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I've really started to feel more like a bird spreading her wings to fly, or a butterfly who is shaking out her wings for the first time to float in the breeze. I'm seeing myself as who I am, an individual to be appreciated, cared for and even to have others be nice to me. Yes, that was a hard one for me.

When I talk to people about my relationship, it's always shocking that I was married for so long, for multiple reasons — one that I'm so young, and two, that it got so ugly. I'm really glad that I had the audacity to walk away from a fuming situation. I just couldn't see myself right now still involved with my ex, the way he treated me.

Now, I can bounce a little bit more. I have the ability to be a little more flexible and malleable. No, I don't always like what is being thrown in my direction. Sticks and stones hurt your bones, and so do words. Right, that statement was never in the right.

So, the freedom that I've explored in the past few months has been exponential to me in my growth process. I feel energized, renewed, and ready for good things that life has to offer me. And, if for some reason there is something else bad that could happen, I can certainly handle it.

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