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Julie Savard

Julie Savard

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Trying To Remember Why We Left

Monday, 09 May 2011 07:35
It's been a little over a year since I left my ex. Life is good, and I'm happy, most of the time. I feel put together and on a good path of life.Every second weekend or so, I spend the afternoon at my ex's. The excuse is that I want his daughter to&

Scheduling Sex: The Kiss Of Death

Wednesday, 20 July 2011 08:50
When you start to schedule sex into your agenda, you know that your relationship isn't going so well.Eight years into my first "marriage," scheduling sex was a means of managing to get a night of peace and quiet, though. My partner wanted it&

Keeping Up Appearances Is Exhausting

Friday, 04 March 2011 07:47
Keeping up appearances is the hardest thing to do when your heart is breaking. You visit friends or members of your family, and you can see they're happy. The husband teases his wife. She smiles, teases back fondly, and then looks over to the kids…

Finding The Courage To Walk

Sunday, 10 July 2011 09:35
After my second child was born, I knew the relationship was over. I knew it was over a long time ago, but I'd realized that the rocky living arrangements were about to end.All I needed was the courage to walk.Walk I did. I had a fussy,&

Divorce Makes Everyone Crazy

Thursday, 10 March 2011 08:25
As much as I do enjoy sitting here writing about my life, I sometimes find it hard.What would you think if I told you I stood in front of a revving Ford 350, arms flung wide and

I Miss Falling In Love

Saturday, 02 July 2011 08:58
I remember the day I fell in love like it was yesterday. It was autumn, and the leaves were burnished gold and red, falling lazily from the trees when the breeze tugged them free.I sat on the dock at the river, the water calm and glassy as a dark&

A Place Of My Own? Maybe Someday

Saturday, 16 February 2008 18:00
I realized last night that I have nothing of my own.We went for supper at my mother's house, a huge, beautiful home with 36 acres of land. She lives alone there, out in the country, and she's ... well, she's getting old. It's time for her to&
Ah, the stigma of divorce. It's lovely, isn't it? You decide to end a relationship that isn't working, and then get tons of labels heaped on you. Let's see a few perceptions I've had slapped onto me because I decided to be single:I'm a&

No Time for Tirades

Friday, 19 August 2011 09:03
I haven't had an argument with my first ex in years. Thank god, because I certainly had enough arguments with him to last me a lifetime.But apparently, we were due to have one more.He's been hanging around a lot, lately — and not to see his…
Ex No. 1, after being tossed out from my home onto his ass last week, hasn't shown hide or hair of presence lately. He certainly hasn't called to apologize for being rude, either.I'm wondering if I overreacted by asking him to leave. I was angry at…

Relationship Record Aside, My Life Is Good

Sunday, 24 February 2008 18:00
Blogging about my past loves, my relationships, my "divorces," and my life isn't easy. Most people might jump at the chance to have some fame as a writer — I don't recommend it with a topic like this.More than once, I've written a post&

Julie Talks Back

Monday, 25 February 2008 09:30
Recently, someone left a very vicious comment regarding a post I made about feeling pain that my mother wanted to sell the family home and how it had stirred up the realization that I depended very much on other people for&
Writing these posts churns up memories every time. Bad ones, good ones... ones that I find myself thinking about, others that I'd rather have forgotten completely.But a recent reader comment stirred up a memory, one I'm rather proud of. The…

On the Look-Out

Wednesday, 05 March 2008 10:00
"Why do you stay with him?"My teenaged daughter asked the question after a recent falling out with Ex Number Two. What hurt was that she didn't ask her question in the past tense — we both knew that I'd give in and make up."Because I'm lonely." …

Drunk Dialing Never Gets You Anywhere

Thursday, 11 August 2011 08:57
"You're a f**ckin' bitch."The low, dangerous growl came from the phone just after I picked up and said, "Hello." My ex had self-medicated with enough alcohol to kill a horse and decided it was time to vent.This was my life for 10 years, and this has …

Empathy For the Ex

Monday, 10 March 2008 09:01
Ex number two is on a downer these days. He's moping. He's depressed. He's cranky and unmotivated. He's negative. When he comes to visit our daughter and me, we snap at each other or argue.It isn't much fun.I have a hard time feeling sympathetic,…

Let the Mortgage Gods Smile Upon Me

Thursday, 13 March 2008 16:00
I have the opportunity to buy a house — the house I currently rent, in fact. I've been moping about feeling like I have nothing to show for my life yet (except two beautiful girls), and I've been feeling like I'm still not settled enough. I…

Decades Of Marriage And Nothing To Celebrate

Wednesday, 14 September 2011 10:48
My ex-husband received notice that his parents were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary this summer. "That's a reason to celebrate!" the invitation cheered.Actually, I remember their 50th wedding anniversary. My ex's parents were remarried in …

Home Sweet Home

Tuesday, 18 March 2008 15:55
A while back, I blogged about how I felt like I had no firm footing in life. I don't own a place to live. I've always depended on others to keep me warm and sheltered. My true Home (with a capital H) belongs to my mother.She wants to sell.&

Buying a House (and a Better Life)

Friday, 21 March 2008 12:00
I'm going to buy a house. Not any house, either. I want to buy the duplex I live in.After extensive talks with my mother about selling the family home, I realized that much of my emotional instability comes from the fact that my current situation…
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