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Encouraging Words From Your Peers

Excerpts from Our Community to You

Just remember it all cycles through and there is no timeline for your grief or your journey. There are those ups and downs and you will start to have more ups than downs, I promise you. You have had to deal with so many things during this past year. You were and are still vulnerable. Please protect yourself and heal some more until you feel you are ready for another relationship. Just remember, we have survived this so far and we are going to continue to survive and thrive. This is our best payback and revenge. We are finding happiness and peace again within ourselves. You are a warrior! You are not going to give up this fight. You are going to keep going and never ever give up. Your happy ending is coming, I have no doubt and karma will be coming for you know whom someday. I hope you will be able to do some fun things just for you soon. God is always with you and loves you ... (continue reading)

I'm so sorry to hear about your situation. Try to forgive yourself for losing it. I did the same thing and I know my son heard me. I came at my husband wanting to hit him. That’s when we separated. You were reacting to things being so unfair that was all. Try to go easy on yourself and keep coming here and start making a normal life plan for yourself and kids, if you are up to it. I can imagine it being overwhelming right now with a wee one so come back here for the support you need we will be there for you! Hugs and prayers for you today ... (continue reading)

The negative thoughts will feel like they will never cease, but they do. It does take time. It becomes less and less as time goes by. Please try to acknowledge the feeling, knowing that you have every right to feel this way. Then, try to replace this with something positive, maybe a happy time with your children, something, and anything that warms your heart. Hold on to that love and joy. Getting his words out of my head, his expectations of needing me to be a compliant robot, everything had to be his way; this is no more. That which is no more are five words I repeat to myself daily. Finding joy and love in this journey is what we need to focus on. I know it is difficult. Please be patient with yourself, love yourself … (continue reading)

Firstly in words of Eckhart Tolle: Love is a state of Being, your Love is not outside; it is deep within you. You can never lose it and it cannot leave you. The space that now feels like a void is the loss of the dream, the plans, the carving in the stone. The significant other auditioned for the leading role without fault, there was no need for you to look elsewhere; yet there is no under study. Can I ask you to imagine this for a moment? You walk on stage you see a small child, crying, curled up, fetal almost. She appears frightened, cold and seemingly abandoned. Instinctively, you carefully approach, reach out your hand, she takes it and crawls into your arms, suddenly you are embracing her. You reach for a tissue in your pocket, you carry them everywhere lately, and you dry her tears. How can this be, you catch a glimpse of her face, surreal, it’s the 6 year old you. The Adult in you takes over and says ‘No one is going to hurt you anymore; I’m here to look after you now, ‘enough is enough’. You take your power back. You realize that Love is not meant to hurt. Love can be unrequited, that’s ok. But you are excited to immerse yourself in loving you and Wow the man that is working his way to you is surely worthy of the woman you know is healing and emerging soon to take flight. The one who loves the woman she is alone with. God bless you Mata, God’s peace is comforting you. What’s for you won’t go by you – Dr. Wayne Dyer ... (continue reading)

I have made my house beautiful. I cut fresh flowers and put them in different rooms, I have the best cotton sheets, warm duvets, new pillows that have a lavender scent to them. I light candles, burn aromatherapy oils, take long showers, and dance in the living room with my six-year-old. Go for long walks on the beach with our dog, have one night a week with my Mom wearing our PJ's and watching movies together while eating a takeaways and giving ourselves facials. I go out for brunch on the weekend and never turn down a girlfriend for coffee at an outdoor cafe. I have just bought a cool vintage bike with a wicker basket on the front to ride the cycle ways on the weekend. Plus I read books late into the night or on the weekends. Honestly it is a joy not to have a man around. Life is good.