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The First Wives World Professional Directory is your source for reliable, qualified professionals specially trained to provide divorce assistance across a variety of disciplines. Easily find detailed listings that include contact information and ratings and reviews written by other First Wives World members. And rest assured knowing that each professional has been thoroughly evaluated and approved by First Wives World.

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Eva Sachs B. Comm., CFP®, CDFA™ Featured

Eva Sachs is the founder of Women in Divorce Financial. She is a trusted resource for women dealing with the financial issues related to divorce through financial analysis and her own custom designed tools.

Since 2006, Eva has restricted her practice to fee based financial divorce consulting. She works with clients whether they are in traditional negotiations, mediation or collaborative practice, providing financial support from the information gathering stage to preparing projections based on settlement options. She has shown countless clients how the combination of income, property division, and spousal and child support will affect them post- divorce – helping them understand the financial implications of the settlement options they are considering.

She has coauthored the book “When Harry Left Sally – Finding your way through Grey Divorce” for couples facing divorce late in life published in January 2014.

Eva is co-founder of Mutual Solutions, a hybrid mediation and financial forecasting service for separating couples who are looking for alternative ways to reach settlement without court and investing in a costly divorce.

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79 Shuter St Suite 200, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5B 3B1
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