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In general, state law determines child support guidelines. After the gross income of both parents is totaled, certain deductions are allowed from each parent's income, (such as local income taxes already paid and child support paid to other children). Keep in mind that any court-ordered spousal support is included in the gross income of the recipient spouse, and is deductible from the gross income of the payor spouse.

Once the adjusted gross income of each parent has been totaled, these figures are applied to a chart which outlines the approximate support required to raise a child based on stated income levels. The court then requires each parent to pay his/her pro rata share of that charted amount.

For example, if the mother is earning $90,000 and the father is earning $60,000, the combined total is $150,000. If the charted amount states that $10,000 of child support is required each year, the father would be required to pay $4,000 of the $10,000 because he provides 40% of combined spousal income. Furthermore, the mother would be required to pay $6,000 because she contributes 60% of combined spousal income.

Once these payments are determined, the amounts can be changed; however, you will need to go through a similar process, just as when child support was first established. The parent requesting the change must file papers with the Court and prove that there are significant changes, beyond his/her control, which necessitate a change in the current arrangement.

Child support payments continue until the youngest child graduates high school or reaches age 18. Unless otherwise ordered, payments to a child over the age of 18 will continue to age 19 as long as the child attends high school. Special consideration is made to disabled children and children born out of wedlock.

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  • Comment Link Guest Friday, 29 March 2013 16:33 posted by Guest

    I can relate to you through my son. He has 3 childern by 3 different women. Not the best choice but we can't change things. He was only 19 when his 1st was born. Having just lost his dad in and auto accident. Not using that as an excuise by any means.
    He is lucky in that he get's to spend time with 2 of his children. The 3rd mother wanted nothing to do with him and he does not get to see her. Which I think is wrong anyway. If he pays he should be allowed to see her. They just raised his child support over $200.00 added on to $800.00. That does not leave him money to survive. No way can he pay his rent, utilities, food just the staples anyong needs to live.
    He loves his children very much and lives for when he can spend time with them. He can't afford to take them places or buy them things so he will do things with them such as bike riding, swimming, playing games, watching movies. He takes them sledding in the winter
    I don't know what's going to happen now. I'm afraid that this is going to drag him down into a deep hole he won't be able to climb out of.
    If you know of any assistants we can contact I would appreciate it so much

  • Comment Link Guest Saturday, 28 July 2012 21:17 posted by Guest

    get time sharing. my child: get time sharing. my child support went from 700.00 a month to 300.00. you need to have at least 72 nights with your child.

  • Comment Link Guest Sunday, 08 July 2012 19:39 posted by Guest

    HOW TO LOWER CHILD SUPPORT PAYMENT IN CA: I'm active duty military, just got back from deployment and found out that my payments increased from 568 a month i used to pay to almost 1400. I'm in a situation where i have to sell my car and give up my apartment and send my wife back home whit her parents. This increase is making my life very stressfull.
    I being serving the country for almost 12 years and i don't see why CA law makes this type of decisions without the concent of the other party.
    My question is; is there a way i can lower my monthly payments?
    I'm going on negatives in my bank accounts and not being able to eat and thinking about how can i take care of this.
    Any suggestions is greatly appreciate.
    Thank yo u.