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Encouraging Words From Your Peers

Excerpts from Our Community to You

You are a wonderful person, a caring and giving person. You have many gifts to share with others. You will find that your view of things will sharpen and change over time and have clarity and peace. This was not you or your issues. They were his. No one is perfect. I have realized the love I experienced was real to me, just not to him and sadly never to him. There is a saying something like, 'If someone reveals themselves to you, believe them." Mine had been revealing himself for sometime if not always, but I was in love and denial and always made excuses for him really at the expense of my self which I am trying now to rediscover. Please try to get some sleep and rest because it really does affect our brains and how we deal and process everything. I went back to the minister I have known since childhood to speak with him before he retired. He told me that he didn't know the reason for this pain but he did know without a doubt God was protecting me for a reason. I have held onto that through the darkness and the journey into the light again. I know and believe in my heart this is true and I believe it is true for you as well … (continue reading)

I feel your pain, but please let go. I tried to hang on for way too long and you are right he is gone and isn't coming back. Have a talk with your son and get the air cleared between you. He is hurt and is just looking to blame someone so he can find peace also. Guys abandon their wives and families for far less so don't blame yourself; it is his fault and problem and his alone, you are not to blame. Men like this are just weak and looking for their egos to be stroked. He will indeed open his eyes one day and it will be way too late. Mine did and boy was it too late. He sees what he did to his family and he can't undo it and that he has to live with day in and day out … (continue reading)

We must remember our worth and know that we can have a beautiful life with people who love us unconditionally. I also have an ex narc and he will do whatever to get my attention. The only thing that gets me through is to really look inside of myself and know I am ok. He constantly puts me down than wants me so sick. We must survive and not play into their games of sickness. Look at your eyes in the mirror and tell yourself you are amazing and give yourself beautiful love and watch your eyes sparkle from your heart! We will make it for ourselves, and for all the women that didn't. Sending you all love and strength to rock on and not let the narc get you down.

Soaring in a multicolored sky begins with wanting. Not saying you want but that deep down "wanting." You have the correct attitude to make the decisions and changes to color your world again. I have seen many artists make beautiful things out of broken things. My favorite art is out of ocean glass. Not only is that broken, it is smoothed over time by the beating of the waves and the currents and the storms. Take the broken and beaten pieces of your life and think about them as being polished by life and refit them together. It will be inspiring and more beautiful because each piece will have a story to tell. You see broken and I see beautiful possibilities. Just let the brokenness inspire you. You are still beautiful, still colorful; you just need to reorganize it into something else new, one stroke of the brush on a canvas or one piece of ... (continue reading)

It's gut wrenching, and I know it all too well. Some days I would question my ability to keep on. I still have bad days, but it's been over a month since I've had a breakdown, and that's progress for me. I am telling you this because in time it will get better. You may have a bad day every day right now, but that will turn in to every other day and then maybe once a week, and then once a month. The best advice I have to give you is this: if you still have contact with your ex- stop that part immediately. It's much too hard to move on if you continue to have contact. Do things that bring you happiness- go for a walk, bike ride, hang out with girlfriends, read, whatever it is that brings you some joy- do it. It's so important. Rely on those close to you for support and surround yourself with positive people- you need support to help you get through this process. Sometimes just venting on this website can be so therapeutic! Allow yourself to grieve, it's important to acknowledge your sadness; just don't let it consume you. Be good to yourself and remember you will get through this … (continue reading)