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Good Night "Irene"...and Doreen...and her two kids, who are my daughters' brother and sister, and her ex-husband, who was originally my ex-husband, and her ex-father in law who was originally my ex-father in law, and my daughter and I...and if you followed along this far you figured out there was a happily dysfunctional hunkering down together as we anxiously endured the coming and going of Hurricane Irene. Unscathed, except for cabin fever and carb overload. Oh yeah, and no phone service and one fallen tree.

I live with my daughter in NY smack in the middle of that 'relaxing' looking target this picture on the front page of the NY Daily News. The continuous advance warnings of the potential calamity of Hurricane Irene whipped this babe up into a nervous frenzy.

I live high up with glass windows and am known to be a big baby during average bad weather. My self proclaimed impending bad weather nickname is Debbie Dopplar (after Dopplar weather radar). My daughter was more afraid of being alone with Debbie Dopplar during this hurricane than she was of Hurricane Irene itself.

My daughter's Dad is a big strong fearless weather guy. The kind of guy who would take his big truck out in raging hurricane winds and falling trees to bring back baby back ribs. (He did) So seriously who would you rather be trapped with during a major hurricane? Debbie Dopplar or Daddy Rambo?

Needless to say when Daddy Rambo suggested we both come be safe with him many miles from our high up scary glass windows my daughter couldn't start her car fast enough. I forgot (as babes sometimes do) that he'd moved years ago from the house we were hunkering in. His very own EX-house where his EX-wife and children still live. Talk about EXtraordinary hospitality. That's one EXceptional EX-wife! Take a bow Doreen.

The day after the last of Irene, I typed this blog from my EX husband's EX's house where we all were since Saturday. Roads home were closed until today, many still are. Power was out everywhere around us all weekend EXcept the house we were in. EXtraordinary luck! . Bad cell phone service today but email worked and unfortunately so did the toaster-oven for awhile.

If this one house was any indication, I can't even imagine how many carbs were consumed on the entire East Coast of the U.S. since Saturday. The officials said stock up on water and dry food. Everybody bought potato chips and cake.

Today when the sun came out, everyone felt  grateful we were spared the worst. I celebrated by walking down the middle of their cul de sac street surrounded by 10,000 still standing trees where I caught a bar of cell power. Caught one full bar there, then a milky way bar back at the house, and then a bar of butter that I used for the toasted bagels. Hurricanes are disastrous in many ways.

Power did go out in the middle of this blog. Thankfully the toaster oven too.

Riding out the storm together so my daughter would not have to choose which side of this divorced family to be with during this unnerving threat from mother nature was a unique decision. One I was happy I made and one she will remember whenever she is asked where she was during 2011's "Hurricane Irene". We have never all been together in one place for this long and except for cabin fever, it's been really nice to give my daughter the gift of enjoying her entire extended divorced family together under one roof that luckily stayed on.

I would like to EXpress my sincere thanks to my Ex, his Ex my EX father-in-law and my daughter's sweet brother and sister for having me along for this weekend adventure together. And to my daughter for being wise enough to know she was far better off dragging me with her than having Debbie Dopplar drag her into the bathroom at home when the winds hit.

EXcept for the carbs, it was a wonderful EXperience to all share time together under these EXtremely odd circumstances. Yet I'm certain everyone is happy to be back in their own respective homes and beds tonight.

I hope you are safely back in yours.

Good Night Irene.

Attitude Is Everything!

Debbie Nigro

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