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Yulia Vangorodska, Esq. Featured

Mrs. Vangorodska has been serving clients in the New York City area since the 2000s (

Yulia Vangorodska offers family law services with a cost-effective approach. Yulia will assist you in determining the pros and cons of appealing a court order by offering honest, unbiased and informative guidance. If you are a Respondent, Yulia will help you to understand what lies ahead and can help you appeal the other parties’ stance.

His straightforward talk, approachability, tenacity and years of experience combine to make her office the right selection for individuals and couples seeking guidance regarding divorce, separation, child custody, support, order of protection and other family law matters. Couples thinking about mediation are encouraged to stop by for a no fee consultation.

Situated in New York, Vangorodska Law Firm serves people throughout the New York City region. Since Vangorodska Law Firm’s inception, Yulia Vangorodska has focused on family and divorce law. Her background in civil litigation has proven to be useful in consistently providing effective representation.

Her office can handle a variety of legal needs. Yulia Vangorodska personally represents all of the firm’s clients and strives to get the best results whether by litigation, settlement negotiations or an alternative method such as collaborative law or mediation. Realizing there are many aspects to matrimonial cases that need to be addressed, Mrs. Vangorodska has put together years of experience in Supreme Court, Family Court as well as in the office withing with couples in mediation.

The goal of Vangorodska Law Firm, whether acting as lawyer or mediator, is to help clients manage their way through the often complex process with results that exceed their wishes and needs. When people visit Vangorodska Law Firm, there is always a family law issue that needs addressing and Mrs. Vangorodska is going to do the best to resolve the issue. With Yulia as your attorney, your desires will be discussed and explored to see if a settlement may be reached immediately. Often a solution is not possible at the beginning and in that case, Yulia will fight hard for each client’s cause.

In a collaborative law case, Mrs. Vangorodska provides her clients with personal legal advice that the customer needs to here. During a collaborative process, Yulia will continue working with the other attorneys, coaches, and experts that are affiliated to put together a practical solution for his clients. Yulia Vangorodska was admitted to federal practice for the United States in 2004.

Touro College - Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center
Natsionalnaya Yuridicheskaya Akademiya Ukraini

New York

New York City Bar
Brooklyn Bar Association, Family Law Section
Matrimonial Lawyers Alliance
Russian American Bar Association
Federal Bar Association (Southern District of New York)
741/A Madison Ave, 4th Floor, New York, NY, Untied States, 10065
(212) 671-0936
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