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I haven't been a member very long here, but I've done a lot of reading this past weekend, and I wanted to say your stories, your woes, your joys and your triumphs have helped me tremendously.  What sometimes makes me sad are all the wrong and hurtful things we've all been through and are still going through. How downright mean some men can be, how hurtful and deceitful and some are just plain evil.  

I am dealing with an ex who has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. There is no doubt in my mind that he is a Narcissist. And while I've been through some challenges, I haven't been through a fraction of the horrors some of you have been through. For that I am grateful, although it is all relative I guess.  None of us deserve any degree of the poor treatment we've suffered.  In spite of all the bad, I want to say I am inspired by the stories of strength (unbelievable strength!), determination, and willpower and the heart that you women have. The odds you have overcome, the hurdles you've cleared and the successes you enjoy.  

I have tried to put myself in some of your shoes and I really think I'd crumble under the pressure and stress. But you are all here, helping one another and venting our frustrations.  Not hiding, not avoiding your life, as I'm sure some days you'd like to. We'll all have crappy, I can't handle this, stop the world I want get off type days, but the rest of those days we're handling it. We're facing it. We're doing it. And hopefully some days we are loving it. I am in good company here.

(originally posted by a community member)

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  • Comment Link lagirl50 Wednesday, 31 August 2016 20:16 posted by lagirl50

    Sometimes saddened, I know I'm new here and when you try and talk to someone that does not have a clue what you are going through or they just tell you leave, it's not the easy to start over again, first you need a place, money, car, ect most of the women here have children no job, ect we are not going through this because we just say oh well here's my hand I cant change it...we make the best of it until we can change it...I love reading the stories it really helps me deal, cause I was gonna probally turn to drinking or something to cope, but you realize here you are not alone we talk, vent, we laugh, ect this is our hideaway....I love it and thanks everyone for sharing and keep it really does help