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This fall will be three years post divorce finalization. What have I done in that time? Move to my own place, paid off all of my bills, car, any debts and got a new job where no one knows of my old life. My “old me” is unattached to my ex in every way possible. Some of my friends say they sometimes forget I was ever married.

So now what? Being childless due to social infertility is my situation, but I'm coming to terms with the idea that I will not have children and that's okay. Life will go on. I have nephews and I have friends who have babies. I suppose most childless women at the age of 40 start accepting their life's fate.

So, dating since my divorce? Well, can't say that is going anywhere. Last online guy (via Match) I met was a paraplegic. On our date, he asked me if I am too picky as to why I am single. Really? Umm yeah, no. I'm out with you. Needless to say, he was a decent enough guy, but we were not on the same wavelength. Not saying his was better or worse than my wavelength, just different.

I'm coming to terms too that I may finish out the next 40 years on my own and that's also OK. I'm happy to have the memories of my wedding day, standing their in my dress that I was more in love with than the person who was standing at the end of the isle. My advice to those getting ready to jump online and "date" - meh, don't fret about it. Enjoy your family and friends. Volunteer, go on a bike ride, and visit with those you haven't seen in forever. I just find my time is more meaningfully spent doing those things than meeting up with random men online.

Peace to all of you and enjoy the rest of your summer!

(originally posted by a member of our community)

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  • Comment Link jacque Monday, 15 August 2016 21:46 posted by jacque

    Loving this. You are so right too. I've come to the fact that I will be alone and I don't mind. I'm surrounded by my kids and grandkids and my siblings and a few close friends. I don't want or need a man in my life. I'm complete, I'm happy, I'm content. Praise be to God!