the love seat using her iphone.
    I turned on the table lamp and said look what you done to him!! She said it was his fault as she tried to spank him on the butt and he would not keep still. His butt is not near his upper back!!.
    She did not want to look at his back and ignored my request to look at him. He was still yelling and crying. So I got him and took him the the sheriff station and the gave me the number to child protective service. I called and made a complaint and filed a report.
    Our marriage was already on the rocks but this was the straw that broke the camels back. She has verbally abused him many time and now it has escalated to to this. I filed for divorced, I filed for custody and support and I filed for the temporary restraining order and a move out order of our apartment. I also included copy of the color pictures of my son back with my request. I have also have voice recorded my wife abusive yelling at my son in prior incidents in our home which I can legal do. I did record this incident as well and you can hear it clearly and her her yelling and hear the slap and him letting out his painful yell which I told the court I have for the record. The restraining order was granted and so was the move out order. She has to stay 100 yards from my son until the court date in three weeks. I have been on disability since Jan 2013 do to my neck which does not prevent me for caring for our son. I cook for our son, I buy the groceries, I clean the house, I bath him daily, I do the washing of clothes. He is with me 24/7 and im also potty training him as we speak. I do get funds from my disability which just covers the rent and food. My wife works full time and make about 2800.00 a month. She moved back to her moms which I know she will pay her 500.00 a month towards rent as she had before. I'm going to file an ex parte of custody this Monday for my son.
    I also requested to the court that my wife take anger management classes and show completion to the court before she is able to have visitations with our son. Which I wont know till our court date in three weeks. This has been a very stressful situation for me as well as my son. I had to do all the paper work myself and had some help from the court family help center.
    does anyone know if I can qualify for other benefits for my son and I. No child support order had been approved until court date. Until I get a release from my doctor I cannot work. So right now I have to depend on my only source of income which is disability which is not much. Any help or advise will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
    Pss.. Child protective services said the case is inconclusive because this was her first offense and I should let the family court deal with this which they are as by the restraining and move out order.
    My son is only 2 yrs old and does not deserve to be treated in such a manner.
    Thank you.
    A concern Dad from
    From Los Angeles California.

  • Comment Link exhaustedbycourt Saturday, 10 August 2013 04:52 posted by exhaustedbycourt

    The fact that you don't have a job is not the issue in my understanding. The bigger issue is that he should be paying you support

  • Comment Link Valerie Wednesday, 07 August 2013 20:57 posted by Valerie

    I'm going thru a custody case now . My sons father has repeatly broken court order . He has taking out of state without me knowing , taking him to another family doctor without telling me , wont let me talk to my son when in his custody . School events keeps them from me . Won't let him have a relationship with his brother and sister . Like bdays , activities won't let him attend . He has to be in control bout everything . Custody case is coming up soon , do I have anything to worry bout ???

  • Comment Link skeeto1015 Sunday, 21 July 2013 06:55 posted by skeeto1015

    i have my son who just turned a year a couple days ago! father isn't around but just called saying he wants to see him or else he'll take me to court! he hasn't seen him since he was 2 months old and has NEVER gave anything to support him! first time I heard from him was a couple months ago when he was asking to see him. I told him he can come over whenever but he hates my parents (yes im living with my parents but they have helped me and my son so much.. I owe them everything)! all the father is a liar and steals! when I lived with him before my son was born, we fought constantly, he never had a job and he emotionally abused me! we moved in with my parents and they spent over thousands of dollars on him to get a trucking job to help support us, but like everything else he didn't want to do it! now, hes living in his own trailor and has his other son from a previous marriage every other weekend! and a couple months ago, he wanted to sign off all his rights of my son, but when I talked to two of my lawyers, they said that there is no legal way to do that unless someone else adopts him. I want full custody and don't want this loser to be in his life at all! I don't know what to do! I need advice and help please! :(

  • Comment Link Anna Saturday, 13 July 2013 11:41 posted by Anna

    I have a 5 month old. And I want to split up with the father. But I'm worried he wil get custody of her. He use to hit me and everything. Only thing I can think is he is the only one with a job right now. Someone help!!!!

  • Comment Link Anne Saturday, 13 July 2013 11:35 posted by Anne

    I'm a grandmother and my son is a 25 year addict. His wife enables him. The children are traumatized by serious fighting and are screamed at or smacked both parents neglect.

    Wife won't move out...
    Any grounds for grand parent custody of children

  • Comment Link Caitlin D. Wednesday, 15 May 2013 17:59 posted by Caitlin D.

    I'm a mother of a five year old son. I unfortunately obtained a opiate addiction from pain medication for my back. I had gone very far quickly in my addiction and upgraded to taking heroin. I've given custody to the paternal grandmother and just as I was getting custody back I relapsed. Now I supervised visitation with my son and have gone back to rehab. I have been clean for some time now and the father is going for full custody. I love my child and addiction is a cunning enemy, I need to know what I have to do in court to have the supervised visitation removed and be given joint custody. I call my DYFS worker but he never answers me. What do I do/

  • Comment Link Guest Tuesday, 02 April 2013 15:54 posted by Guest

    My son and his girlfriend have a 16 month old son, they lived in Virginia until He was a year old, when the girlfriend said she had found a management job in AR, so they were going to go there for 6 months so she could get experience with this company and then transfer back to VA. During this time my son was suppose to keep his job here in VA (he works in the prison system) so they would have that to fall back on when they move back here occurred. The agreement was that he would come there to stay with them on his days off (he works 5 on and 5 off). Within 3 months of her moving there with the baby she had been evicted from the house they rented, my son found out that she had lied about the job it was not a full time management job, it was a part time job making no more than she had made here in VA. When confronted with all this it came to light that her father had moved out there with her, and she told my son not to come back there that she didn't want him there. She and her father have since moved into an 1 bedroom apartment in the end of a barn with concrete floors and no place for the baby to play. She isn't working and neither is her father, they are trying to start a business from the barn. (Her father has had 2 prior business that ended in him defrauding people and having to close due to the fraud, she assisted him in these businesses as well). My son filed for custody of his son 3 months and 28 days after they moved out to AR. She has refused service of court papers by not picking them up, and running from the process server. Our Attorney states that under the UCCJEA Federal Law that the state of Virginia has Jurisdiction in the case and the Juvenile Judge here said that he is not going to give up Jurisdiction. We have had to hire an Attorney in AR to defend us in the case that she filed the month after we filed here. We now have another court date here on April 16, 2013 which before just prior to her having been there a full 6 months. My question is who will have jurisdiction in this case and the 6 months come to a halt when the first case was filed on January 28, 2013, or can his residency be changed prior to the ending of the court proceedings. Please help!!!! Thanks.

  • Comment Link Guest Tuesday, 02 April 2013 06:56 posted by Guest

    I live in KS and Im worried my parental rights might be terminated. I have four kids ages 6,4,3 and 1 they came into custody for my hair follical being positive for illegal substances hard core drugs in june 2012 then I found out I was expecting so I planned for adoption in consideration to time spending and nurturing for the 4 I already have we me and the biological dad of all children have successfully adopted the 5th child on feb 16 and during this time I have had many difficult confrences with the social worker who falsely stated she asked for 2 ua's and we failed to get them taking she contempted only me to court while I was pregnant not the dad and I was put in jail to submit a hair folical and pass to get out I stayed in jail for 6 weeks she refused to let me see my kids during this time it was hard but I get out and she is asking for the kids to be adopted out DEC 2012 was the pretrial hearing and original termination date was suppose to be on JAN 18 2013 but the judge moved it to April 8 2013 so I had time to complete court orders of parenting classes clinicals ongoing therepy sessions maintain housing pay off my fines for my DL insurance on vehical and employment after baby was born but because of being in jail and complications with pregnancy my attendance was bad and I was unsecessfully discharged so I attend aa meetings for my sobriety my concern is I have a history of being in custody from 14 to 18 DV with family not charged only arrests and granted sole custody of oldest child since dad didn't complete court orders and after our 3rd child he has a aggervated assult charge against me and hes charged with theft and possession of marijuana and crimal trespassing I have an education I obtained in 2010 for Dental Assistant and have provided soley for all kids but he has a job now with me and were doing couples counseling he finished his court orders and we have maintained housing do you think they will terminate both our rights or do you have any advice for me as to what changes I should make in my life to help better my chances for reintergrating back with my kids before I attend this hearing please w/b

  • Comment Link Guest Saturday, 23 March 2013 14:08 posted by Guest

    i live in SC have shared custody of my four children for 4 years (3 1/2 days each week) now she wants full custody. she was abusive to me while married has told many people she didn't want the kids has had RSS called many times had to call poison control many times put me through, a lot this past year show up when she would want to to get kids tell them all kinds of stuff she was planning to do as far as seeing me has older kids (recently 9 & 11) take care of little ones cook for theirselves etc I don't want to loose my kids what can I do I don't make a lot have little saved need heelp

  • Comment Link Guest Friday, 01 March 2013 17:45 posted by Guest

    My moms boyfriend started molesting me at 12 yrs. old then contentiously manipulating me into what he wanted and brainwashed me into moving and get married with him now I finally am a way from him but have 2 kids all I want is to stay away from him but he keeps threatening my kids are gonna be taken away from me I don't no what to do? always gets what he wants I can't afford a lawyer how can I get my kids away from him? Please help I don't no what to do I am really getting depressed over it but I am trying to stay strong for my kid but I don't no if I can live with this burden and pain he causes me everyday anymore I have no were to turn!

  • Comment Link Guest Friday, 22 February 2013 14:25 posted by Guest

    Please help...father is sex addict : Can someone give me some insight...I have a 6 week old and I am not with the father. He wasn't a part of the pregnancy, not at delivery, and not on the birth certificate. He has seen her of a total of 2 and a half hours and now is asking to take her for the day. Here is the background of the father...he is from the Amish background, he hasn't had a stable living situation for the past six years, he works two jobs and lives an hour from us. The biggest problem of his is he is a sex addict, the reason for us splitting up was bc he was sleeping with three other girls, unprotected, putting me and my unborn child at risk. He is able to come see the baby every Saturday if he likes, at my house. Now he is wanting to take her for the day and won't allow it. I have a feeling he is going to go and fight me in court and I am so scared these matters won't matter and he'll be able to take her. She has breathing problems and feeding problems, which he doesn't know how to handle and I fear for my little girl. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

  • Comment Link Guest Thursday, 21 February 2013 07:38 posted by Guest

    Wife left without son: My wife of 13 years left 1/1/13 without our 11 year old son and is living with a guy she dated in High School. She wants a divorce but for cost reasons, we haven't filed yet. I have had a consultation with a lawyer. She sees our son on the weekend, when our son wants to go because he doesn't like the guy she lives with and is angry at Mom. Do I have any legal way of keeping her from just one day picking him up from school or the house while I am at work and taking him and switching the arrangements? There was no violence in the relationship as far as hitting, just pushing and shoving on both parts. No police involvement.

  • Comment Link Guest Tuesday, 19 February 2013 00:19 posted by Guest

    signing over custody.. or shackles and chains: I don't mean to be rude this question is kinda goofy in 4 months he can go anywhere he wants so you want to control him for the next 4 months to make him resent you? vindicating his mother who will eat this up the mother would use it against you and quite frankly children yearn for structure living with his mother he will realize why you had rules and the s tructure was an act of love to protect him. if you let him go to actually miss you believe it or not -you really need to let him go immediately or the anger and resentments could last for very long time. Now what can she get out of it if it's more than 6 months of the year to live with him she will get a tax write off for 1 dependent if she files for child support by the time it gets to the court child support will be over unless you think he will go to College if so then just pay the support it is a lot cheaper than what you're paying for him to live with you.

  • Comment Link Guest Friday, 15 February 2013 15:07 posted by Guest

    Custody Trial NJ: My husband and I are due to have a joint custody trial on March 26, 2013 to decide which parent our two daughters (age 3 & 4) will reside with. The court is ordering an investigation of DCPP records, medical and school records. I had my husband arrested in 2008 for physical abuse to me. He also has been physically abusive to my oldest daughter (not his) and this is on record with DCPP. I have been a homemaker for 5 years of the marriage because we could not afford to send both children to daycare. I still currently do not work but have begun volunteering at a local hospital in hopes the a job opportunity will arise from volunteering. I still am looking for employment however as well. He as labeled me as acting like a victim, being abusive to our children, and not wanting to work. I was granted child support in the amount of $145/week and denied spousal support yesterday. It has taken me a long time but I have finally found it within myself to leave and be completely done with the long time abuse. I am afraid however that I will lose my girls because of one incident where my brother called DCPP on me for my oldest daughter because I spanked her for being disobedient. DCPP closed out the case and I never heard from them again.

  • Comment Link Guest Friday, 15 February 2013 01:46 posted by Guest

    Reply to signing over custody.: Child support probably...

  • Comment Link Guest Thursday, 14 February 2013 14:23 posted by Guest

    Does my mom have a chance to get me back? PLEASE HELP!: I live with my grandma and I am 13 years old and my mom is getting married, Has a Job, Has a House, and has been clean from drugs for 3 years now and is trying to get me back. My dad is never around, My mother is currently taking 6 weeks of Parenting Classes, and taking a bunch of drug tests and called the courts today and has a lawyer and is planning on going to court to get me back. Do you think she has a chance to get me back? Ive always wanted to be back with her so she also had me write the judge a letter stating why I want to live with her(My mom) and I am going into court too to tell the courts who I want to live with so what do you think the courts might possibly say? I was taken away from my mother because she didnt have enough money to care for me and she was only 18 and hung around the wrong people and had a drug problem but now she doesnt even talk to those people anymore and she has a hourse, job, everything and is clean from drugs. Please help! Thank you.

  • Comment Link Guest Tuesday, 12 February 2013 10:14 posted by Guest

    4 month from now my son will be 18: I have a great question? 4 month from now my son will be 18. He wants to live at her house now because he doesn't like my rules in the house. The normal rules cant be out past 11....etc. I told him sure move to your mothers but she won't take him until I sign over custody to her. Is there a reason she wants that so bad?

  • Comment Link Guest Tuesday, 12 February 2013 00:22 posted by Guest

    please help with my question: So my friend has kids nd him nd the mom are seperated, she has a new boyfriend of 3 years and he plays a bigger role in the kids life then the dad, the mom and new boyfriend are well off. She is getting the kids dad for support ..will it make a difference if she has help, and has money and the dad is barley making it and pays support for another little boy as well? I guess we are a little confused and not sure if the new boyfriend nd her having money will make a difference because they are able to support the kids she is just being hateful.?

  • Comment Link Guest Tuesday, 12 February 2013 00:18 posted by Guest

    child support questionss: So my friend has kids nd him nd the mom are separated, she has a new boyfriend of 3 years and he plays a bigger role in the kids life then the dad, the mom and new boyfriend are well off. She is getting the kids dad for support ..will it make a difference if she has help, and has money and the dad is barley making it and pays support for another little boy as well? I guess we are a little confused and not sure if the new boyfriend nd her having money will make a difference because they are able to support the kids she is just being hateful.?

  • Comment Link Guest Sunday, 10 February 2013 22:32 posted by Guest

    any advice: my ex gf texted me 2 months ago that our son 11 wants to move in with me come get him and his stuff. this wknd he went to see her for the weekend and she texted they where not gona meet us to pick him up she is the custodial parent and its what he wants, she hasnt let me talk to him. she is the custodial parent but hes lived with me for 2 months. i dont think its what he wants but i cant reach him, can she do this? does the 2 months he lived with me help my case in trying to get him back?? im in Tn.

  • Comment Link Guest Thursday, 07 February 2013 15:50 posted by Guest

    Things seem to be going: Things seem to be going downhill, not every day but every once in a while and I'm one of those that likes to plan ahead.
    If we were ever to get a divorce I would LOVE to know who the custody of our 1 yr old would go to.
    I am 22 my husband is 20
    we are living with my parents since we are saving up to soon get our own place....I hope
    He works I don't but only because I choose to stay with ur son rather than a stranger care for him in his most important years
    I could get a job if i put my head into it.
    I do have side jobs however selling plates of food twice a months and offering spa treatments and facials which make me more than enough to support me and my son.
    I care for my son 24/7
    i feed him, take him to doc. appointments, change his diapers (Thing my husband will do twice three times a day if im lucky, but he will NEVER change or clean poop thing he has said himself) i bathe him....anything he needs you name it im there.
    I never go ANYWHERE without him even if my husband has a day off...not like he offers to keep him anyhow...

    If we were ever to split i would get a night job since my son is still being nursed (one more reason why he needs me)
    and pay my mom for child care
    If we were to separate my husband is bound to move down the street with his parents ...i know go figure...his parents also house his brother his ex-wife o.O and their three kids
    His brother is violent and his ex whom lives with him is on probation
    they are unstable they split and get back together got married divorced and got back together but not married.
    My husband doesn't have a fixed schedule meaning most of the time he would be gone leaving our son to the care of his parents who are IN NO condition to be caring for him.
    I have been around when they care for my husbands brother's other kid and i just don't like what i see to the point my ex-ex-sister in law will no longer be allowing visitations.

    I am really concerned as to if a divorce were to occur, under the law would I have a higher chance of gaining full custody?

    PLEASE someone let me know.
    Also what kind of evidence can i gather up for an unfortunate future in order for the court to understand where i am coming from.

  • Comment Link Guest Thursday, 07 February 2013 15:48 posted by Guest

    What if...: Things seem to be going downhill, not every day but every once in a while and I'm one of those that likes to plan ahead.
    If we were ever to get a divorce I would LOVE to know who the custody of our 1 yr old would go to.
    I am 22 my husband is 20
    we are living with my parents since we are saving up to soon get our own place....I hope
    He works I don't but only because I choose to stay with ur son rather than a stranger care for him in his most important years
    I could get a job if i put my head into it.
    I do have side jobs however selling plates of food twice a months and offering spa treatments and facials which make me more than enough to support me and my son.
    I care for my son 24/7
    i feed him, take him to doc. appointments, change his diapers (Thing my husband will do twice three times a day if im lucky, but he will NEVER change or clean poop thing he has said himself) i bathe him....anything he needs you name it im there.
    I never go ANYWHERE without him even if my husband has a day off...not like he offers to keep him anyhow...

    If we were ever to split i would get a night job since my son is still being nursed (one more reason why he needs me)
    and pay my mom for child care
    If we were to separate my husband is bound to move down the street with his parents ...i know go figure...his parents also house his brother his ex-wife o.O and their three kids
    His brother is violent and his ex whom lives with him is on probation
    they are unstable they split and get back together got married divorced and got back together but not married.
    My husband doesn't have a fixed schedule meaning most of the time he would be gone leaving our son to the care of his parents who are IN NO condition to be caring for him.
    I have been around when they care for my husbands brother's other kid and i just don't like what i see to the point my ex-ex-sister in law will no longer be allowing visitations.

    I am really concerned as to if a divorce were to occur, under the law would I have a higher chance of gaining full custody?

    PLEASE someone let me know.
    Also what kind of evidence can i gather up for an unfortunate future in order for the court to understand where i am coming from.

  • Comment Link Guest Tuesday, 05 February 2013 15:31 posted by Guest

    i need help: Hello. I am freaking out my ex still lives in same house as me but is moving an hour away and expects me to move or ill only see them on weekends. We have joint custody now because I'm not silly. I want my kids to stay in the same house as me and school and friends and all that. She is trying to move as far away as she can. Can she do that? Can she just take the kids and not go to court? I need help!!!

  • Comment Link Guest Monday, 04 February 2013 21:29 posted by Guest

    a letter wont do much. its: a letter wont do much. its real simple. after the child is born go to your local county court house and file for child custody. youll sit down with a mediator and go over everything from who has custody visitation and child support. if you two dont agree youll be sent before a judge and the judge will make the final decision. if you agree to everything with the mediator the judge just signs off on it and its a legal court order. best of luck

  • Comment Link Guest Monday, 04 February 2013 12:39 posted by Guest

    parents took my daughter: Hi my case is different then many of the ones I read. My grandparents raised me my entire life. I was an only child and my "mom" came and went as she pleased. The only time I lived with my "mom" was when she moved into her boyfriends who was emotionally and physically violent towards my "mother" and I. We lived there for about 1yr before it got to the point he broke my "moms" car window out. We moved back with my grandparents were always my true parents. After maybe a month of her boyfriend going to counseling, she moved back in and I stayed with my grandparents. My grandmother drove me back and forth to school everyday on top of working. I was in figure skating and my poor grandma would get up at 5am take me to the rink then i would get ready and she would drive me to school. I started working before I was 15 and at that time I ended up getting pregnant at 17 and had my daughter at 18. My mom at first actually acted like a mom when she found out. Obviously I cried and was scared because I didn't know what I was gonna do to raise this presious baby growing inside me. I ended up going to my "mom" and her bf house after she was born. I was a great mom at first untill my "mom" started losing her eyesight and was no longer able to drive. Once she was home all the time she would take over, I couldn't do anything right. I started working at a bar so I could support my child without anyone throwing up stuff an my face. I started working at the bar and then started staying out and partying to get away from my mother. she would encourage my reckless behavior, getting my daugter up in the morning, bringing me water from drinking so much. I ended up going to rehab on my own when I was 20 which my grandma found, took me, and made sure I had what I needed. My "parents" tried to get me to sign over my daughter for insurance reasons which I said no too. My "mom" came one time and brought my daughter to see me. I had 2 days before I completed in patient when my counselor came and told me to pack my stuff and go get my daughter because my "parents" were gonna take her to Arkansas. Thank God for my grandma calling because my daughter may not know me at all. I completed rehab, my "mom" and her bf went to my grandparents who lived in a single trailer with my aunt and her daughter and told her she could have us and all the shit that came with us. I started working at a pizza place down the st. and met my boyfriend who we ended up moving in with and are toghether still to this day. We have always lived in Michigan our entire lives. My "Parents' moved to Arkansas about 9yrs ago. Every since they moved they would come up for our 4th of July party and take her back with them. I would fly down and bring her back with me. We did this for yrs... Then my grandparents passed away withen less then 2yrs of each other. I started going down on spring break and would take my lil cousin as well as my daughter every yr, or one of her friends would go down with us. I started staying longer and longer over the summer break when I would go down after my daughter. I was trying to build somewhat of a realationship with my "mom" since we were both adults and they are getting older. The summer of 2011 I grabbed my 17yr old daughter outta some guys trailer and took her to Arkansas with me. We had so much fun and stayed over a month. My "mom" didn't want me to leave because I help her on the farm and her and my stepfather don't fight as much because I'm down there to help. He hates animals and all they do is fight to the point to where it can turn violent. The last week of April I had a seizure outta know where and my daughter seen it. She screamed and said please don't let my mom die, I can't live without my mom, if she dies I'll kill myself. I have never been sick, ever. Exactly 1 week later I was back at the hospital because I caught double pnuemonia and sepsis. they gave me a 50/50 chance. She flew up but missed her plane and was supposed to stay to help me until my 13yr old daughter got out of school. I seen her 3 times and she left. We were all in therepy and my stepdad came, visited with his side and I was wearry to let her go as I had multiple doc appointments to go to. We talked to her counselor about her going and she said that was fine they would pick up where they left off. I was hospitalized on the 29th for edema and my blood work came back high having to do with my heart. I did a stress test and was released the next day. On July 30th They went to an attorney who claimed my daughter was incapacitated and made accusations that I was unfit and filled an ex parte for temporary gaudianship. I could prove 90% were lies that I sent to the judge. I didn't have money for an attorney and Michigan court refused to take jurisdiction and dismissed my case on a clerical error. They never talked to my daughter as she wasn't even at the court house nor did I even have a chance to speak. 2 days after they were back in Arkansas my daughter got raped by a 21 yr old who not only stole her innocence but gave her an std. The cops were called and the guys neice punched my daughter in the face for him going to jail. It's a very small rural area with 1 elementry school and one highschool. She has been harrassed, and just last Friday got attacked again. She wants to come home but the judge rewarded gaurdianship to my parents because we were less then 2hrs late. I called the clerk at 8:15 am and let her know we ran into construction and an accident and please let the judge know. She said it should be know problem... When we got there Judge Weaver gave gaurdianship to my Mother only and my daughter never had an adl litem. She started cutting herself, threating sucide and is falling school. When we got to the court house the judge was still there and so were my "parents" attorney we sat and waited for the judge to finish his last case before lunch, he went into his chambers and snuck out a back door and went to lunch. We drove over her 800 miles for no reason. We've never had cps, ss, or truancy problems. I volunteered through out elementry and was still involved when she went to jr. high. The judge in Arkansas didn't follow Arkansas rules. I'm still seeing doctors and can't afford $5000. My":mother" knew she was in no harm but instead used her grandaughter at all cost to try an force me to move down there. If she was in so much harm why didn't they go through the proper channels in Oakland County Mi since they were here twice and file gaurdianship here. They should have never went ahead with this case since they did not have jurisdiction, They sent her biological fathers papers to my house which I couldn't sign for and neither could he because it was sent to my address. They knowingly lied and no matter what happends to my daughter my "mom" don't care because it was never about her, it was about me and her! I need help before it's too late... Please anyone that reads this point me in the right direction. She has caused emotional, physical harm to my daughter and me. I have never been away from my daughter for more than a couple weeks and it's killing both of us.

  • Comment Link Guest Saturday, 02 February 2013 18:14 posted by Guest

    Advice about Custody of my unborn Daughter.: Hi. Im 23 years old and my boyfriend 27 and myself have been together for a little over a year. I'm seven months pregnant if he writes a letter saying I have primary custody of our unborn daughter will it hold up in court? He's getting ready to move out because he hasn't had a job in over a year and I can't afford to support him as well as buy everything needed for our daughter. I plan on breaking up with him when he leaves as well. I have a reliable job taking care of my disabled father which I've been doing for over a year. I just need to know if a letter like that would hold up if he tried taking off with her after she's born. I just need to know if it'll holds up for police officers as well as court.

  • Comment Link Guest Thursday, 31 January 2013 00:32 posted by Guest

    schools?: me and my ex cant agree on schools for our 4 year old and enrollment is soon. she wants to send him to a private school but all i keep seeing online are bad reviews of the school she wants. and she also wants me to give up some of my custody. there is a public school not but 4 miles from my house and it have all great reviews from different websites but she wont even consider it. oh and me and my current wife have a 2 almost 3 year old that is his brother. will the courts rule in her favor and split them up or give him to me? we live about 30 miles apart in different school dist. i provide all health care as well any thoughts? we currently have 50/50 legal and physical.

  • Comment Link Guest Tuesday, 29 January 2013 02:01 posted by Guest

    Help me: Hi everyone I need advice!!
    I have been with my bf for almost 6 years and we have a 8 mo together. We live together in mb Canada and things have gone south! He always threatense that if he leave he's taking her to! I tell him that if he wants her he would have to see me in court! I have been the primary care giver to both her and my other child who is 10. The house we rent is my moms and I'm on mat leave he works full time. How can I get him to leave without it turning dirty and without taking her too? He leaves for hours at a time and hasn't been there for us for months! HELP PLEASE

  • Comment Link Guest Sunday, 27 January 2013 10:18 posted by Guest

    child custody: me and my x part ways in aug 2010. i moved and had my daughter 1 week and one week with her mother but no court order. she also has another child not from me. in dec of 2010 her sister told me she was going to take her daughter because she is addicted to meth.(the mother) she suggested i take my daughter and i did. In may of 2011 i had to move in with a friend and had no other place to take her so i gave her back to mother. in aug of 2011 i moved into my own place and i told her mother that you are on drugs and u sell drugs she is staying with me u dont like it take me to court, but she never took me to court. in septemer 2011 the mother went to jail for possion for sales of meth and served 16 months county prison. she was released in june 0f 2012 and begged me to come back to my house she wanted to start over. i thought about it and said ok we can work out our problems for the benefit of our daughter. her other daughter continues to live with her sister as that is where she wants to be and not with her mother. her sister lets her come over on the weekends to visit. in september of 2012 i suspected she was using meth again but did not say anything as not to alert her so she would be caught. i found a letter on the floor written by her to a friend stating she has been doing meth for 2 months and hes not suspecting anything. i confront her about the letter and she n ever admits its about meth and changing her story about the letter always changes. i kick her out instantly and she never calls daughter or when she visits its like shes just here to relax not to really see her. when she calls its to ask me for money or something else. daughter lives with me and told her she can come visit on weekends but never does. if she visits she just shows up so i cant say no or were busy today. she is not allowed to see other child because sister say so not cause of courts. i have kept a diary of all contact with mother. her last boyfriend was a 3 week relationship that ended after he was found guilty of possion for sales of heroin. she still denies any drug useage. what are my chances of getting full custody. she has no job no money no car and lives in a parked rv with no utilities.

  • Comment Link Guest Sunday, 27 January 2013 06:59 posted by Guest

    You can call legal aid. Free: You can call legal aid. Free attorneys for low income.

  • Comment Link Guest Friday, 25 January 2013 14:55 posted by Guest

    i need help badly!: In 2006 My X husband and I split up due to a affair he was having he moved in with her. We was together 13 years and have 5 children well I made a horrible choice to use methinphedamines somebody turned me into cps and they took my 5 children to foster care. I woke up and realized I just lost my whole world "my ex " leaving wasn't nothing compared to losing my children. I did everything I could to get them back the strictest meetings passed daily drug screens etc well my x husband said if I give him custody then cps would be out of the picture and I could have them back I agreed to it of coarse and I signed full physical custody to him. I got the kids back 90% the time they was with me I started a job working from 1pm to 1 am 6 days a week so they stayed w there dad for about six months and I found a better 1st shift job so I could have the kids back my oldest son stayed w his dad as the other 4 stayed w me. Since 2008 I have had all my kiddos even my oldest because there dad went to prison for manufacturing meth burglary and escape he got out in 08/11 and marries my mother n law he would give me 75.00 a week sometimes but would go months without a dime and there's nothin I can do because I need a lawyer I can't afford a lawyer supporting 5 children alone exp. He is on his 3rd divorce currently strung out on meth and pain pills and I knw there has to be a way I can get court order support. I live n Indiana please someone help me. Is there anything I can do to get court offered support

  • Comment Link Guest Wednesday, 23 January 2013 15:43 posted by Guest

    Similar Situation...: My fiance has similar the non custodial parent to his daughter and he gets her every other weekend and 1 time during the week. They filed their divorce papers on 1/24/12. She got primary custodian, He pays her $600 per month child support, as well as splitting the daycare which is $100.00 biweekly and she gets to claim her every year at tax time as a dependent. What this also means is, whatever he pays in for daycare he is not able to claim because you have to claim the child as a dependent before you can get any childcare credit back in a refund.

    Her mother is remarried and has been since June 2012. He has 3 children ages 15 (girl), 10 (girl), and 6 (boy). He has shared custody of his children and they are with him 7 full days a week and then they're with their mother 7 full days in rotation as so. In addition the the children they already have including my fiance's daughter, they have a new baby (boy) due May 9th. (I know...they didn't waste any time) The problem is, is they have a 1200 square foot house; 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom where the children ranging in different ages are sharing 2 bedrooms of the 3. They have my fiance's daughter sharing a room with the 6 yr old boy and the two older girls sharing a room. When he's addressed this issue she has stated that while his children are there for the week, his son sleeps in the room with the older daughter but that his bed and belongings are in the room with my fiance's daughter. Which we thought was kind of strange? That child would never be able to sleep in his own bed when he visits with his Daddy a week at a time? So...this has been an issue of concern. The fact that they do not have adequate housing for a family this size as well as adding a new baby. They don't even have the capacity to hold them all at one time to travel anywhere...they have to take 2 vehicles to go anywhere as a family. I know that things are expensive etc and some people just can't afford it, but he doesn't pay child support since he shares custody and she drives a 5 passenger lexus suv and they planned this baby so...they knew what they were doing...

    The other issues are not sending jackets for her to wear even when going to daycare and it's 30 degrees. The biggest of all is the fact that he was driving down a main road that leads to their road in his work truck and he happens to look down the road and see her on her bike in the middle of the road with what looked like no any concerned parent would do, he immediately turned his truck around to see if she was with her mother. As he approached the house, he sees his daughter and no one else but her 6 year old step-brother. He asked the little boy to please go in and get her mother. When she came out, she had an astonished look on her face. He asked her what she was doing playing outside by herself? She didn’t reply to his question so he proceeded to let her know that he found her in the road riding her bike and she turned and looked at their daughter and said, “what are you doing in that road, you know better than that?” He told her, that she was only 3 years old and needed adult supervision any time she is outside playing. She is not capable of comprehending the dangers of playing outside by herself, let alone in the road. A 6 year old does not have the responsibility or maturity level to watch her by himself either. He's also had people that live in her neighborhood tell him that they have seen her in the road riding her bike at different times.

    Then last but not least there have been times when his daughter has said things like, “I don’t ever get to see my Mama, or I haven’t seen my Mama in a long time.” When he asks her why, the responses were because she spent the night with her “Grandma” (her mother) or with her “Mimi” (her grandmother). Giving the age that she is this gives her more than the “normal” separation anxiety and is not in a routine where she should be with either her mother or with her daddy during the school/work week. This is a concern for us and appears that maybe her mother being the primary custodial parent is too much for her to handle. There have been times that she has told us that her step-father yells at her. This too bothers him and myself very much and he's also addressed this with her mother and told her yelling at her to get her to do something was inappropriate parenting and that he’d rather she and him stick to the discipline of their daughter.

    Needless to say the bike deal was the straw that broke the camel's back and he's meeting with his lawyer as we speak to amend the papers for shared custody, child support, daycare expenses and rotating the years to claim her as a dependent so that it's fair for both of them and then she's better off as well...we I guess we will see what happens...I know I didn't really answer your question but like myself it's good to see that others are going through the same issues and feel helpless. I hope you and I both find some answers soon and get some help with these delicate issues...good luck.

  • Comment Link Guest Wednesday, 23 January 2013 02:13 posted by Guest

    you need to file before he does: I'm n the same exact situation you have. I used to reside in California where my son was born but afyer his first year i left his abusive father and moved bavk to Florida (my home town). We had a verbal agreement that my son was able to ho see him every summer, so i never took him to court or did anything in writing, the first year was find my son got picked up in FL NY his Dad and 2 months later i went and picked him up in Ca. The following year we the same but this time he wanted my son to stay longer, i agreed that was the worst mistake of my life, he then went to CA family court asking for sole custody without me knowing. when i arrived to pick my son up i got served with court orders and i was unable to take my son out of the state until seen a judge in court. This was in march and court was svhedule for he didn't even let me see my son and i had to return back to FL i hired a lawyer from CA abd even tho my son had lived with me in FL and had gone to daycare in Fl, and i had a good job,my own house and no history of problems the CA court gave primary custody to him. And visitation for me to see my son a week at a time whenever i was in CA also i had to notify his dad 2 weekd in advance if i was bringing my son to FL on vacation i was allowed just 1 week. And there inly reason was because the judge said that afyer 6 mo. in the state of. California they have the jurisdiction over the child and that because my child was 3 yrs old at that time he was already adjusted to his dad and his grandmother and they couldn't take him out of that comfort zone that thay wouldn't be good for the child. in march is going to be a year since this night mare startwd for me, he doesn't even follow court orders and im going to take him to court soon for that and also for not letting me bring my son on vacation to Fl. So my best advice for you is to go the court wherw your son and his fatjer reside and acuse hin of kidnapping your son and you want sole custody,explain that you don't reside therw and he is not letting you see your son. don't wait to long the longer you wait the harder it qould get. Good luck. And never give up!

  • Comment Link Guest Wednesday, 23 January 2013 00:52 posted by Guest

    So I have a baby he's 4: So I have a baby he's 4 months. My ex doesn't take care of him he doesn't give me any money for him. Thank god I have sum help from de government like stamps and wic. I don't work but I'm seeking for a job. The thing is a want to go to court and see if I can get the whole custody of my child but since I don't have a job I don't now what to do :(

  • Comment Link Guest Monday, 21 January 2013 17:21 posted by Guest

    Joint Legal Custody Advice: My husband and I have 50/50 custody of his 6 year old daughter. Her mother lives 3 houses down from her parents (my step-daughter's grandparents) and we are finding out that she is spending most if not all of her time with them instead of mom. It is extremely frustrating knowing this and feeling like we can't do anything about it. Our view on the situation is if her mother doesn't want to spend that time with her, then she should be with us. I know my step-daughter is being taken care of physically and that is not a concern whatsoever, but there is no stability there. Not to mention the fact that there is no discipline either; we are very old school (manners, sir, ma'am, ect.) and it is complete opposite on the other side. Before pursuing anything with the courts, I wanted to see if anyone had any advice or had been in the same situation. Also a little more background, a new boyfriend has now moved into the mother's house; she met this man in November and he moved into her home in December. He has two children of his own (ages 6 and 3) that he sees every other weekend. From what we understand, his sons end up sleeping in the same room as my step-daughter being that the house only has two bedrooms. I think it's completely inappropriate for these two BOYS to be sleeping in her room with her regardless of their ages.

    Like I said, any advice would be so greatly appreciated! We know in our hearts that it is completely in the best interest of my step-daughter to be with us full time, but we just need to prove it and get some guidance as to how. Thanks so much in advance for responses!

  • Comment Link Guest Sunday, 20 January 2013 21:58 posted by Guest

    UCCJEA: Having gone down this road that you are on I want to tell you that if the child was born in Massachusetts and you have reamined in that state according to the UCCJEA ( Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act) Massachusetts is the home state and any modifications to child custody under this law are to be made in Massachesetts. Check out the UCCJEA and get an attorney.
    Hoping all goes well.

  • Comment Link Guest Sunday, 20 January 2013 16:22 posted by Guest

    Yes, Same thing happened with: Yes, Same thing happened with my ex and I. When the court found out that our son was in fact staying the night with his parents, while he was at work (He too worked odd hours) on his time to have with him too. The court will always want the child to be with the other parent before grandparents, baby sitters etc especially over night.. Yes, he is most likely doing it for child support reasons considering they are based upon over nights. My ex did this too for that reason, and it dramatically effected child support. Go after him for custody, because you will win if it is for that reason. You are the childs Mother, and he should be with you before anyone else.

  • Comment Link Guest Sunday, 20 January 2013 00:52 posted by Guest

    Using Grandma to avoid child support: My husband and I have just filed for a legal separation. He wants 50/50 custody but he works until 10 p.m at night so his mom ends up having our kids on 2 or more of his days (3-4 per wk). I feel there is no reason they need to stay at Grandma's for those nights when they can be with their mother. I think he is doing it so he can avoid child support. Does this give me a good case for primary custody?

  • Comment Link Guest Saturday, 19 January 2013 20:58 posted by Guest

    help: My son is 3 years old the father has full custody I allowed it because I was going to college and very busy I asked for joint but he said he needed full to get benifits so I agreed. Well he is from south Carolina we live in Massachusetts our son was born here and has been here his whole life. I have set visations every week. He plans on moving back to south Carolina with our son . Can he do that ??? I'll never see him again

  • Comment Link Guest Friday, 18 January 2013 23:31 posted by Guest

    Can i get full custody of my daughter: My daughter's father and I were never married and are no longer together. My daughter is now a year old. Her father wanted so bad for me to get an abortion when I found out I was pregnant with her, he wasn't present for thebirth of her and didn't see her until over a week after she was born. Within this y ear he has missed her first birthday, thanksgiving, Halloween and only had her for 2 hours on Christmas her very first Christmas he didn't see her at all. This year for Christmas all he got her was a couple stuffed animals. He has 2 sons from a prior marriage and they are everything to him compared to my daughter. He chooses to only have her for a couple hours every Tuesday and Thursday as long as something else doesn't come up. He was supposed to take her for a few hour's tomorrow and just because I asked him to pick her up and drop her back off to me he won't take her and is now threatening us going to court to get 50/50 custody. I would pike myself to go for full custody because he isn't and hasn't made much effort to be a dad to her. What are the chances that I could get awarded full?

  • Comment Link Guest Friday, 18 January 2013 18:11 posted by Guest

    worried sick: I left my abusive ex boyfriend over a year ago and now he wants joint custody of my 2 year old daughter. I was served papers at work (i'm currently due to have a baby in 2 days) about 2 months ago requesting a paternity test, me to pay his lawyer fees, give him the income tax money I should be awarded for the year I had her in my sole custody, and he is asking for joint custody. He strangled me and nearly killed me but I was never served and had no idea when the court date was. So I called the DA who would not reopen the case because I was a "waste of time and money". So his DV case has now been dismissed. I know for a fact that he is a drug addict and an unfit parent but I'm worried because his family has money and they have always been able to turn the court in their favor. I wish the system where I lived wasn't so biased. I'm tired of the justice system being a load of crap. To top it all off, I've been running around like crazy trying every means possible to prevent him from getting any custody of my child. I'm beginning to wonder if I should take my daughter and leave but I know this is a matter where I will just have to stand up for her and fight. I'm due to give birth to a second child in 2 days and have no idea how I'm going to be able to handle a toddler, a newborn, a job, and all of this stress.

  • Comment Link Guest Thursday, 17 January 2013 13:44 posted by Guest

    My son's father lives in another state and I want to go to court: I let my son visit his father in another state which i live in a different state. My son has always lived with me but this time his father wont give me back my son. we have no custody agreement and dont have a court order how can i take my son's father to court its been 6 months and i cant see my 4 year old son because he wont let me. Can I take him to court even though we live in two different states?

  • Comment Link Guest Wednesday, 16 January 2013 08:21 posted by Guest

    my ex turned into a woman after the divorce: I know i cannot say it's the gender change that is bad for our son but its the known drug addicts and transgender halfway houses "she" hangs out with while our son is in "her" care. The boyfriend and "her" were witnessed fighting last weekend over the live in boyfriend using bathsalts. This same boyfriend is also a newly recovering heroin addict but this witness said, asking me not to repeat it, said the track marks were fresh on the boyfriend's arms. My ex uses this man to watch our son to save money on childcare. My ex also said that the boyfriend is a panhandler but stated that our son does not go with the boyfriend when he begs for money. Freaked out here because i have had bipolar (SMI) since I was 17, i am 35 now, but i take my medication. My ex had been diagnosed bipolar before the gender change and now has a letter from the doc saying that "she" does not need meds and shows no signs of mental health symptoms, however "she" is still labeled SMI, seriously mentally ill, in the system. Not easy to get that removed. (I know the system and people usually can get docs to write notes to say what anything)
    Can I get my son full time? I am still willing to have my ex see our son on like every other weekend if they stay at home maybe. dont know what to do.

  • Comment Link Guest Sunday, 13 January 2013 14:31 posted by Guest

    Child support: Hello, my husband has two kids from his previous marriage. His one son who is 16 called my husband asking if he could move in with us, he wants to wait till the end of the school year. My husband's ex wife said we still have to pay her for child support, but I was thinking since she has one kid and we have one we wouldnt. Im confused on how thos works, they got divorce in IL but we live in TN. Please help me, thanks!!

  • Comment Link Guest Sunday, 13 January 2013 00:00 posted by Guest

    Quick Question: I have a friend who is still legally married to this woman; has a child with her, who had an affair and had a child as a result of the affair. To this day they are still married and not even legally separated from this person. The father of the second child is now in jail for abusing his child. My friend is now going for custody of his child, the question is could my friend get custody of the other child from her other relationship, even though he is not the father?

  • Comment Link Guest Thursday, 10 January 2013 08:58 posted by Guest

    my ex has custody but my kids don't live with her: My ex wife has custody of our two girls but they don't live with her. She tries to take my time with my kids we have joint legal custody but she tells me nothing about my kids doctors school or anything we are suspose to talk about her family gets to see my kids more then I and my time is always cut short what can I do about it please don't know what to do

  • Comment Link Guest Thursday, 03 January 2013 14:26 posted by Guest

    worried: My daughter is almost 15 months. I was with her genetic contributor for a brife couple months and when i got pregers i tried to stick with him but he wouldnt stop the drugs, the lying, the drinking. I began to realize i didnt know who this man was or what he was capable of he had us living in a motel room. me without access to see a doc or anything when i tried to confront him or to get help he got erratic threatening to kill himself and it was my fault cause he was going to be a rockstar and i ruined it for him and just really dramatic and scary. i told him i was leaving at 4 months he said he didnt want her, he wanted to abort her or adopt her out cause he didnt want anyone else to rais his kid even if he didnt want to. At 6 months pregnt he finally got back ahold of me saying we did our duty to breed and we are eternally bonded and a bunch of other poor me physco babble. His mental stability is only on the surface. I have not heard from him since then. I am remarried now to my highschool sweetheart he has been there since the moment she was born the only father she knows. I heard froma mutual friend that hes trying to get custody i dont see how he can if hes never seen her touched her supported her he dont even know how to spell her name or her birthday. we live states away. Im concernd about his ability to manipulate ppl into feeling sorry for him and helping him its how he has made it through his whole life the man is 32 and has yet to hold a job down for longer than a couple months or stay sober. What can i do to stop him from draggin my family through this me and my husband are considering adoption any suggestions??

  • Comment Link Guest Sunday, 30 December 2012 11:45 posted by Guest

    child custody: my kids father has my three children 7,6 and 4 years old. we are going to court now. my children are telling the court that they seen me having sex with my ex boyfriend. i dont know what to do. am not a monster, i wouldnt do something that bad in front of my babies. my kids father also dont let me talk to them. i feel in my heart that he is trying to make the kids hate me. am so scared that i loose my babies to him. i had them all of their lifes. most of the time i was alone with them i mean he was always living us, he was coming and going for years. i try my best to give the the things they needed. when they got sick or hurt, am there. my legal aid lawyer is not doing his job. so my question is, who can help me fight this case, and what should i do? i not a bad mom, is nothing i wouldnt do for them, i will go to the end of the world for them. thank you.

  • Comment Link Guest Tuesday, 25 December 2012 00:20 posted by Guest

    nervous: my children are adopted, my former same sex spouse and I adopted them together in 2004 and 2005. Upon there arrival, I became a stay at home parent, and have been since then. Then in 2007 in the midst of our third adoption, he left us. He was arrested for domestic violence toward me, and spent a year in anger management. Now, in 2012, after 5 long years he has decided that he wants sole physical custody, wants me to pay him child support, while he claims both children on his taxes, leaving me with every other weekend and one evening per week for 4 hours!
    Our children have been in a 50/50 arrangement, and I asked them point blank, what would you like, how can I make life easier... They both say they like things the way they are. He is accusing me of being unfit, however right before this he took off to PR for 10 days. I believe that joint everything is best, and it serves what our children want to see happen. If there has never ever been any issue until now, and I am more than willing to work with him however I can.... Could he actually win? In our family, I play the maternal role, stay home, read, teach them about adoption etc... tuck them in. Now out of no where, im totally unfit and he should be in control. If this happends, he stands to gain a substantial increase in come, by not paying me the 1/4 of what the court ordered, id be paying it to him, he claims taxes and all exemptions, he runs the show basically. He filed bankruptsy and if he has more dependents, he has to repay less. The entire offer is ridiculous, and reads MONEY all over it. Also, I am about to adopt another baby, with my new partner. I am scared to breath, bc he threatens me, and esssentially wants control over my life. Please any suggestions/advice.... Would a court change an order that has worked well for everyone for five years just because he wants it changed? He does earn more money than I do, I stay home with them still. Will the court see his unreasonable nature of requests? I am afraid my attorney may not be acting fast enough..... Also, if anyone can recommend anything I can do to better my chances with the court, please advice. I have a small family, and we keep to ourselves. I never interfer with his time....

  • Comment Link Guest Wednesday, 12 December 2012 13:20 posted by Guest

    family viollence: Hi, I just found out my ex husband has been charged twice with family violence while being in his next relationship. During our divorce I brought up his abuse and the judge said I had to have proof of it, and dismissed my claim. In the three years since our divorce he has called maybe four to five times to speak with the kids,all other times he call to speak to me about his current relationships and after the kids have gone to bed. I tell him it's not my place and that I feel uncomfortable with these phone calls and I hang up. His mother also barely ever calls to speak with the children, and wants me to give her his visitation rights. I have told her I'm uncomfortable as I don't know the laws regarding it. My issue is this, his act of violence was in front of his other children, he was required to go to jail, and do a years worth of anger management classes, none of which he has completed. I don't want my children around him, I worry for their safety. Though I don't mind his family. I have tried to work out an agreement with his mother, like a weekend get away or something where he won't be able to interfere. Can I be held in contempt for not letting him see the kids during Christmas. Also on another note he is in arrears with his child support.

  • Comment Link Guest Sunday, 18 November 2012 01:27 posted by Guest

    My son is 6 years old and my: My son is 6 years old and my son has been with me since he was born premature his father has not once wanted anything to do with him until I started getting child support and now he wants to get custody

  • Comment Link Guest Wednesday, 07 November 2012 05:21 posted by Guest

    Ex now wants joint custody of our children: My ex has decided that he wants joint custody of our two children. We have been separated nearly two years and during this period he has had them approximately 3 nights a week. I don't believe this is in the best interest of my children and wondering what the courts opinion would be. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks

  • Comment Link Guest Friday, 02 November 2012 19:34 posted by Guest

    It must be admissible to your: It must be admissible to your case as in it has to be something that affects your child like domestic violence towards you or child etc or anything that could harm the child.

  • Comment Link Guest Friday, 02 November 2012 19:22 posted by Guest

    NONE AT ALL!!!! I am going: NONE AT ALL!!!! I am going through the same thimg with my EX and when he finally saw he could not get me to get back to him he filed a legitimation case against me in oct and i am waiting to go to court. He is battling alcohol so i will nip it in his butt!

  • Comment Link Guest Thursday, 25 October 2012 18:29 posted by Guest

    Custody: My ex husband is mad because im dating somebody that our daughter is around. He is trying to sue for full custody and has tried to kill himself and been admitted into a mental hospital. He is trying to prove me unfit and has called social services on me before of course they quickly closed the case because all he has against me is the fact that im dating someone else. I dont know what to do and what his chances are of getting full custody of my daughter with his mental background and also his mother whom he lives with has also done the same thing. What are the chances of him getting joint or full custody of my daughter?

  • Comment Link Guest Tuesday, 24 July 2012 19:29 posted by Guest

    should i file for sole custody : My daughter's dad is a dear "friend" but a horrible father to our daughter the only time he sees, talks to or has anything to do with her life is when his mother asks for her for one week during summer vacation . Recently I've come to realize if something happens to me I do not trust him to take care of her. I did mention to him that I was considering sole custody . He said not to do it for his sake . I do not work as of right now but he does. I dnt think as a father he is a good man but I do not want to put him or my daughter thru a custody battle but I do jot feel he should be able to make life altering decisions in her life if he doesn't even know her middle name . My family and friends say to file for sole custody should I do it if I'm jot comfortable or should I because its what's best for my daughter ?

  • Comment Link Guest Thursday, 11 August 2011 06:48 posted by Guest

    I'm in your shoes now. My: I'm in your shoes now. My STBX did that. He wanted me to also pay him the daycare $$ to him "so he could pay it for me". Wanted retroactive child support going back to point we were still living together, etc.

    These are not the old school me some of us were raised by. This is a new generation who is turning the tables on women for $$. Why? Well, IMHO

    a) ego. If you left him, anyway he can crush you publicly is ok
    b) ensuring you finance his lifestyle and not the other way around (e.g., gambling, women, etc)
    c) form of control...this is esp in cases where there was abuse and you are breaking free from it

    I got some sage advice from my brother in regards to men like this - publicity. Very few respect a man who is willing to use their children for $$. Make sure all know the deal whether he wins the case or not. Also note who is really watching the kids.

    I did that and in return, I found some interesting tidbits on how the potential $$ was going to be spent and just who is really watching the kids in my case. The court of public opinion is often not used enough.

  • Comment Link Sherry Monday, 08 August 2011 23:55 posted by Sherry

    Playing Games: My husband was initially willing to concede to joint legal custody and leaving me the residential parent. The kids have not spent one night with him since we separated. Now he wants joint physical custody where we split days and nights. He is in hopes that he will be awarded child support if he has the kids 50% of the time. Am I crazy or is he using the kids as a means to an end?

  • Comment Link Guest Friday, 24 September 2010 11:36 posted by Guest

    judge and support: My ex husband makes 6 figures, recently, he was informed about another child who is 20 in NY. He went to court in NJ and after we have a PSA the Judge ruled that our first legal child will in fact have her support decreased. I have spoken to numerous attorneys aho have all said that the first child cannot be affected by this new child. This Judge is horrible and unjust. I am so angry at this court system. Any advice.

  • Comment Link Guest Thursday, 27 May 2010 14:37 posted by Guest

    custody: my sons father left me while i was pregnant, married someone else on my due date. he now pays child support. my son is 8mths old. he sees is father anytime he wants but he doesnt spend the night at his father's house. his father doesnt want me to meet his new wife, come to his house to see what type of environment he's living in and he told me i dont need to know where my son is at or who watches him, as long as he has him. my son father is now taking me to court for joint legal custody and visitation. what would be the outcome of all of this. he has a criminal record(which he spent 2yrs in jail for misdeameanor crimes) but its from 1989-2002 can i use this against him in court along with other evidence that i have