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Encouraging Words From Your Peers

Excerpts from Our Community to You

It is time for you to live.  After so many years, I am pushing through so much emotional abuse, and the horrible thing is I did not realize how to interpret it was abuse.  That is why you might find yourself wanting to go back and forth.  You might need therapy just to help you come to a healthy place in your life again.  You are worth it.  Don't worry about your children.  Take care of yourself and time will heal, and reveal.  The only thing you can do is to be mom.  If your children are displaying some of the same selfish ways as your husband, just pray and be a mom but set boundaries so you can get healthy.  Please take care of yourself and never see him again.  Don't email or talk to him.  Don't text him.  Pray for daily strength to resist bad treatment from entering your life.  I am praying for your strength … (continue reading)

I know your pain.  Mine has just begun.  Only two weeks and I am seeing him in a different light.  The man I thought in knew and loved with everything I have is a liar and a cheater.  But you have to like you and stop worrying about him. You are better than that; you are worth more than that.  You have to stop felling sorry for yourself and worrying about him.  He sounds like a jerk.  I know my journey has just begun but I would rather be by myself than have to be with a man like that.  I am scared to death about my future but only I can take control of it.  The only reason you feel the way you do is because you allow it.  He is still controlling you and you are letting it happen.  My mother told me the other day there is nothing wrong with being alone, nothing!  Love yourself, love life, and only you can change it!  You will be ok everybody has a purpose you just haven't looked deep enough.  It's there you just have to let it out  (read more)

I am sorry for your pain, but applaud you for your strength.  It takes courage to move on and know there is a light for you at the end of this long tunnel.  You are enduring some of life's greatest stresses all at the same time.  You will feel like a rock when this is over and done with.  Yes the OW can have him.  She has seen up close and personal what he does to his woman when he tires of her.  If she is not smart enough to see that will be her some day then she deserves what she gets … (read more)

You will find the new love of your life and someone who values you as a best friend as well, someone who truly loves you and respects you and your body.   First you need to believe that you deserve so much more then him, then you have to protect your heart against him.  He is not looking out for your best interest at all.  Get yourself clear and centered and your thinking right.  He is not good for you anymore, you need to out grow him and you can do it.  What you tell yourself is what you will believe.  So if you tell yourself you are broken, then you will be, if you tell yourself you are devastated then you will be.  Of course it is hard and sad but you can do this.  You have the opportunity to build a new life, a better life, a life without pain and lies.  I wish you all the best.  Look out for yourself and feed yourself good thoughts.  No one should live for another human being it makes you too venerable  (read more)

You are strong and capable!  Everyone has a rough patch and that is where you are right now.  It always gets better, and you will feel happy again.  Literally take each moment right here and now and think about where you are at and try to find the silver lining in the simple things, the smell of coffee, chocolate, and the sunset.  Try to really look at all the simple silly things; it keeps me from wandering to far into the past or what I believe the future should be … (read more)

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