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There was a sense of relief when the divorce was finalized and there was nothing left in the house that belonged to my husband. But there was also a sense of dread. I dreaded stumbling across some nostalgic token from our marriage. I dreaded the photo albums resurfacing from the large black garbage bag. Or did he take half of those too? I knew there might be a time where I could look at those things but it definitely wasn't right away.

Usually, women don't want half of everything in the divorce, they want EVERYTHING. But that wasn't the case for me. My husband was very attached to his items and I didn't want to hold on to them in some sick competition to make his life as miserable as he had made mine during the marriage. I just wanted to let go. 

Finally realizing the great divide of things and seeing the house we had shared scaled down to the few bits of items that I really wanted, I reveled in the quietness of the house and the lack of my husband. It was freeing to be rid of that presence but the marriage would take longer to forget, and to quiet in my mind. 

Slowly, I filled the house with my own new things. I purchased an antique arm chair and a lovely armoire. Slowly, I regained my confidence and half the house filled up with my new identify after divorce. 

What better way to celebrate divorce than to divide the assets and let go what is his and keep what is yours and most importantly, protect your heart and mind and free yourself from the memories of an ended marriage.

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