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I've learned to live days in halves. It has made my life much more controllable. I can manage my feelings, well-being, and everything else life has to share in a little "bundle." Generally, I am the most productive in the morning, which I attribute to the rest I am able to get, and coffee.

I'm the type of person that doesn't generally sit around and do nothing, so when I get up, I'm an active participant in the day. No matter how I'm feeling, I'm prepared for the day — in quantities.

There is a certain feel-good-spirit that is easier to exude as you have dressed, done make-up, and prepared yourself for the day. Then again, as I prepare for bed, I pray and think back on the positives of the day. I try to go to bed thinking positively.

I still have a persistent influx of emotions: anger, sadness, bitterness, fear, yet they encompass who I am and what I'm experiencing, so I don't let them eat me away.

Divorce sucks, and I often feel horrible - just like many other women out there. If it's mid-day, and it's been a horrible day, I'll start anew, with the next half of my day — usually with chocolate or coffee. Yum!

The idea of splitting the day in half works for me. I don't keep track of every emotion, but I can usually look back on the day and have enough decent moments to comprise one half of a good day. To that I can sleep well!

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