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Some time has passed since my divorce became final. At times it seems like a life time ago then there are moments that trigger memories and it seems like yesterday. When I evaluate my experience the biggest challenge was overcoming and coping with the physical pain that evolved through the divorce process. In Susan Anderson's book, " The Journey from Abandonment to Healing" she terms this physical effect, "The Psychobiological Process of Abandonment". The book describes how our fight/flight response triggers a series of survival hormones. These hormones cause our eyes to dilate, improvements in hearing, our digestion system shuts down, our bodies become prepared to fight off our attacker. Our bodies dilemma is the attack is not physical it is emotional, so this series of hormones is repeatedly triggered with no determined end date. 

I am thankful to my marriage counselor for recommending this book as it gave me the ability to understand my bodies reaction. As the old adage goes "Knowledge is Power".  I'm blessed with the gift of thinking the worst or should I say preparing for the the worst. For example, when I get a sore throat I'm sure it's cancer from all the cigarettes I smoked in my twenties.  When I have a headache, could it be a tumor? After all my aunt had a tumor. When I travel, I email my closest friends with my wishes just incase it all goes south. So for me reading this book helped me understand I wasn't going crazy, rather I was non-stop emotionally running from a bear. My symptoms of this psychobiological process included, insomnia, no appetite, food lacked flavor, anxiety attacks in almost every situation, and a tingling and heated sensation on top of my skin. The long term effects resulted in a hormonal imbalance that required short term hormone replacement prescribed by my naturopath. 

Divorce teaches us, albeit in a forceful way, to live minute by minute, breath by breath. As we begin to heal we can start living day by day and eventually we reclaim our confidence and believe that we will overcome. I have created this workshop to offer people going through divorce a safe place to just be. I am not a therapist, I am skilled and trained yoga teacher with over 1000 hours of advanced studies. For those familiar with yoga, I have studied under the guidance of senior teachers using "the seeing and understanding bodies"  method of the Iyenger tree.

With that said, you do not need to be well versed in yoga to attend; you just need to have the desire to give a little to yourself. 

I welcome you to a day retreat where your inner-voice is the only voice that matters ~

Workshop details: Spend the day at peaceful studio once a artisan blacksmith shop tucked away on seventy-two forested acres near Nestor Peak and the White Salmon river. Once here you will be surrounded by the sound of the wind and song birds. You are invited to let all the chaos go and be in a space where you have the opportunity to get reacquainted with yourself and meet others going through the same experience.

Our day will begin with a casual meet and greet with light refreshments including fresh juice from a local White Salmon, WA cafe. Once settled in from the drive, we will begin a two hour yoga sequence. This sequence will blend breath techniques to calm the body through emotional triggers and a balanced asana (poses) practice to build strength and let go of stored stress and mental anxiety. Our day will conclude with a light lunch and a walk of the grounds giving folks some time to just be...

Preregistration is required and space available is limited to a
maximum of eight people

Time: 10:00 am to 1:30ish
Location: White Salmon, WA (90 minutes from Portland, OR)
Dates: June 22, 2013
July 27, 2013
August 24, 2013
September 21, 2013
October 19, 2013

Cost: $125.00 * Sliding scale fee-payments are accepted from those with financial need. Ask prior to booking if you'd like more details. Checks and cash are accepted, but not credit / debit cards.

Optional: Nearby Air B&B accommodations and horseback riding with Northwestern Riding Stables available through October ~ more information upon request

To Register: call or email
Nicole Bennett
Transitions Yoga Studio
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  • Comment Link Debbie Rochat Wednesday, 15 May 2013 10:57 posted by Debbie Rochat

    Way to go "Little Nicole" really enjoyed your article!! So happy for you!! Tons of love, Debbie