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Back in my darkest days, success stories from FWW members didn't make me feel as good as I knew they were meant to. What I needed to hear was the (comforting?) pain I could relate to, not the joy that I felt wasn't within my grasp or that was so foreign to me. But as difficult it was at times, I still needed to read and absorb those words because one thing I was certain of was that at one time, these women were “me.”

Every freed woman who gives a 'shout-out' of inspiration to you ladies ultimately continues to inspire me!

I was elated that a member here squeezed one in in her comment to one of my blogs. We women do know the depth of pain and fear so many of you harbor.  It's easy to think it won't happen for you, but we ALL feel that way at some point.

This is just 'MY' analogy. If your doctor told you that unless you deal with your eating disorder, quit smoking/alcohol/drugs or lose a substantial amount of weight you will suffer the consequences of slow, drawn out, excruciating physical, emotional and psychological pain rendering you incapable of taking care of your children, holding your job and dealing with normal everyday functions, what would you do? I would bet at least some of you would say, whatever it takes?

You know it's going to be a very rough ride but those words hit a nerve and you know you have so much life yet to live.

Giving into your fears and your all-too-familiar demons is no longer an option. Those symptoms are exactly the same afflictions that happen when we stay stuck in our cubbyhole life with a Narc. There is a plethora of help 'out there' every single step of the way!! And you already know you will always be safe and supported right here with your FWW family.

Just a little 'food for thought'.

(originally posted by a community member)

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