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Encouraging Words From Your Peers

Excerpts from Our Community to You

There is a part of you that wants nothing to change, but hopefully a small but growing part that is welcome to change.  You are in the waiting/transition period.  You must grieve your loss.  Find time to cry.  Seek solitude but not exclusively.  Indulge yourself.  Laugh.  Explore the new you and her surroundings.  Think about what you enjoy and think about doing things you've never done before.  When possible do things with groups.  At first it will be familiar groups of friends, acquaintances, but soon it will open to new faces and some will be interesting.  There is more room in a broken heart and all you to do is believe in love... (read more)

Everything will be alright.  You will be successful.  You will be financially secure.  You will find your adventure, your zen (at a moment you probably won't even expect it!)  You will find a partner and it will be amazing.  You will become a mother, if that is what you wish.  And yes, everything is going to be great.  We need to let go of the fear, and pray and trust in ourselves... (read more)

For me, it wasn't the divorce.; it was the Domestic Violence that preceded it.  And somehow I am learning to feel released.  Facing the ugly is freeing me.  Be aware of what it is called.  Domestic Violence isn't just about one partner hitting another.  It isn't just physical.  To me it was the psychological, the financial, the emotional, the verbal and the constant threats of physical abuse.  It tried to steal my soul.  But I'm stronger than that.  And I still walk with grace and dignity ~ but now I have my knowledge that I was far more damaged than I thought.  And by the grace of God, good counseling, a great teacher and amazingly supportive friends and family, I am finding my light.  And dancing.  And I finally know what to say to my children when their paramours are playing with their minds/hearts/balance...  Say no.  I will not give my power away. 

I've met so many friends here, sisters ~ women and men who I admire and some that I feel I've watched take their first steps.  I've had touching messages sent to me out of the blue that meant the world to me and sometimes I think of coming back for a visit.  Thank you to my sisters who have reached out to me, your kindness has not gone unnoticed.  I appreciate each and every... (read more)

Your story right there shows how strong a woman you are.  I totally understand how you feel and have been in very similar situations.  Hang in there.  It will get easier, the crying will diminish and at some point in time you will realize what a selfish jerk he is to have done what he did.  You WILL be happier without him... (read more)

Your insecurities of being left are normal I think.  People will tell you that his cheating had nothing to do with you and they're right, but if you're like me, you won't believe it until you analyze the relationship and come to the conclusion by yourself.  It can be hard.  If I start to feel insecure, I ask myself if I would think that about a friend and would it... (read more)