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Encouraging Words From Your Peers

Excerpts from Our Community to You

Each day is a battle, so that makes us warriors in my opinion.  I will put on my warrior face and go into battle fully armed. I will keep busy, find my new home, do the right thing and hope for a good divorce to be the outcome of a toxic marriage.  Today, I am in control.  I am moving forward.  I can do this on my own.

Anxiety is caused when there is a gap or a tension between what we feel and our cognition.  I think to quell a spell, identify what you are feeling, attach a name to it, feel it, then let it go. Do not try to analyze it or intellectualize it.  You deserve someone who loves you, not just "cares" about you... (read more)

As someone who went through exactly what you are currently going through, I can tell you it gets better.  Feel the fear, do what you need to do even though every bone in your body just wants it to be over.  Let your lawyer be your backbone and take the heat on your behalf.  You WILL come through this.  It is a process and not a life sentence... (read more)

I had depression, but I emerged from the dark tunnel.  Divorce was my catalyst, but to this day I am grateful for knowing how I could fall and that I would come back again, better and stronger.  Be kind to yourself and have faith in yourself and try to keep that door opened.  Remember that depression is nothing to feel ashamed about, the numbers of men and women who fall down are huge.  It's a sign of the times and a product of our environment.  And we can, and will, heal, and prove our value... (read more)

Hang in there.  Stay positive.  You're doing great!  They keep telling me that it gets better, and it has, but it's still bad.  I don't want to rush time, but I want it to hurry up and go by so this will all be years behind me and I'll be in a much better place... (read more)