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Encouraging Words From Your Peers

Excerpts from Our Community to You

You are doing better.  It's okay to be angry.  It's okay to go back and forth, have goodish days and then other when you almost can't bear to get out of bed.  It's okay to feel that.  You are having all the normal reactions, and you are going to survive this.  You will survive this - I have, and so have a lot of other women here.  Allow yourself to grieve.  It stinks, but it's normal and necessary.  Check out all of the boards about Narcissistic Ex husbands and you will see a pattern.

You are at a very vulnerable time in your life, which is not made easier when you have young children and one is a newborn.  Your hormones will be all over the place as well.  You are confused, you will have lack of sleep and your heart is breaking.  I am not surprised that you are feeling overwhelmed with everything.  Try to be good to yourself if you can.  Find some counseling or supportive friends if you can.  Journal your thoughts and pain away, cry, punch a pillow or go for a walk.  Try to eat good foods, take a bath and sleep when your children are resting.  Most men are the most selfish beings there are and unless other people are walking in your shoes then they really don't know what you are going through.  Take time to breathe and let all the crappy stuff out so you can get back to your beautiful children and try to be the best Mom you can.  One minute, one day at a time … (continue reading)

I am so sorry this has happened to you, and you are only the age of my son!  I cannot imagine how overwhelmed you must be.  First, YOU HAVE A RIGHT to feel angry.  You have a right to feel any which way you want, at any time.  It's like a confused storm, and it will pass. But not today nor tomorrow.  And you are doing a great job; you really, really are.  Look, you are taking care of the kids, working hard and going to school, so if you were I weak woman, you'd never be able to manage that and all the emotional and economic ups and downs.  You are going to survive this. In the end, you are going to be just fine.  Right now, just keep reaching out for support.  Don't worry about your faith.  If you are finding support in Buddhist principles, that's great--if one day you choose to again include your former faith, then it will happen when you are ready.  Forget about him, and focus on YOU. Take care of “you”, and your children. And keep coming back for support. Hugs to you, dear  (continue reading)

Try to find ways to keep the balance.  Make sure that the demands of aging patents aren’t sapping you so much that you aren’t functioning well anywhere.  Take time for yourself and pamper away.  Yes to the idea of recharging and recouping.  Its always a surprise to me how my view of life changes day to day.  Some days seem so dark and a never ending black hole, and then another day passes and I feel like I am blowing it all out of proportion.  I think this site helps me see through others eyes exactly what my reality is.  It helps me discover the truth, painful as it may be.  I think it helps me act, take back control back and gives me hope … (read more)

We all have had our days.  So go ahead and cry, jump up and down, but move on.  Grieve the death of that bad union, but replace it with positive energy.  Look to engage in the community in things you love.  Volunteer someplace, animals, kids reading, senior center, hospice; our local hospital has volunteers to walk patients to their appointments.  Do what you love.  Find single groups.  I can 100 percent tell you there is a nice man waiting to meet you.  You just have to find him; he’s there right now.  Be engaged and not "looking" so hard.  Just engage in what you love and a person will appear.  I believe this can happen at any age.  You got this, wipe the tears and blow your nose.  Just do you.  You seem loving, caring and peeps will see this  (continue reading)