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Encouraging Words From Your Peers

Excerpts from Our Community to You

I hope you feel glimmers of hope for your wonderful new life.  It's time to start rethinking this whole crazy thing and revive some secret dreams that were yours alone.  if you aren't there yet, at least be open to the idea while you nurture yourself as if you were your own best friend.  I'm so sorry you are to endure this, but it will get better... (read more)

Let him go, if he needs to because there really is no such thing as "saving your marriage" if he has already left the building.  If he hasn't, it is a decision he has to make alone.  You can't do it for him.  Now is the time to treat yourself kindly and with love.  Detach from him, as hard as it can be, while he is in this hurtful mode.  And know you have tons of friends here to cry, vent and commiserate with.  You will make it through this... (read more)

This is a long emotional process that sometimes it seems easier to just give in and try to move on.  But hang in there and make sure you and the kids are taken care of in the end.  Now is the time to fight for what you need.  There is a portion of his retirement that you have earned.  if you do not proceed with it now, it will be to late once everything is signed  You may not get it right away, but it will help you when you do... (read more)

I'm sending good vibes your way.  I have a mediation session with STBX on the same matters; maintenance, splitting assets, etc, this week.  I have told him I will not mediate without an attorney present.  The final divorce trial is next month.  So, I"ll be thinking of you.  Hang in there!  Your STBX like mine; doesn't want to give a thing.  Stay strong and don't give in too readily.  Hopefully the judge will see through his greed... (read more)

Actually the emotional toll in litigation is LESS than the endless back and forth of negotiation.  This is because, once you head in the direction of litigation, the emotional side is taken completely out of it, the lawyers really go to work, and decisions are legally based, not emotionally based.  The point is; don't give away the farm to avoid litigation.  If you have to litigate to get what is fairly yours, then don't be afraid to do... (read more)