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The First Wives World Professional Directory is your source for reliable, qualified professionals specially trained to provide divorce assistance across a variety of disciplines. Easily find detailed listings that include contact information and ratings and reviews written by other First Wives World members. And rest assured knowing that each professional has been thoroughly evaluated and approved by First Wives World.

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Patty Staco Featured

Spiritual Life Coach And Empowerment Expert — “Who you are is good enough, if only you would be it openly”. Carl Rogers

When the context of your life falls away, the who you thought you were steps into the who you were always meant to be.

I believe that if we were all to harness the energy it takes to be who we think we should be and simply gave ourselves permission to express who we really are, we would tap into the true unlimited Source of soul-powered human potential. Imagine a world where we each knew our unique purpose and we valued authentic self expression above all. That time is now. How are you going to show up?

So, why me? Because I have done and continue to do the work. I know its power and I’ve equipped myself with the tools to help get you unleashed in your life. To my J.D., I’ve added a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology and bolstered all of that with the Science of Positive Psychology. What you get is an advocate who stands up for the Divine in you all while making sure that you have the tools to follow through in this world. I’ll take you up the Soul Line so that you can get to the Goal Line and I’ll believe in you more than you’ll believe in yourself! It’s the one, two, three punch that will have you staring fear down and have you taking action to step boldly forward in who you are so the world can benefit from your unique gifts! Go from transition to transformation and expand into you were always meant to be.

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Love and light,

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