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Davis Investigations, Inc.

Davis Investigations, Inc. private investigations agency is exclusively dedicated to video surveillance in the New York City Metropolitan Tri-State (New York, Connecticut, New Jersey) area. It was decided in 1989, by a female private investigator in Westchester County, New York, she would focus on one area of private investigations and do it better than any on else. It did not take long for her love for video surveillance to shine through. Her clients quickly took notice as she delivered results and most importantly, winning surveillance videos.

Over 20 Years later, Davis Investigations is truly a “Mom & Pop” shop – a family business in its second generation of private investigators. The three principal owners / private investigators offer more than 40+ combined years of specialized experience exclusively as private investigators dedicated to video surveillance in New York City, Long Island, Westchester Rockland, Putnam Orange Counties, NY and the Lower Hudson Valley Region and the Entire State of Connecticut and beyond everyday. Both the corporation and the individual private investigators are licensed Private Investigators in the States of New York and Connecticut.

Our PI company focuses primarily on Insurance fraud, medical malpractice lawsuits, personal injury fraud, disability, general liability cases and domestic investigations including cheating spouses, husbands, wives and child custody cases in CT, NY City, Long Island, Westchester, NY, etc. Ultimately, our private investigators deliver winning surveillance video that saves our clients a million dollars or more, provides leverage for settlement negotiations or leverage for divorce negotiations.

Our private detectives are experts at covert and clandestine observation techniques and the use of the latest high technology equipment including: High Definition (HD) video cameras, hidden video cameras, GPS tracking devices and other surveillance equipment. We are adept at locating even the most hard to find individuals (skip tracing, background searches), either through good old fashioned detective work or by searching multiple online resources. We learn all we can about a subject through a combination of background checks and surveillance. The result is a high quality video documentary that accurately depicts the subject’s actions and activities. A typical investigation concludes with our private investigators in the courtroom as expert witnesses providing testimony that is professional and damaging to the other side.
Phone: 914-472-5731
Fax: 914-381-1831
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