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Here is some good news...orgasms relieve stress! If you are feeling stressed-out and overwhelmed, a good roll in the hay might be just what you need. Then again, if you're divorced, raising children, working full time and up to your knees in laundry, an orgasm may be the last thing on your mind. If…
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Friday, 17 May 2013 12:28
Webster’s defines infidelity as unfaithfulness to the marriage vow or contract; a violation of the marriage contract by adultery. If you have ever been the victim of a cheating husband, you know it is much more. Infidelity is the breaking of trust that has negative consequences in every…
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Tuesday, 26 February 2013 08:44
When I began navigating the process of divorce, it consumed my life. I ate, drank and slept divorce. It seemed to be all I could think about or talk about and all that talking and thinking fed my raw emotions. If you are consumed by the legal, emotional, and financial aspects of your divorce, here are …
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Friday, 22 February 2013 11:53
Domestic abuse is about control and power, usually a man getting and keeping control and power over a woman. To simplify it, someone who commits domestic abuse is a control freak, and for the sake of argument, we are going to use the pronoun “he.” An abuser can’t feel good about himself unless he…
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Wednesday, 19 September 2012 07:29
Our reaction to stressful events such as divorce can become so habitual that they occur without our awareness. We become so accustomed to reacting to stress in a certain way that it is second nature to us.  We aren't aware that we are reacting in a way that is harmful to us until we are plagued with…
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Saturday, 28 April 2012 09:55
Divorced, middle-aged women are 60 percent more likely to get cardiovascular disease—even when they remarry—than women who remain married, according to a study from the University of Texas at Austin. "We found that divorced women have the lowest household income and wealth, compared…
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Friday, 16 March 2012 09:06
Like the old song says, breaking up is hard to do. Getting a divorce is even harder because you can't always cut your ex out of your life. Relationship author/expert Lisa Steadman offers the following five tips for healing and moving on after divorce. Create new boundaries with your…
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Saturday, 25 February 2012 07:51
Sometimes people going through divorce behave in ways that make a given situation seem much more important than it is.The following behaviors and the tone around them make the issue seem so pressing and imperative that it is easy to get sucked&
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Tuesday, 25 January 2011 08:40
No one likes to think about the “worst case scenario,” but planning for life’s unforeseen setbacks is an essential ingredient to a successful transition to single parenthood.Healthcare coverage is a critical issue, and you need to know what your available coverage is as soon as&
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Thursday, 20 January 2011 20:51
As began to rebuild my life post-divorce, I slowly realized that I had embarked on an adventure to some mysterious destination, yet-to-be-determined; I was evolving from what I once was, a part of a couple, to being…
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Tuesday, 16 November 2010 17:16
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