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About six years ago a colleague told me he was canceling his home telephone line and going to solely rely on his cell phone. I almost fainted and thought it was virtually unamerican for a person not to have a home telephone. What about the safety risks, I argued. He responded that he felt they were low because his cell phone was always by his bed and, in an earthquake or other natural disaster that we Californians must think about, land lines were as likely to go down as cell phones.

I currently have a home phone, cell phone, and work phone. I also have two email accounts. On any given day I can receive messages on each of these modern devices and I often get too tired at night to check my home phone messages.

On several occasions I have gone days without checking my home phone, and just assumed important calls would also try my cell phone. Recently I had trouble with my home phone and it has been over ten days since I have been able to get calls at home. In this time, I realize I can consolidate all of my calls to my cell and cancel my land line.

I do not feel it is a big risk and I believe the cost savings will add up over time, never mind the time saved in receiving all of my calls on one single phone. This cost saving and time saving measure might not be for everyone, but it is one I am going to try out for the remainder of the year. Home phone lines might become a thing of the past.

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  • Comment Link KamillaBeans Friday, 30 September 2016 12:55 posted by KamillaBeans

    We had a lot of phone landlines, routers, long distance, etc. We had a family, office stuff, friends, in laws, it was hard to let go. And one day I did. It felt strange, but it was cheaper. My ex was always checking my messages, calls, etc, so it was really difficult, but now, it's like a god send. Cell phones and the packages took me some time to understand. But I get it now! Loving it!

    The down side was having to pay for massive phone debt. He could have at least takin me out for a date, and a babysitter look after the kids, damn. Sorry didn't mean to go there.

  • Comment Link Guest Saturday, 02 July 2011 10:28 posted by Guest

    We're keeping our home phone.: We're keeping our home phone. All those confirmation phone calls from doctor's offices and the pharmacy; all the solicitous calls; lots of computer-sent school phone calls every week. For now we can do it, so we like not having these calls, most of which we don't need to get right away, on the home line. The cell phone is for immediate arrangements, things like that.