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It can be problematical to pinpoint progress in the post wife life. If you live your life without weeping into the weeks of a month is this progress. If you live your life without walking through your day wondering why and what next is this progress. If you live your life without wanting to weep are you being brave because you're broken or just bottling it all up because you dare not let go. Is the storm over or is it about to begin. Are you ready for all the realities of your recovery as a woman wide awake in her post wife life or is it just a bridge too far for you to take for now. 

Juggling Raw Emotions Becomes Second Nature As A Divorced Woman

So often lately it seems simply unwise of me to shed the smallest of teardrops for my ex husband. I am on the road to gender greatness and random spontaneous screenings of our supposed love story with all its sallow swallowed swelling shadows swimming around in my psyche, as I live and work in the reality of a post wife life, can too easily make me feel listless, lame, lost; a seeker of shelter rather than a sower of sunrays. I want and need all the dizzy display of life in a faster freer more fabulous and forgiving lane. 

I feel like I don't want to be polluted by unsatisfying defeated lexicons about love lost: they are ugly and ungrammatical. It is not the language of love lost that I need to master. I have no need to learn the nuanced nostalgic language of wanting what can never be and shelving my life in the hope that one day it will return. I simply can't surrender to such psychologies any longer. I can't commit to the proverbs of a partnership that basically ran out of time. I've had a very lucky escape. I was emotionally exploited in my marriage and I saw the real nature of the man I married in my divorce.

Is Progress After Divorce About Acceptances?

About carrying my convictions correctly by finally accepting that I am psychologically satisfied that he was wrong for me. This does not absolve him of the welts and wounds he inflicted on my heart. But it does make what he did something I can live with, work with. I know I can move mountains with meaningful mantras. They protect me from being emotionally enslaved, embroiled and embittered by the brouhaha of a bad marriage and a nauseating divorce. 

I survived both of these and my smile still exists. My mind still wants to receive good things for me. My voice can still vocalize on the vowels that make life an appetizing adventure, a heartwarming hearth, whatever I want to make of it. For I need to follow tender timescales that empathize with all the emotional anxieties that a divorce brings to a woman's world. Whilst embracing all that can enrich and enhance me in my post wife life. 

Taking Interest In Your Own Intent

I have decided my heart needs a new home. Only this time I won't be living in a house of cards, a castle in the air, forgiving of all his tomfoolery, in the game of love. I will reside with wide eyes in a considered kingdom of my own making. I will be blessed because I am the bearer of the wholesome hallmarks of a woman who wept as she tried, who believed in the unbelievable: that in the pure simple power of her unpretentious heart lay all the principles of progress. The goals for a good life may after all be nothing more than taking an interest in your own intent. Progress is personal. 

I've realized that living without marriage is absolutely possible and really worth giving a try. Living without hope however is horrendously hard. Today I am taking back the exclusive rights I gave to him as the love of my life. He is not my reason for living. New goals have been born in me. 

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