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Happy Love Day to all my Friends! This day is not just for husbands, boyfriends, lovers and romance like society has made it out to be. So that the world feels sorry for those of us who are single and not attached. To me, it is an extra day to tell the special people in my life how much I love them. I try to show it everyday with a kind word, a hug, a kind deed because life is too short not to show them every single day how important they are to me.

In this divorce journey I have learned to see love in a whole new light. One of the hardest things I have come to terms with is accepting that the one person I thought would love me forever no longer does. That his love for me was not unconditional and that still hurts. But I have learned so many other things about love too.

I now have come to realize that no matter what, family will always be there for me and nothing is more important. I have come to see the difference between an acquaintance and a true friend. People who I thought were my friends were just curious and most times judgmental. I began to distance myself emotionally from them and although they are still my friends, they are not my confidantes. Then there have been others who have been there to love me and support me 110% every time I needed them no matter what and these bonds have grown stronger and I love them even more now. And I have made many new friends through al anon and through this site that have helped my heart heal more than you know.

Today I am going to celebrate my blessings and the tremendous love I have for my children. Although I don't have much $$ to spend, I bought them each a mini version of their favorite ice cream cake and decorated it with hearts and made them home made cards. Going to lunch with my daughters...nothing fancy, just quality time together. I have spent most of the morning in tears as I just had some beautiful flowers delivered to my office from my kids along with some other small gifts and the most amazing valentine's day card....I couldn't even read it completely because the tears were just falling like crazy.

My EX hadn't acknowledged this day with a card or gift in quite a few years even when we were together. Never went out of his way to make me feel special. So I am used to it. But a part of me can't help but wonder what he got his new wife this year...How much he had to spend to prove that he is the wonderful man she thinks she married. As far as I'm concerned, they can have the jewelry and the expensive dinner and the mushy love cards. I will take the unconditional love of my family and my friends any day over what they have. And for that I am grateful this Valentines Day and everyday.

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