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My heart got broken and I don’t know how to fix it

Trying everything I can think of, but nothing tricks it

Can’t fill the void because the cracks are too deep

The only things that seem to help are snuggles and sleep

I thought the love was going when I walked away

Not all of it was, just not enough to stay

So now I’m here, with love and pain

Wondering if my heart will ever be the same

Falling now for someone new

But I’m not sure if it is the right thing to do

His heart is broken, same as mine

Kindred spirits, it is divine

Trying not to over analyze, think too much

Just accepting the love, embracing the touch

Like running cold water over a burn

Numbs the pain, but it comes back in turn

Sneaks up on me when I least expect it

Catches me off guard when I can’t reject it

I’ll be fine, just kicking it, being me

When my heart stops cold, remembering

Someone will say something, and my mind will wander

Back to six years with you, and I wonder

How did things get so bad so fast?

We were sure that things would last and last

Then one day, we came to the conclusion

We aren’t in love anymore, let’s stop with the illusion

For some reason I thought it would be easy to walk away

Not easy, but there was no way I could stay

So I’ll deal with the pain, the separation

It is time I learned, got an education

Saw the world through my own eyes

Without you to be my disguise

No ring to hide behind, no husband to claim

I’m out here fighting them off, no one but me to blame

Didn’t realize I was so fuckable, so attractive

I guess it comes with the territory of being active

But I’m not dumb, just fucking everything in sight

I’m a good girl, sleep alone at night

Well, not alone, but not just with anyone

Found one who loves me, knows how I like to have fun

No drama, no issues, nothing complicated

Honesty and trust, that’s all we play with

And a freedom to be how I am, not how I should be

Doesn’t want anything but raw, unaltered me

No titles, just love, keeping things simple, easy

We come and go, hang or not, it’s all breezy

And so though I love you and miss you sometimes

I have found a way to make this life mine

Sorry for being selfish and unwilling to change

I guess sometimes love isn’t forever, it has a range

I wish I knew before how things would turn out

I don’t think I would have made that commitment, knowing I would step out

I am sorry for the pain I have caused you

Never meant to hurt you, flog you

But it is over now, please stop sneak attacking me

Let me go, babe, it’s time to be free


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