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Encouraging Words From Your Peers

Excerpts from Our Community to You

I am glad you are focusing on you and feeling empowered. You are taking your power back. For so many years we take care of others instead of ourselves and also as in my case allowed myself to be mistreated for years by my ex. You sound very motivated and very strong which is wonderful. I am wishing I could get a little of your strength right now and keep going forward and onward and upward. I wonder as well if there is some nameless man in my future but I guess we will have to see what God's plans are for us. I also feel the loneliness so much more now for some reason. My kids are grown and gone and busy with their lives. I miss all the buzz and activity of the everyday life of the family and I miss having someone to share it with. Good luck to you on this journey. Praying for your strength through this journey … (continue reading)

The pain of unbroken feeling after divorce does end, but it takes time, a lot of time. Seeing intact families was a trigger for me until it wasn't. I remember when I noticed the change. It was five years after separation and the kids and I were on vacation and when I noticed intact families I didn't feel any pang or longing. In fact, with eyes now fully opened I noticed that the husbands seemed cranky and irritable and I felt happy and delighted with my new and improved family unit. I watched the wives trying to engage their husbands in small talk or cheerfulness and I felt relief that it wasn't me anymore. I no longer have to be a cheerleader for a cranky 40-year-old man-boy  One day, you will be overflowing with happiness and relief that your family is perfect just the way it is ... (continue reading)

Whatever comes out of your tongue will build you up or tear you down. Your family is not broken. Your family is now different. You are still a mom and you will find a unique way to still be a mom. You cannot control what has happened, but you can control your future. We get stuck because when the person leaves, they plan it and blindside you with no explanation or accountability. Well this weekend we learned the details of Robin Williams, the great comedian who had wealth, talent and family and yet there were issues that he could not cope with. You have survived divorce, a fate that is worse than death on many levels. Your life will return, not at the pace of your ex, because he had a head start. That is the only difference. You don't need the race, stay in the marathon and embrace each day as a new experience. You will get through this and you will be stronger, wiser, and healthier. You are not broken. You are the mend … (continue reading)

It is very hard getting through this. After joining this site I have came to realize that we all have to go through a grieving process, but we also still deserve happiness. As I've read some food for thought, do things you always longed to do that you couldn't, do things you wouldn't. Write down your feelings in a journal, remove the negative things and start thinking positive and know you are a great woman and know your worth. If your children are adults let them make their own decision about the other woman, but just tell them how you feel so they don't step on any toes trying to understand, it may not be easy for them either. I think drinking is the wrong thing to do trying to breakthrough this time in your life. Find someone to talk to, take up a hobby or anything that makes you happy. Good luck and best wishes to you ... (continue reading)

Being friends and co-parents who agree are good steps and it sounds like you are putting the effort. There is a quote out on the Internet that says, "A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other." Is he putting the effort to not give up? If so, great! If he were just coasting, would he be willing to try a few sessions of counseling? In my own situation, I feel I spent a long time refusing to give up only to have him walk away when he found an easier path to happiness. I don't regret putting in the work; just very sad he made a different choice. Whatever happens with you and your husband, DON'T GIVE UP ON YOURSELF! Transitioning from a stay-at-home mom to an independent woman is tough, but you can do it. Your kids need you, even if they are grown. The world needs you, even if you think no one is paying attention. Plus, if he does support you, you can become more independent and still stay married. Depression is a perfectly normal reaction to a loss. Hold your head high and find someone you trust to talk to when you are feeling low. If no one is around, pick up the phone and call a support hotline. You only get this one life and there are still sunrises to see … (continue reading)