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That feeling when you enter a crowded party after not socializing for god-only-knows-how-long and you think to yourself, "I am not going to talk about my ex tonight." It is a mix of anxiousness and excitement. You say, "I am going to stay present in the moment and enjoy myself." You awkwardly look around the party, trying to find your friend that invited you. She's recently divorced and proud of it, having escaped from a sexless marriage, and she's feeling completely free for the first time in her life. She talks openly about her divorce and it makes you feel empowered-- like maybe you don't need to lock your jaw every time you think of your ex. Like maybe you can discuss the real reasons you divorced: that you were never actually in love, just pregnant and hellbent on making it work for so many years that admitting the truth was never an option. 

Maybe it's the chatter, the wine, or the food, but you find yourself in good company and you are relaxed. You can joke about the divorce, the marriage, the way it feels to toss out your ex's random collection of matchbooks! You don't have to hold on to those knickknacks. You can smile. You realize you can stay out as long as you need to without the impending judgement from your ex. It seems obvious, but it's freeing to be free. When you were married, you mostly socialized with other couples. Then during the divorce, and even now, it was mostly other divorced women feeding off each other's angst. You realize that you need to be around different people and it's so clear in this room tonight. There are single women telling stories about their life. Everyone's story is perfectly unique and crafted so beautifully that you are thankful to hear it. It adds much needed perspective. We are all in this together. Register today to share your divorce experience and connect with other women that may need to hear your stories.

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