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Two things a lady does not share; age and weight.  Well, I am not into taboo so here goes… 30 and 60kg’s!  Now with that behind us, let’s talk exercise and food!

I love both in no moderation at all.  I guess the exercise bit helps me regulate the food bit at least.  I love cooking, baking and entertaining!  Flavours, textures, variety and experimentation in the kitchen is part of the bliss of life for me.  Food is fun, and we really are allowed to enjoy it, that’s what it was made for!  To sit together and feast and savour the delicacies, whiff in the scents and enjoy the experience preferably in company.  Is there anything better?

Sadly, I know that for many food has become an issue, I know it was for me!  There are all sorts of diseases that people battle with such as bulimia, anorexia, obesity, gluttony...all in my opinion with roots traced back to fear.  Often those who have been abused tend to abuse themselves and many times this abuse is with food.  Either through depravation or through over doing it, instead of just enjoying what is good and nourishing, dysfunctions become a fruit of something deep within. 

Unhealed hurts, pain that needs pacifying, desperation to control something because I feel like there is nothing else to control.  So many different reasons.  I have sat with countless sexually abused, raped and neglected men and women who have battled in this area and my heart is always moved with compassion as I hear of their great suffering.  Addictions and dysfunction in any area need not be, and I am so glad that there is always a healing path and a light at the end of a tunnel.

Even if the journey and pain has continued over decades, there is freedom available.  In fact we are already free!  Our minds are remarkable and they can easily be reprogrammed to this fact.  I love reading Dr Caroline Leaf’s studies where she scientifically proves that habits can be ‘re-programmed’ so to say.  That we are able to walk (sometimes a journey) out of the trap that has us bound into the freedom and light that is readily available for us all.

Jesus declared that He came to deliver freedom so that we can walk in freedom.  Today I want to declare that You are free and you were born to live in that freedom, every single day and in every single way.

You are remarkable and you deserve to live and enjoy your very best life TODAY!  There is nothing holding you back, the prison doors are wide open.  Like many a caged animal re-introduced into the wild, the barrier that remains now is simply cognitive.  Open your eyes and see that the doors are wide open.  There are no chains and you are warmly welcome to fly, soar so high, where you belong.

Over the next while I am writing practical articles for a ladies page, and I am going to share on exercise and nutrition.  I believe that it is God’s delight to see you thrive and come into alignment naturally with the warrior that you already are in Him.

(originally posted by Cristin)

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