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The First Wives World Professional Directory is your source for reliable, qualified professionals specially trained to provide divorce assistance across a variety of disciplines. Easily find detailed listings that include contact information and ratings and reviews written by other First Wives World members. And rest assured knowing that each professional has been thoroughly evaluated and approved by First Wives World.

Our goal is to build a vast network of trusted, girlfriend-referred professionals for both our current members and the new members that come after us. So if you're a community member and have used a professional that you trust and find reliable, please invite them to join our directory.

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Tammy Gold

Tammy Gold, one of the most sought after parenting and childcare experts in the country, has worked with families for over 10 years, helping parents to live happier and more fulfilling lives. Her sessions are invaluable and most, if not all, of each session should be covered by insurance. Tammy even teaches her clients how to submit their claims, assuring they receive reimbursement. Tammy believes there is nothing more important than giving parents the support, guidance and care they deserve, because happier parents equal happier children!
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