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Debbie Nigro

Debbie Nigro is the self-proclaimed, "Chief Executive Girlfriend" of First Wives World. Her insightful, tell it like it is videos and posts (Debbie Does Divorce) are viewed and enjoyed by thousands of divorced women daily on

Nigro is a multi-faceted, business and broadcasting entrepreneur who has spent the past twenty years applying her creative talents building unique business opportunities, spotting trends and untapped niche markets, and providing successful programming concepts for both her own radio and television productions and her clients.

A pioneer in self-syndicated, female-targeted talk radio programming, Nigro built and ran her own radio and television syndication company from 1993 to 2000. During this time, she developed a reputation for creating award-winning branded programming with creative product integration. Her radio shows and vignettes aired in over 450 markets with the backing of corporations such as Avon Products, Inc. and Blockbuster Entertainment. Further, her television features aired inside news broadcasts across the country in well over 50 markets.

Nigro is currently the President of Out Of The Box Deals, Inc., a public relations and strategic alliance advisory company based in New Rochelle, New York. The company caters to businesses that desire "big picture" marketing, unique "next-level" strategies and PR ideas that drive media awareness and sales. The Company assists startups and entrepreneurs with products aimed at mass distribution and luxury markets and, most importantly to First Wives World, has an established niche division for marketing to the 35-plus female markets. Ms. Nigro is a sought after business advisor known for her consistently fresh-thinking.

Nigro's media experience includes radio, pod casting, television, publishing, television shopping, new product launches, program creation, breakthrough public relations concepts, event and media sponsorships, and "unique" strategic introductions and alliances.

Recently, Nigro was featured on a new reality television show, "Dinner Takes All," which aired on The Learning Channel. In September 2005, Ms. Nigro launched a live, two-hour daily talk radio show of her own name, "The Debbie Nigro Show," which was syndicated by the Lifestyle TalkRadio Network. She also had a successful onstage debut at The Laugh Factory in Manhattan.The Lifestyle TalkRadio Network also syndicated a program written and produced by Nigro titled, "Debbie's Diary." The show was a daily, 90-second radio feature that aired on over 300 radio markets. It also aired online at With her syndicated program, Nigro successfully created and proved a proprietary strategy for "virally" attracting and maintaining a loyal, online radio following.

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Debbie Nigro

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