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No one likes us to be sad, and we don't want to be person who shares sadness with those we love, or with anyone, and least of all with ourselves.  But it is your job not to waste another moment of your precious precious life on being sad and wounded, because none of us know how much time we have left.  

Believe me, I know how hard navigating divorce can be.  I am struggling mightily to do this myself at the moment, but whenever I feel as though I just want to pull the covers over my head and not even get out of bed, I get up and do one of the things I list below, and it helps me feel just a little bit better.  May the sun shine and warm the hearts of everyone that is going through this challenging process of divorce.  I truly hope it gets better for all of you soon.

  • Redecorate, or at least move some furniture around, get one of those people in to help you who rearrange your own furniture and give her/him permission to move things around so you feel it is not the same old house
  • Get a new hobby or two, even if you don't quite feel like it, do something new that you may have thought of doing, but never did. If you need ideas, google hobbies and you will find LOTS of ideas, do something new
  • Add a new routine, just for you.  I went out and had my makeup redone at a store, and then bought all new and started using it everyday--polishing myself up made me feel just a LITTLE BIT better. Manicure, pedicure?
  • Get some exercise, even if it is just walking outside for a few minutes a day, outdoors and some sunshine will cheer you and give you some necessary vitamins and fresh air
  • Meditate, go to and there are free guided meditations you can play--one is called loving kindness and it ia about loving yourself, listen to it every day
  • Volunteer.  You will make new friends and feel good doing something for others, plus you can start very small, If you have a talent, such as knitting, you can use that to make things for babies, or read with children in foster care, or help at an animal shelter--there are opportunities at, or just look at your church or call United Way in your town.
  • Go ahead and decorate for the holidays, it will cheer up your house and help it sell.
  • Cleaning house, really scrubbing it down, is therapeutic for some people
  • Play music really loud in your car and sing out loud.
  • Get really funny movies and watch them so you will laugh.
  • Imagine that you are your best friend going through a terrible divorce--what would you do for her, or tell her to do? Now do that for yourself.

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