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I really feel like a new person; one who is genuinely happy with my life, and surrounded by amazing people who care about me — an overall good life. I am very lucky, but I assumed that after my divorce, despite all this, I would never want to be in a relationship again, and never ever believed I would fall in love. Ever.

But something in me has changed. Two of my good friends, who are dating, are clearly so in love with one another. It is just a beautiful thing to see. And it is not just the love. It is the mutual respect, joy, care, and laughter that just flow from them both. It is wonderful. It is what you wish for all those you care about to find in this world. It just fills me with joy that two people I care about have found someone who really understands how special and fantastic they each are.

So, I decided that I couldn’t close that part of my life off. I have met men who were nice, some not so nice, but each person I encountered helped me realize what I wanted. And now I have started to see a man who I am absolutely crazy about, and he is for me as well. It is open, honest, and sincere. And the laughter and the joy we are experiencing is wonderful. I have no idea where it will go, but I know what love looks and feels like now. And it is truly amazing to be in a loving and honest relationship. 

Why am I sharing this? I just want others to know that there is life after all of this. There is love out there for you. And there is a peace and happiness you can have with yourself, if you allow yourself to heal and learn from your divorce journey. And finding that with yourself will open you up to love again.


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