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I'm with my high school pal here in Newport, RI writing this blog. We are both long divorced moms - enjoying a no pressure whatever girlfriend weekend together. Needless to say... having a fellow fun divorced girlfriend to hang out with is wonderful.

My girlfriend got pregnant just as I headed off to college. She was married for almost 20 years before divorcing. She has 3 wonderful grown kids and 2 grandkids. She's a young GlamMa who just picked up her new motor scooter this weekend. I was howling shooting the video of her pulling out of the Newport dealership while driving behind her in her car. She left me in the dust. I'd still be lost if it wasn't for her Garmin.

My girlfriend always loved Newport. A few years ago she bought herself a sweet house here on her own and it makes her really happy. The guy she was dating the last four years joined her almost every weekend here. They broke up last year. Like me, she's on her own these days just enjoying 'being'.

Today while we were walking down by the harbor I stopped to film a sail boat. It was the spot where her she and her ex-boyfriend spent their first weekend together and she remembered feeling 'hopeful' that day she said sadly. But she is not sad. She is great.

People come into your life after divorce when they are supposed to and they leave when they are supposed to. Remember that.

Both of us have had plenty of post divorce romance but neither one of us has a boyfriend right now. We are both aspiring to new ones.

My heart took a break from romance before, during, and after the death of my Mom. It's a year after her passing and I am starting to get in the mood again for love or something that smells like it.

So here we are, two healthy athletic fun divorced babes in Newport on a gorgeous weekend amongst boats and sails and sun just happily being. However, we are hopeful for our next 'whatever' and in between carousing we've been having fun checking for new emails from our new potential online mates.

She just met a new guy on eHarmony who seems lovely. They had a 9 hour first date. He emailed again over the weekend. It sounds hopeful.

I'm divorced with a 23 year old daughter whose kinda dating these days and I'm kinda not really. The 'not really' is for another time.

I do feel it's It's time for me to find a cool companion. I actually just connected with an interesting guy on who might actually be a match. Kinda hoping we might be.

There was a quote I read in a book a long time ago that I've always enjoyed hearing.

It  was in Italian and I want to share it with you if I can get it straight. Went something like..."L'Utlima che si perla e la speranza" which basically translates to "The Last Thing We Lose Is Hope."

My point to you is simply, There's Always More Love To Come As Long As You Never Lose Hope.

In the mean time I sincerely hope you will learn how to happily just 'Be'.

And I also hope you are lucky enough to find another wonderful divorced girlfriend to 'just be' with.

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  • Comment Link Guest Tuesday, 23 August 2011 22:07 posted by Guest

    xcellent article....this shud: xcellent article....this shud b the attitude 2wards life....watever happens, 1 shud not lose hope.....i, personally hv a divorced girlfrend with whom i chat & spend a lot of time.....but about that hope of finding a new partner ,i'm very apprehensive as 2 wat type of a person he wud b....i'm yet 2 get in2 that stage....anyway thanx 4 this bright ncouragement....