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She lost him, but she found herself; and somehow that was everything. If you are familiar with Taylor Swift then you might know these words. They can be seen in the video "Out of the Woods" - a song about getting through rough times.

Relationships are made more difficult to escape from when you have invested all you know of yourself into them.

The challenge is not so much walking away - because we honestly don't want to do that once we are fully sold on the relationship - but rather the challenge is getting the other person to care and invest as much as we do because that means we don't have to leave. We can stay and be a part of a relationship that works both ways not just one.

Leaving a relationship means leaving a piece of us behind.

It also means giving up a piece of that person. To others, it means you are leaving a bad relationship with a bad person. To you, to me, it means leaving behind something you love and there just is no way to explain that concept to anyone who lacks the experience.

At no point in a relationship should we ever become so invested or so lost that we no longer can see ourselves. If we cannot see ourselves what are the chances the person we are with can see "us" as a person versus a pliable piece of clay that can be molded by their hands and inconsiderate mind?

Relationships are best as two-way roads.

When the relationship becomes one way or the highway, then take the highway as that means you have a say so. That means you have you and he doesn't control you. There is something special about you as a person and if he doesn't celebrate that with you, and vice versa, then he doesn't care about you the way you need. He cares about you the way he needs because he needs control.

Let him go and take you back. Don't be the clay that someone else molds but rather the compliment someone enjoys and embraces you and you can embrace. Go for the highway and your two-way street will come along.

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