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Do I cry? I provide a lot of words that are full of encouragement and positivity. I provide insight that may not be always thought of. I try to point to a door that you can choose to open or ignore. What you chose to do I believe you can do it whether the choice is healthy or not healthy. I know you can get done what you want. This attitude might give the impression I am some sort of super-woman flying through this life waving my cape and saving thoughts with the inability to cry or feel.

I can't tell you how far from the truth that thought is.

I feel the things you feel. Yes you, and you, and you and you and also you. I feel all the things you have felt, are feeling and will feel. You have felt things I have felt, am feeling and will feel. We have these feelings in common. This is the tie that binds us. These are the connections we understand between each of us and these connections are strong as we continue to return to this site, among others, to find our way through the spider web of emotions and thoughts. We rely on finding someone who understands and "gets it". We need that validation to know that we are okay and normal. We need to know there is something else who feels this way and that we are not alone because we feel so very alone. We need these feelings to hold us together.

Our passion here is to to listen, to encourage, to hear, and to understand.

We offer insight, advice or an alternative view to your situation but only if you want. I have faced some not so fun situations and have prevailed and I continue to face these situations, even today, and know I will prevail because I am determined to, because I have to and ultimately because I want to. Honestly, I should be a statistic you read about in the criminal section of the local paper or see on FB but I am too damned stubborn to know what path I was supposed to take according to the statistics and experts. I can be too spiteful for statistics or critical of them anyway. I do cry.

I do feel overwhelmed and I do want a break sometimes. There is no doubt. These feelings, when I feel them, I know won't last as so I let myself feel through them. I ask myself "why" when I feel a way that is favorable. If I can answer my own question I start to work through the healing process and I give myself compassion to work through it and forgiveness for feeling it because I deserve both no matter the choices I have made. It is these experiences, these questions and these processes that give me the passion to be here for you, and you and you, you, you and you and, of course, you! My experiences, I have learned, are not necessarily for me but to help me be there for you, to empathize, to sympathize, to understand, to hear, to listen, to guide, to help. And to watch you grow and become the “you” that you want to be.

Can we cry? Yes! WE can and WE should!

We should let those emotions out. We should let them flow and let ourselves feel what we need to. We should explore those feelings and define them, learn from them and grow from them because it won't be the only time we feel them. So, let's cry together! There is no shame. There is no loss. There is only love for ourselves. We can cry but we must have compassion for ourselves, and no put ourselves down for crying. We should forgive ourselves for crying because it is not a sign of weakness. When buckets fill they spill over. When the clouds fill it rains. There is nothing wrong with crying. There may be "no crying in baseball" but baseball is a part of life and there is crying in life!

(the blog was originally posted by a community member.)

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  • Comment Link Amym Monday, 23 May 2016 18:35 posted by Amym

    My husband left me 4 days after our 3 year wedding anniversary in September 2015 for a women he met 7 days before that, just the week before he left we had planned to get pregnant again, to try in the spring, he started building our daughters a tree house that now sits in the back yard unfinished. He was planning to take me to NYC for my birthday just 3 weeks earlier and we had planned a Disney world trio for our daughter for this past January. He literally blind sided me and the feelings of hurt still burn through my body today, if you saw us 9 months ago you would think we were completely in love, we did alot together and of course we had a rough couple years with money and his change in religion. We were doing great together through last summer and I went away with my girls friends for the weekend and got the worst phone call of my life, he wanted a divorce... come to find out he did it that day and went right to the other women who he still is with today. I can not understand it was like a light switch and he changed into someone so hateful and cruel to me, the mental abuse and name calling he throws at me as if I was an inconvenience to his life. He told me I was the biggest mistake of his life, how do you over come a pain like this, not only the affair, but understanding how someone could pretend to be so in live with you and then over night hate you more then anything in the world. This person was my best friend. How do you heal your heart, how do I let go and move one... I'm so heartbroken and it's been a messy horrible divorce at times I feel like I'm drowning in all the pain. I see a counselor and a therapist and my girlfriends have recommended seeing a healer. I feel so hurt still that he could be with someone else, and what kind of women could be with a man who can act and talk to the mother of his children with such hate to the point the tell you they wish you would just disappear?