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Encouraging Words From Your Peers

Excerpts from Our Community to You

I still feel like this sometimes too, but if you do, he wins, so don't let that happen. We've given so much that our bucket is empty, and curling up inside our self doesn't let anything in. We've been deprived so much that we've lost the ability to receive, because we've given up the hope that we WILL receive. You won't receive anything from him, but you will receive from us. Much love to you right now! Wish I could hold your hand, hug you, and buy your dinner. Wish I could tell you jokes and make you laugh. Wish I could listen while you tell your story and know that I get it and care. You will heal. You will live again. They tried to get everything, but we all survived...and the sweet things of life will begin to filter back in in increasingly bigger streams if we just don't give up. Make a cup of tea, smile, and remind yourself how sweet the revenge is if he ever sees you out truly happy, head back laughing uproariously, or looking into the eyes of a man who truly ... (continue reading)

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