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Encouraging Words From Your Peers

Excerpts from Our Community to You

You are going to be just fine, bless your soul.  I quote from an article in the Huff Post by Erica Manfred, "Many of you want to forgive your ex and can't find it in your heart do to so.  Then you wind up feeling bad about your inability to forgive, which just adds insult to injury.  What we rarely ask is why we have to forgive to move on?  Why forgive an ex who betrayed you, abused you, was cruel, dishonest, and never expressed remorse or apologized, in fact blamed you for his bad behavior?  As women, haven't we done enough time on the cross?  Isn't it more appropriate, not to speak of self-respecting, to say, to hell with him, he has to live with his sins.  I'm focusing on myself.  So give yourself a break girlfriend.  Work on yourself and let him go.  Let Jesus forgive him, it's not your responsibility."  Your goal right now is to make peace with yourself and heal.  All this pain caused by his betrayal will eventually fade and forgiveness will often happen organically, after enough time has passed.  It's a process.  Forgiveness doesn't mean "it's okay what you did", it means you've lost the bitterness and anger in your life because you have moved on, you've risen above it … (read more)

Your husband made cruel choices, they were his choices and they tore you apart, now you have choices that will not hurt you long term but make you better, learn, pray, ask for guidance on how to let go and forgive but do it.  WE are all responsible somewhat for our marriages that failed.  Forgive yourself and forgive him and let it go.  It is that bitterness and anger that will eat you up and spit you out. He has his new life, you yours and yours will be so much better in the long run if you let it be.  Let let him go so you can grow.  I know kiddo I know how you feel but you’re in control now so control your thoughts and move forward … (read more)

Look at it this way, you are young, and you have the rest of your life ahead of you and you aren't going to be tied to this jerk.  You have time to get a career, go to school, meet somebody new, so you have a world of possibilities ahead of you that would be limited if this happened later.  The one thing I have learned through my divorce experience is that you can't make somebody love you.  You can't make somebody stay and that in my case and your case, we are the only ones who got hurt because the one who leaves already has a life planned and it is without us.  It's not easy to accept but in so many ways you are so lucky to get rid of this marriage this early in your life I know it hurts like hell but at least there are no children.  When my ex left me, I felt that it was the end of the world.  I am now three years out and those three years went quickly.  Life does get better … (continue reading)

This is a difficult journey, but once we all have to take and it is not fun.  You can do it, your a woman, you will never fail yourself or those you love.  Be kind to yourself do not ask why you will never get an answer, it does not matter now.  He made a choice now you have to make a choice to be a success story or dwell in misery think I did that for two years what a waste of time but necessary to walk through this horrific pain.  Don't waste two years like I, cannot get them back, not you girl, not you.  You can do this.  There are no answers that will ever satisfy you, I know, we all know, onward and upward as it goes.

Everyone on this site has their own story to tell about the day we were told our husband wanted to leave.  It hurts.  Oh how it hurts.  You are in shock and pain and all of us know this.  Hugs and more hugs to you.  One day at a time.  First thing you must do is to protect yourself.  Best advice I was ever given.  Get a lawyer; get your money away from where he can reach it.  Change your computer passwords, do everything you can think of to guard yourself at this time.  You need a cool head right now.  Follow the advice of all of us who have been there.  You will have bad times and you will survive, yes you will.  All of us understand and care.  And we will be here to help as we can.  But now, before … (read more)