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It was subtle, over time. You wouldn't be able to see it happen, but it did.

I myself didn't even realize it was happening. But it did.

It was a slow fade, like my favorite black tee.

Over the years, I told myself I didn't want or need things.

He worked hard; I stayed home with the kids and the house.

I made excuses for bad behavior. I walked on eggshells.

I stuck my head in the sand.

I convinced myself that most marriages were like mine.

I tried to do things to make everybody else happy to the point I forgot what made me happy.

We had white knuckled it through some really choppy waters.

I had grit my teeth so hard at times, it amazed me they didn't snap and crumble.

I handled things, I persevered, and I stuck it out.

I gave it my all.

I gave it all.

I gave all of me.


I disappeared.

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  • Comment Link nicole taggart Monday, 05 December 2016 01:35 posted by nicole taggart

    hi I'm having it really rough I have a husband that takes money from me I don't know how to handle him he gets angry at me when I say no I have a special needs child and he does not work he plays video games all night and watches porn . he is constantly on the computer and phone . he has no responsibility . I pay rent car gas insurance take my daughter to the DR while he does nothing .I feel like I'm walking on egg shells I want out but if I say anything about a divorce he gets angry .he put himself on the rental agreement so he says I cant throw him out . what can I do I have no family sister died father passed mom is in bad health aunt passed away. I just had surgery I still have to do everything.