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Encouraging Words From Your Peers

Excerpts from Our Community to You

I am surviving.  I am smiling.  I am laughing.  I am looking at other men.  I am going out on dates.  I walk down the street and am told I am beautiful.  A weight has lifted.  No more living up to someone else's unattainable standards.  I'm living for myself.  Although I can feel alone, I am reaching a great place where I have confidence and can see there is so much yet to... (read more)

I will do what I have to do, step by step, to get through this, emotionally, financially and legally.  Step by step, and sometimes two steps backward.  After three years on my own, I am starting to realize that I am going to fine.  No, better than fine, I'm going to be great.  Hold your head high, do your hair and put your makeup on, for you.  And take the next baby step... (read more)

Trust me when I say, you will get better, and you will survive and be happy.  Keep good, honest people around you and allow yourself to experience your feelings.  It's been four years since my Ex left me for a much younger woman, and it still makes me think of him with distaste, but I am so much happier now than when I was living with the man.  Hang in there and take good... (read more)

The best way to get through this is to acknowledge and experience all of your emotions. You are entitled to feel them.  Don't judge yourself for feeling angry, sad, afraid or regretful about anything regarding your divorce.  Don't put yourself on a timetable for getting over things either.  It takes as long as it takes.  Be gentle and kind to yourself.  Take care of yourself.  Sleep.  Breathe.  Move.  Make taking of yourself and healing your greatest mission.  You are... (read more)

I think the best thing for your daughter, and you, would be to show her the love you have for her, EVERY day.  She needs to feel secure in your relationship.  Show her everyday that YOU are ok.  This is a great opportunity for you to guide her into becoming a wonderful, compassionate, strong, independent woman.  Watching YOU become that woman will help her to become that woman too... (read more)