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Encouraging Words From Your Peers

Excerpts from Our Community to You

I understand your thought process, but at some point you will reach the realization that all those points matter as much as the fact he walked away from his commitment to you.  And you (and your daughter) deserve way better. Take care of yourself, nurture and cherish you, even though your inner voice may be currently crushed.  It's "you time now, and NOT him... (read more)

Indifference is actually a healthy thing and a sign that you have progressed to a pretty high degree of healing.  So please don't worry or beat yourself up if you are not convulsed with  grief because being "numb" could be the pre-grief, or it could be that you've already grieved more than you realize and now you are moving on. In either case, I'm sending long distance hugs because this process is so difficult, regardless of what stage one is in ...

Please listen to everyone's advice. You are in a very painful stuck place and you've got to find a way to pull yourself out. That's not imply it's easy, but one little step forward at a time and it will get better and you will be able to have the life you want again. We know what you mean and how you're feeling. I will keep you in my prayers and if you aren't involved in a church, I would plead with you to try it. I know that without God's help, I wouldn't have made it. Keep your chin up and remind yourself that ...

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